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Can an Electric Fireplace fit in a 70 inch TV Stand?

fireplace tv stand

Purchasing a new fireplace requires a lot of research to ensure you make the right selection for a specific room in your home. Electric fireplace inserts are a popular option because they’re versatile and can fit in electric fireplaces or even some types of fireplace tv stand 70 inch.

In this post, you will learn:

  • Can an Electric Fireplace fit in a 70 inch TV Stand?
  • Types of Fireplaces Available
  • Factors to Consider When Buying a New Electric Fireplace

Can an Electric Fireplace fit in a 70 inch TV Stand?

Some electric fireplaces are built into a television stand, which makes them easy to set up and start using minutes after you receive it at your door. The TV stand is built around the fireplace insert. If you purchase an insert that doesn’t come already installed in a piece of furniture, it can allow you to have more versatility in creating a stunning design in the room. You can have the freedom to select the type of console to use in the space to ensure you have more options with its style and design. You can also use a fireplace tv stand 70 inch that you already own for mounting the electric insert.

There are a few types of electric fireplaces that can be inserted into fireplace tv stand 70 inch, which includes:

  • Electric fireplace logs
  • Plug-in fireplace inserts
  • Built-in electric fireplace inserts
  • Wall mounted fireplaces

The size of the electric fireplace inserts you purchase will influence if it fits in a 70-inch TV stand. Avoid purchasing electric stoves or freestanding fireplaces if you want to purchase something that fits in a wood media furniture item.

The MagikFlaem 28″ Electric Fireplace Insert is a top product that will fit into a fireplace tv stand 70 inch. The size is small enough to fit into a furniture item without looking too small for the fireplace tv stand 70 inch. It also comes with realistic crackling log sound effects and 30 realistic flames. You can browse the MagikFlame website to discover other fireplaces available and look through the Magikflame electric fireplace buying guide.

You can consider a farmhouse fireplace tv stand if you want to use something that has a rustic style. A wood TV stand will also create a classic and contemporary look to ensure it looks attractive for many years to come. It can even feature driftwood or barnwood, which will have a lot of character and can create a cozy touch. A rustic farmhouse fireplace is one of the most popular options among consumers because of how popular the design currently is in the industry. Look for something with a grey wash and plenty of storage space for your books, blankets, and DVDs. The TV stand console will become the focal point in the living room and look decorative.

Some people may want to select a mid-century media stand that blends in with the rest of the home decor on display for those who like retro looks. The media fireplace will also work well for supporting flat screen TVs on top, whether you select a product with MDF, particleboard, or laminate materials. Modern farmhouse is another style to consider if you want something more updated. It can have an open shelf for displaying framed family photos or faux plants. A fireplace TV stand with a large entertainment center or side cabinets can offer more versatility and can allow you to hide clutter in the room.

The console you select should also have a spot for cable management to contain the cords and keep them out of sight. You can even look for something that can also store a cable box and shelves that are adjustable to fit all your items.

Types of Fireplaces Available

There are a number of different types of fireplace designs as they continue to become more decorative, advanced, and functional. As a consumer, you can have more options available with what you select, especially with how much heat they deliver. You can take your time discovering what you really want and become more particular when shopping around. Electric fireplaces vary in the features they include, as well as their size to ensure they work in more rooms than just the living space.

Freestanding fireplaces are the top choice among consumers because they look like a wood fireplace and have a commanding design. If you’re moving into a new home, an electric fireplace can be the perfect addition to a bedroom or entryway, depending on how much space you have available. As you work with an architect on a new home build, decide where you’d like to install it in advance to work the layout of the room around it.

If you’re performing a remodel, an electric fireplace insert can contribute to the interior design of the space. You can install it inside of a wall to create a beautiful and attractive look that will turn heads. The sleek addition is easy to install with it’s plug-in design, or you can hire a certified electrician to install it. It can boost your home’s value and can look beautiful above or next to a media console. It won’t take up a lot of room compared to a traditional fireplace and will sit flush on the wall.

A fireplace TV console is a great option if you want to use it in a small room and are limited on space. Select a 70 inch fireplace TV stand in an espresso finish to create a rich and upscale look. You can have a furniture item that serves two purposes without cluttering the room with too many items. The tv stand with electric fireplace can include different media components for your electronic devices and a media shelf for storing a DVD or Bluetooth player. Finding something with adjustable shelving or bookcases can allow you to store more items and keep everything organized.

There are a variety of styles of electric fireplace TV consoles to ensure you can select something that works with your decor and furnishings on display. You can enjoy having an item that comes with an entertainment center to furnish your setting. Some of the furniture items have small barn doors to create a farmhouse look. Other types of TV stands feature glass shelves and minimal cabinets for a sleek and modern design that looks clean. You can also look for a TV stand console with LED lights if you want something upscale and modern. A fireplace TV stand with an entertainment center will also work better in larger rooms and can feature adjustable shelves.

Some people who want to heat their setting and enjoy a rustic look can opt for an electric fireplace stove. This item is small enough for apartments or condos and can be placed in the kitchen or living room.

There are also different types of technology to consider when shopping around to ensure you have realistic flame effects to enjoy without using real fire, wood, or gas. The technology currently used in the industry includes:

  • LED lights
  • Water or mist
  • Holographic technology
  • Gel fuel

Water or Mist

To create the flame effect, some brands even make use of mist or water over the log set. You need to add water to the reservoir and keep it full in-between each use to ensure the flames are always on display. The orange tint of the water makes it look similar to real flames, but not as realistic as holographic technology or LED lights.

LED Lights

Most types of electric fireplaces use LED lights to create the real flame look in the firebox, whether you select a Highboy insert or an Ameriwood fireplace TV stand. LED bulbs are increasing in popularity because of their energy-efficiency and long life span. Most bulbs don’t need to be replaced for an average of 11 years, according to Halogen bulbs only last two years before they start to die out. The lights are used with different mirrors to create a stunning look.

Holographic Technology

MagikFlame is the only brand in the industry to offer holographic technology, which is an important part of the MagikFlame story. Howard Birnbaum invented a screen to display the flame effects and went on to found MagikFlame. He had experience using f/x effects for blockbuster movies and decided the flames would look realistic when placed behind the logs. He even added the sound effects of wood logs burning to make it even more realistic.

Gel Fuel

Gel fuel is considered to be innovative because it burns without releasing embers or smoke. The cans of fuel can burn for a few hours but don’t release pollution into the air. You can expect a single can of gel to last an average of four hours. Many people enjoy gel fuel because it creates a beautiful glow in the room to create a cozy ambiance. You can expect to continue buying the gel as you turn the fireplace on throughout the year. This type of technology is better for warmer climates because it doesn’t generate a lot of heat. It’s better to use it as a decorative feature rather than a heating element.

fireplace tv stand

Factors to Consider When Buying a New Electric Fireplace

Multiple factors must be considered when selecting the best fireplace for your needs. You may have difficulty knowing how to start looking around or what other customers enjoy. Whether you choose to shop on the internet or at home improvement stores, the same factors need to be considered. These factors include:

  • Brand
  • Features
  • Operation
  • Reviews
  • Cost
  • Technology
  • Size
  • Design


The manufacturer is the main factor that you need to consider when selecting the top three choices when making your final selection. The brand determines the lifespan and quality of the fireplace, making it necessary to research the background of each company. Some of the top manufacturers include MagikFlame, Walker Edison, and Ameriwood. Walker Edison and Ameriwood both specialize in fireplace stands. You can find an electric fireplace stand to use to support flat-panel TVs. The fireplace TV stand models often include media components and adjustable shelves to store different shapes and sizes of items.

Visit each manufacturer’s website to look into their different models and background. You can learn how Walker Edison products are constructed or how MagikFlame is built. Check out the type of materials used to ensure they hold up well and can support TVs up on top if you select a fireplace console or freestanding fireplace.


The features that come with your new fireplace determine how you can use it and if it proves to be accommodating over time. Most electric fireplaces come with a remote control or a touch screen panel to make it easy to adjust the settings. Many of the touchscreens are backlit to make them easy to read in dark settings at night.

The fireplace may also come with a built-in thermostat to ensure you can adjust the heat, depending on your preference or the time of the year it’s in use.


How your fireplace operates will influence how easy it is to learn how to use it after it arrives. You’ll get more use out of it if it isn’t a hassle to turn it on or off. It should have a simple control panel that isn’t cluttered with buttons.


Reviews are a way of reading other customers’ honest opinions about each fireplace available online. Sites like Amazon have thousands of reviews to ensure you can get other customers’ insight instead of only relying on the manufacturer’s description. Customers will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each product and often add photos and videos of their purchase.

Manufacturer websites are also a great place to read reviews, whether you’re looking for Dimplex or MagikFlame reviews. You’ll discover if the mantel is strong enough to support TVs up on top or if the flames look realistic. Customers are also honest about how easy it is to use the included remote control or if it’s easy to adjust the brightness settings. Customers will also talk about if the room heats up quickly because of the blower or if the glass doors are easy to clean.


The cost of the fireplace is also necessary to consider to ensure it fits within your budget. Although you may want to save money, investing in a fireplace that is cheaper can limit how satisfied you are using it. It can be worth spending a little more on a quality product that lasts longer and operates better with frequent use.

The cost of the fireplace you choose should be competitive and fair. The price of each product is the best indicator when determining if it’s a quality item. The best fireplace on the market isn’t going to come with the cheapest price tag. If you choose a cheaper model, you may also have to spend the same amount of money in a few years if the fireplace suffers from issues and has to be replaced.

Keep in mind that manufacturers settle on a specific price for each fireplace model depending on how much they pay for the labor and materials. The price tag also considers the overhead cost and the experience of their team members. Employees who have experience constructing items and craftsmanship skills are often paid more than those who are new to the industry.

The construction is another factor that influences the price. Many brands manufacture their fireplaces in China or Taiwan, but they don’t compare to American-made inserts. If you want your investment to last an average of 20 years, you’ll need to purchase your fireplace from a company like MagikFlame. MagikFlame makes their inserts in Nashville, which allows them to last longer without breaking down easily. You’ll save more on the cost of repairs over time if you spend more upfront.

Most brands also offer a one-year guarantee with their fireplaces. This is crucial to look for to ensure the company stands behind their products and is willing to repair or replace the item if it fails in the first year of owning it. This offers peace of mind to consumers to ensure you can protect your pocketbook and avoid spending more to operate it. You can also buy an extended warranty if you want additional coverage on the item once the guarantee ends.


The technology not only determines how much heat output is available but the look of the faux flames. Check out the different types of technology used to determine if you like the look of LED lights, holographic technology, or tinted mist.


If your fireplace doesn’t fit in a living room or bedroom, it can be difficult to use it. It can look smaller than it is if you install it on an oversized wall. It can also overcrowd the interior setting if your home has fewer square feet, especially if you live in an apartment. Start by measuring the wall where you plan to install it. Consider the height of your ceilings. Rooms with lower ceilings should have a smaller fireplace. Rooms with higher ceilings can benefit from a freestanding fireplace that is larger and pair well with TVs up above. Corner fireplaces are also ideal because they take up less space but are still the main focal point in the room. You can place TVs up on top and enjoy the flame effect while watching a movie.


There are a variety of fireplaces to choose from, making it necessary to find a product that complements your interior design. It should also work within the theme of your furnishings and artwork, whether your house has contemporary or rustic decor.

Once you learn that a fireplace that uses electricity fits within most 70-inch TV stands, it can allow you to place it in your fireplace tv stand. It will prove to be a valuable item in your home and can make it easier to enjoy the dancing flames while watching television each day.

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