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By The Numbers: How Many Square Feet Does An Electric Fireplace Heat?


When you’re ready to install a new electric fireplace in your home, you likely want it to heat the interior setting and create a cozy environment to relax. Although electric fireplaces emit a lot of heat, they should be the correct size to ensure they’re reliable and can maintain a comfortable temperature in the room with heating capabilities. It’s important to know the right size of an electric fireplace to install when asking, “how many square feet does an electric fireplace heat?”

In this post, you’ll learn:

  • How Many Square Feet Does an Electric Fireplace Heat?
  • Are Electric Fireplaces Safe to Use?
  • Top Electric Fireplace Brands to Consider
  • How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Fireplace
  • How an Electric Fireplace Can Benefit Your Home
  • Installing Your New Fireplace

How Many Square Feet Does An Electric Fireplace Heat?

When you’ve made the decision to purchase a premier modern electric fireplace, it can be exciting to begin shopping around for the right product. Although you may know the style you’re looking for or the type of technology you prefer with the flame effects, it’s still important to consider how much warmth it’ll offer. You’ll need to research how many BTUs, also known as British thermal units, each fireplace model offers to ensure it can heat the room and doesn’t allow any cold spots from being present. The BTUs will reveal the product’s heating capacity to ensure it works for the sq ft of your space.

Fortunately, most electric fireplaces have infrared quartz.

When you want to learn how many square feet does an electric fireplace heat, start by calculating the square feet in the room and multiply the number by 20 to get your answer. Most electric fireplaces have 5,000 BTU, which is similar to the amount of heat you’ll get with a residential heater, according to There’s a range of 4,000 to 10,000 BTUs with the different types of fireplaces available in the industry.

The fireplaces use infrared quartz for their heat output and include an adjustable thermostat to allow you to adjust the temperature of the heat. They deliver more heat than a space heater to improve the comfort in the room.

Brands like MagikFlame can warm up to 1,000 square feet as a secondary heat source. This works well for open-floor spaces and larger rooms. Most large rooms require an electric fireplace with 7,500 to 10,000 BTU.

With an electric fireplace in the bedroom, you can heat the room quicker because infrared heat is distributed quicker than other types of fireplaces. There’s also a lot less heat loss compared to other types of fireplaces. An average of 40 percent of heat loss occurs with gas fireplaces, and 80 percent of heat is lost with wood fireplaces.

You also want to consider how much insulation is present in the building before selecting the right fireplace to use to heat the room. Older homes often have old insulation that isn’t as effective. You can perform an inspection of the material around the windows in the room.

The electric fireplaces also come with a built-in thermostat to ensure you can adjust the temperature of the feature depending on the time of year that it’s in use. You can decide how much heat you want it to release, whether you’re using it in the middle of winter or on a chilly fall day. With a gas or wood-burning fireplace, you don’t have the ability to control the temperature the feature emits.

Many people find the MagikFlame story to be just as interesting as how the company operates because the brand was birthed out of passion. The founder wasn’t able to find a realistic electric fireplace anywhere in the industry, so he decided to create his own product. He wanted something with different heat settings and a realistic flame effect. His experience working with f/x special effects in the movie industry gave him the ability to invent holographic technology to make the flame effect as realistic as possible. This technology is patented and is now only available through MagikFlame. With the use of a screen and LED lights, it makes it easy to believe the fireplace has real burning wood.

The best electric fireplace is also easy to use and operate. It may come with a remote control to ensure you can adjust the settings from across the room without getting up each time you want to change the color of the flame effect or turn up the thermostat. The control panel on the fireplace should also be simple and straightforward.

Not only do electric fireplaces emit a lot of heat, but they also deliver zone heating to ensure they only heat the room they’re used in each day. You don’t have to spend money on excess energy to heat unused rooms of the home. The heat stays contained to the room you’re using to ensure you’re only using the energy you need for added savings on your heating costs.

Are Electric Fireplaces Safe to Use?

Electric fireplaces offer peace of mind to residents because they’re safer to use than other fireplaces available. The lack of real flames means you don’t have to worry about chimney fires occurring. Embers also won’t jump out of the fireplace TV stand, which prevents furnishings or items in the room from catching on fire. The 3D flame will still allow you to enjoy a cozy ambiance and stay warm with the supplemental heat in the living room.

Electric fireplaces also allow you to continue enjoying having a fire in places that ban wood-burning fireplaces. The glass doors also don’t get hot because real fire isn’t present in the firebox. Your kids and pets can accidentally touch the product without the risk of burning themselves. The surrounding materials in the room also don’t get too hot if they’re in proximity to the fireplace as it operates.

Many people who suffer from allergies and breathing issues often have difficulty with wood-burning fireplaces because they release a lot of hazardous chemicals that affect indoor air quality. There’s always the risk of exposing yourself to carbon monoxide if you forget to open the flue on the chimney, which can be life-threatening. With an electric fireplace, you never have to worry about contaminating the air in the home, and can protect your space from cancer-causing chemicals.

Top Electric Fireplace Brands to Consider

When you’re in search of the right fireplace to purchase, it’s important to conduct enough research to ensure you invest in a product that lasts long-term. The brand you select will determine how satisfied you are with the product and if it proves to be reliable long-term.

Some of the top electric fireplace brands in the industry include Dimplex, MagikFlame, Touchstone, Classicflame, and Duraflame. Look into the history of each brand to determine how it got started and the different models that are offered. Reviewing a MagikFlame electric fireplace buying guide will also allow you to browse their selection to get an understanding of how advanced their fireplaces are compared to other brands.

Online reviews will also allow you to discover which brands customers favor and are most loyal to in the industry. This can guide you in the right direction with where to start looking around when you want something with a realistic flame effect. Reviews are available on sites like Amazon and even on manufacturers’ websites. MagikFlame reviews are posted with each product on the brand’s website and even include pictures that customers post.

You can also compare some of the features that are available between the top brands to discover which amenities will prove to be the most accommodating. MagikFlame and Touchstone offer electric fireplaces with built-in timers that allow the feature to automatically shut off after a few hours for added safety. Additional features that you can utilize among different brands include various colors of flame effects to select to ensure the fireplace has a unique look that complements the surrounding environment. You can even select the size of the flame, depending on the mood you want to create.

Part of the process also includes learning about the manufacturing process of each electric fireplace stove and that you’re considering purchasing. Some brands like Dimplex manufacture their products in a variety of geographic locations, whereas some brands make their fireplaces primarily in Asia-Pacific. It’s important to know how MagikFlame is built to ensure you can have confidence in your investment. The brand manufactures its products in America to ensure the product is reliable and has a higher quality. If you ever need repairs on the fireplace, it’ll be easier to find the parts if the product is made in the U.S. rather than in another country.

You can even view a buying guide offered by brands like Duraflame and Classicflame to ensure you can get an overview of each fireplace available. Amazon is also a great place to browse different options, whether you’re in search of something with a fireplace mantel or an entertainment center to enhance the quality and ambiance of your space. You can choose from something with a glamorous ember bed or more than one flame color to achieve different styles.

How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Fireplace

You may not be sure of how long your electric fireplace will last, but most fireplaces have a lifespan of 20 years if they’re maintained well. When you spend thousands of dollars on an electric fireplace, you’ll want to protect your investment to ensure you can get as much use as possible out of the product. Without proper care, it can affect the operation and cause it to break down prematurely.

Fortunately, there isn’t a lot of maintenance required with how you care for your electric fireplace and the heating element. There are still a few ways you can improve its appearance and operation to ensure it continues to look new over time.

After removing the access panel on the back or front of the fireplace, start by cleaning the interior components with a clean cloth that is slightly damp. Gently wipe away the surfaces without using any harsh chemicals, which can cause some of the finish to come off. You can also use a vacuum with an attachment head to clean in small crevices, which can allow you to be more thorough with cleaning everything.

The glass panel or doors can also be wiped down to ensure they offer a clear view of the faux flames. Use a lint-free cloth and allow all the moisture to dry to prevent water spots from forming.

Annual inspections can also be performed to ensure any issues are uncovered. A professional electrician can check out the different parts and identify anything that needs to be replaced or repaired. They’ll look at the blower and will test out the infrared heater to look for any problems. This can ensure the product continues to operate efficiently during the colder months without any issues.

Light bulbs will also need to be changed at times to ensure the flame effects continue to look realistic. Most of your light bulbs will continue to work well for two years before they start to burn out. Use gloves to replace every bulb to avoid contact with the glass. If your skin touches the glass, it can affect the lifespan of the bulb and also prevent it from appearing as bright. Once the bulbs are replaced, use a remote control to test the brightness and settings to ensure everything is restored and is working correctly.

There are a few safety issues to practice while using the feature to prevent it from overheating or experiencing any electrical issues. Never use an extension cord to plug it into a wall outlet, which can lead to issues because of how much power will run through the cords. You also want to turn it off every time you leave the room. You can utilize the built-in timer to ensure it shuts off after a few hours. It’s also necessary to unplug the feature if you don’t plan to use it for a few days, which can avoid potential problems and allow you to save more on the cost of energy.

How an Electric Fireplace Can Benefit Your Home

There are many ways a freestanding electric fireplace can benefit your home and make it more functional and visually appealing. Not only are electric fireplaces attractive, but they’re also eco-friendly. You can reduce your carbon footprint and create a greener environment because the electric fireplace won’t release any smoke or contribute to pollution each time you use it. It also won’t require chopping down trees for wood to use to enjoy a fire. The energy-efficient feature doesn’t consume a lot of electricity or even rely on natural gas or propane for its fuel source like a gas fireplace.

Electric fireplaces are available in a variety of sizes to ensure you have a selection available, depending on the look you want or the size of your room. An electric fireplace stove and electric fireplace TV will add a rustic touch to kitchens or living rooms and don’t take up a lot of room if you’re limited on space. You can also select a wall-mounted electric fireplace to install on any type of wall, which doesn’t take up a lot of space and is easy to install. You can also select a TV stand with an electric fireplace heater to ensure it is functional in more than one way. You’ll enjoy watching TV or a movie while seeing the dancing flames in the firebox right below your television screen.

The portability that comes with freestanding electric fireplaces is another reason why they continue to remain popular among consumers. The wall mount and freestanding fireplaces are lightweight and easy to move around, which means you can relocate them to another room in the home if you’re ready to change the layout of your space anytime in the future. They also accommodate renters because you can transport them to another home when you move out of your current rental property. This allows you to continue using the product without leaving it behind.

Installing Your New Fireplace

Compared to traditional fireplaces, installing an infrared electric fireplace is a lot more simple and straightforward from start to finish. You don’t need to hire a professional contractor to install a vent or chimney because the product doesn’t release any smoke as the infrared heater is in use. This can save a lot of money on the installation process and allow you to avoid the hassle of adding extra features.

Many electric fireplaces are also simple enough to assemble with a screwdriver without purchasing additional materials or tools to put it together. You can have it up and running the same day that it arrives at your house. Most electric fireplaces have a plug-in design that allows you to insert the electrical cord into a 120-volt standard household outlet to get it started.

When you’re installing an electric fireplace insert into an existing fireplace, it’s important to keep the flue and vent closed. You no longer need the vents or chimney because the electric fireplace won’t be releasing any smoke or soot. Keeping any of the venting features closed will make it easier to maintain the temperature in the room each season. It’ll also prevent any critters from entering the building and having access to the interior setting when you no longer plan to burn wood in the fireplace. The insert can be plugged into a nearby outlet in the fireplace or on the outside of it.

Some minor hardwiring may be required for some times of the electric inserts, especially when you build it into a cavity in the wall. An electrician can perform the work, but it shouldn’t take long to complete and is still an easy and simple installation process.

After asking, “how many square feet does an electric fireplace heat?” you can determine the right product to purchase to ensure it works well in your interior setting. Not only will it keep you warm, but you can rely less on your main heating system without compromising your comfort in the colder seasons.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is for general informational purposes only. While we strive to ensure accuracy, there may be errors, omissions, or discrepancies. The author and publisher make no warranties about the accuracy, reliability, or suitability of the information contained herein.

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