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Is there a Rustic TV Stand That Matches With an Electric Fireplace?

Rustic tv stand

Finding the right electric fireplace to buy for your home can be pretty overwhelming. There are quite a few electrical fireplace unit types and styles of them. It is even more difficult if you’re seeking an option to help you save space in a smaller home, apartment, or condo. Do you want something that sits flush against the wall? Are you desiring a fireplace you can set precisely into a room’s corner? Are you picturing a fireplace someone can also put flat-screen TVs up on them like a TV stand that doubles as an electrical fireplace? If you plan to get a TV stand fireplace that you can put flat-screen TVs up on, do you want a rustic TV stand or something more modern?

Once you figure out what type and style of electrical fireplace you want to install in your home, do you even know what brand you should get and what to look out for when choosing a brand?

Luckily, this guide is going to help you with all of these questions. It will focus mainly on electrical fireplaces that can help save you space and will pay particular attention to electrical fireplaces with a rustic aesthetic. It will also cover many other topics related to getting a quality electrical fireplace to put in your house so that you can make an educated decision before you buy.

Here Is Everything You Will Learn In This Post:

  • What Is The Purpose of an Electric Fireplace Anyway? – Unfortunately, a good number of those interested in a new fireplace aren’t even completely aware of all of the disadvantages of traditional fireplaces. They also don’t understand all of the advantages that electric fireplaces have over these more traditional fireplaces. This section will help clear this up for you by going over the problems traditional fireplaces have and why electric fireplaces are a much wiser choice.
  • How Do Electric Fireplaces Even Work? – Have you ever wondered how an electrical fireplace works to generate heat for your home or produce those visual flame effects to simulate a more traditional fireplace? In this section, we will break down the technology that performs these tasks, why your electrical fireplace can help save you money, and what the best flame effect technology is.
  • What Does Rustic Mean When It Comes To Electric Fireplaces? – If you are unclear exactly what rustic means when we are referring to any kind of electric fireplaces, the information in this portion will clearly define rustic in this context and give some examples of rustic features.
  • Which Kinds of Rustic Electric Fireplaces Are Available? – There is a wide variety of types of electrical fireplaces that you can possibly get for your home. It is important to understand the difference between these different types and what purposes each serves. In this section, we will list some of the most common types and what situations you might want specific ones for.
  • Which of Those Rustic Electric Fireplaces Are Best If I Want To Save Space in My Living Room? – If saving space and increasing accessibility within a room is vital to you, here we will highlight those specific types of electrical fireplaces that are best for maximizing the space in the main room of your home.
  • What Are Some TV Stand Styles and Features To Be On The Lookout For? – If you have decided specifically that you want to get a TV stand so you are able to set your TVs up on them while an electrical fireplace is built into the body below, this section will mention some options that refer to materials, colors, features and more.
  • Are There Certain Brands of Rustic Electrical Fireplace Entertainment Center I Should Look At? – Unfortunately, all brands aren’t created equally. This means you can be incredibly disappointed with your purchase if you get the wrong brand, especially generic brand electric fireplaces. Here we will highlight certain brands that might be worth looking at.
  • Is There A Better Option Than a Rustic TV Stand? – A TV stand isn’t your only option if you want to save space and they certainly have their downsides to consider. In this section, we will give a few options that might actually look better in your home while saving even more space doing so.
  • What Is The Best Electrical Fireplace That I Can Get? – In this final part of the post we will explain what the best electrical fireplace on the market is and why people seem to love it so much.

What Is The Purpose of an Electric Fireplace Anyway?

Electric fireplaces have a ton of advantages and benefits over traditional fireplaces. To better understand what these benefits are, it is important to know what traditional fireplace options there are and why you shouldn’t use them. There are a few common types of traditional fireplaces:

  • Open Hearth – This is the most basic type that most people think of when it comes to traditional fireplaces. An open firebox for a fire to burn attaches to a flue and chimney so smoke can escape out of the home.
  • Enclosed – These are basically the same thing as the open hearth except have an enclosure so that the fire isn’t directly exposed to the room and the heat instead comes through vents. This makes them slightly safer and more efficient.
  • Insert – These inserts are simple to turn an open hearth into an enclosed fireplace.
  • Wood Stoves – These are commonly found in cabins or extremely rural homes. These are large metal stoves where you burn wood inside of them. The stove itself radiates heat to warm the room and is very hot to the touch. The top of the stove is flat so that you can do some basic cooking on it.
  • Fire Pit – These outdoor firepits are more of a novelty for use when you want to spend time outdoors in the colder months. These aren’t ever used indoors.

Here are the main concerns of wood fireplaces:

  • Fire Hazard – Wood fireplaces are one of the most common reasons for fires in a home. This is both because of exposed flames but also flammable soot build up where you need a professional cleaner to remove multiple times per year.
  • Dangerous Emissions – Smoke inhalation and poisoning from carbon monoxide are both very serious concerns when using wood fireplaces. While much of the smoke and carbon monoxide leaves through the chimney, some still enter the home and can cause serious health concerns.
  • Hassle – It is always a lot of work to use any kind of fireplace that burns wood. Ash has to be cleaned out of the fireplace on a daily basis. Whenever you want to use it, there is a lot of work to even get the fire started in the first place and then even more work to keep it burning throughout the remainder of the day.
  • Not Heat Efficient – Since wood fireplaces have to have ventilation to keep out the smoke, they also release a ton of heat through the chimney. This means a lot of wood has to be burned to keep a home warm, when a good portion of that heat from burning is wasted.
  • Wood Storage – Because of all of the wood that you have to burn throughout a winter to keep yourself warm, you need a lot of storage for the large piles of wood. If you don’t have adequate storage you will have to have frequent wood deliveries and may run out before your next scheduled delivery.
  • Stains and Smells – Smoke will inevitably stain your walls. Moreover, you can’t escape the strong smoky smell throughout the houses, even if you get used to it, it is still there. That smell will get deep into your furniture, your carpet, and your curtains. You will also smell like smoke whenever you leave your home.
  • TV Damage – Because wood fireplaces will damage your TV, you can’t mount TVs above the fireplace, which means you won’t be able to save as much space.

Gas fireplaces are a step towards the right direction, but they still have plenty of their own issues that you are going to have to worry about. There are two main types of gas fireplaces:

  • Direct-Vented – This is a kind of built in gas fireplace that needs ventilation.
  • Ventless – This kind of gas fireplace uses a different kind of gas and doesn’t need any venting.

Here are the concerns you still have to worry about even with gas fireplaces:

  • Fire Hazard – Although you don’t have to worry about soot build up, gas fireplaces still have an exposed flame which makes them a fire hazard for your home.
  • Carbon Monoxide – Gas fireplaces don’t produce smoke but they can still produce carbon monoxide that can fill your home.
  • Flames Are Weak – With many gas fireplaces, you might as well just use a Bunsen burner due to how weak the flames tend to look. They don’t have a proper flicker or movement like a traditional fireplace.
  • Weird Flame Colors – The vent-free types of gas fireplaces use a gas with a weird blue hue to it, completely ruining any kind of authentic fireplace experience that you want.
  • Difficult Installation – Gas fireplaces are difficult to install and usually require gas lines to be installed with them. This can be costly and requires a professional to make sure it is done correctly and safely.
  • The smell of Gas – When using gas fireplaces, there is usually the hint of a gassy smell that always surrounds them and can fill your home.

On the other hand, electrical fireplaces have a massive amount of advantages:

  • Not a Fire Hazard – Electrical fireplaces have no flames at all, therefore they don’t add any extra chance of your home catching on fire.
  • No Dangerous Emissions – Becomes nothing is burning, you don’t have to worry about smoke or carbon monoxide being produced by your electrical fireplace and filling your home.
  • No Stains or Smells – There are no bad smells that come from electric fireplaces and they can’t stain your walls.
  • Not a Hassle – There is no work involved when using electric fireplaces. Once they are turned on and it is set to your preferred temperature, it automatically does everything needed to keep your home at the temperature you have set.
  • Incredibly Efficient – Since electric fireplaces don’t have any ventilation needs, all of the heat stays in the room, keeping your home warmer while using much less energy.
  • Easy To Install – Installing electrical fireplaces is completely effortless. You only need to put them in whatever room you want them to be in and then plug them into a nearby standard electrical outlet.
  • Can Use a Remote Control – You don’t have to get up to turn them on or off or change settings. Most electric fireplaces come with some sort of remote or even a smartphone app.
  • Will Not Damage Your TV – Because electric fireplaces can’t damage your TV, you don’t have to worry about them when mounting above the mantle or using a fireplace that is also a TV stand.
  • Can Capture Realistic Fireplace Ambiance – If you properly invest in higher tier electric fireplaces, especially ones like MaqikFlame that have holographic flame technology, you can be immersed in a realistic fireplace atmosphere without all of the hassles that comes with a traditional fireplace.

How Do Electric Fireplaces Even Work?

To generate heat, quality electric fireplaces use conduction by way of an infrared quartz heater. Cool air is pulled from the room and back out of the blowers of the fireplace. As it cycles through, the infrared quartz heating element instantly warms that air, at a very little energy cost. This means your room will warm very quickly and stay warm without an incredibly high heating bill.

For visual flames, electric fireplaces use many different methods. The cheapest involve tacky spinning lights on a mechanical cylinder, showing through semi-transparent colored panels. Things like this should completely be avoided. For a little bit better experience there are things like LED flames, LCD screens that play videos of real fireplaces, or even colored lights that are projected over streams of water vapor. Although these methods are a little bit better, the best methods involve 3D holographic projection like MagikFlame’s Holoflame technology. These kinds of flame effects look indistinguishable from a real fireplace and it is hard for anyone to tell the difference.

What Does Rustic Mean When It Comes To Electric Fireplaces?

The most common definition of rustic style is a rural or country look. This specifically refers to things like wood with a rich grain to it, especially wood that looks a bit more aged but in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Reclaimed wood is a common look of any kind of rustic style. This is different than reclaimed furniture which is furniture that has been cleaned up and repurposed. Think of this as using good pieces of wood from an old barn or farm fence in your interior decorating style. This can be wood slabs on your walls, or a large beautiful wood floating shelf held up with cast iron brackets.

Keep in mind that there is also more of a modern farmhouse style that takes a bit from this original style of rural decorating but adds a modern twist to it. In this kind of style, you won’t see entire rooms done up with aged wood with deep grains, but instead will have spots of these elements throughout a much cleaner, more minimalistic approach. White walls are more common in this style, and something like a bright, white fireplace can look amazing when matched with aged wood wall slabs behind it.

Which Kinds of Rustic Electric Fireplaces Are Available?

These are the most common types of electric fireplaces you will find:

  • Electrical Fireplace Mantel Package For Flat Walls – This is a standard electrical fireplace that is installed on the floor against any flat wall you choose. You can usually choose between different mantel styles from the manufacturer.
  • Electrical Fireplace For Corners – This is the same as the mantel package but designed to sit in the corner.
  • Electrical Fireplace TV Stand – This is a TV stand with a fireplace built into it. They will usually have some kind of shelves or cabinets as well.
  • TV Stand Electrical Fireplace For Corner – This is a fireplace that is also a TV stand with shelves and cabinets but is designed to fit into a corner.
  • MagikFlame Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace – This is an electric fireplace you will be able to attach to the wall using special mounting brackets.
  • Freestanding Electrical Fireplace – These are portable space heaters. They’re redesigned to appear as fireplaces. These usually don’t work very well and look quite tacky. You should avoid this type.
  • Electrical Fireplace Insert – If you happen to have an existing wood fireplace, this is the perfect way you can do an electrical conversion by installing one of these inserts directly into the fireplace opening.
  • Electric Stoves – These are basic electric fireplaces that are made to look like wood stoves.

Which of Those Rustic Electric Fireplaces Are Best If I Want To Save Space in My Living Room?

Whether you live in an apartment, condo, or small home, or you are just installing a fireplace into a smaller room, there are many options to save space. Here are the electrical fireplace options that are best if you want to save space:

  • Corner Electrical Fireplace
  • Electrical Fireplace TV Stand
  • Corner Electrical Fireplace TV Stand
  • Wall Mounted Electrical Fireplace
  • Standard Electrical Fireplace Mantel Package With TV Mounted Above It
  • Recessed Electrical Fireplace With TV Mounted Above It

What Are Some TV Stand Styles and Features To Be On The Lookout For?

If you see yourself as the type of potential fireplace owner who needs to get a TV stand, black entertainment center, or a media console that has an electrical fireplace built into it, be aware of some important points that you need to consider when purchasing. What material will it be made from? Will it be a solid wood TV stand, made from engineered wood like MDF, or something else entirely? What color do you want it to be? This will partly have to do with material and finish, but it can also involve paint. What types of features does a TV stand or media console offer that I should be looking at? Finally, what kind of flame effect technology should I choose to go into my TV stand?

  • Material That Is Used – For anyone going for a rustic style of home decor, the material is going to be very important. Things with a rural, aged, wood grain finish look tend to be the most common. Keep in mind that solid wood will usually last longer and look better than cheaper options like engineered wood. You can do solid pine. Pine wood is a bit less expensive and lighter to move. Pinewood also has a nice grain when a good finish treatment has been applied. If you want an interesting barn door TV stand you can use barnwood. Barnwood is wood that looks like it is reclaimed wood from a sliding barn door. By getting a rustic brown media stand like this, it adds a lot to a rustic farmhouse aesthetic. For a modern farmhouse look, you can go with a clean solid white oak TV console fireplace. Because of the brighter, clean look, it makes an excellent farmhouse-style focal point in the main room of your house.
  • TV Stand Color – Color will also be very important for your console table electrical fireplace. Do you want a darker TV stand like espresso or dark walnut? Or do you want a TV media fireplace with a lighter, more inviting look with white solid oak? It’s important to match the color of your TV stand to other pieces of wood furniture in your home so that it doesn’t look out of place. Try to go with something that will match your sideboard or sideboard credenza, or coffee table. Keep in mind that it is perfectly find to go with a more transitional style and mix materials and colors, as long as it still matches and looks good from your entryway when someone first arrives.
  • Additional Features – There are a ton of different features that your TV stand can have. You can have adjustable shelves as open cubbies, or adjustable shelves behind cabinet doors. They can be glass doors or completely opaque. Think about all of your needs and what must be located in your TV media area. Do you need a storage cabinet with cable management for things like game consoles and video games? Do you prefer open shelving or TV cabinet storage space that is enclosed? If you have open shelving you have quicker access to devices, however, with TV cabinet storage space that is enclosed, you can hide unsightly gadgets and let the furniture’s beauty speak for itself. Do you need space for your cable box or do you want a TV stand with a sound bar? Keep in mind how big your stand is as well. A larger stand can handle a giant TV, but if you only have something like a 32-inch TV, you might be better off with a corner TV stand.
  • Flame Effect Technology – We covered the different types of flame effect technology in one of the previous sections. It’s important that the fireplace you end up getting has flame effects that you are satisfied with. Keep in mind, it is better to find a great electrical fireplace with the most realistic flame technology even if it isn’t necessary in TV stand form.

Are There Certain Brands of Rustic Electric Fireplace Entertainment Center I Should Look At?

There are a lot of brands that you can be looking at that are decent like Highboy, Walker Edison, Touchstone, Duraflame, and many more. It is essential to know that not all of the good brands offer any rustic farmhouse options for their fireplaces. Also, they will have differences in how they create their visual flame effects. If you want something like ultra-realistic holographic flames, then you should be looking exclusively at MagikFlame fireplaces for your fireplace experience.

Is There A Better Option Than a Rustic TV Stand?

Getting a TV stand for your house may not actually be the best option, even if you are doing it to save space. The truth is, that many of these TV stands that have fireplaces built into them are limiting in some way. Because so many of them need additional space for features like shelves and cabinetry, this leaves less room for a high-quality electric fireplace with a good heating device and excellent visual effects. The only way to have one of these consoles with enough space for a premium electrical fireplace inside is if you get a massive unit. This defeats the purpose of getting one to save space.

Be aware that in recent years people have so little use for all of those additional cabinets and shelves because everyone is streaming their media instead of using cable boxes or even Blu-ray players. And these days, you don’t even need a device for streaming because all of the streaming apps are built directly into the TV. If you value having the best fireplace instead of simply the novelty of it being a TV stand, here are some much better options you should consider:

  • Standard Electrical Fireplace Mantel Package – These look amazing and take up a surprisingly small amount of space. They don’t tend to be very thick or stand out from the wall, so there is still plenty of room to walk in front of them. If you have limited wall space and you don’t think you’ll have room for the fireplace and your TV, there is a simple solution: Mount your TV directly above the fireplace since electric fireplaces aren’t at all harmful to TV sets.
  • Corner Electrical Fireplace – If your TV isn’t too big, go with a standard electrical fireplace corner unit. Don’t go with the types that have all of the shelves and other features. Instead, go with a standard one with a deluxe electrical fireplace built into it. Not only will it look much better sitting in your corner, but it can easily be used as a TV stand as well and will be the perfect height for viewing.
  • Recessed Wall Electrical Fireplace – If the standard mantel package is still a little too large for you and you need a bit more space, use something like an electrical fireplace insert and install it into a recessed wall to sit flush. Then mount a TV above it. This will make everything much flatter against the wall so that you don’t have to worry about a larger fireplace or white fireplace TV stand protruding into the walking space of the room.

What Is The Best Electrical Fireplace That I Can Get?

Without question, the best electrical fireplace that you can install in your home is a MagikFlame electrical fireplace. Customers are extremely satisfied with MagikFlame fireplaces for the following reasons:

  • They Have The Most Realistic Flame Effect Technology – MagikFlame fireplaces are the only ones that have Holoflame technology of them. What does this mean? Their unique flame technology projects 3D holographic flames that move and flicker onto a physical log set that lays Within a faithful-looking firebox. While many electric fireplaces have flame effects that look fake no matter how good they look, MagikFlame are rare in the sense that they look so real, you would think you are sitting right in front of a real fireplace. There are 30 different styles of flames you can choose from depending on whatever kind of mood you want to set on a particular day. The flame options vary in height, temperature color, movement, amount of flicker, and embers sparking off of them.
  • They Have A Powerful Infrared Heater That Will Save You MoneyElectrical fireplaces with infrared quartz heating devices inside of them are the most powerful and efficient that you will find. The 5,200 BTU heater that is inside every MagikFlame unit can easily keep a space of up to 1,000 square feet warm and cozy and will use the least amount of energy possible when doing so. For large homes boasting several rooms, expect an even lower heating bill by installing two or more MagikFlame fireplaces in a zone heating layout around the house.
  • They Have Additional Audio Sounds To Fully Immerse You – The realistic immersion doesn’t stop at just the flames that look like the real thing. To further push a traditional fireplace atmosphere, each MagikFlame fireplace also plays relaxing crackling log sounds. Hearing every pop and crackling of the flames really makes MagikFlame seem authentic. On top of the crackling log sounds, nature sounds are also available at the quick push of a button. Between the amazing visuals, powerful heater, and now this audio enhancement, guests at your home will not even realize that it is an electric fireplace and will instead think it is one that actually burns wood
  • They Have The Ability To Control Them From Your Smartphone – Although many electric fireplaces come with remote controls, MagikFlame offers something even better: an intuitive smartphone app. This app can be installed on your smartphone or tablet so that you can easily turn the fireplace on, set your desired temperature, pick a flame effect style, and even turn on the audio effects. Unlike a normal remote where you have to have a line of site, this app can control your fireplace from any room in the house. This means that you can turn your main room fireplace on while you are still in bed in the morning so that the room is warm by the time you get out there. Or, you can make yourself cozy in bed at night before turning off your main room fireplace.
  • They Are Reliable and Built of The Highest Quality – One of the reasons MagikFlame electric fireplaces are so great is because of the high-quality materials, parts, and craftsmanship that goes into every single fireplace that they build.

Traditional White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
Stand-Alone Electric Fireplace Insert with Sound and Heater
Modern White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
European Style White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
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