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How To Painting a Fireplace


If you have a fireplace in your home or office, it is likely one of the main focal points in the building because of its attractive design and size. Modern electric fireplaces are extremely versatile and are easy to decorate and customize to ensure it blends in well with the surroundings. Painting a fireplace the feature is a great way to change its look and make it complement the color scheme of your home. 

In this post, you will learn:

  • How to Paint an Electric Fireplace
  • Mounting a Fireplace Mantel
  • How to Find the Best Electric Fireplace
  • Installing an Electric Fireplace
  • The Best Way to Decorate Your Fireplace
  • Where to Install Your Fireplace
  • Benefits of Building Your Own Fireplace Enclosure
  • Do Electric Fireplaces Work in Apartments or Condos?
  • Adding Value to Your Home with the New Fireplace

How to Paint an Electric Fireplace

Many people don’t realize that a fireplace can be painted, which can customize the look and reflect your personal taste when it’s time for a fireplace makeover. A painted electric fireplace can be an easy DIY project that doesn’t require hiring a professional to help. It’s important to know what types of materials are present and what steps to take to ensure the final result looks professional.

Start by prepping the surface. Although you may not need to sand down the exterior of the surround and mantle with grit sandpaper, sanding the surface can make it easier for the paint to adhere to the surface. Wipe everything with a clean rag to remove the excess dust before applying the paint. If you own a brick fireplace, clean the surface and allow it to dry before applying the coats of paint. Chalk paint is an excellent option and doesn’t show as many streaks with the brush strokes.

You can now apply painter’s tape to the firebox to prevent any of the primer or paint from transferring to materials that you don’t want to be painted. You may need more than one coat for an even finish without any streaks present. It’s also necessary to cover any surrounding furniture or surfaces with a drop cloth as you get started on the DIY task.

You’ll need a heavy nylon polyester roller to ensure it has a thick material for rolling the paint onto the exterior of the fireplace. This will allow the paint to go on nice and heavy, even on slick surfaces like laminate shiplap. Apply it slowly to ensure it can be worked into the grooves of the fireplace to avoid making too many touch-ups by hand with a paintbrush.

Many first-time painters are often curious about if they’ll need a primer. Primer is necessary if you plan on using a different color than what is currently on your fireplace. Priming the surface of the fireplace is crucial by working as much of the primer into the exterior surface as necessary. Where there are deeper joints, you’ll need to touch it up with a brush. It can be easier to perform the task if you have another person to help. Once the primer dries, you can apply the coat of paint with the same method.

Seal the paint with an acrylic wax finish to prevent the chip from chipping off or fading easily in the future.

Mounting a Fireplace Mantel

After you learn how to paint an electric fireplace, you may want to add a mantle to enhance the look and design of your fireplace when you become comfortable with DIY projects. Mantles are one of the most common features on different types of fireplaces and are versatile because of the many ways they can be used. The feature can also allow the fireplace to look built-in and finished.

It’s important to give some thought to the placement of the mantle to ensure it complements the electric fireplace insert. Placing it too high can make it look like it’s a separate feature from the fireplace. Placing it too low can prevent it from adding drama to the room. It should also be up to code to ensure it’s safe to mount. The National Fire Protection Agency recommends hanging the shelf 12 inches above the opening of the fireplace.

Any time you mount a mantle, you also need to consider the height of the ceilings to ensure it looks proportionate. The shelf should be lower on the wall if you have low ceilings and should also be placed higher if your home is built with vaulted ceilings. If you have 20-foot ceilings, consider hanging more than one mantle to ensure it looks balanced. This can prevent the fireplace from appearing too small with the rest of the space.

It’s also important to mount the feature slightly downward to offer the best viewing angle in the room. Take the layout of the room into consideration to achieve the best height. If there’s a tall buffet nearby or you have a built-in entertainment center in the room, this will also influence where the shelf looks best.

Many people also forget that the materials used also influence where you can hang it. Concrete, glass, and stone materials need to be slightly slower because they’re non-combustibles. Drywall and wood studs aren’t always strong enough to support stone mantles. If you plan to stain or paint the shelf, opt for heat-resistant and non-flammable materials.

Stencil the area where you plan to secure the mantle before you install it to ensure you know where to place the hardware.

How to Paint

How to Find the Best Fireplace

Once you decide you want to add a fireplace to your home or office, you need to know how to search and look for the best model to own. It can often feel overwhelming knowing where to start and what features to look for to ensure it works well in your space.

Because the fireplace will primarily be used to heat your home, you also want to consider how much warm air it releases into the room to ensure it can supplement your main heating source. The size of your room will determine how many BTUs you need. If you plan to use the fireplace in a larger room with more than 400 square feet, a feature with 5,200 BTUs is necessary. Rooms with 400 square feet or less should have a fireplace with an average of 4,600 BTUs. You can also get an exact number by calculating the square feet by 20 or 30 if you live in a setting that has a colder climate. With warmer climates, multiply the square feet by 30 or 40. The quality of your insulation also determines if you need more or fewer BTUs.

Check out some of the top brands available in the industry to get an idea of what’s the most reputable. Start by reading Dimplex or Magikflame reviews that are posted on sites like Amazon or the manufacturer’s website. Look into the background of each manufacturer. It’s important to learn about the MagikFlame story because the brand has been fueled by innovation and passion. The founder has a background in f/x special effects in the movie industry and used his knowledge to create stunning fireplaces with realistic flames. How MagikFlame is built is also important to consider because you want to purchase a fireplace with quality materials. Fortunately, the company makes its 28 inch electric fireplace insert in Nashville, Tennessee with the help of a skilled team of technicians.

The brand should also offer excellent customer service. You should be capable of reaching a live technician to inquire about payment plans and financing. They should also be capable of providing you with resources like a tutorial for installing their products or a MagikFlame real flame electric fireplace buying guide to determine what models are available. You can view a video gallery and photo idea gallery with multimedia that has been posted by other customers.

Installing an Electric Fireplace

Not only is it important to learn how to paint an electric fireplace when you want to incorporate the feature into your home, but installing the product is also essential to avoid mistakes. Although you may be intimidating about installing a fireplace, it’s an easier and quicker process than other types of fireplaces available in the industry. You can complete the task yourself without hiring a certified electrician or contractor, which can make it cost-effective. The lack of a fuel source means it doesn’t need a vent or chimney because it doesn’t release any smoke. The simple design makes it more affordable to install without making any changes to your building.

The feature comes with an electrical cord, which you can easily plug into an outlet when you’re ready to start using it. There’s no need to get a permit or attach it to a wall because of its simple and portable design. Avoid using an extension cord or plugging in additional devices in the same outlet to prevent electrical issues from occurring. Avoid putting it on the same circuit as appliances and lamps in the room. If you want a fireplace that needs to be hardwired, you can reach out to an electrician to add a new circuit breaker to make it safe to use.

A lot of flexibility comes with installing this type of fireplace without becoming a difficult DIY project, which means you can have more options with the layout of your room. You can also choose to place it in another area of the house in the future. You just need to make sure it’s in close proximity to an electrical outlet to make it easy to plug in without an extension cord.

The fireplace also won’t take up too much room to ensure you can use it in smaller living spaces, especially if you live in an apartment or condo. You can even place it in an entryway or dining room to make a statement because of its slim profile.

Main Benefits of Electric Fireplaces

Anyone who has owned a wood-burning fireplace in their living room understands how much work and maintenance it requires to enjoy fires in the colder seasons. You have to load wood into the fireplace, clean out the firebox, and schedule annual chimney sweeps to keep the feature operating well without any safety issues. Electric fireplaces are considered to be more efficient and advanced because they accommodate the modern consumer. You don’t have to worry about cleaning up any messes because ashes don’t accumulate. The lack of smoke also means creosote doesn’t accumulate in the chimney throughout the year.

The zoned heating is another advantage of this type of fireplace. You don’t have to heat unused rooms in the building or worry about the second floor becoming too warm. Electric fireplaces only heat the room they’re used in to ensure you only use the energy you need to stay warm and comfortable.

The cost-effectiveness of the fireplaces is also a benefit to consumers. You don’t have to budget for the cost of wood or gas when you own a gas fireplace. The lack of chimney sweeps can also allow you to save hundreds of dollars each year.

The air quality in your home also won’t be affected when you use the fireplace, which can allow you to protect your health. This type of fireplace is recommended for those with allergies or respiratory issues because you won’t breathe in particles or contaminants. You also don’t have to risk exposing yourself to carbon monoxide or worry about installing detectors throughout the home. Your health is protected even if you choose to run the fireplace every day.

If you want an eco-friendly fireplace, electric inserts are known as the best option because they don’t have a harmful impact on the environment. You won’t release emissions or smoke into the air compared to wood-burning fireplaces.

The Best Way to Decorate Your Fireplace

Not only can you paint a fireplace to customize the look of it, but you can also decorate it with different items to draw more attention to the feature. Although the fireplace adds a cozy touch to your space, you can make it attractive and complement your surrounding environment with the right items on display.

When you have a mantle on your fireplace, there should be a main focal point to prevent the shelf from looking cluttered with items that are all the same size. A large mirror or framed work of art will add extra drama and can pair well with smaller decor pieces. You can use this space for your most prized possessions. The mantle is also an excellent spot for adding holiday decor like garlands or Easter eggs.

At the base of the fireplace, consider adding a leather pouf that adds a soft touch. A woven basket can also work wonders and is useful for storing items like blankets or throw pillows. You can easily access the items when they’re in front of the fireplace on a laminate floor.

Where to Install Your Fireplace

The portability of fireplaces that run off on electricity makes them easy to move around and lift. The light weight of a fireplace insert makes it easy for one person to move around. If you have a freestanding electric fireplace, consider asking for help to move it to another room in the house. The light weight of each product also makes it easier to perform repairs that are needed.

Take measurements of the fireplace to find a spot where it’ll fit in the room where you’ll install it. One of the best places to make it easy to notice is on the wall that you see when you walk into the room. It should also be near one of the many outlets in the room to make it easy to plug in each time you use it.

If you don’t have a lot of space to work with, corner fireplaces are an excellent option when you have limited wall space. The unique shape can offer more visual appeal and can make it a conversation piece, especially if you live in a condo or apartment.

Benefits of Building Your Own Fireplace Enclosure

When you want to enhance your home’s interior design, a fireplace enclosure can make the feature more attractive and eye-catching. If you build your own fireplace surround, it can allow you to customize the design and make it unique to your setting and style. The home improvement project will make the insert look like a built-in feature.

It can be more cost-effective to build the fireplace surround rather than hire a contractor to construct it. You can keep your costs low and won’t need a lot of materials or advanced tools. The surround can be complete with a wood mantel. Consider using chalk paint, which is a popular to use on painted furniture and is forgiving when it’s applied.

You may need to purchase a few tools at a home improvement store like Home Depot to prepare for the project, but it will still cost less than working with a professional. It will also allow you to make the appearance of the product specific to your vision instead of risk being unsatisfied with the enclosure built by a contractor.

You can even build something solid with unique features and elements. Building it yourself instead of buying something that has been mass-produced can allow it to have a higher quality and lifespan.

You can also add a few specific elements that make it unique and more versatile, which include shelves or bookcases on each side of the fixture. Consider looking at photo gallery ideas to get inspiration when drawing out the design before getting started.

This project will also allow you to think critically and work on your woodworking skills. It’s a great opportunity to gain more knowledge and confidence to build other types of features in your house to enhance its functionality and design.

Adding DIY shiplap with laminate floor materials and applying white paint will also create a trendy farmhouse look for those who want something more rustic. You can also use a different color that is darker for a bolder look. Overall, the paint color should complement the color scheme in the room.

Do Electric Fireplaces Work in Apartments or Condos?

Renters often feel like they can’t enjoy the benefits of a fireplace because there’s less square footage in an apartment or condo or they don’t have the freedom to add built-ins. Fortunately, electric fireplaces have a smaller size, which means they can often fit in smaller spaces instead of only single-family homes. This means you can enjoy adding a cozy touch to your space without needing to live in a house.

You don’t need vents or chimneys to be installed once you purchase the fireplace. You can move it into the living room without any exterior modifications. The amount of power it uses isn’t too much where it’ll cause issues in the building where other residents are present.

The temporary fixture is small enough to make room for your other furniture items. You also don’t have to be worried about any fines from your landlord because the feature won’t cause any damage to the walls or materials in the space.

Adding Value to Your Home with the New Fireplace

With a built-in fireplace, you can add more value to your property because the feature is in-demand among homeowners, which can make you want to scream, “Yay!”. The heating element can supplement your main heat source and offer energy savings throughout the year. This can make it easier to sell your house for a higher profit and recoup some of the money you invested in the fireplace.

The fireplace will increase the market value if it’s a permanent feature that can be used long-term and is considered to be a part of the house.

After learning how to paint an electric fireplace, it can allow you to remodel the feature and create a new look that stands out. The DIY fireplace will look specific to your personal taste when you want something you can show off to your guests.    

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