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Can I Put an Electric Fireplace in a Corner?


Electric fireplaces are a must-have if you want to own a modern fireplace that is more energy-efficient and easy to use while staying warm indoors at the need of the year. When you choose to buy an electric fireplace, you’ll need to plan where you want to place it to ensure it fits in your home and complements the size of the space. You may be wondering, “Can I put an electric fireplace in a corner?”

In this post, you will learn:

  • Can I put an Electric Fireplace in a Corner?
  • How Do I Find the Right Fireplace?
  • Different Electric Fireplaces to Consider for Your Home
  • A Few Reasons Electric Fireplaces are Increasing in Sales
  • What to Expect When Installing an Electric Fireplace
  • How Safe are Electric Fireplaces?
  • Ways to Spruce Up Your Fireplace
can i put fireplace in a corner

Can I put a Fireplace in a Corner?

When you begin looking for the right fireplace for your home, consider the dimensions and the shape of the room. You may be limited with the wall space you have available, which can make it a tight squeeze. If you live in an apartment or condo, you may not know where you can install the feature while still leaving enough space for your other furnishings.

Fortunately, many brands like Dimplex and MagikFlame offer electric fireplaces that can be used in the corner of the room. This allows them to take up fewer square feet and stay out of high-traffic areas. It also creates a unique focal point in the room because it is placed in a spot where traditional fireplaces are often built. This can make it look like the feature that came with the home as it seamlessly blends in with the construction and layout of the building.

There are a few corner fireplaces that are reliable and have an upscale look when you want something eye-catching. The Churchill Corner fireplace mantel has a traditional style that is classic and contemporary. It comes with 30 realistic flames and can operate with the use of your smartphone after downloading the manufacturer’s app.

When you’re looking for a corner electric fireplace but are limited on space, you can also opt for a corner fireplace tv stand. The product is versatile and can serve multiple purposes when you don’t have enough space for a lot of furniture in a small room. You even have the option of moving it to a different corner of the room if you want to change up the look of the space. The portable design also allows you to move it to a new home when you plan to relocate.

How Do I Find the Right Fireplace?

Finding the right fireplace can be a challenge if you’re not sure where to begin. You may not be familiar with the different types of brands available or which models will last the longest. You can start by checking out reviews that are posted online, which will allow you to get recommendations from other consumers who own an electric fireplace. They can offer insight into the operation and design of the product.

There are a few key places to find reviews, which include popular sites like Amazon. You can access hundreds to thousands of reviews based on the popularity of the fireplace. You can also find MagikFlame reviews directly on the manufacturer’s website while browsing the MagikFlame electric fireplace buying guide. This is also a great place to find pictures other customers have posted to get a different view of the products.

You also want to check out which fireplaces have a realistic flame effect to ensure it looks like you have a traditional fireplace and are burning real wood. The faux LED flames should have a high level of detail with the technology used. Brands like MagikFlame are unique because of the advanced multi-color LED lights and the effects they offer. The MagikFlame story is unique because the founder invented holographic technology with the use of a screen that displays a video of a real wood-burning fire.

When you want to find the best electric fireplace, think about your budget in advance. Many consumers make the mistake of settling for the fireplace with the lowest price tag, but this can make it easy to compromise on the flame effects. Choosing something that has a competitive price tag but isn’t the cheapest option in the industry will allow you to use it longer and show it off to your family members and friends. Consider contacting each manufacturer or store in advance to learn about the payment plans and financing available to ensure you can decide the best option for covering the cost of the new fireplace.

Although a standard electric fireplace lasts an average of 20 years, the lifespan typically depends on the manufacturing process and where the product is constructed. Many companies try to cut corners and manufacture their electric fireplaces in other countries. It’s important to learn how MagikFlame is built, as well as other brands in the industry. Brands like MagikFlame opt for producing American-made products, which means they’re at less of a risk of breaking down or needing repairs in the future.

Different Electric Fireplaces to Consider for Your Home

When you want a warm ambiance in your interior setting, there are many types of fireplaces to choose from to accommodate the type of home you own or rent. Electric fireplaces vary in their design because of how technology has continued to evolve in recent years.

Each fireplace also varies with the BTU it has with its heating element. The size of your living room determines how many BTU you should use to ensure there’s enough heat distribution throughout the space. Multiple the sq. ft of the room by 20 to ensure you know how much you need. Small rooms need an average of 4,200 BTU with a fireplace that has a conventional fan heater. Large rooms with 1,000 to 1,499 sq. ft may need a fireplace with 5,200.

If you want something that doubles as a furniture item, you can consider purchasing a fireplace media console, which offers more functionality than other options. You can use it for your TV and store items in the media cabinet to keep them concealed. The solid construction offers enough support to heavy electronics without the materials bending or bowing. An espresso or dark walnut entertainment center will look regal and can create an upscale look in your living room. The included media shelf can also allow you to display items or store your DVD player.

You can also consider the type of technology used to decide which fireplace looks most realistic for your home. Some brands like Dimplex use the mist to create the flame effects, while other brands use screens and LED lights. Some brands like MagikFlame even include crackling log sound effects, which can enhance the appeal of the product and make other people believe that you’re burning real wood.

You can also choose the style of the fireplace that you want to own to ensure it matches the architecture in your home and the interior design of your space. A white electric fireplace can create a contemporary look that is the perfect addition to classy settings. A recessed fireplace will look sleek and modern if you want to spruce up your office or add an upscale element to your chic living room. It doesn’t take up any space and stays out of the way because it’s built into the wall.

A Few Reasons Electric Fireplaces are Increasing in Sales

The amount of warmth that electric fireplaces emit is one of the many reasons many people enjoy using them. It often delivers just as much warmth, if not more, than a wood-burning or gas fireplace. You can enjoy creating a comfortable and cozy setting that has more warmth than if you only relied on a space heater. The supplemental heat will allow you to turn the thermostat down in your home to ensure you can rely less on the main heater in the building. This can save you hundreds of dollars throughout the colder seasons. The heat settings make it easy to customize how much warmth you receive. The built-in adjustable thermostat allows you to set the temperature of the heat, depending on the time of the year that you use it. You can even turn the heating element off at any time and only use the flames.

The low cost of operating the electric fireplace is also appealing. You don’t have to worry about seeking a spike in your energy bill because it only costs up to eight cents to operate every hour. It can cost as low as three cents when you don’t use the heating element and leave the fireplace on to enjoy watching the flame effects. You can leave the fireplace running as long as you prefer without using too much energy or increasing the cost of your electric bill.

Advanced technology is another reason electric fireplaces have become more popular. You have more options available with realistic flame effects to ensure you don’t have to settle for something that appears artificial and fake. Many companies now use LED lights and screens to make it look like there’s a real flame in the firebox.

Those who suffer from a compromised immune system or health issues can also find electric fireplaces to be safer to use because they don’t release a lot of particles or contaminants. The lack of wood burning or fuel source means you don’t have anything entering your home that is unsafe to breathe. You also avoid risking carbon monoxide exposure and putting your family’s health and safety at risk.

The long lifespan is another benefit of owning an electric fireplace. You can continue to use it for 20 years before it needs to be replaced. The portable design also allows you to bring it with you to every home that you relocate to for more long-term use. You can even move it to your home office or a guest bedroom if you want to change up the layout of your home.

You’ll enjoy the low maintenance that comes with owning an electric fireplace heater. It doesn’t require a lot of effort to clean or operate, which is convenient for all ages who don’t want the hassle that comes with a wood-burning fireplace. You can even operate it with a remote control from a few feet away without getting off the couch.

Many homeowners who are looking to create an eco-friendly environment also opt for an electric fireplace because it’s not as harmful to the environment. The feature won’t contribute to pollution because it never releases any smoke or emissions into the air like a standard fireplace. Some locations even limit how often wood-burning fireplaces can be used. With an electric fireplace, you can run it as often as you prefer without worrying about contributing to smog or getting fined.

What to Expect When Installing an Electric Fireplace

After you ask, “Can I put an electric fireplace in a corner?” it’s important to know what the installation process looks like to ensure you hook it up correctly. Fortunately, most electric fireplaces from MagikFlame, Dimplex, and Amazon have a simple cord that you plug into a household outlet with its plug-in design, making it easy to set up in minutes. You don’t have to hire a professional electrician to perform any hardwiring when you select a recessed or wall-mounted electric fireplace or convertible electric fireplace. This allows you to save more money when you’re not using the fireplace because you can unplug it at any time.

You may also select a wall-mount electric fireplace that requires hardwiring if you want to place it in the cavity of your flat wall. Fortunately, hardwiring is simple to perform and can also increase the value of your home once it’s in place.

One of the main reasons installing an electric fireplace is simple and straightforward is that you don’t need to install a vent or chimney because smoke isn’t produced. Compared to a gas fireplace, propane isn’t used, which means you also don’t need to install a gas line. This is ideal for those who rent their home and don’t have the freedom to make any modifications to the property. It can also allow you to save more money installing the feature after purchasing it.

How Safe Are Electric Fireplaces?

With an electric fireplace, the design and operation are a lot safer than other types of fireplaces available on the market. There are many safety features that come with an electric fireplace media, which includes a built-in timer to ensure it turns off if you forget to manually switch it off or unplug it.

The lack of a fuel source also makes it ideal to use for those who suffer from respiratory issues or allergies. There isn’t any smoke or pollutants released, which means you don’t have to breathe in anything it emits, which can threaten your health. You’ll be able to protect the quality of your air in the home and continue to breathe well.

With an electric fireplace, you also don’t have to risk burning yourself if you get too close to the glass panel because real flames aren’t present in the firebox. The LED flames look just like the real thing without emitting heat. You can also allow your small children, dogs, or cats to roam freely without worrying about their safety.

Because real fire isn’t used in an electric fireplace, there’s less risk of a fire starting. Embers can’t jump out of the firebox because a real wood log set isn’t used. The lack of creosote it emits also means you never have to worry about a chimney fire occurring.

Ways to Spruce Up Your Fireplace

One of the best parts of owning a new electric fireplace is getting the chance to decorate it to make it work with your interior design style. Whether you prefer a farmhouse look or enjoy creating a modern setting, there are many ways to customize the feature to ensure it’s something you can show off when you invite people over.

Consider adding a fireplace mantel over the electric fireplace insert to make it look like a built-in fireplace. Choose a mantel that matches the rest of the furniture in your room, whether you own pieces that have an espresso finish or have a rustic exterior. The mantel can be an average of 12 inches over the fireplace and slightly adjusted depending on whether you have low or high ceilings. The electric fireplace mantel can be useful for displaying some of your favorite works of art that you own, or even a large mirror that reflects light into the space. The mirror will also work well for making the living room or office look larger.

With a corner electric fireplace, you can add a shelf on each wall and even connect them in the middle. Although the corner of the room may seem awkward to decorate, you can also hang a framed family photo on each wall above the fireplace. Many corner fireplaces that have a freestanding design come with a mantel built into the feature, which makes it easy to start decorating the moment it arrives. Try adding decorative vases, jars, or even a few books to enhance the visual appeal of the product.

You can also draw more attention to the feature by installing built-in bookcases on each side of the insert. This can allow you to have more storage space for your personal belongings and enhance the style of the room with decorative features that are on display. If you want to take it a step further and create a traditional look, opt for a fireplace that has a surround, which will create a built-in look that showcases excellent craftsmanship. The surround will draw more attention to the feature and can work well in larger rooms where you have more space available.

With a corner electric fireplace, you can also mount a flat-screen TV above the feature to draw more attention to it. This look will allow you to enjoy seeing the flames on the electric fireplace every time you watch television. Fortunately, TVs are safe to mount because the heat from the fireplace doesn’t cause damage to surrounding features or materials in the room.

After you ask, “Can I put an electric fireplace in a corner?” you can get started on finding the right electric fireplace for your living room to ensure it’s the perfect fit. With enough research performed, you can make an informed decision with your purchase and can seamlessly integrate it into your home to ensure it looks perfect.

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