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Home Edit: Replacing Your Electric Fireplace Insert Lowes

electric fireplace insert lowes

An electric fireplace insert can change a cold and lonely room into a warm place where your family and friends want to gather. Models in every size and shape are on the market. Many people buy a less-expensive electric fireplace as their first one. Many of these small fireplaces do not last as long as a well-made one. It may be time to replace that electric fireplace insert Lowes with a better model.

In this post you will learn:

  • How do I know when it is time to replace my old electric fireplace insert?
  • How to tell if your fireplace insert is aging.
  • What you can expect from a fireplace.
  • When should you install a new fireplace insert?
  • What can you get from Lowes?
  • About the MagikFlame model Morpheus.
  • How can you know that MagikFlame is the right one?

How do I know when it is time to replace my old Lowes electric fireplace insert?

Years ago, you went to Lowes and came home with an electric fireplace insert Lowes. They sell many models including Sunnydaze Decor, XBrand, and Duluth Forge. Then, it was great. Its flashing lights looked somewhat like a fire. It blew hot air out into your room. But time has passed. As your fireplace grew older, new modern electric fireplace inserts came onto the market that works better.

Should you make another run to pick up a new one? Not necessarily. Lowes offers a limited selection of brands and styles and doesn’t include the best models on the market. You can certainly go there to look, but do not stop looking there. MagikFlame and other brands are available from Amazon or directly from the maker.

How to tell if your fireplace insert is aging


An electric fireplace heater should not make noise unless it is the noise of simulated logs crackling. As they age, many fireplaces make more and more noise. Mechanical fireplaces are the worst offenders. If your fireplace is making noise, it is time to replace and upgrade it.

An infrared quartz heater operates silently. Without a fan or mechanical parts, this heater warms people and items in the room directly and silently. It does not waste heat on warming the empty air. MagikFlame fireplace heater inserts match the best Dimplex units which all use this state-of-the-art room heating technology. They also produce a crackling fire noise on demand, or silence when you prefer it.

Replacement logs

Eventually, the logs in your fireplace will grow dirty and perhaps chipped. If you cannot find replacements to pop into your electric fireplace, your model is too old. A model this old is likely to be inefficient as well. Some replacement logs, like with Dimplex, cost nearly as much as the fireplace.

Outdated style

Your wardrobe from the 1990s looks pretty silly today. Your fireplace from the 1990s looks dated as well. That imitation potbellied stove looks great when you first installed it. Now it is taking up valuable floor space and causing worries when your dog sleeps too close to it. Perhaps the faux wood surrounding your insert is peeling off and looking less wooden every day.

Today’s styles are sleek and minimal with classical lines. Today’s white and black electric fireplace insert color palette fits seamlessly into your living room or den. MagikFlame, ClassicFlame, and Dimplex all feature modern styles.


Your electric fireplace should heat the entire room or area that you bought it to heat. Your room should be free from cold corners. It should not become cold in the back of the room.

First, check the old heater’s intended heating capacity. Did it have enough capacity to heat the room in the first place? Second, check if its heating ability has degraded. Some heaters lose power as they age. If your heater is not meeting your heating needs, look into replacing it. MagikFlame is a 5,200 BTU heater. That’s enough power to heat almost any room.

What you can expect from an electric fireplace

Your fireplace may have been state-of-the-art when you bought it. However, the leading edge of electric fireplace technology has leaped forward in the past few years. Today, you can expect more from a fireplace. An electric fireplace inserts Lowes may not meet these newer standards.

Realistic fire

Once upon a time, you could imagine a roaring fire when you looked at the flickering light show across the room. It might be lights shining on cloth or using underwater reflections. A gas fireplace has flames that come out of vents. Today, you can expect a fire that looks exactly like a real fire, using top flame effect technology. It should dance and play across its flame and even offer you choices of the flame you prefer.

Energy efficiency

Once upon a time, fireplace makers paid little attention to how much energy their models used. Today, they must. Electricity is already a cost winner and is predicted to stay that way in the future. The biggest cost of a traditional fire is that up to 90% of the heat can blow right up the chimney. A MagikFlame has no chimney, so all of its energy usages goes directly to heating you.

The MagikFlame electric fireplace insert (and its cousins that come with mantles) uses the most efficient technology available. Its infrared heating system doesn’t waste heat and doesn’t waste energy on moving parts. The MagikFlame can heat 1000 square feet with 5,200 BTU. Be careful with comparisons because many smaller electric fireplaces only heat 400 square feet. An electric fireplace is mostly more expensive to run than a gas fireplace, but the price of gas can fluctuate.

Many flame styles

You can expect multiple flames from a good heater. An older heater, like an electric fireplace insert Lowes, may only offer one flame or a handful. A MagikFlame electric fireplace insert has 30 realistic flames to choose from. Each flame design combines LED and holographic technology to create the most realistic appearances on the market.

No chimney or venting

Does your current fireplace use a chimney or require a vent? Some types can release pollution and particulates, outdoors or in. Top-quality fireplaces, like MagikFlame, heat and create a vision of flames burning nothing. Since there is no burn, there is no need to vent the exhaust outside. Your family, and the greater environment, is protected.

All-season usefulness

A good fireplace should be useful through all seasons. Is yours a cold weather-only device? You can expect a new fireplace to run the vision of flames without the heat—and do so for a fraction of the cost of heating. MagikFlame even has an aquarium setting that visually cools the room during the summer months.

When should you install a new fireplace insert?

How do you know when it is time to replace an old unit? If you are changing around your home or living space, that is an excellent time to consider an installation or replacement. Another good time is when you are considering increasing the energy efficiency or sustainability of your home.

Always install a new fireplace insert when you build or move into a new home. During a remodel is a great time, too. When you are changing the interior design, note that a new electric fireplace can set the tone for your rooms.

Changing your living space

Are you remodeling your living room? Adding new furniture? These are perfect times to update the look of your entire room by replacing your fireplace insert. Talk with your home builder or interior designer about the changes a fireplace can make.

A new insert can freshen the appearance and function of your room. Talk about making this change with your architect or interior designer. They may want to update or change the mantle and area around the fireplace as well. With a MagikFlame electric fireplace, you can design with it in new ways. You can use it as a fireplace TV stand, because it produces no heat. You can wall mount an electric fireplace and boost it to eye level.

A fireplace is a major focal point for any room it graces, setting the theme for the home decor of the entire room. You want to select a firebox that is high quality and a framework or mantel for it that will withstand changing trends.

Energy efficiency and sustainability

Electric fireplaces have grown more efficient. Technology has advanced. Electric fireplaces now use even less energy than ones made 10 years ago. Updating your firebox is a beneficial way to add more sustainability to your home.

If you want to find out how much MagikFlame costs to heat your room, go to our handy calculator. Plug in the price you play for electricity and see how little it costs to run. On average, a MagikFlame heater costs $150/year to run, compared with $760/year for a space heater and $450/year for a gas heater. Do note that these are broad averages, and vary greatly with home design, insulation, and the cost of electricity.

Converting your home to zone heating

Zone heating is popular in new homes and as a home improvement project in older houses to make them more sustainable. In zone heating, you divide your home into sections and only heat the sections that you are using. Your kitchen may need heat from morning to evening, but less at night. Your living room may only be used in afternoons and evenings. It makes less sense not to spend money on the heat you do not use.

Zone heating is enabled by a smart thermostat. These new thermostats allow for different zones to be heated at different levels and even from different sources. A MagikFlame electric fireplace can be safely used in different rooms: bedroom, den, and office. Our electric fireplace heaters heat up to 1000 square feet, covering an enormous room.

An electric fireplace has a running cost of under $0.09 per hour, and that drops to a fraction of a cent without the heat. Central heating costs over $1.50 per hour. Zone heating makes sense financially and it increases your comfort. A MagikFlame infrared electric fireplace costs roughly $150/year to run. Heating that same area with central heat can cost roughly $600/year (although that number has a lot of variation to it.)

What can you get from Lowes?

Lowes and offer several electric insert models from Dimplex, ClassicFlame, Sunnydaze Decor, XBrand, and Duluth Forge. These models span the cost range but offer limited features. When shopping for an electric fireplace insert, Lowes is a start, but you should research beyond what they carry. If you want to see what you can really get from an electric fireplace, you need to look further. Amazon is a good place to start. They offer MagikFlame inserts alongside other industry leaders. You can also look up the fireplace manufacturers’ webpages.

Why is a MagikFlame insert your best replacement option?

A new MagikFlame insert is the best replacement for the following reasons:

  • Cleaner running – A MagikFlame electric fireplace is one of the cleanest models on the market. It only requires an occasional wipe-down to remove dust. It is clean for the environment, too. Because nothing actually burns inside of it, it emits no pollution. Plus, our electric supply is growing cleaner and more renewable every year.
  • Require less tending – You can turn on your MagikFlame and forget about it. Or you can use the timer available through your remote control. Nothing is going to burn down if you let it go all night. The heating unit itself does not heat up, so you do not have to worry about the safety of children or pets around it.
  • Refresh the look of your home – Consider a black electric fireplace insert that can completely change the look of your room. Black designs, like the MagikFlame Morpheus, bring a contemporary flare to any room. While still holding to classical lines, a black fireplace mantel highlights the realistic flames.
  • The flames are more realistic – To create ultra-realistic flames, MagikFlame first filmed several fires in high definition. On top of that, the flame-effect technology layers a glowing log and then holographic technology. When you look at the fire, it appears to be a real flame. The ambiance is unmatched.
  • The heater doesn’t dry out the air – An infrared quartz heater works differently than most others. It heats upon contact with light. This means it heats your skin directly, or your clothing, sofa, or pet. It does not heat the air, so it does not dry out the air. Your home humidity stays the same, and everyone can breathe easier.
  • More energy efficient – The infrared quartz technology is highly energy efficient. There are no mechanical blowers to run, and no heat is generated in the actual unit. Instead, a MagikFlame produces infrared light. This light heats on contact and takes little energy to create.

MagikFlame Morpheus

Style and sophistication come together in the MagikFlame with trim kit Morpheus. The Morpheus is the smallest mantel unit on offer. It is 45” wide x 42” tall x 15” deep. This size can bring real flame vision, efficient heating, and opulent ambiance to a small room or even a high-rise apartment.

In Alpine White, this electric fireplace creates luxury home decor wherever it is placed. Its simple lines are both classic and modern, placing elements from classic European design in a contemporary context. Fluted side posts add to the craftsmanship of the mantel and highlight handcrafted elegance.

At only 15” deep, the Morpheus can fit against most blank walls. Thus, you do not need to have an existing fireplace in order to install it. All you need is a wall plug, or you can choose to directly wire it into your electrical system.

The primary material of the Morpheus is AAA furniture-grade wood. The Morpheus is built in an American factory by skilled carpenters and wood craftsmen.

How can you know that MagikFlame is the right one?

Safety – MagikFlame has never had a recall due to overheating or potential fire hazards. Not one. Other makers, such as Allen + Roth which sold at Lowes have been recalled by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Warranty – MagikFlame first makes its fireplaces without moving parts and of the highest quality materials. These units will be free of defects at the time of shipping. A One-Year Warranty backs these sturdy units. Additionally, if you do not like the electric fireplace for any reason, you can return it in the first 30 days. No questions asked.

A MagikFlame has the whole package of safety and value. It offers the most realistic flame and sustainable savings. You can listen to the flame crackle and feel the heat directly on your skin. For all these reasons, MagikFlame is the best electric fireplace available.

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Stand-Alone Electric Fireplace Insert with Sound and Heater
Modern White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
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