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Is it Safe to Sleep With An Electric Fireplace On?


Your electric fireplace creates the warmth and ambiance of a real fire without the hassle or worries associated with a wood-burning fireplace. This makes it easy to fall asleep in front of your electric unit as you relax and unwind at the end of the day, but is it safe to sleep with an electric fireplace on? The answer to this question can be found by learning a little more about electric fireplace safety and care.

In This Post, You Will Learn the Following:

  • Are Electric Fireplaces Safe?
  • Is It Safe to Sleep with an Electric Fireplace On?
  • Tips for Times When You Do Leave Your Electric Fireplace On All Night
  • When Not to Leave Your Electric Fireplace On
  • Safety Features to Look For
  • General Safety Guidelines
  • MagikFlame Electric Fireplace Buying Guide

Are Electric Fireplaces Safe?

Electric fireplaces are quite safe when you use them properly. When compared to other types of fireplaces, they are extremely safe and shouldn’t be a danger to you and your home. Top manufacturers like MagikFlame can be trusted for their consumer safety. Strict quality control guidelines ensure your safety. Electric frameworks and heating elements are inspected to ensure they meet all safety requirements.

Your fireplace can safely sit on any stable surface. You don’t have to worry about it resting on the carpet, and it is totally safe to be put against the wall.

Electric fireplaces don’t require any venting. This is because they don’t produce any emissions or creosote the way a wood-burning or gas fireplace will. You also won’t have to worry about harmful fumes such as carbon monoxide.

Your fireplace will likely have glass doors protecting the flame effects. These doors do not get hot. You can touch them without worrying about getting burned. The heat source is separate from the flame effect, so no heat reaches the glass. This makes a superlative electric fireplace a great option for homes with small children or pets.

You will find that your Indoor air quality is better with an electric unit than with a traditional fireplace. In addition to not producing any harmful emissions, some models include an air filtration system that removes pollen, mold, dander, dust, and other allergens from the room.

Is It Safe to Sleep With an Electric Fireplace On?

Is it safe to sleep with an electric fireplace on? Yes, but it would be in your best interest to turn it off when you go to bed each night. If you happen to fall asleep with it on while watching TV in the evening, it won’t be a problem. Don’t panic. Your fireplace is quite safe. It isn’t dangerous, but you will want to follow some basic safety precautions just as you would with any electric appliance or space heater.

Keeping in mind that your fireplace is much safer than another type of fireplace, you should be turning it off whenever you leave the room for an extended length of time. You wouldn’t want to leave any small heater unattended, but at least you won’t have to worry about sparks from a wood fire or carbon monoxide and other harmful fumes from a natural gas fireplace.

Tips for When You Do Leave Your Fireplace On All Night

Certain models of electric fireplaces include features that allow you to safely leave it on throughout the night. This could be a timer that you can set to turn the heater portion of the fireplace off after a set amount of time, or an auto shut-off that will turn the fireplace off if it is knocked over or begins to overheat.

Climate controls allow you to set your fireplace to the desired temperature just like you would program a thermostat. If you set your climate control to a temperature of 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit, you will stay warm without having to worry about it being dangerous. Once set, your fireplace will turn off when it reaches the desired temperature. As the room temperature once again drops, it will come back on.

While your electric unit is quite different from a real wood-burning fireplace, some safety precautions remain the same. Keep flammable materials back at a safe distance. This includes drapes, rugs, clothing, and other linens.

Because it is an electric appliance, never sit drinks on the unit. Getting the components wet can cause your home’s electric panel to trip.

When Not to Leave Your Electric Fireplace On

If you are trying to keep your monthly energy costs low, do not leave your fireplace on all night long. While your fireplace is economical to run and energy efficient, it does use a certain amount of electricity when it is on. Running it throughout the night when no one is in the room is both a safety risk as well as costly.

You don’t want to allow anyone to sleep directly in front of the fireplace. In addition to worrying about blankets and linens coming in contact with the heater, you don’t want to risk knocking it over. Fortunately, many models include an emergency shut-off just in case this were to happen.

There are a couple of situations where you will need to immediately turn your fireplace off, regardless of whether it is day or night.

Extension Cord Use

The first one is when the fireplace is plugged into an extension cord. Never use one of these cords or a power strip with your electric fireplace insert.[1] It can be considered a fire hazard. Standard cords are not made to be used with high-usage appliances. In fact, these cords are one of the leading causes of electrical fires. It may be tempting to grab a cord in order to place your fireplace exactly where you want it, but it is better to have a professional electrician install an electrical outlet instead.[2]

When carrying large amounts of electricity, these cords can overheat. The energy running through the cord produces heat. This heat could melt the protective coating on the cord. At this point, the actual electrical wires found inside the cord will be exposed. This is how fires start, and it could increase the possibility of electric shock if you touch it. If you do have to use one of these cords, read the ratings carefully, and make sure it is built to handle heavy-duty loads.

Strange Odors

If you notice a strange odor while using the heater in your fireplace, turn it off immediately. This could indicate a problem with your electric insert, wall-mounted electric fireplace unit, or free-standing unit. It is not always the case, but you don’t want to take any chances when it comes to electrical issues. What you may be smelling could be the wires overheating or the insulation burning.

Safety Features to Look For

While the answer to the question “is it safe to sleep with an electric fireplace on?” is yes, you want to observe all safety precautions. It is not recommended to sleep with it on every night, but if you fall asleep, you shouldn’t worry.

In addition to following all of the manufacturer’s safety recommendations, there are certain features you can look for when shopping for a fireplace in order to give you peace of mind.

Safety Shutoff

Some models will come with a built-in safety shut-off. This switch automatically shuts off the fireplace if it accidentally gets knocked over.

Automatic Shutoff Timer

If you Tully do not want to worry about falling asleep with your fireplace on, consider a model that features an automatic shutoff timer. These timers allow you to program the unit to shut off in a set amount of time. You can relax, knowing that if you fall asleep, the fireplace will shut off on its own within a few hours.

Temperature Limiter

Temperature limiters keep your fireplace from malfunctioning. The limiter will cut the power off if the heating element gets too hot for any reason.

General Safety Guidelines

While your electric fireplace is quite safe, you still want to follow a few basic safety tips to ensure your experience is a positive one.[3]

Keep Objects Back

Your electric fireplace heater is like any heater you may use in your home. While it can be sturdier than a space heater and safer than a traditional fireplace, you still want to keep a three-foot clearance around the unit.

Don’t Touch

Your electric unit does not subject you to the same risks that a real flame will, but you still need to be aware that it is a heater with a heating element inside that can become quite hot. While it is generally cool to the touch, don’t allow children or pets to handle it or explore all of the components.

Indoor Use Only

Most electric fireplaces are designed for indoor use only (BTW if you are looking for where to buy an electric fireplace – pay attention to MagikFlame fireplaces). Unless the manufacturer specifically states that it is for outdoor use, keep it inside where it is safe from the elements.

Use Safe Outlets

Never plug your fireplace into an outlet that isn’t safe. Don’t use it if the cord or plug is damaged, and if you have any doubts, contact a professional electrician who can install a safe outlet and recommend proper surge protectors if they are not already a feature on your model.

Unplug When Not In Use

As an extra precaution, unplug the fireplace when you are not using it. It should be unplugged when you are away from home for extended periods of time as well.

Do Not Modify

Do not work on your fireplace yourself. Rely on a professional electrician to make any necessary repairs or modifications.

Smoke Detectors

If you used natural gas with your fireplace, you would make sure you had a good carbon monoxide detector to help you avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. Take these same precautions with your electric fireplace. Install smoke detectors in all of your main rooms such as the kitchen, living room, and dining area as well as in bedrooms and hallways. Be sure to test them weekly, and change the batteries twice a year.


Installation is simple. As long as you have a working outlet where you want to place your electric fireplace, all you have to do is plug it in. Inserts can be put inside of the firebox of an existing wood fireplace. Free-standing fireplace units need only be placed against the wall. No chimney or flue is required. Wall-mounted versions provide a way to have the look and feel of a fireplace without taking up precious floor space.


MagikFlame fireplaces look like real fireplaces due to the state-of-the-art patented holographic flame effects. You will find 30 ultra-realistic flames to choose from, and you can easily operate your fireplace with an app on your smartphone. You will have the look of an actual fire in a solid design that removes many of the worries you may have about safety.


Just like a real fireplace, MagikFlame can be used as a supplemental heat source to your main heating system. The built-in 5,200 BTU heater can easily heat 400 square feet of space while remaining energy-efficient with a low wattage use per hour. The ambiance is further enhanced with the sound of a crackling fire and scent modules that offer the scent of fresh-cut pine. You will be able to enjoy the warmth that these units provide with little to no maintenance or venting needed.

MagikFlame Reviews

These fireplaces receive high ratings when it comes to MagikFlame reviews. Homeowners love how MagikFlame is built with features that make them feel like they have a traditional wood fireplace. This type of fireplace is low maintenance and inexpensive to operate, and MagikFlame payment plans and financing make the initial investment affordable. All MagikFlame fireplaces have to meet strict safety standards. You won’t have to worry if you do fall asleep with it on. You won’t damage the unit or bring harm to yourself.

The MagikFlame Story

MagikFlame fireplaces first became available to the public in 2015. Over the years the business has grown to provide you with several options when it comes to finding the perfect electric fireplace for your home. It all began with a shopping trip.

Howard Birnbaum is an avid entrepreneur and tech geek who spotted an electric fireplace in a Costco. He immediately was intrigued by the idea, but he was disappointed upon further investigation of the piece. He didn’t feel the flames looked authentic. This sparked a mission to develop a more realistic flame effect.

Mr. Birnbaum had worked on the special effects for movies like Harry Potter and The Matrix. He felt that an actual video of a fire would enhance these fireplaces greatly. He paired up with a Florida company that builds sets for TV shows and movies. Together they created a beautiful, realistic fireplace that Mr. Birnbaum expected only to use as his own personal fireplace. It was so good that he soon had many people asking him where they could get one. He started selling his electric fireplaces on Amazon.

As the business grew, Mr. Birnbaum further developed the flame effects by using holographic technology. He was visiting Disney when inspiration struck. Observing the ghosts on The Haunted Mansion ride, he realized this same technique could produce the most realistic flames yet. In 2020, he patented this process as “holoflame” and introduced the 2.0 MagikFlame fireplace.

In Conclusion

An electric fireplace can give you the look and feel of a real wood fireplace without the hassle of constant cleaning and upkeep. Without a real flame, these units are much safer. You don’t have to worry about children being around them, and you can even fall asleep comfortably without worrying about your safety or damaging the fireplace itself.

While these fireplaces are safe to operate, you will still need to follow all of the manufacturer’s safety recommendations and make sure that the unit is properly plugged into an outlet that is designed to handle the wattage needed to run the fireplace. As long as you do this, you can rest assured that the ambiance and heat your fireplace provides is safe, even if you fall asleep with it on.

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