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Where Can I Buy An Electric Fireplace?

Electric Fireplaces - Where can I buy a fireplace

One of the best features you can consider incorporating into your home or office is a Trinity white electric fireplace to enhance the warmth and comfort provided to your interior setting. Electric fireplaces are favored because of the amount of heat they radiate and their energy efficiency, which can allow you to create a green setting that lowers your carbon footprint. Finding the right electric fireplace is necessary to ensure you can select a model that works well for your setting. In this article, you will get the answer “where can I buy an electric fireplace” for this question.

Where Can I Buy an Electric Fireplace?

You may be wondering, “Where can I buy an electric fireplace?” When you’re looking to find an electric fireplace insert, it can be challenging to know where to search because of the different options available. Conducting an online search on the internet is the best way to start shopping around and locating dealers that are in the area.

You can also browse different websites that sell modern corner white electric fireplaces to compare various brands and models they have available, as well as their prices. Some stores specialize in Duraflame and ClassicFlame while others carry more Touchstone models. It can be convenient to shop online because it’ll allow you to read reviews of different fireplaces that are available and get insight into which products are the most efficient and easiest to operate.

You can also take your time reviewing each fireplace available while searching online instead of feeling rushed in the store. You can shop for the product at any time of the day or night for your convenience. You’ll also get the chance to look at videos that explain the operation and different features of the product.

If you prefer to see the fireplace in person rather than online, it’s important to conduct a search for local home improvement or fireplace stores. Look into the background of the establishment to get an idea of how much experience they have in the industry and how long they’ve been in business. Visiting an established business to purchase your electric fireplace will allow you to obtain assistance from the staff. The number of years of experience they have selling fireplaces will determine how much they can help you make your selection, as well as how knowledgeable they are about different brands and models available in the industry. You can communicate your needs and tell the expert what features you’re looking for to make it easier to discover the best options available.

Researching the top electric fireplace manufacturers in the industry can also allow you to discover where their products are sold. Consider contacting the manufacturer directly to ask where you can find a local store that carries their products. Most companies will be capable of providing you with some resources to help you get started in your search.

MagikFlame is one of the top brands available and has a long history of reputability and quality products. The brand is known for having the most realistic electric fireplace flames and effects with advanced technology, causing the product to look like it’s a wood-burning fireplace with 30 ultra-realistic flames. The company can provide you with a buying guide to use to discover the models that they sell and read the specs and description of the product. The buying guide will allow you to take your time researching each model and informing you of what’s available to ensure you can be more particular about your purchase.

Although some brands like Dimplex are considered to be reputable, they don’t use the same new holographic technology that you’ll find in Magikflame fireplaces (learn how MagikFlame is built). Dimplex fireplaces also come with sound effects with crackling noises that can make you believe the log set is really burning in the firebox. The flame effects are also on top of the log set instead of behind it to create a more realistic look and real flame appearance. Consumers of the brand also appreciate the built-in 5,200 BTU heater for more warmth than other manufacturers. Fireplaces with infrared quartz also produce a cozy heat that doesn’t cause the space to feel too warm or stuffy. Infrared quartz works more effectively because it uses short-wave heating and directly heats the surface of different objects in the room.

When you’re looking for the best realistic holoframe electric fireplace at many stores and online websites, consider the different options that are available. The company should have a variety of different types of fireplaces in numerous styles, which includes fireplaces that double as furniture items. You can opt for a fireplace that is also a media console or an electric fireplace Tv stand, which will look beautiful with an espresso-white finish. You can also find a dresser or buffet that features a fireplace insert and choose from options with a rustic white or an espresso finish to match the other furniture items in your room.

Searching on larger sites like Amazon can also allow you to find more models that are available and have the product shipped directly to your door instead of finding a way to haul the product home. Shopping on a website like Amazon will also allow you to read additional reviews posted when you’re conducting more research before making your selection.

Review the Customer Support Provided

When selecting the place where you plan to buy the best electric fireplace, you’ll need to consider the quality of customer support that is provided to ensure you feel accommodated working with the company. The customer support of the establishment will determine how easy it is to have your questions answered and the amount of assistance you obtain when browsing the different options that are available.

The company should have a phone number available to call throughout the week if you want to inquire about a specific model or discounts that are available. Chat services should also be available on the website.

You should be able to reach someone easily without waiting too long on hold to speak with a live agent. The customer service representatives should be friendly and helpful while taking their time to answer your questions and offering their expertise as they guide you through the process of looking for your next fireplace.

Personalized support means you can give your business to a reputable company that works hard to assist you and has your best interest in mind. Research the background of the company to determine how satisfied former customers are with the services and goods they received. Companies like Magikflame are known to provide a higher level of customer support because they’re family-owned and prioritize the satisfaction and loyalty of their customers. You can even contact VIP customer service, whether it’s the sales team or the technical support team, for added assistance.

Ordering the fireplace online or on the phone can also offer a higher level of convenience to avoid having to travel far to shop for what you’re looking for on the market. It can allow you to save time and energy for a more efficient process that doesn’t require setting aside an entire weekend to shop around.

Shopping online can also provide you with a visual of the top fireplaces you’re considering purchasing to ensure you can view them side-by-side. You don’t have to take any notes or pictures and can have all the information you need right on the screen.

How to Choose an Electric Fireplace

Purchasing an electric fireplace is an investment for most consumers, making it necessary to find something that is accommodating and meets your needs for many years to come. Due to the cost of the product, you likely want to find the best electric fireplace available to ensure it’s something you enjoy and appreciate long-term.

When searching for an electric fireplace to purchase, it’s important to consider the size of the room where you plan to install it. The square feet in your living room will influence the size of the electric fireplace you need to ensure it keeps the space warm and evenly distributes heat better than a space heater. Multiply the square footage by 20 BTU per square foot. If you place the fireplace in a 1,000-square-foot room, you’ll need a fireplace with 20,000 BTUs. Getting the proper size will keep the chill away and can allow you to adjust the thermostat in the building to avoid using the main heat source in the house too much.

If you have a long wall where you plan to use the fireplace, you can consider something that is longer with more width to make it look the appropriate size.

You also want to consider the different types of features you desire to ensure you can narrow down your results. As electric fireplaces continue to evolve, they’re becoming more advanced and versatile to accommodate different types of settings and consumers. Because of how they continue to improve in quality and design, it means you have more options available with the different types of features you can select. Ask yourself what you’re looking for in your next fireplace, whether you want something decorative that becomes the focal point in the room or an item that can supplement your main heating system. It’s also important that the style of the product complements your environment and doesn’t look awkward next to your personal belongings.

You can also consider a product that allows you to adjust the flame color to make it complement the setting or the look you want to achieve. A Magikflame electric fireplace can offer the best technology when you want more options with the tech features that are included to create a custom look. The realistic flame design is the most advanced in the industry and doesn’t compromise the look of the feature. See the MagikFlame flame gallery for more.

Many fireplaces even come with remote control, which makes them easy and convenient to use without worrying about getting up off the couch to turn up the heat or change the color of the flames.

You also want to ask yourself if you want a fireplace that you can move around or is installed into the wall. A freestanding electric fireplace has a more traditional style and can allow you to take it with you if you relocate near furniture for more portability. The freestanding TV fireplace stand can also be easier to move to another room of the home if you change the layout of your furniture in the future. You may also want to convert an existing fireplace in your house into a more efficient product, which means opting for an electric fireplace insert.

A wall-mounted electric fireplace is ideal for those who want something built into their walls and is more permanent. A wall-mount electric fireplace can create a seamless and modern design while also boosting the value of the home.

You can also select a product with a fireplace mantel, which you can use for displaying decorative accent pieces and framed photos to enhance the style of the room.

Benefits of Owning an Electric Fireplace

There are many reasons electric fireplaces continue to increase in popularity and wood-burning fireplaces. Electric fireplaces are aesthetically pleasing and can contribute to the style and design of your interior setting with an electric log set that looks realistic. They often feature a floating fireplace mantel and crown molding like a traditional fireplace while doubling as a heating element. The item will not only be used for its heating purposes but can become a home decor piece in the room. The customizable LED lights and ember bed can also allow you to mix and match different colors to ensure the feature complements the color scheme in the room.

A high level of convenience comes with an electric fireplace. You don’t have to worry about loading up on electrical firewood burring or paying for the wood throughout the year just to enjoy fires. You can still feel like you’re having a real fire because of the realistic flame technology that causes your guests to think you have a wood-burning fireplace.

Homeowners also enjoy electric fireplaces because they’re inexpensive to operate and can keep your energy costs low because of their energy-efficient designs. More than 90 percent of the input energy is converted into heat, which can cause them to be more fuel-efficient than a gas fireplace that uses propane. Most fireplaces operate on 110/120-volt electric current and use an average of 1500 watts per hour on the highest settings. Fireplaces with infrared heaters are even more energy-efficient and use 40 percent less heat than standard electric fireplaces. With an infrared electric fireplace heater, you also don’t have to worry about any heat loss through a vent or chimney.

Not only does an energy-efficient fireplace save more money throughout the year, but can allow you to reduce your carbon footprint. You don’t have to make as much of an impact on the environment and can operate the feature as much as you prefer without worrying about the effects. Electric fireplaces are known to be safer for the environment because the lack of smoke they emit doesn’t contribute to pollution.

Some states even have restrictions in place on how frequently you can use a traditional wood-burning fireplace. With an electric fireplace, you don’t have to worry about getting fined and can still take advantage of all the benefits it offers.

The supplemental heat they provide can also reduce your reliance on a heating system in the building and can allow you to make the necessary adjustment thermostat to save more on your energy usage. Compared to a wood-burning fireplace, you don’t have to leave a window open and allow cold air into the home to keep the fire burning for added comfort and warmth.

Electric fireplaces are also safe to use, which can allow you to have peace of mind knowing your family members are protected as the feature is in use. Unlike a wood-burning fireplace, electric fireplaces don’t emit any smoke or release any contaminants into the building, which means it won’t affect the indoor air quality with the flame effect. You can breathe easily without the risk of any smoke leading to asthma or respiratory issues.

Without a real flame, it also means embers won’t fly out of the firebox and into the home, which reduces the risk of a fire occurring. You can also place objects or furniture items closer to the feature without increasing the risk of a fire.

Electric fireplaces also don’t develop any soot or creosote as they’re in use, which prevents chimney fires from occurring. You also don’t have to worry about scheduling an annual chimney sweep, which can offer convenience and lower your maintenance costs by owning the product. Additionally, you never have to worry about cleaning out the electric firebox because ashes don’t accumulate since wood is never burned.

The glass panel or doors on the feature also don’t get hot to the touch as you enjoy a fire, which makes it safer to get in proximity to the product without worrying about burning yourself. It also makes it a safer type of fireplace to install if you have children or pets in the home. The lack of venting or gas lines means you don’t have to perform any construction or modifications to the building, which can lower the overall cost and time it takes to install the product.

There are also many different mounting systems available that can allow you to have more freedom with where you choose to install the product. The variety of systems can accommodate the unique design or components of the room where you desire to have a fireplace.

The easy installation of electric fireplaces is another benefit of making the purchase because they don’t have a lot of mechanisms or wires to hook up, which makes it less of a hassle. They’re easy to install without hiring a professional to do the work, which saves on the overall cost of owning a new fireplace. Some fireplaces are also easy enough to install with only a screwdriver, which means you don’t need to purchase additional tools to get the fireplace ready to use after hooking it up to an electrical outlet. You can unbox the product after it arrives and have it up and running within the hour.

Compared to traditional fireplaces, electric fireplaces also deliver zone heating, which means you don’t have to worry about the entire home becoming too warm every time you have a fireplace. The infrared heat that is emitted from the unit will only heat the room it’s placed in to ensure everyone in the house continues to feel comfortable. You even have the option of using the electric fireplace without the heating unit during the warmer months of the year. This will allow you to continue getting plenty of use out of the product without getting too hot.

The beautiful flame effect of the fireplace will also create a cozy and welcoming ambiance in your setting that makes the house feel like a home. The warm glow of the fireplace will enhance the mood in the room and can allow you to have a peaceful place to relax each evening. The fire will also add to the ambiance of the setting when you plan to host a party or gathering.

Knowing where to look when you’re ready to buy a fireplace can allow you to have more options available to ensure you can be selective when it comes to making your purchase as you ask yourself, “Where can I buy an electric fireplace?” You can enjoy the convenience of shopping online on a reputable website and working with a company that offers the quality customer service you deserve to ensure you have an enjoyable experience shopping for your next fireplace.

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