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Myth vs Reality: Do Electric Fireplaces Ruin TVs?


Many homeowners are placing their flat-screen TVs above their fireplaces. This is a wonderful way to save space, and it eliminates the way these two items often compete with one another for your attention. It creates one beautiful focal point in the room, but it brings up the question; do electric fireplaces ruin TVs?

Using an electric version of a fireplace is a great start when it comes to keeping your TV safe. The intense heat produced by a gas or wood-burning fireplace can undoubtedly harm your delicate electronics as the heat rises. Electric fireplaces won’t do this. Learning how your electric unit works will help you understand how this type of fireplace can keep the TV safe.

In this post, you will learn:

  • What is an Electric Fireplace?
  • Do Electric Fireplaces Ruin TVs?
  • How the Heater Works in Your Fireplace
  • Where to Put the TV
  • Benefits of Hanging the TV Above the Fireplace
  • TV-Friendly Options When Decorating with a Fireplace.

What is an electric fireplace?

These fireplaces rely on electricity rather than wood or gas, but they still provide you with the same wonderful look and feel of a real fire. They plug into any standard outlet, which makes installation easy. You will have the option of running the flame effects by themselves for ambiance, or you can use the built-in heater for warmth too. These heaters have the capability of heating roughly 400 square feet of space.


There are many benefits to using an electric unit. They are inexpensive, both to purchase and operate, and easy to install. Most are ready to use directly out of the box. There is no hassle when it comes to clean-up. There is nothing to clean between uses as with burning wood, and you will find the air is cleaner than with other types of fireplaces. This is good news for those suffering from asthma or allergies.

These fireplaces are a great way to heat with 99% efficiency. This means that almost all of its energy is turned into heat you can enjoy. You won’t be losing any of the warmth as the heat rises up a chimney. They are safe around small children and pets, and they stay cool to the touch.

How it works

Your fireplace creates the image of a real flame by projecting LED lights onto a screen in random patterns. Some versions will have one line of LED lights at the bottom of the unit, while others will have two or more to provide more flame colors, more depth, and a more realistic appearance. Companies like MagikFlame utilize state-of-the-art holographic technology to produce 30 ultra-realistic flame effects.

Most units include an on-demand heater. This refers to the ability to enjoy the flames independently from the heat. They come with various settings like high, medium, and low. Some will even include a thermostat that helps homeowners maintain a steady temperature.


These realistic fireplaces come in several styles, making it easy to find one that fits your individual needs. Freestanding fireplaces include beautiful mantels and surrounds. They look the most like a traditional fireplace, and they are easy to move from place to place. A wall mount fireplace hangs on the wall like a piece of art and has a contemporary look. Finally, the electric fireplace insert can be placed within your existing fireplace’s firebox to convert it from wood to electric.

Using it with a TV

When it comes to using the fireplace with your flat-screen television nearby, it is generally safe. Homeowners like to mount the TV directly above the fireplace for convenience. Keeping a 12-inch space between the two ensures the TV’s safety. Look for a fireplace with a bottom or front blower, so the heat is directed away from your electronics for added security.

You can test your fireplace’s ability to be near the TV by measuring the wall temperature when the heater is being used. Tape a thermometer in the exact center where you want to mount the TV. Run the heater for several hours to get an accurate reading. If the temperature is under 100 degrees Fahrenheit, your TV is perfectly safe in that location.

Do electric fireplaces ruin TVs?

Heat is a significant concern when it comes to keeping your TV and other electronics safe. This is why an electric fireplace is such a good option for your home. There are very strict clearance issues when working with a gas fireplace that can limit your decorating options when placing the TV nearby. Clearance isn’t an issue when dealing with electric units. These fireplaces that use gas tend to heat up the surrounding wall while electric versions stay cool. Gas also produces a large quantity of heat that is vented out of the front of the fireplace. Even when the heater in an electric unit is being used, the actual heat is much less intense. Much of this holds true for a wood-burning fireplace as well. A wood fireplace also emits intense heat from all angles, causing the walls and anything nearby to heat up. You don’t want your TV mounted on these heated walls.

Do electric fireplaces ruin TVs? In general, no, they don’t. However, you may be concerned if your fireplace is an older model or if it is a cheaper wall mount that blows the heat from the top of the unit. Modern high-quality electric fireplaces emit heat safely from the front of the unit. Today’s fireplace manufacturers understand current needs when it comes to TVs and decorating. They avoid outdated methods that could jeopardize your electronics regarding TV placement.

How the heater works in your electric fireplace

Most electric units can heat an area up to 400 square feet, although some have a heat output that can handle larger areas up to 1,000 square feet. While this heat level is excellent when it comes to staying warm, you may not want to hang your TV directly above it. Some leading TV manufacturers like Samsung, Vizio, or Sony may state that your warranty won’t cover heat damage.

You can measure the amount of heat that any heater provides with a measurement called a BTU. The more BTUs, the more heat you will have. For example, a 110-volt, 4,600 BTU heater will easily warm 400 square feet, but a 220-volt, 9,600 BTU heater can heat 800 square feet.

There are two main types of heaters used in constructing a fireplace. Understanding the difference can further help you avoid damaging the TV.

Fan-forced heat

Fan-forced heat is the traditional design found in these pieces. They are perfect as supplemental heat to your HVAC system with an ability to warm 400 square feet—the circulating fan inside forces air through heated coils and then out into the room.

Infrared heat

Infrared heaters can warm larger areas up to 1,000 square feet. The infrared heater warms the items in your room, such as furniture and drapes, similar to how the sun’s rays warm objects. They do this in addition to warming the air. This is possible with quartz infrared technology combined with a copper heat exchanger and fan. These units distribute heat evenly, and they are highly efficient.

Electric fireplaces are designed to be used as a supplement to your main heat source. They won’t heat your room all on their own in the middle of the winter season, but they do help take the chill off. You can lower your thermostat on your whole home HVAC system and use the fireplace to warm the room you spend the most time in. This can help you save money on your heating costs because you won’t be paying to keep every room extra warm, even if you aren’t in there. In addition, using the infrared fireplace as a supplement won’t require intense heat. So, if you want to watch the TV over the fireplace, you can use the heater in that fireplace to keep you comfortable without worrying about damaging the TV.

majestic fireplace

Where to put the TV

When it comes to avoiding heat damage, where you place your TV is essential. Decorating with a TV and fireplace in the living room can be quite a challenge. For this discussion, we are going to assume the fireplace is electric. In this case, you can easily put the television beside or above the fireplace. You might even consider placing them across from each other to ensure you are avoiding heat damage and protecting your warranty.

The main objective is to avoid creating a layout where the two pieces compete for your attention. You want to comfortably view your flat-screen TV while still enjoying the look of the fireplace.

Positioning the TV above the fireplace is the most popular design trend. If done properly, the size of the television will complement the scale of your fireplace. Your finished result is a balanced look in the room. Creating this single focal point in the living room simplifies the rest of the furnishings layout.

The only downside is that your TV is no longer at eye level. You can be left feeling as though you are in the front row of a movie theater. After sitting through an entire movie, you will have a sore neck. Fortunately, the viewing angle can be fixed by using an adjustable TV wall mount. There are two kinds of wall mounts available.

Tilting mounts

A tiling mount allows you to position the TV at a downward angle so you can comfortably watch while avoiding neck strain. When the television is off, it can be placed back against the wall in its original position.

Full-motion mount

A full-motion mount tilts and swivels. You will find an extension that you can use to pull the TV out from the wall and turn or tilt it however you like to get the best picture quality. The TV goes back up against the wall when you are done watching.

Benefits of hanging the TV above the fireplace

Once you understand how the heater in your most realistic fireplace works and how the heat is distributed, you can place the TV above the fireplace without worrying. You will be able to protect the lifespan of your LCD TV while enjoying a beautiful design when it comes to decorating your room. This option is popular because of all the benefits of hanging the TV in this spot.

Save space

While you can find a TV stand that is quite streamlined and a thin flat-screen TV, there is never enough floor space in a room. The television over the fireplace gives you a little more room for the other furnishings and keeps the area from looking cluttered.


Sitting in front of your fireplace and enjoying the warmth and the look of a real fire while also bingeing your favorite shows has its perks. What a great way to unwind at the end of the day.

One main focal point

Placing the TV over the fireplace eliminates the competition for your attention between the two pieces. Instead of figuring out and if electric units are out or if the furniture should center around the fireplace or the TV, the furnishings are all facing both simultaneously balanced and beautiful whether the TV is on or not.

TV-friendly options when decorating with a fireplace

Along with avoiding the high temperatures associated with a wood or gas fireplace, electric units are available with many TV-friendly options that will help simplify your decorating.

Many versions now come with a media mantel. These look like the best traditional fireplace mantel. Still, they have hidden doors that cover a space designed specifically for cable boxes, DVD players, and other electronics you use with the TV. While watching TV, you can keep the door open. You close the door when you are done, and all that clutter is hidden from view.

A console fireplace is simply an entertainment center with an electric insert built into the design. It provides the appearance and warmth of a real fire while providing plenty of shelves and cabinets for DVDs, video games, and other electronics. They are specifically created in a way that protects your TV from the heating element.


When you find yourself asking, “do electric fireplaces ruin TVs?” you can rest assured that your television is safe from the damage hot air can cause. While the traditional fireplace uses gas or wood that can create some pretty intense heat, an electric model will provide plenty of warmth while keeping temperatures low enough that your TV won’t be harmed.

These beautiful fireplaces can be easily installed by simply plugging them into a nearby electrical outlet. This also means that you can move them from one spot to another without major renovations. Today’s many versions come with features specifically created to make it easier to decorate with a fireplace and TV in the same room.

MagikFlame has many styles to choose from that provide you with the most realistic appearance and ample heat to keep you comfortable throughout the year. MagikFlame’s state-of-the-art holographic technology delivers 30 ultra-realistic flame effects to choose from. Sound effects further enhance your experience with the sound of crackling and popping logs. You can even add a scent module for the scent of fresh-cut pine.

A highly efficient built-in 5,200 BTU heater will keep your room warm and cozy. MagikFlame makes it easy to control the temperature in your room and the flame effects by offering an app you can use on your smartphone. Instead of a remote control that can easily get lost, you simply use your iPhone or another favorite device to change the settings. You can then control it from any room easily. You no longer have to be directly in front of the fireplace while aiming a remote control in just the right spot to change the settings.

MagikFlame fireplaces are available at an affordable price, with payment plans and financing available. Built-in the USA, these pieces are beautiful and functional. Best of all, it is safe to use near your TV without worrying about damaging those delicate electronics that give you a quality picture.

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