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How Does a Dimplex Fireplace Compare to MagikFlame?

Dimplex Fireplace vs MagikFlame Electric Fireplace

If you have a new home or are remodeling your current home, you are probably already seeing all of the benefits that a new electric fireplace will bring to your home. Luckily, with electrical fireplaces, there is no need to worry about calling an architect or a home builder. It is as simple as picking the right electrical fireplace that performs well and fits your interior design choices.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of choices that you have to make. Do you get a built-in electric fireplace unit or a wall-mount electric fireplace? Do you get an electric fireplace that is more traditional and looks like an open-hearth wood-burning fireplace or do you get a linear fireplace that doesn’t look quite as traditional? Or should you get a freestanding fireplace that just needs to be propped up against a wall? However, the most important question is, which brand of fireplace should you get?

In this post, we are going to highlight and compare two of the most popular types of electrical fireplaces on the market: Dimplex and MagikFlame. After reading this post, you should have a much better idea of which one will be better for your home.

PLEASE NOTE: Dimplex is a large, reputable, and leading fireplace company. We recommend that you consider their products for your home as an alternative to MagikFlame. Our intent of this post is to make some broad-stroke comparisons while highlighting MagikFlame features. In no way is MagikFlame trying to negatively impact Dimplex products or their brand.

In this post, we will cover:

  • All of the Features Used When Comparing a Dimplex Fireplace to a MagikFlame Electric Fireplace – This first section will break down exactly what features we will be looking at when comparing a Dimplex and MagikFlame fireplace.
  • The Different Dimplex Fireplace Types – In this section, we will go over several of the most common types that there are.
  • The Different MagikFlame Electric Fireplace Types? – In this section, we will cover the different types of MagikFlame fireplaces for you to choose from.
  • Heat Production: Dimplex vs MagikFlame Electric Fireplace? – How well can a Dimplex heater reliably keep your home warm compared to how well a MagikFlame electric fireplace can reliably heat your home?
  • What Kind of Flame Effect Does a Dimplex Fireplace Use? – What are the types of fire effects that Dimplex uses and how good is the technology?
  • What Kind of Flame Technology Does a MagikFlame Electric Fireplace Use? – What are the types of fire effects that MagikFlame uses and how good is the technology?
  • Dimplex vs MagikFlame: How does it look in your home  – In this section, we will discuss if the overall fireplace looks like a piece of furniture in your home.
  • What Additional Features Does a Dimplex Electric Fireplace Have? – Are there any additional features that this brand has when it comes to their electrical fireplaces?
  • What Additional Features Does a MagikFlame Electric Fireplace Have? – Are there any additional features that this brand has when it comes to their electrical fireplaces?
  • How Does a Dimplex Compare to a MagikFlame? – Here we break down the features of these two fireplace brands. We’ll see once and for all how these two brands compare and which you should choose to put inside your home.

All of the features that will be used when comparing a Dimplex fireplace to a MagikFlame electric fireplace?

In the comparison below, we will be comparing these two electric fireplace brands using the following criteria:

  • Types of Fireplaces – While this category is more about preference, it is still important that we break down some of the different types of fireplaces each brand has in its arsenal so that you know which brand might have the fireplace type that you prefer.
  • Heat Production – For these fireplaces that are installed into a standard 120-volt electrical outlet regardless of the number of amps used, how do these electrical fireplaces compare when it comes to heat output? Keep in mind that both electric fireplace brands work very efficiently due to not having a need for venting and can further heat a home using supplemental heat in a zone heating system.
  • Fire Visual Effects – Can the fireplace simulate realistic flames in the firebox? Does the fireplace use unique, patented fire technology that can truly capture the ambiance of a real fireplace?
  • Overall Fireplace Look – Ignore the fire effects, how does this fireplace as a piece of furniture in your home? Does it look cheap and tacky? Does it look beautiful and luxurious?
  • Additional Features – What are some additional features that each brand has that it is bringing to the table? How does it set itself apart from the competition?

What are the different Dimplex fireplace types?

There are many types of Dimplex electric fireplaces. They have several types of linear models like the IgniteXL, BLF50, Opti-V Wall, and even the Opti-Myst Pro. They have log set units like the DFI2309, DFI2310, RLG20, Dimplex Revillusion, Multi-Fire XD, and Multi-Fire XHD, to name a few. They also have electric fireplace insert units like the DF3033ST and more.

One thing that Dimplex certainly has going for it is they have quite a few different models for different situations. They have several units with log sets. These are mainly driftwood fireplace logs sitting on the ember bed in a firebox. They have some linear electric fireplace models like the BLF50. This model allows you to install a vast built-in electric fireplace along a long wall of your home. They even have units built into a media console.

What are the different MagikFlame electric fireplace types?

MagikFlame has many types of Fireplaces with Mantel Package Units. These electric fireplace mantel units include many traditional-looking fireplaces that are installed against a wall to look like real fireplaces. They come in a variety of sizes and mantel styles. These units are the Trinity, Artemis, Morpheus, Athena, and Neo. MagikFlame also has a wonderful corner electric fireplace called the Churchill. This is functionally the same as the standard units they have, but the mantel housing is built to fit snuggly into the corner of a room instead of against a flat wall.

They also have the best electric fireplace insert so that you can install it directly into your wall, convert an existing wood fireplace into an electrical one by putting the electric firebox into the traditional one, or you can even use these inserts with a third-party mantel if you have one that better matches the home décor you are using. Lastly, you can use one of these insert units to build your own mantel around them.

Dimplex vs MagikFlame electric fireplace – Which one can reliably heat your home


Dimplex has a wide variety of models with several different levels of power when it comes to the heating device inside of their fireplaces. Their best models barely hit that 5,000 BTU mark which is what is needed for your typical home. Without a sufficiently powerful electrical fireplace, your house won’t ever get as warm as it should, especially on really cold nights.

Unfortunately, many Dimplex fireplaces have much weaker heating devices in them, ranging from around 3,000-4,000 BTUs they can put out. Not only will your home have trouble keeping warm with inefficient heaters, but they will be constantly working at their maximum capacity. This means you will have a very high electrical bill and will still be left with a cold home.

Additionally, because the fireplaces will be working so hard, you have to worry about them breaking down sooner and needing a replacement or repairs. While you can use a zone heating strategy with fireplaces this weak, you will need more of them. You could need three or four weaker fireplaces in place of just one. Also, this will only work if the zones are small enough. If you have a very large living room or an open living space, the fireplace may still struggle if it isn’t at that mark of at least 5,000 BTUs.


MagikFlame fireplaces all have the exact same powerful heaters inside of them. Every single MagikFlame product has an electric infrared quartz heating device that puts out 5,200 BTUs of heat, covering an area of 1,000 square feet. This amount is enough for a single fireplace to warm your apartment, condo, and most small to medium homes.

If you do have a larger home, you don’t need three, four, or more MagikFlame fireplaces to cover your zone heating. Unless you live in an outrageously large mansion, two MagikFlame fireplaces will likely be enough to keep every inch of your interior space warm without running the thermostat anywhere near maximum capacity, saving you a ton of money on your heating bill.

What kind of flame effect does a Dimplex fireplace use?

Many Dimplex uses cost-effective fire effects that have a purpose for various environments. Their LED flames for the most part are better than mechanical spinning fire effects or basic LED lights behind colored panels. Their effects get better with the Opti-Myst. This is a unit that uses water vapor streams in the firebox and projects single-colored fire that reflects off of the streams of water vapor. By doing this, they can mildly simulate a 3D fire effect rather than a less effective two-dimensional-looking LED flame.

While this is a step in the right direction, it still is limited to a single flame simulation. For that, you need specialized technology that uses 30 different holographic flames.

What kind of flame technology does a MagikFlame electric fireplace use?

MagikFlame is kind of special when it comes to the technology that is used to produce their flames. All MagikFlame fireplaces use HoloFlame technology that is patented and exclusive to MagikFlame. These are 3D holographic flames that are projected onto a log insert. Their flames are easily the most realistic flames on the market and it is hard to even tell the difference between their flames and the flames of a real fireplace. Anyone that is a guest in your home likely won’t even notice that you are using an electric fireplace instead of a traditional one.

This deluxe technology has flames that flicker and dance around in a 3D space, with little bits of embers sparking off. They don’t just come with one flame style either. You can actually choose between 30 different flames at the push of a button. You can cycle through them on the remote control to find one that fits your exact mood.

Dimplex vs MagikFlame: How does it look in your home?

There are many models of Dimplex electrical fireplaces. As previously mentioned, Dimplex is a leader and excellent fireplace company. They tend to have a purely modern, almost stainless steel look to several of their models, especially with the wall-mounted and linear-style electric fireplaces. This can potentially come off as cold and uninviting to anyone that wants to enjoy them. While they have some wood mantel-style features, the wood is usually engineered. This type of mantel has the potential to break down relatively soon, get chips, and the laminate covering will peel at the corners after only a year or two.

MagikFlame electric fireplaces look amazing when it comes to having a great-looking piece of furniture to help tie the room together. Their mantels have a more traditional feel while still keeping a modern look regarding the shapes, lines, and details. Their fireplaces are made out of solid wood and many of them have a beautiful white finish that is a more timeless design and will look good in any home.

Their insert is made to easily go with any other kind of mantel that you might want to use it for, including building your own mantel yourself. MagikFlame fireplaces exude grandness and luxury, a far cry from the several tacky and generic-looking electrical fireplaces that are on the market today.

What additional features does a MagikFlame electric fireplace have?

One of the best additional features of MagikFlame electric fireplaces is the crackling log sounds that come with every single unit. While their fire effects are incredibly realistic and already make them an amazing choice, their crackling log sounds certainly elevate the realness even more. The synergy of the crackling log sounds with the ultrarealistic visuals helps make these fireplaces truly capture an authentic fireplace atmosphere. In addition to the sounds of logs crackling as the embers spark off, they also have the option of playing relaxing nature sounds that can add even more to the already wonderful mood of experiencing one of their fireplaces.

Another amazing feature they have is a smartphone app in place of remote control. A standard remote is easy to lose, needs a line of sight, and requires batteries to be changed. However, everyone always has their phone with them and is charged. The app is straightforward to use and not complicated at all. It uses large buttons with easy-to-read graphics so that you can see exactly what feature you are controlling and what you can change. With the smartphone app, from anywhere in your home, you can turn your fireplace on and off, change the heat settings, cycle through the visual effects, change the audio effects, and much more.

How does a Dimplex compare to a MagikFlame?

When it comes to types of fireplaces each has, Dimplex has many more types, while MagikFlame has focused on fewer, but usually more desirable feature types.

Heat production seems to be better across the board in all MagikFlame models versus many Dimplex models.

  • MagikFlame is untouchable when it comes to realistic fire effects.
  • MagikFlame fireplaces tend to have a more beautiful, luxurious design
  • Adding up all the categories — MagikFlame is the obvious choice for most people.
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