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Faux Stone Electric Fireplace for Your Home

Stone Electric Fireplace

When it comes to interior design and decorating, the electric fireplace you have on display is one of the main features that will influence the look and feel of the room. Stone electric fireplaces are one of the most popular choices among consumers because of their regal and upscale exterior. Their decorative look makes them complements a few different types of settings.

Where a Stone Electric Fireplace Matches Best?

You don’t need to build a real masonry fireplace in your library or den to create a beautiful look. A faux stone electric fireplace is an excellent alternative because of its quality materials and energy efficiency. When you want to show off the feature in your home or office, it’s important to know where it’ll complement your surroundings.

The neutral color shades of a faux stone electric fireplace make it look best in rooms with color schemes of tan, brown, and white colors. If you have a lot of espresso furniture pieces, choose a fireplace with dark faux stone. White faux stone also looks beautiful in rooms with lighter color shades to create a light and airy setting.

This modern-style fireplace is a great product to invest in because it has a timeless and classic style that won’t go out of style in the coming years. Stone is a popular material that will continue to be in demand in the coming years. You won’t have to worry about it looking outdated in the near future and can continue to enjoy its beautiful appearance. It can look attractive in the living room or a more masculine setting like a home office. The stone materials contribute to the cozy ambiance it creates in the setting.

Consider how dark or light your faux stone electric fireplace is when choosing where you want to install it. You can also swap out your curtains or pillows in the room to ensure the features pair well with the fireplace.

Fireplaces with faux marble are also chic and luxurious, making them a popular choice in recent years. Place this type of fireplace in an upscale setting where metallic and glass materials are present. It will create a sleek and modern environment and will pair well with a faux stone mantel.

Are Electric Fireplaces Energy-efficient?

One of the main reasons electric fireplaces are a popular choice is because of their energy efficiency. This means you’re not going to see a spike in your energy bill and don’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars to use it in low temperatures. It should cost less than $11 if you use it for an average of 60 hours throughout the month.

If your freestanding electric fireplace has 1,500 watts, it will cost 18 cents every hour to operate. It can even cost as low as two cents every hour when you turn the heat setting off and only use the flame effects.

All electric fireplaces available in the industry use the same amount of energy. You can select any type of model without being concerned about paying more for a specific product you buy. Many people enjoy electric fireplaces because they cost less to use compared to gas fireplaces. Gas fireplaces typically $30.00 to run every month and cost $4 for natural gas.

How Much Does it Cost to Install an Electric Fireplace?

Once you find the right electric fireplace tv stand or freestanding fireplace, it can cost next to nothing to install. Most electric fireplaces have a plug-in design with a cord that you plug into a standard household outlet. Compared to a wood-burning fireplace, you don’t have to spend money to install a chimney or vent. There also isn’t any need to install a gas line because it only uses electricity to operate.

You can save money on hiring an electrician and hook up your electric media fireplace minutes after it arrives. You don’t need to spend money on professional tools. Some fireplaces only require using a screwdriver to assemble the pieces for an easy home improvement project.

How You Can Benefit From an Electric Fireplace?

There’s a lot of versatility that comes with an electric fireplace, which is why it appeals to different types of consumers. Their energy-efficient design makes them a green option for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint. It can be left on for several hours a day without causing your electric bill to get too high.

They also don’t affect the quality of the air in the building compared to fireplaces that use wood or gas as their fuel source. You won’t release ashes or smoke into the setting, making it easy to protect your family’s health. This also makes it a great option for anyone who has respiratory issues or allergies.
It’s also a green type of fireplace because it never releases any smoke into the outside air, which doesn’t cause it to contribute to pollution. You won’t have to get fined if you use it at specific times of the day in certain cities where restrictions are enforced.

Some people aren’t sure if electric fireplaces are capable of delivering as much heat as a gas or wood fireplace. Fortunately, they generate enough heat to supplement your HVAC system and reduce how much you use the appliance. You can stay warm without wearing extra layers of clothing. The lack of real flames also means you don’t have to keep a window or door cracked to allow enough ventilation in the room to keep the fire going. They’re a popular choice because they deliver zone heating and only heat the room you use them in throughout the year. The heat never transfers to other areas of the house, allowing your family members to remain comfortable and not get too hot, especially on the second floor.

The heat settings are adjustable to ensure you can have more control over the climate in the building. You can even shut the heat off and only use the flame effects. The fireplace can continue to display the faux flames in the spring and summer seasons when you don’t need heat. Many people also enjoy how cozy their home becomes once they install their electric fireplace tv stand. You can sit by the fire and create a picturesque setting with a warm glow in the room once you install the feature. It also makes for a beautiful look when you’re hosting people for dinner or are throwing a large gathering.

What Types of Rooms Do Electric Fireplaces Heat?

Understanding how much heat you’ll get from an electric fireplace is necessary when selecting where you’ll place it. Look into the BTUs, British thermal units, the products deliver to get an idea of if it will heat a large master bedroom or can keep a 400 square-foot room warm. This offers insight into its heating capacity to prevent cold spots from forming.

There’s a simple math equation to do when you want to get an idea of how many BTUs you need. Multiply the square feet in the room by 20. The average electric fireplace packs 5,000 BTU. This is the same amount of heat residential heaters deliver. You can also find other models with 4,000 BTUs. For larger rooms or floors, electric fireplaces with 10,000 BTUs work well for keeping the chill away. Our MagikFlame fireplaces deliver enough supplemental heat for rooms up to 1,000 sq. ft. You can explore the different models available and learn more about their heating systems in the MagikFlame electric fireplace buying guide.

Many people are surprised to learn electric fireplaces tend to heat the space up more quicker than gas or wood fireplaces. This is because the infrared heat moves around more quicker. There’s also less heat loss. Gas fireplaces lose 40 percent of the heat they generate, and wood-burning fireplaces lose up to 80 percent of heat. Electric fireplaces don’t lose any heat they create.

Think about the quality and amount of insulation that is in the house when shopping around for the best fireplace models. Don’t expect a lot of insulation in older houses. Inspect the insulation near the windows to get an idea of if it is sufficient enough or if you should invest in an electric fireplace with more BTUs. It’s easy to adjust the thermostat on the fireplace with the included remote control. This makes it easy to control and allows you to use it on days with a slight chill instead of only in freezing climates.

Are Electric Fireplaces Quiet?

As you begin looking for your new electric fireplace, there are many factors to consider to ensure you make the best choice. The noise level of the fireplace is an additional factor to consider that many people don’t think about. Although the realistic flame effect and size of the unit are important, the noise it generates influences its appeal.

Many people find the Artemis White Electric Fireplace to be one of the quietest fireplaces on the market. The faux flames look like real flames, but the internal components don’t generate any noise. You can turn on a crackling log set sound effect to enhance the experience, but this sound is soothing and optional to use.

Many people also select the MagikFlame Trinity Large White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert. This fireplace packs 120 volts and is almost silent the moment you turn it on each time. It also comes with a crackling log sound effect, but this makes it difficult to hear any noises coming from the inside of the fireplace. Dimplex, Touchstone, and Southern Enterprises models that are available on sites like Amazon make more noise than our MagikFlame models. They have a louder hum that you can hear at a distance. If you purchase an electric fireplace TV stand, this can require turning up the volume on the TV to block out the noise.

Most electric fireplaces aren’t as loud and noisy as other types of appliances in the house. This makes them convenient to use in a bedroom or home office where you don’t want any disturbances or distractions. Many top brands include a quiet blower that makes the product quieter to use than a gas fireplace. Gas fireplaces use fans in their products, which causes them to generate a higher level of sound. If you only want to watch the multi-color flames and turn the heating element off, the fireplace is silent.

If you notice your fireplace starts to make noise, this is an easy fix if you tighten some of the loose connections to prevent the parts from rattling. A technician should also check out the parts to look at the tubing and check for any damage. The fan belt may also be the cause of the problem because it can stick and may be loose. You’ll also need to take time to clean or lubricate the parts to ensure everything operates and moves around smoothly inside.

Best Spots for Electric Fireplaces

Where you place your new electric fireplace heater determines how warm you stay during the winter season. It’s important to plan where you want to install it when building a new home and working with a home builder or architect. You may also be in the process of planning a remodel and are planning the design of the setting with an interior designer. Its portable design makes it ideal to place anywhere in the house. You can enhance the formal look of your dining room with the feature, or even place it in the master bedroom. When it’s time to change the layout of your interior setting, it’s easy to relocate with the help of another person.

The fireplace should be a few feet away from an electrical outlet to make it easy to plug in without the cord being stretched. Never use an extension cord, which can make it a hazard and safety issue.

Think about where it will be the most noticeable, whether it’s near a window or on the longest wall in the space. You even have the option of placing it closer to different items in the room because the glass panel never gets hot to the touch. The lack of real fire also means embers never jump out and onto the floor. You don’t have to worry about items within a few feet of it catching fire. If your fireplace features faux stone, avoid placing it too close to other stone materials.

You may already have an existing fireplace in your house and want to update it to make it energy-efficient. An electric insert is easy to install in the firebox and will look like it has a real flame effect.

Recessed fireplaces require hiring an electrician to hardwire the electrical components. This is a fairly easy task to complete and requires using brackets to support the feature.

Top Benefits of Fireplace Enclosures

If you choose to invest in an electric fireplace insert, you can enhance its appearance with a fireplace enclosure. An enclosure is useful for keeping your kids and pets away from the heat and vents as the product is in use.

The enclosure is useful for adding more drama to an electric fireplace insert to draw more attention to the feature. Some inserts can become hidden because they’re slim and fit in recessed walls, but an enclosure will make the feature the focal point. They also include a fireplace mantel for a place to display your decor items and holiday decorations.

Enclosures are an easy DIY project that doesn’t require hiring a contractor. It doesn’t require a lot of materials and can look like the wall-mount electric fireplace is built into the wall.

The feature even works well for supporting the LED electric fireplace. Customizing the feature and placing it at a specific height will allow you to decide where the heat is directed in the room.

If you’re renting a home and can’t many modifications to the property, a fireplace enclosure will make it look like the feature is built into the wall. You can even have the freedom of picking it up and taking it with you once you move out.

Enhance the Look of the Fireplace with a Mantel

Whether you own a Southern Enterprises insert (SEI) or a Muskoka insert, you make it look more decorative with a mantel. Fireplace mantels come in a variety of color shades like ebony and espresso to create a rich look in the home. Their functionality also makes them have a lot more appeal, especially when you pair them with a faux marble surround.

A mantel is easy to build when you want to draw more attention to your wall-mounted electric fireplace. Choose a finish that complements bookcases or a TV stand in the room. Use a measuring tape to mount it 12 inches above your infrared electric fireplace. It should sit at eye level for the average adult. Move it down on the wall by a few inches if your ceilings are lower than normal. Similarly, you can move it up a few inches if your room has vaulted ceilings for proper scale.

The home decor items you place on the fireplace mantel should be influenced by the ceiling height. Use tall flowers and vases if the ceilings are higher. Smaller items like framed family photos are ideal if the ceilings are lower.

Use sturdy and heavy-duty studs to mount the fireplace mantel to the wall to ensure it can support the extra weight. Many people also add mantel brackets for increased support and stability. Cleats are also useful for installing wooden mantels and have a discrete appearance to ensure you can’t see them on the wall.

Selecting the Perfect Fireplace

An additional factor to consider when buying a new electric fireplace is the cost of the product. Look into the payment plans and financing to ensure they work with your budget. Choose early on if you want to use a credit card to make the purchase or use your debit card. The cost of the product is influenced by the quality of the materials. Research how MagikFlame is built to discover why our products last longer than SEI fireplaces. Although you may be using a credit card to make your purchase, avoid investing in the cheapest fireplace on the market. This can lead to frequent repairs and a shorter lifespan because the item isn’t as durable as models that are priced slightly higher.

You can also look into the type of technology each fireplace uses. Many brands use an LED flame to create the faux fire effect while others rely on mist and water that is tinted orange. Our brand uses holographic technology, which is patented and has the most realistic flame effects. This technology was invented by our founder when he couldn’t find any realistic electric fireplaces and used his background in f/x effects to invent his own. The MagikFlame story is unique because it was birthed out of personal internet.

Reading reviews online will also offer insight into the best models available. You can find reviews on sites like Amazon or even on the manufacturer’s website. MagikFlame reviews are available on our website and attest to the quality of our products.

Consider the features of the fireplace to determine if it will accommodate your needs. Our MagikFlame models include an app to download on your phone or tablet to operate the feature. Other brands come with remote control. You can also consider the size of the fireplace to ensure it fits in your space. A 55-inch electric fireplace is standard and works well in average rooms with 500 sq. ft. Corner electric fireplaces have a slim profile if you don’t have enough wall space and live in an apartment or condo. Knowing how to make your stone electric fireplace complement your interior setting can make it look built-in and beautiful. You can enhance the visual appeal of the room and display a quality product that makes your house feel like a home.

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