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Do Electric Fireplace Inserts Need to Be Vented?

do electric fireplace inserts need to be vented

Purchasing an electric fireplace is an excellent investment that can meet your needs long-term with its beautiful design and the warmth it offers. The feature is aesthetically pleasing and functional to use each season of the year for added ambiance. Before making your fireplace selection, you’ll need to determine if a vent needs to be installed before moving forward with the purchase to ensure it can work well in your home. 

In this post, you will learn:

  • Do Electric Fireplace Inserts Need to Be Vented?
  • How are Electric Fireplaces Installed?
  • Advantages of Not Venting a Fireplace Insert
  • Best Spots to Install an Electric Fireplace
  • Selecting the Top Electric Fireplaces

Do Electric Fireplace Inserts Need to Be Vented?

Adding an electric fireplace may feel overwhelming and intimidating for some people who don’t want to deal with the hassle. Still, the process is likely easier and more straightforward than you think. The first step to take is to determine if any modifications or features need to be added to install the product to create a warmer and cozier environment. You may be wondering, “Do electric fireplace inserts need to be vented?” as you get started. Fortunately, electric fireplaces don’t require a vent to work and operate.

Understanding the function and design of electric fireplaces can allow you to learn how they need to be installed. Fireplace inserts don’t use any wood or fuel source, which means they don’t emit smoke. The lack of smoke present means you don’t have to add a gas line for a hassle-free project. The lack of construction or modifications to your home means permits is not required to get moving with the installation.

Electric fireplaces that hang on the wall are the easiest type of fireplace to install because they’re ready to be used once the electrical cord is plugged into an outlet. The plug-in operation is easy and convenient, even allowing you to relocate it to another spot in the house at any time. Without any wires that need to be installed into the building, it means you can forego the services of an expensive electrician. It makes for an easy DIY project that doesn’t always require expensive tools or equipment. Many fireplace inserts are simple and easy enough to install with a screwdriver.

Added convenience is one of the perks of installing an electric fireplace. You don’t have to invest time and energy asking around for the best professional to use, making the installation process quicker and more seamless from beginning to end.

Vents are only required when smoke is produced during the fire, but this requires burning wood or other items. Electric fireplaces don’t have real flames, which prevents your indoor air quality from being affected or contaminated. The vents aren’t needed because fumes aren’t produced to ensure your house is protected from particles you shouldn’t be breathing in each day.

The simulated flame is artificial, although it has a realistic look and design because of the details. LED lights that are used in the electric fireplace and reflect on a panel to produce 30 realistic flames. The flames have realistic movement and colors to make it easy to believe you have a real wood-burning fireplace.

Some products use a video screen or mist to create the look of real flames to ensure you can enjoy a safer way of having a fire without using gas or wood. They’re also an excellent type of fireplace to select if you have children or animals in the home because the glass doors never become hot, even after several hours of use.

Electric fireplaces are known to be safer for your health because they don’t emit any formaldehyde or carbon monoxide compared to wood or gas fireplaces. Your indoor air quality won’t be affected because there isn’t any smoke that’s produced. You can have peace of mind knowing your family members’ health is protected because particles and chemicals aren’t circulating in the air in the building. It can be a better option for those who suffer from respiratory issues or allergies. Many people also put their health at risk because they forget to open the flue on the vent when they decide to have a real fire and burn the wood logs. This can produce carbon monoxide that infiltrates the home and affects the health of residents. Without a vent, it’s one less step to worry about each time you want to enjoy a fire.

Advantages of Not Venting a Fireplace Insert

Understanding how a lack of a vent with your fireplace insert is beneficial is important after asking, “Do electric fireplace inserts need to be vented?” Many people spend thousands of dollars installing wood-burning or gas fireplaces. With an electric fireplace, the cost is often free and only requires plugging it into an electrical outlet before you begin using it. The savings make it more affordable and worth the purchase.

Fireplace inserts also accommodate an existing fireplace in your home that you want to alter and modify to make it more modern and functional. You don’t have to perform updates on the current fireplace because the electric fireplace doesn’t require any additional features to operate. The only feature you need is an electrical wall outlet that is easy for the fireplace’s cord to reach. If a vent is already present, you can close it once the new fireplace is installed. Closing the flue and vent can prevent critters from entering the building and can also make it easier to maintain the indoor temperature because outside air can’t enter the house through the chimney.

Without the need for venting, it also means you can avoid making a negative impact on the environment. Many people are aware their cars release emissions but don’t always realize wood-burning fireplaces also emit emissions through the chimney. As traditional fireplaces release a lot of smoke into the air as the wood burns, it can contribute to pollution.

One of the main inconveniences that come with a gas fireplace with a vent is you can be restricted with how often you have a fire. Many cities and states have restrictions to minimize pollution. With a vent-free fireplace, you can use it as frequently as you like without the risk of getting fined.

Without a vent present, it means there’s less maintenance required with cleaning your chimney. You don’t have to hire a professional to perform an annual chimney sweep to remove the buildup of creosote, which can increase the risk of chimney fires. You also don’t have to spend time or energy cleaning out ashes from the firebox. After asking, “Do electric fireplace inserts need to be vented?” you’ll understand the advantages of a fireplace unit that can operate safely without the use of a vent.

Best Spots to Install an Electric Fireplace

Another common question many consumers have when they plan to purchase an electric fireplace is where they can safely place it in the building. Some fireplaces need to be built in spots where venting can be required, which means feeling limited with its placement. Fortunately, electric fireplaces can be placed almost anywhere because they don’t need a vent to be installed. You can place it in any room of the home, including the attic or basement.

Many people with condos or apartments also appreciate the convenience of installing an electric fireplace because they don’t have to think about adding a vent. This means you can purchase the item if you’re not living in a single-family house or are renting. When you rent your current property, you can enjoy a feature that doesn’t have to be built into the wall if you choose a freestanding electric fireplace. You only need to consider the size and measure it correctly to ensure it fits within a specific spot you think it would work and look best. You can have the freedom of placing the fireplace in your entryway, office, and even your bedroom.

While asking, “Do electric fireplace inserts need to be vented?” you’ll quickly realize the only point to consider is how close the feature is placed next to electrical outlets. Although you may consider using an extension cord, this can be dangerous because of the amount of power surging through the wires. Opt for placing it in proximity to an outlet or consider hiring an electrician to install one near the cord of the fireplace to ensure you can plug it in after installing it.

Not only can homeowners enjoy the benefits of electric fireplaces, but renters can also select a fireplace to use in their rental property. Compared to a built-in fireplace, freestanding electric fireplaces are portable and don’t require installing it into the building.

Don’t Compromise the Heat in the Room

You may think that there’s less heat from an electric fireplace because real wood isn’t used. You’ll quickly discover this type of fireplace supplements electric heaters and offers zone heating as a reliable heat source. Compared to a traditional fireplace, the feature won’t heat the entire home as it’s in use. You won’t have to worry about your family members becoming uncomfortable with the heat in other parts of the house and can contain the heat to the room where the feature is installed. The heat is produced without the need for a vent with an infrared quartz heater or a fan-forced coil heating mechanism for supplemental heat.

The heating element can produce heat quicker than other types of fireplaces with natural gas. You can begin to feel warm and cozy again within minutes of turning the fireplace on, which can allow you to use an energy-efficient fireplace that minimizes your reliance on another heater in the building. The product uses 110/120 volts of electric current on the highest settings while only using 1500 watts every hour. You’ll stay just as warm as you would with a gas or wood-burning fireplace and won’t have to leave a window cracked to allow cold air in to keep the fire burning.

To ensure your new electric fireplace emits enough heat, you need to consider the size of the room where you plan to use it. Calculate how many square feet are available. Each additional square foot should be multiplied by 20, which will offer insight into the number of BTUs you’ll need to narrow down the best models to purchase. The amount of heat produced can make it easier to save more on your energy usage because you won’t only rely on your main heating source to maintain the temperature in the building.

Compared to a wood fireplace, you can adjust the thermostat on the electric fireplace to make it the perfect temperature in the room without relying on a real flame. You can even adjust the settings from across the room with remote control. Additional buttons are present on the included control panel on the fireplace when you’re standing next to it. The heating feature can even be turned off to ensure you can continue enjoying the beautiful look of the flames with no heat emitted.

Many people are also surprised to learn they can continue using the fireplace in the spring and summer seasons. Many models have a feature that allows you to shut off the heat to ensure you can enjoy the look of the artificial flames without heating up your home. Those with a wood stove or fireplace have to deal with heat output, which means they may feel more limited when they can use the product.

The Best Electric Fireplaces in the Industry

After you realize that you don’t need a new vent for your electric fireplace, you can enjoy the process of choosing which model you want to own. It’s important to find something with quality materials and advanced technology to ensure it works well for heating the room and working as a decorative accent piece.

Although some models like Dimplex are popular, more consumers are opting for Magikflame because of the innovation included. The brand is known for having realistic flames with authentic crackling sounds that appear as if the logs are burning.

The MagikFlame fireplaces include a 5,200 BTU heater for plenty of warmth. You can also adjust the heat settings to ensure the temperature in the room is specific to your needs and allows you to feel cozy with the use of the product. The fireplaces are the first to use patented holographic technology, which creates the appearance of detailed frames with smoke and ember effects.

You don’t have to compromise your warmth or the beautiful look of a glowing fire by choosing a Magikflame fireplace. The products are easy to maintain and have different colors of flame to ensure you can customize the look and style of the fireplace as it’s in use. Different types of Magikflame fireplaces are also available to accommodate various styles and layouts of rooms. The products often include remote control and a fireplace mantel to offer convenience and a traditional style.

Learning about the background and manufacturing process of each fireplace from the brand is necessary to understand its overall quality. Although other brands like Dimplex possibly manufacture their fireplaces overseas, MagikFlame inserts are made in Nashville, Tennessee with quality, durable materials. They use precision-engineered CAD software for precision when cutting each part to ensure the materials fit together securely. The technology used in the manufacturing process guarantees that each piece is identical to ensure the quality and reliability of the fireplaces are consistent.

The MagikFlame story is just as interesting as the manufacturing process. Howard Birnbaum had a history of creating special f/x effects in the movie industry and had worked on major blockbuster films. He was dissatisfied with the options of electric fireplaces available and wanted something that looked realistic. He decided to solve his own problem by using his knowledge of special effect technology to create MagikFlame fireplaces. Today, many different fireplaces are sold by the brand and include smartphone connectivity to ensure you can operate the product with your device. Many of the models include intricate side posts with beautiful details with a bull-nose edge. The hearth features high-quality and solid wood to ensure it becomes the focal point in the room, whether you place a wall mount electric fireplace in the bedroom or living room.

Not only are quality materials and advanced technology used to create each energy-efficient fireplace, but a skilled team of professionals constructs each product. The team is skilled in construction and quality craftsmanship and stands behind the quality of each product. The classy wood mantle surrounds can enhance the visual appeal of your home or office while looking upscale as it’s on display, even when it’s not in use. MagikFlame even has a flame gallery available to ensure you can decide which style of flame you prefer.

Many fireplaces are built into TV stands to ensure you can use them as both a console and a fireplace. You can pair a flat-screen TV on the furniture piece and enjoy entertainment while getting a clear view of the flames. It can create a cozy touch to the room and serve more than one purpose.

If you’re not sure of what product to purchase, consider reading MagikFlame reviews posted online to get insight into other customers’ perspectives. The reviews often detail the features that customers enjoy using, as well as the style and look of the ventless product. You can get an idea of which plug-in model will meet your needs and enhance the quality and comfort of your personal or professional space.

The MagikFlame reviews can also reflect the quality of the products and attest to the overall quality of how MagikFlame is built to ensure you can gain more of an understanding of the products. The photo idea gallery can also offer inspiration for how the products can be displayed. Browsing the MagikFlame electric fireplace buying guide can also allow you to discover what products are offered. You can also contact the company to learn about payment plans and financing available.

Electric fireplace inserts will prove to meet all your needs and can be easy to select after you learn they don’t require any vents compared to a traditional wood or gas fireplace. You can have peace of mind knowing you don’t have to commit to a built-in fireplace if you ever want to move it to another room in the future.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is for general informational purposes only. While we strive to ensure accuracy, there may be errors, omissions, or discrepancies. The author and publisher make no warranties about the accuracy, reliability, or suitability of the information contained herein.

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