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Do Dimplex Fireplaces Heat Better Than a Magikflame Model?


A new home needs a lot of work and care put into it. Before a home builder even starts to lay the foundation, an architect is needed to design the home. Once your home is finished, you will usually need an interior designer or you will be making interior design choices yourself. Regardless of what step you are out of, heating is something you need to think about. For many people, a fireplace is the perfect focal point for their home. As you choose a fireplace option, most people these days lean towards electric heating over wood or gas. Whether you are building a home or doing a remodel, the perfect modern electric fireplace is important. Two popular brands of electric fireplaces are Dimplex and Magikflame. However, which fireplace brand is better?

Within this guide, we are going to answer questions about Dimplex and Magikflame fireplaces. By the end of the article, you will have a better idea of which is best for you. So, don’t pull out your credit card and start buying just yet. Let’s get into it.

All of These Following Questions Will Be Answered In The Article That Is To Follow:

Exactly How Does an Electric Fireplace Infrared Quartz Unit Heater Produce Heat To Warm a Home?

Wattage, amps, and many other things are dependent on the power of an infrared quartz electric fireplace insert. Heaters like these use what is called convection heating. Convection heating is when cold air is pulled into the fireplace. Infrared heating coils then warm that air almost instantly. Air is cycled back out of the fireplace and into the room.
Rooms can be warmed very rapidly with this style of heating device. After you turn on electric fireplaces, you will notice warm air blowing out of it almost immediately. Quartz heating coils are incredibly efficient and will allow you to save tons on your heating bill.

Is There an Optimal BTU Rating For Electric Fireplaces?

Outdoor heating will of course require a lot more heat output than indoor heating situations. When it comes to indoor heating, you actually don’t want too high of heat output. Overkill when it comes to the heater is a waste of money and resources. They also tend to be less efficient. Too low of output is also a problem. Devices with too low of heat output will be working harder and using more electricity with little effect.
A rating of around 5,000-5,200 BTUs is optimal for most home situations. It is this sweet spot that will make sure your heating bill will stay nice and low. Luxury fireplaces usually have heating devices around this output.

Can a Much Larger Home Still Be Warmed By an Electric Heater Fireplace?

Extremely large homes can prove difficult to heat with just a single fireplace. Luckily, there is a good solution for this exact scenario. Supplemental zone heating allows you to warm your home without drastically increasing your electric bill. Zone heating works by placing two or more fireplaces in different zones of your house. As people are occupying different zones of the house, you only turn on fireplaces around these zones. Doors are left closed between unused zones so the fireplaces don’t have to work as hard.
Deluxe, higher-end fireplace brands can usually warm homes of up to 1,000 square feet. Because of this, most homes are fine with just a single fireplace. Condos, apartments, and small to medium houses will be covered. In cases where you have a very large home, invest in a zone heating strategy. Supplemental zone heating will end up saving you more money in the long run.

If I need a Portable Space Heater, Is a Small Unit Heater With Flame Effects The Right Choice?

Space heating portable devices might be convenient, but they are usually only good for small rooms. Adding flame effects to an already small device is going to result in poor performance. Size limitations is a huge factor when you try to add a second type of technology. Unfortunately, the end result will be a heater that performs badly and fire effects that are disappointing.
Visually speaking, these types of heaters also tend to look very cheap and tacky. Most modern homes will be better off getting a full-size fireplace mantel package.

Are Electric Fireplaces a Better Choice To Heat Your Home Over Wood and Gas Fireplaces?

Burning wood as a heat source is an ancient tradition. Nostalgia can be a powerful feeling. To be honest, though, modern times demand a cleaner, safer, and more efficient solution. First, let’s look at wood fireplaces and why you should avoid them:

●      Fire safety should be a priority. Soot builds up within the chimney of wood fireplaces. Accumulation of soot is very flammable and can result in a terrible fire.

●      Harmful emissions are produced by traditional wood fireplaces. Smoke inhalation is a serious concern and so is carbon monoxide poisoning. Despite proper ventilation, some will always get into your home.

●      Using a wood fireplace is a hassle. Clean the firebox. Split the wood. Build the fire. Add logs throughout the day. Watch the fire for safety. All of this work starts to become a part-time job.

●      Heat loss problems arise because of the nature of a wood fireplace. Since chimneys or ventilation are required for smoke to escape, heat will inevitably escape with it.

●      Smells are bound to fill your home. Smokiness will get deep into your furniture and carpet, as well as linger in the air.

●      Stains are unavoidable with wood fireplaces. Yellow walls are what you can expect your white walls to turn into after a while.

●      TV damage is what will happen if you want to mount your TV above the fireplace. Rising smoke and heat will permanently damage TV electronics.

●      Wood storage will be needed for all of that wood fuel you are to burn. Lacking sufficient storage means you will have to deal with frequent, inconvenient deliveries.

●      Building a new wood fireplace is almost impossible to get approved for these days. If you are lucky enough to get the green light, your fireplace will be very expensive to build and take a lot of time.

Natural gas and propane fireplaces are cleaner, safer, and more efficient. But, these fireplaces are still far from perfect:

●      Flames are still exposed with gas fireplaces, even if you don’t have to worry about the soot build-up. While the risk of a house fire is lower, it is still there.

●      Carbon monoxide is still released whenever there is an incomplete burn of the gas. Toxic emissions like carbon monoxide can actually be deadly.

●      Ugly flame colors is a visual problem with gas fireplaces. Blue flames are common and even their orange flames look dull and unnatural.

●      Gas fireplaces are nothing more than complicated Bunsen burners. Gas flame streams tend to be quite weak and are unlikely to flicker like real wood fireplaces.

●      Professionals will need to be called to install your gas fireplace. Lines will need to run for the gas. Ventilation is also required in many types of gas fireplaces.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, electric fireplaces have several benefits that make them ideal for your home. Check these out:

●      The risk of a house fire isn’t increased like it is with wood or gas fireplaces. Absolutely nothing is burned inside of electric fireplaces, so the risk isn’t there.

●      No Harmful emissions come out of electric fireplaces. Clean, warm air is the only thing that should be coming out of your fireplace blowers.

●      Staining and smells due to smoke is another thing you don’t need to worry yourself about. Your home will smell better and your walls will look nice longer.

●      Using electric fireplaces is easy. Set the thermostat to your perfect temperature and relax. Nothing more needs to be done.

●      Installing electric fireplaces is incredibly easy. To install one of these fireplaces, just find a good spot for it. After you’ve found the spot, set it down and plug it in. That’s it.

●      Any room in your home can have electric fireplaces installed in them. Homes are not limited to just main room fireplaces like wood and gas commonly are.

●      TV sets can safely be mounted above electric fireplaces. Blowers gently push warm air out to the center of the room instead of rising directly upwards.

●      Heat efficiency is where electric fireplaces really make a big difference to your heating bill. Chimneys or ventilation aren’t required, so you use all of the heat that the fireplace produces.

●      Large homes can benefit from the previously mention zone heating strategies. Strategies like this allow you to benefit from lower electric bills just like small homes.

●      Electric fireplaces often come with some kind of remote control device. Devices like this allow you to control your fireplace from around your home.

●     The Flame effects produced by high-end holographic fireplaces capture traditional fireplace ambiance.

Will Any Fireplace Type Work or Are There Specific Types of Electric Fireplaces For Different Home Layouts and Situations?

Types of fireplaces vary a lot when it comes to electric fireplaces and for good reason. Situations in regards to preferences, available space, and home layout, vary as well. Fortunately, we have this breakdown of common types of electric fireplaces and when you may wish to use them:

●      Flat Wall Mantel Package – Looking the most like your typical open hearth fireplaces, you have these mantel packages. These are installed up against a wall and on the floor. Mantels are typically unattached and attached during installation. By coming in two pieces, more mantel varieties are usually possible.

●      Corner Fireplace – Functioning the same as the fireplace above, you have the corner variety. Designed to fit into the corner of a room, you can save space and have an interesting layout.

●      TV Stand Fireplace – Media stands can come with electric fireplaces built directly into them. Saving space is possible since it combines two different furniture pieces. Be sure to buy with caution because their heaters can sometimes lack in performance.

●      Corner TV Stand Fireplace – A corner TV stand fireplace is the same as the TV stands above but built for corners. It is common for these to have the same issues, so be careful when purchasing.

●      Wall Mounted FireplacesWall mount fireplaces are great for a modern style of decorating. Recessed wall installation can be done if you want your wall-mounted electric fireplace to sit perfectly flush to the wall.

●      Electric Insert – Do you have a traditional fireplace? Are you interested in converting it to electric? Simply install one of these inserts to do so.

●      Freestanding Fireplace Heater – Previously mentioned in the article, these portable heaters with fire effects should just be avoided.

●     Electric Stove – Wood stoves already look out of place in modern homes. However, if you insist on one, you can get these electric versions for the same look.

What Is Dimplex and What Are Some Different Dimplex Heater or Dimplex Fireplace Models and Features?

Dimplex fireplace is an amazing and established company that makes many varieties of electric fireplaces and heating devices. They have heating devices made for large spaces like their convector heaters. Keep in mind that these aren’t very visually appealing and have more in common with an electric wall heater like Stiebel Eltron. Convector baseboard models and electric baseboard heater units are also available.
Smaller, portable heaters like a construction heater are also available from them. You can also get an outdoor heater like their selection of patio heaters or fan heater selections. Patio heaters are great for outdoor parties and BBQs even during colder months. Homeowners with garages can benefit from their garage heater options. Garage heater units allow you to use your garage even during the winter. Lastly, they also have electric fireplaces.
Heating devices offered by Dimplex vary wildly in material and aesthetic style. Epoxy and stainless steel are two common materials used. Their electric fireplaces are where you will see more variety in material for aesthetic purposes.
Even though many Dimplex models have a double pole thermostat to control them, there is another option. WiFi can be used with their Dimplex Connex thermostat kit.
Keep in mind that many Dimplex devices can’t be plugged into standard outlets. Some of their fireplaces run on 208-volt, 240 volt, and other volt ranges. 120-volt is your standard electrical outlet, so Diplex devices can require electrical work to be done.
It’s possible to look up their fireplaces by model numbers like euh10b34ct, dir15a10gr, and more. However, if you are interested in Dimplex, you should simply browse their catalog for yourself.

Other Than Heating Ability, What Are Some Other Reasons You Should Choose a MagikFlame Fireplace Over a Dimplex Heater?

Home improvement is effortless with an excellent MagikFlame in your living room. Here is why people love these amazing fireplaces:

●      Holographic 3D Fire Projection – Flickering flames are dramatically 3D projected over a beautiful physical log set and ember bed. Ember sparks can be seen dancing with the flames. 30 different styles of flickering flames are ready to be used depending on your mood.

●      Crackling Log Sounds – Elevating the already stunning visuals are the sounds of crackling logs. Audio is just as important as visual effects if you really want the authentic fireplace experience. Nature sounds are also available with MagikFlame fireplaces for added relaxation.

●      5,200 BTU Heater – Heating your home is easy and efficient with this heater. Up to 1,000 sq. ft. can be covered by a single fireplace. Larger homes with more than 1,000 sq. ft. can be covered by supplemental zone heating strategies.

●      Smartphone Control App – Forget the remote control. Premium Magikflame electric fireplaces for the bedroom can be controlled with their intuitive smartphone app. Change the thermostat, visual effects, and audio with ease.

Traditional White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
Stand-Alone Electric Fireplace Insert with Sound and Heater
Modern White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
European Style White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
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