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Things You Should Never Burn In Your Fireplace

is it safe to burn

A fireplace is a great way to add elegance and comfort to any room in your home. There are a number of different types of fireplaces, such as:

  • wood-burning fireplace
  • electric fireplaces
  • ethanol burning fireplaces
  • natural gas-burning fireplaces

When someone picks a fireplace, they should handle it properly to enjoy it long-term. Unfortunately, some people throw just about anything in their fireplace to get rid of it. However, this can damage a new fireplace – along with creating hazardous safety conditions.

Homeowners should have more education before they use their fireplaces. We suggest reviewing information from the national fire protection association as an additional resource.

Moreover, top federal agencies such as the EPA recommend keeping your home within the legal emissions metrics.

Ask yourself, is it safe to burn? What’s acceptable to burn? Is it safe to burn? Below are some considerations of things you should never burn in your fireplace.

1. Trash

A fireplace is not a garbage can. Trash does not belong there. Everyone should take a couple of extra seconds to take the trash to the nearest trash can. You don’t know what toxic fumes might come from your refuse, so you need to be careful. If your garbage did emit toxic fumes, your whole home would be breathing it in. A garbage can near the fireplace can help eliminate the temptation. This rule applies to your outdoor fire pit as well.

2. Plastic

Plastics are toxic. When you burn them, they will emit something called dioxins as well as carbon monoxide. When you breathe these toxins in, you risk damaging your respiratory system. Don’t just throw your plastic bottles away —  recycle them.

3. Christmas Trees

You may think that since your Christmas tree contains wood you can just throw it away. However, it’s not a good idea to throw your Christmas tree in the fireplace. This wood may seem like a good idea since it burns right away and gets super hot. The embers may fly out of the fireplace and burn things in the nearby vicinity. The Christmas tree also increases the amount of creosote caked up in the fireplace. These harmful chemicals can end up damaging your fireplace, too. This will end up increasing the amount of money you have to pay in cleaning and repairs.

4. Poisonous Plants

It might seem obvious that you shouldn’t put poisonous plants into the fireplace. There is plenty of poisonous wood to burn, but it’s not a good idea. Plants like poison ivy, poison sumac, and poison oak can end up getting their poison into the air. You don’t want anyone in the home to breathe in this poison. People can get sick or create skin conditions. If you find poisonous wood to burn, you need to dispose of it properly.

5. Styrofoam

Don’t get tempted into throwing your Styrofoam takeout box or cup into the fire. Styrofoam emits poisonous fumes when burned. Even with a good ventilation system, these fumes will fill your home. That means you and the other people in your home will breathe it in.

6. Firestarters

Many people have lighter fluid or some other accelerants on hand to help make the fire larger. However, these are only to be used outdoors. These are not made for the fireplace. If the flame turns into a flare-up, the flames can burn your home or get so intense that they are a dangerous temperature. They can also be bad for air quality. The open-air allows for the fumes to dissipate into the sky instead of getting stuck inside. Only grow your fire naturally with additional fireplace logs or wood. You shouldn’t need additional toxic chemicals.

7. Wood Pellets

It’s environmentally wise to reuse wood pellets for different construction projects. However, you don’t want to burn them. Most pellets, or particle board, are sprayed with a chemical that deters beetles. This makes it treated wood, and you don’t want to burn the chemicals. You can tell if a wood pallet contains this chemical by looking for the marking “MB”. If you don’t see any markings on the wood, it’s best to be safe and not burn anything.

8. Paper or Cardboard with Print

Can you burn paper in a fireplace? Yes, but you don’t want to put any paper in the fireplace with print or paint on it. It’s not a good idea to put paint into another fireplace, such as the print on pizza boxes or wrapping paper. The colored ink contains toxins when burned, like many of the other options on this list. The paint fumes will get into the air. It can also get into the chimney and even cause a chimney fire. If you ever do need to use paper to help get your fire started, stick with black and white paper. Also, don’t throw more than a sheet or two in.

9. Driftwood

Driftwood is wood that has drifted onto shore from the water. It’s not a good idea to use it since it was probably drenched in water for extended periods of time. Driftwood may produce some attractive flames in some unusual colors, but the fumes will be toxic and particulate around the home.

10. Wet Wood

Wet wood does not burn well, which should make sense. Flames don’t ignite if the wood is too wet from rain or other moisture. When you try to burn it, it will smoke up and create dangerous creosote deposits in your chimney. always keep your firewood in a dry place. If it does get wet, you should wait until it is completely dry to use it, and that will take a long time (about 6 months).

Benefits of Electric Fireplaces

A wood-burning fireplace and wood stove are nice, but they are also a lot of work. Instead of dealing with the hassles of a wood-burning fireplace and asking is it safe to burn — opt for an electric fireplace.

1. Cost to Operate

Electric fireplaces are far more efficient than regular fireplaces. They don’t cost as much to operate. Electricity is significantly less expensive than both gas and ethanol. You also don’t need to buy as many items. You don’t need to burn wood or logs or anything else every time you use it. Being an efficient way to heat your home, even the environmental protection agency has endorsed Electric fireplaces.

2. Clean

Electric fireplaces are way cleaner than traditional options. This is mostly due to the fact that you aren’t actually burning anything. This means there isn’t any ash that can get on the floor or on the walls. It can also get up in the chimney. This ash means you need to clean it after every use. you will also have to hire someone to clean the chimney regularly. With an electric fireplace, you won’t ever need to clean or hire for a chimney sweep. You won’t need to spend money on chimney cleaning, either.

3. Long-Lasting

Electric fireplaces last a long time. They will not die after a couple of years of use. They also don’t require extensive maintenance for them to last long. It will last about as long as any other electrical item will last as long as it doesn’t come into contact with water or have the electrical cord chewed.

4. No fumes

You don’t want fumes in your home. It’s bad for the respiratory system. Electric fireplaces don’t produce any fumes at all. You can rest assured that the air you will be breathing will be clean. In an era right after covid, air quality is more important than ever. You won’t need a flue to let the smoke out, either.

5. No Risk of Fire

The best part about electric fireplaces is that they don’t provide the same risk of fire as a traditional large electric fireplace. In fact, as long as the fireplace doesn’t come into contact with water or have a damaged cord, there won’t be much risk of fire with an electric fireplace at all. Regular fireplaces run the risk of embers flying out and catching something on fire.

What Makes Magikflame Different

When you read the Magikflame electric fireplace buying guide, you will quickly see what sets this product apart from the competition. This brand is the most premium electric fireplace on the market. There are reasons why people prefer this brand more than any other. These are just some of the features of Magikflame.

1. Realistic Flames/Crackling Sounds

Many people think that flames from electric fireplaces will look fake. However, that is not the case. Our brand has ultra 30 ultra-realistic flames that look just like actual flames. In fact, they look even better since they are predictable. You even get the choice to pick the color and look of the flames. These fireplaces also come with realistic sounds that actually sound like kindling. It’ll sound like real burning without worrying about what things that don’t burn in a fire. Read how Magikflame is built to learn more.

2. 5,200 Built-in BTU Heater

Rather than using seasoned firewood to generate heat, you can use an electric fireplace. All fireplaces come with a 5,200 BTU quartz fireplace heater, which is more than enough to keep your home comfortable.

3. Bluetooth

Everything is attached to your smartphone in today’s digital age. You can connect your fireplace to your smartphone with an app. Set the fireplace to your exact specifications from wherever you are in the home.

If you are looking for items that are ok to burn or things that don’t burn in a fire, it might be time to make a change. Can you burn paper in a fireplace? Yes, but an electric fireplace means you won’t have to burn anything at all. Stop asking yourself, is it safe to burn? Stop using the wood stove and go with an electric fireplace. The fireplace will prevent buildup. It will not need an incinerator, either.

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