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Are Wall Mounted Fireplaces Safe?

fireplace tv wall mount

A wall-mounted electric fireplace is a beautiful addition to any home. It can provide you with the ambiance of a real wood-burning fireplace, without the typical hassles associated with a traditional fireplace. Almost all models include some form of supplemental heat. The realistic flame effects can be enjoyed with or without the heater for year-round use. Installation can be as simple as plugging it in, and all versions are safe to use as they have been tested to ensure they meet all UL standards.

Anytime you choose an electric fireplace over a wood or gas one, you are taking advantage of many safety features. Electric fireplaces give you the look of real flames, but they stay cool to the touch. This means that children and pets can safely play nearby without the need for baby gates. No venting is required, and they won’t emit any harmful fumes.

There are two types of wall-mounted electric fireplaces. One is surface mounted, while the other is recessed into the wall. Do not think that they are one and the same. Recessed ones are most easily installed into a new home construction or a remodel as the home builder can work it into the design plan. That doesn’t mean it is impossible to add later on. You just need to be aware of the space within the wall and the weight capacity it can handle once you frame out a cavity in the drywall. Surface mount fireplaces require little more than hanging a TV on the wall would.

  • What to Consider When Buying a Wall Mount Fireplace
  • How to Install a Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace Safely
  • Safety When Next to a TV
  • MagikFlame Electric Fireplace Buying Guide
  • The MagikFlame Story

What to Consider When Buying a Wall Mount Fireplace

Do you actually want to cut into the wall to recess the fireplace? If yes, how much depth is in the wall to accommodate the unit? Most fireplaces have a depth between 4.25 inches and 12 inches.

Are you willing to build out the wall to accommodate a thicker fireplace? If yes, how far do you want to bring the wall out? It will be taking up considerable space in your family room. You could mount the fireplace on the wall’s surface. This eliminates the worries over the depth of the unit. You also want to decide if you will place your TV above the fireplace. If yes, then it is important to know where the heat will be coming out of the unit.

How to Install a Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace Safely

Most wall-mount fireplaces will include the hardware and brackets you need for installation. Surface mount versions can be done as a DIY project because they don’t require any modification to the wall’s structure. Larger fireplaces may need two people for lifting.

Surface Mount Installation


Keep flammable items like bedding, furniture, clothes, paper, and curtains three feet from the front of your fireplace to ensure safety. These items should also be 1.5 feet from the sides, and never put any combustible materials behind them.


Look for a spot near an electrical outlet. You don’t want to use an extension cord as it could overheat. Your main cable needs to stay at the back of the fireplace, and it can not make contact with any hot elements. Take note of where the heat is expelled from the unit. This could be the top, bottom, or front of the fireplace.

Do not place a top-heat electric fireplace in the bedroom directly under an outlet. The heat from the top of the unit could overheat the electrical cord and start a fire. Bottom and front heat fireplaces are best for under the TV. All bottom heat units should be 1.5 feet off of the floor.

Attach Wall Brackets

Most fireplaces weigh 50 to 200 pounds. Make sure the brackets are attached to the studs or use plastic anchors.

Attach Brackets to the Bottom of the Fireplace

Some models will have bottom brackets included that will provide additional support. If this is the case, attach those brackets to the fireplace now.

Hang the Fireplace

The fireplace will have either slots or hooks on the back. You need to insert the keyhole slots over the hooks on the mounting bracket or align the hooks on the back of the fireplace with the slots. Your owner’s manual and installation instructions will help you through this step.

Secure the Bottom of the Fireplace

If your fireplace is one of the models that include a bottom bracket, this is when you would attach it to your wall.

Plug It In

Plug your fireplace in, and you are ready to enjoy the look and feel of a real fire. The power cord typically has three prongs. If your outlet doesn’t have three slots, use an adapter. Make sure the adapter is properly grounded.

These instructions are for surface-mount fireplaces. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions precisely. A recessed fireplace can be done yourself, but only if you have a background in construction and electrical work. Otherwise, it would be best to hire a professional to make sure it is installed safely or have your architect include it in your renovation plans.

Installing a Recessed Fireplace

Installing a recessed fireplace yourself will require building materials for framing and finishing the wall. The tools you need include a Phillips screwdriver, saw, hammer, level, pliers, measuring tape, gloves, and drill.

The clearance for recessed fireplaces is slightly different. The front is still kept at three feet from flammable materials, but other surfaces have smaller clearance ranges. Check the owner’s manual, as these can range from 1/4 inch to two feet.


The installation manual will tell you how large the wall opening needs to be. It is usually 1/4 inch larger than the fireplace dimensions. Using regular drywall and wood studs is fine.

Connecting Power

Most recessed fireplaces have a cord that can be plugged into an electrical outlet located inside of the opening. You can also have the cord removed and simply hardware the fireplace into your home’s electrical system. Some will come to hardwire-ready. Hiring a licensed electrician is highly recommended for hard wiring or installing an outlet.

Insert the Fireplace

You will more than likely need help with this step. The fireplace needs lifted up and into the opening as well as level.

Secure the Fireplace

Place mounting screws through the holes at the top and both sides of the fireplace and into the wall’s studs.

Insert Decorative Media

Your fireplace will come with fire glass, decorative logs, or some other form of decorative media. These items are placed inside the firebox once the unit is securely in the wall.

Install Glass

This is your final step. Install the front glass panel and you are ready to enjoy your new fireplace.

Safety When Next to a TV

Ask any interior designer and they will tell you how difficult it is to decorate a living room with both a TV and a fireplace. The two pieces become rivals. Each one wants to be the focal point of the room. When homes had traditional wood fireplaces and the old-style curved TV, a functional interior design was next to impossible. Fortunately, modern electric fireplaces and the innovation of the flat-screen TV and a TV wall mount have made it possible to use the two pieces together and still have lovely home decor.

While you wouldn’t want to place your TV near a traditional fireplace, it is safe to have it over a fireplace mantel when using an electric version. Many television manufacturers like Vizio, Sony, and Samsung may not honor their lifetime warranty if the TV is damaged by heat. Using a mantel mount fireplace that stays cool to the touch eliminates this worry. Even if you mantel mount an OLED or LCD TV, they will be safe.

The TV wall mount kits revolutionized how people watched TV. It has made the traditional TV stand a thing of the past. All of a sudden, homeowners are able to take their TVs and mount them over the fireplace. With one above the other, the two pieces became one main focal point that is easy to arrange furniture around. Fireplace TV wall mount kits are readily available on Amazon, and they are heavy-duty high-quality pieces.

The only drawback to this method of a fireplace TV mount is that you are looking up at the screen when you watch TV. This viewing angle creates neck strain. To make your viewing experience more enjoyable, full-motion TV wall mount kits allow you to swivel the TV towards you as well as make a height adjustment to improve viewing. When you are done watching, the TV can be pushed back to its original position over the mantel mount.

If you want the best in a fireplace wall mount kit, consider the low-profile mantelmount mm340. This heavy-duty TV wall mount allows you to bring your TV down to eye level with pull-down handles when watching your favorite shows. It has a weight capacity of 20 to 90 pounds, and it can hold a 44 to 80-inch TV. It is completely safe, and the 30-degree swivel allows you to see the screen from anywhere in the room. The pulldown handles let you bring the television down to a comfortable viewing height. When you are finished, the TV returns to its original position above the mantel. Other attractive features include a soundbar feature, cable management, auto-straightening, and a 27-inch vertical trail distance.

Another full-motion TV wall mount is the mantelmount mm540. This offers all of the benefits of the mm340 along with a few extras. Heat-sensing pull-down handles to bring the TV down to eye level while the articulating abilities provide a 30-degree swivel in each direction or 60 degrees in one direction. There is a nine-degree adjustable tilt with this fireplace TV wall mount as well as a weight capacity of 20 to 90 pounds. It easily handles 44 to 80-inch TVs.

These fireplace pull-down TV mount kits are sold on Amazon along with ceiling TV mount kits, tilt TV wall mount kits, and traditional fireplace TV mount kits. You can also purchase a gas spring TV wall mount bracket that makes the height adjustable along with unlimited viewing angle comfort. Gas pistons help the counterbalance when mounting the television for added safety.

There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect fireplace TV wall mount for your home. Most important is the VESA pattern of your TV. This refers to the VESA holes on your TV. These VESA holes have to match the holes on your TV wall mount in order for it to work. Otherwise, you won’t be able to mount it securely and safely. Check the HDMI cable used to connect the cable box, DVD player, or gaming console to your large TV. If your current cables won’t be long enough to work with your fireplace TV wall mount, you can purchase longer ones from companies like Monoprice. Monoprice offers home theater accessories that will enhance your viewing pleasure. Don’t try to save money when buying your fireplace TV wall mount. Consider it an investment in safety and functionality. Make sure you are getting a TV wall mount bracket that can handle the TV weight of modern televisions like OLED and LCD TVs. You will also want to make sure the one you purchase has the height adjustment you need. Otherwise, you won’t be happy with your TV mounting experience.

fireplace tv wall mount

MagikFlame Best Electric Fireplace Buying Guide

MagikFlame electric fireplaces offer the most realistic experiences available when it comes to the look and feel of a real fire. This is proven with all of the positive MagikFlame reviews that customers are leaving online. You can enjoy this for yourself when you take advantage of the payment plans and financing available.

Realistic Flame Effects

MagikFlame uses its patented holographic technology to give you 30 realistic flame effects that range from glowing embers to a roaring fire. These work independently of the heat so that you can admire them throughout the year.

A 5,200 BTU Heater

The built-in 5,200 BTU heater can easily warm large areas with infrared heat. This is the perfect supplement to your main heating system. You will be able to keep the room you use the most often cozy and warm without turning up your traditional thermostat.

Crackling Sounds

The heat and flame effects work together to offer you a believable fireplace, but it wouldn’t be complete without the sound of crackling and popping logs. The MagikFlame built-in sound system provides the sound of burning wood along with other ambient sounds of nature.

Easy Navigation

MagikFlame offers an app that can be used on your smartphone. This app takes the place of a remote control, but it is easier to use. You can now control your heater and flame effects from another room. No longer do you need to be directly in front of the fireplace.

The MagikFlame Story

The MagikFlame electric fireplace is the result of one man’s determination to find a fireplace that has realistic flame effects. Howard Birnbaum had experience with special effects. In fact, he worked in the film industry doing special effects for movies like Harry Potter and The Matrix. The electric fireplaces he saw in Costco were a wonderful idea, but he didn’t like that the flames lacked realism. After a fruitless search for a realistic fireplace, he decided to make his own by using a video loop of a real fire.

Once Mr. Birbaum developed flames that rivaled the real thing, he got together with a Florida company that makes movie and TV sets. Together they created the first MagikFlame fireplace. It wasn’t long before others were admiring how MagikFlame is built and were asking where they could buy one for their own homes.

While MagikFlame flourished, Mr. Birbaum never stopped improving the fireplace. After noticing the ghost effects on Disney’s Haunted Mansion ride, he developed holographic flame effects. Patented as HaloFlame technology, you can now enjoy the most realistic flame experience yet within your own home.

In Conclusion

Wall-mount electric fireplaces are safer than a traditional wood-burning fireplace. They stay cool to the touch while providing the ambiance of a real fire. You can even safely place a TV over fireplace mantels with mantelmount brackets like the mantelmount mm340 that provide you with comfortable viewing angles.

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