Fireplaces are a central feature of many homes and apartments. As many interior designers, architects, and fireplace enthusiasts know, the mantel is one of the best locales for family photos, art prints, and seasonal decor.

The hearth is a classic symbol of comfort and togetherness for personalized treasures. If your current home doesn’t have a fireplace, your family room, living room or indoor

living space may feel incomplete or more to be desired. Thankfully, there’s a solution—you can install a freestanding electric fireplace or electric fireplace insert that will add beauty and value to your home. 

In this post, you will learn:

  • The electric fireplace value
  • Where can I buy an electric fireplace?
  • What makes for exceptional customer service?

The Electric Fireplace Value

Electric fireplaces make home ambiance easy. The traditional, mechanical electric fireplace creates an illusory, single flame that is created with light displays instead of regular combustion. It attempts to create a real flame to deliver warmth and comfort from a simulated fireplace experience. In turn, establishing peace of mind and increased quality of life after a hard day of work.

Of course, many advanced options have entered the market in recent years. This includes the specialty retail electric fireplace (see our electric fireplace buying guide) for the high-end ambiance, luxury experience. MagikFlame is a manufacturing leader for a new holographic technology. It has inspired the most realistic electric fireplace on the market. 

When it comes to ease of use, installation, and cleanup, an electric fireplace is an excellent alternative to wood-burning fireplaces or gas logs. Most electric fireplaces can simply be plugged into a wall outlet with no professional help required, plus they offer eco-friendly energy consumption. Our experts have put together this handy guide on buying an electric fireplace to make your search easy and fun.

Where can I buy an electric fireplace?

Creating the instant ambience and warmth in any room with an electric fireplace firebox isn’t easy — even with 5,200 BTU. We shared some wonderful tips about the value — now it’s about where to purchase one.

As we have become more acclimated with online and ecommerce buying, that delivers everyone in a single, online universe to shop between manufacturers and retailers. 

Online research is very important as we browse and compare from the comfort of our home or office. This helps us understand more about the features and benefits of various products and become a more informed buyer in our purchase journey. 

Usually we identify a perceived problem that we want to solve, which is different from where we want to be. In an effort to solve the problem, we go online or ask a friend, family member or colleague about their thoughts. Then, we might do a Google search to see where it leads us for potentially more answers and options for consideration.

Specifics related to an existing fireplace may be a challenge. Afterall, each situation has some overlap, but problem solving is never easy. Therefore, ensuring excellent customer support and the ability to speak with a representative is important to the process. 

As an example, if you purchase a freestanding or wall mounted electric fireplace and the issue is related to parts missing, then you may want to speak with someone at a manufacturer or retailer that sold the electric firebox unit. 

MagikFlame electric fireplaces have exceptional, VIP customer support. This contributes to its mission as the best electric fireplace to be placed across the globe. 

Although the brand is up-and-coming compared to other bigger names such as ClassicFlame, DuraFlame, Touchstone, Dimplex, or Amantii — there is a personalized, family-oriented amount of care taken with each order and customer satisfaction with MagikFlame.

Should there be a smaller issue with a remote control, smartphone app, or turning on/off the log set, there can be simple and easy support. For the larger issues, potentially related to adjustable thermostat, zone heating, energy efficient management or easy installation tips, then, it’s even more important to have this service for inclusion with all purchases. 

What makes for exceptional customer service?

Now that you know where to shop and identify electric fireplace value, it’s the support piece that can make all the difference in your experience. As we shared with the small examples above, there are many reasons why we should speak with someone to solve our immediate product issue. 

How can we determine what level of support and ways to evaluate what is best for your needs?

There is standard, average customer-service, then there is MagikFlame customer service. The MagikFlame customer service has five pillars at the core approach to ensure a solid experience. The pillars are:

  1. Empathetic
  2. Generous
  3. Solution-driven
  4. Timely (with the understanding the brand is small and seasonality plays a role)
  5. Unexpected

While some of the bigger brands can foster amazing loyalty through their products, it’s equally important to have a deep knowledge base and helpful staff to remedy many issues quickly. Assuming these bare-minimum and brand-customer characteristics as a buyer is a must, but not always prevalent or reliable. 

MagikFlame VIP customer support is a difference maker. This brand surprises and delights customers with extended, personalized hours of operation. This alone is a major difference between brands and is an easy choice of where to buy an electric fireplace. Learn more about the MagikFlame Story

This goes beyond the sales process comparing an electric fireplace to a traditional, propane or gas fireplace feature and benefit. It’s the deep understanding of the various manufacturers, fireplace experts, and listening to your wants and needs whether its related to the heat source, supplemental heat for square feet coverage, infrared quartz technology or heating element with this home decor focal point.  

Customer testimonials are powerful for all businesses. They help to shape perception about goods and services for a prospective customer or business. As you think about the MagikFlame customer experience and thought process of where to buy an electric fireplace, consider the following MagikFlame reviews.

As you will see, many former customers have expressed the importance of VIP customer support and the importance of solving their problem — relatively quickly, without hassle. The day is usually saved due to the availability and technical depth for some “easy issues” that can be very hard and complex to others depending upon their skill level with technology and instructions.

While a majority of customer service teams believe their work ends as soon as they address a customer’s concern, other brands recognize the opportunity they have to stand out. They go the extra mile to not only resolve customer issues, but leave users with a great impression, a smile, and a story they will eagerly tell their friends, family, and followers.

As you research the various fireplace manufacturers, products and customer support, explore which companies are empathetic, generous, solution-driven, timely, and unexpected with customer support. MagikFlame strives to become synonymous with exceptional customer service while delivering the most realistic flame and flame effect on the market.