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Are Electric Fireplace Safe for Cats?

A long hair, orange and white Maine Coon cat sleeps on a hearth

If you’re considering getting an electric fireplace for supplemental heating, you might wonder, “Are electric fireplaces safe for cats?”. Luckily, the answer to that question is yes. However, there are some precautions that you should keep in mind.

Fortunately, all electric fireplaces will have a grate over the heating coil. This is the only part of your fireplace that could be dangerous to cats under ordinary circumstances, and a grate covers it. This will be true whether your fireplace is a wall-mount product or not.

Therefore, there is no way for your pet to come in contact with it, which makes modern electric fireplaces safer than wood-burning stoves. Nevertheless, there is another potential concern to be mindful of, but the extent of this risk depends partly on your cat’s personality. If your pet chews on the power cord, this could result in electrocution.

So, monitoring your cat if they tend to chew on power cords is important. However, there are other safety tips to consider as well. If you have a cat and are considering getting an electric fireplace, this best electric fireplace guide will have just what you’re looking for. 

In this post, you will learn:

  • Why you should choose an electric fireplace instead of a wood-burning fireplace, gas fireplace, or any other traditional fireplace if you have a cat
  • Ways that you can keep your cat away from the fireplace
  • How to tell if your cat is likely to get too close to your electric fireplace
  • Potential hazards of electric fireplaces to your cat

Are electric fireplaces safe for cats who like to get close to a source of heat?

Cats love to curl up by the fireplace, but sometimes they can get a little too close. While this is less dangerous with an electric fireplace, it’s still important to ensure that they don’t touch the grate in front of the heating coils. This surface can become extremely hot, which can potentially cause burns.

How can you keep your cat away from the new fireplace?

If your cat tends to get too close to heat sources, it may be a good idea to create a barrier of some kind to keep your cat away from the grate over the coils. Cats often have a way of rolling around on a warm floor, which can cause them to brush up against a hot surface accidentally. However, using a toddler fence to surround your electric fireplace can help to ensure that your furry friend keeps a safe distance from the hot surfaces on your new electric fireplace in the bedroom.

Are electric fireplaces safe for cats who like to roll around in the sun?

If your cat likes to roll around on a hot driveway, you may wonder if they will be drawn too close to your new fireplace. The answer to that question certainly varies from one cat to another, but it’s often yes. So, you might consider putting up a toddler fence or another barrier to keep your furry friend from getting too close.

What should you do if your cat tends to chew on things?

Fortunately, cats are typically less likely to chew on things than dogs. However, some felines have a way of chewing whatever happens to be around, which could include cords. You can keep this from happening by choosing a wall-mounted electric fireplace

Are electric fireplaces safe for cats that are still young?

In most cases, older and middle-aged adult cats do not tend to chew on cords. However, this does depend on the personality of your cat. Young cats and kittens tend to chew on or play with things in their environment, which means that they may be drawn to cords.

Are there other features that can protect your pets?

Most electric fireplaces come with various features that can protect your pets. For instance, the coating on the cord tends to be pretty thick. Therefore, you’re more likely to be able to stop your pet from chewing through the wire in time. In addition, installing additional features will make it harder for your cat to come into contact with the cord is possible.

For example, you can use deterrent sprays to make it less likely that a cat will chew on a cord. This is especially important if you have a very young cat or kitten. Cats 1-year-old or younger tend to be exceptionally curious about the world around them and can get into trouble by chewing on cords or rolling around dangerously close to the fireplace.

An electric fireplace is far safer for cats than a conventional one

If you choose a conventional fireplace, there’s the potential danger posed by sparks. Cats like to get very close to the fire, which means a spark could land on them if the fireplace is not properly covered. While you can eliminate the risk of sparks with a glass door, there is always the possibility of a spark sitting on the hearth unnoticed after you tend to the fire.

This could lead to your cat laying down on the hearth and coming in contact with it. Luckily, this will not be a concern with an electric fireplace. That’s because these products do not produce a flame. In addition, safety heaters are designed to ensure that pets do not suffer burns from coming in contact with the fireplace.

Are Electric Fireplaces For Cats And The Rest Of Your Family?

One potential danger of conventional fireplaces is that they can cause a fire. Luckily, you can count on our products to be designed to prevent fires from occurring. The fire risk associated with our products is virtually nonexistent, assuming you properly set them up. In addition, there is no carbon monoxide risk associated with them, and they do not generate emissions.

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