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How to Clean The Inside Glass of an Electric Fireplace?


You may enjoy using your electric fireplace because of how easy it is to use with its simple and low-maintenance design. Not only is it easy to operate, but it’s also easy to clean every few months when you want to keep it looking new without requiring regular cleaning. Fortunately, there aren’t many steps required when you want to learn how to clean the inside glass of an electric fireplace.

In this post, you will learn:

  • How to Clean The Inside Glass of an Electric Fireplace
  • Additional Benefits of Owning an Electric Fireplace
  • Steps to Installing Your Fireplace
  • Ways to Spruce Up Your Fireplace
  • The Main Differences Between Electric and Gas Fireplaces
  • How to Select the Best Fireplace for Your Needs

How to Clean The Inside Glass of Fireplace

Compared to a wood-burning fireplace, you don’t have to clean up any ashes out of the electric firebox you own because it doesn’t burn any wood. This can make the cleaning process a lot simpler and less messy. You’ll still want to clean the internal components to remove any dust or grime that accumulates over time.

There are a few steps to take when you want to learn how to clean the inside glass of an electric fireplace. Start by turning off your modern electric fireplace and allowing it to cool down for 10 to 15 minutes to avoid burning yourself on any of the parts. Turn off the power supply to avoid any electrical issues. Use a screwdriver to take off the access panel, which is typically in the back of the fireplace. It may also be in the front. Use a lint-free damp cloth to wipe down the inside fireplace glass, including the log set. Create a circular motion to effectively lift the dirt without scrubbing too hard. Don’t use any abrasive cleaners, which can cause damage to some of the parts. Opt for a cleaning solution that is natural and has gentle ingredients. If you use a small amount of glass cleaner or warm water on a paper towel, allow it to dry on the inside of the glass to prevent any water spots from developing. Use a clean cloth to dry the glass of moisture if you don’t want to wait too long. You can then secure the access panel back onto the fireplace with a screwdriver. Additionally, use a lint-free cloth to clean the front of the panel every few weeks to remove dust and streaks that form over time.

Aside from using a soft cloth, you can also use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to remove dust that has settled into small crevices in the fireplace. This is also a great time to perform an inspection on the different electrical components and blower to ensure everything is in good working order. A soft brush or duster will also clear away dirt without scratching the different surfaces.

Additional maintenance includes replacing light bulbs that no longer work. You can expect to replace the light bulbs every two years to keep the fire effects looking realistic. Use gloves while handling the parts to prevent your oil from transferring to the glass on each bulb. You can also read the owner’s manual for additional cleaning or maintenance tips for the specific model that you own.

How to Clean The Inside Glass of Fireplace

Additional Benefits of Owning an Electric Fireplace

Not only is it easy to learn how to clean the inside glass of an electric fireplace, but the feature offers additional benefits aside from its low-maintenance design and operation. The product is eco-friendly and doesn’t consume a lot of energy, which can allow you to save more to use it throughout the year. This type of fireplace doesn’t require chopping down trees and burning wood to operate, which can protect the environment. It also doesn’t release any smoke to ensure you don’t have to contribute to pollution in the local area.

Many people are surprised to learn that their indoor air quality can be affected by different types of fireplaces. Electric fireplaces are a healthier and safer choice because they don’t have any impact on indoor air quality. You don’t have to release any chemicals into the building as the fireplace is in use or worry about exposing yourself to carbon monoxide, which can be deadly. Anyone suffering from respiratory problems or allergies can finally enjoy having a fireplace in the home without worrying about how it can affect their health.

It’s also a lot easier to operate and use this type of fireplace because of how it’s built. The lack of wood needed means you don’t have to haul heavy logs into the building every time you want to start a fire. You also don’t have to open and close the flue or perform chimney sweeping every year to remove the build-up of creosote.

Electric fireplaces are known to be safer to operate. They don’t increase the risk of fire and often have safety features that allow them to automatically shut off to prevent them from overheating. The lack of flames means embers won’t jump out of the firebox, which reduces the risk of injuries and fires. The glass door on the feature also stays cool to the touch because real flames aren’t used.

You don’t have to compromise the look of a wood-burning fireplace because electric fireplaces are more advanced and have more realistic flames. Their technology continues to evolve to ensure you can make your family members and friends assume you invested in a traditional fireplace.

Although the heat that is emitted with a gas or wood fireplace is constant, you can have the option of turning off the heating element to ensure it is only used for the flames. You can continue to enjoy using the fireplace every season without worrying about the interior setting becoming too warm or hot in the spring or summer season. This can allow you to get more use out of it instead of only using the fireplace during the colder seasons. The flame effects can create a cozy and inviting setting in your master bedroom (see examples of electric fireplace in master bedroom) or living from and can enhance the relaxing tone that you set.

Steps to Installing Your Fireplace

Many people often dread the installation process after selecting the fireplace they want to use in their home or office. Fortunately, installing a fireplace that is electric is easy to do without hiring professionals to help. The feature comes with a cord that you can connect to a standard household outlet to get it ready to use in minutes. You don’t have to hassle installing vents, chimneys, or gas lines. This also makes it an ideal option for those who are renting their property and are limited with anything they can do to the property.

After you unbox the electric fireplace, assemble some of the parts with a screwdriver. You shouldn’t need additional tools or advanced equipment to put it together. Place it within a few feet of an outlet without using an extension cord, which can make it a fire hazard because of how much power flows through the cords. Plug it in and adjust the settings with a remote control.

If you prefer to have a recessed electric fireplace in your home, you can find a place to insert it directly into the wall to ensure it looks like a built-in feature in the building. This will not only boost the appeal of the feature but will increase the value of the property. An electrician can be hired to perform some hardwiring, or the feature may come with a cord to plug it into the wall.

If you have a masonry fireplace that you want to convert, place the electric fireplace insert into the firebox and shimmy it into the cavity. Consider using a trim kit to have the perfect fit. The outlet can be placed inside the fireplace or on the exterior of the surround to plug it in and begin using the feature. You’ll also need to close the vent or flue in the fireplace if you don’t plan to use wood to prevent insects or critters from finding their way into the room. This will also prevent outside air from entering the building to make it easier to control the internal temperature.

Ways to Spruce Up Your Fireplace

Not only is it important to learn how to clean the inside glass of an electric fireplace, but you also want to learn how to enhance its design and appeal. If you’re looking for ideas on how to decorate and spruce up your electric fireplace, consider viewing a photo idea gallery to get inspiration from other people who own fireplaces. Many pictures are available online or in reviews, depending on the type of style and look you want to achieve.

Consider adding a mantel approximately 12 inches above the insert or fireplace opening to enhance the design. Take the height of the ceilings into account when mounting the shelf. The mantel will allow you to have a spot for decorations, whether you want to display your family photos or artwork. Choose specific pieces that you love to ensure they allow you to feel happy and at home. A large mirror will also add more drama and can make the feature the main focal point in the room. The mirror will reflect natural light in the space and also make the room appear larger.

Adding cabinets on the side of the fireplace will also draw more attention to it. You can have extra storage space and a spot for placing your books and DVDs. Painting the surround can also add a warmer touch and can make the feature stand out on the wall if it’s a unique or bold color shade.

Don’t forget about decorating the base of the fireplace when you want to create an inviting setting. A pouf will add a soft touch and will offer an extra place to sit or rest your feet. You can also add a basket to fill with blankets or even wood logs to create a decorative accent.

A plush or low-pile rug at the base of the fireplace will also allow you to add a warm accent piece that invites children or pets to have a comfortable place to sit by the fireplace.

The Main Differences Between Electric and Gas Fireplaces

If you’re considering an electric or gas fireplace, it’s important to know some of the comparisons between both options to determine the best option for your needs. Gas fireplaces cost more to operate and can significantly increase your energy usage during the fall and winter seasons. The average operating cost of a gas fireplace is 40 cents per hour. Fireplaces that use electricity only cost three to eight cents to run, depending on if you also use the infrared heater.

With a gas fireplace, you can only have one look at the flames on display because real fire is used. With an electric feature, you can browse through a flame gallery in the manual to determine the size and color of the flames you want to achieve. The color of the flames can match the color scheme in the room or even create a festive look for specific holidays throughout the year.

With gas fireplaces, you have to hire a professional to install a gas line to start using it. This can add to the installation cost and requires modifying part of the building, which isn’t an ideal option if you’re a renter. Electric fireplaces are more portable because they don’t need a gas line and can be moved to another part of the building in the future. They’re more ideal for renters to use because you can simply unplug the feature and haul it away when you’re relocating.

How to Select the Best Fireplace for Your Needs

The amount of time you spend researching the best fireplace in the industry will determine which product you select and how satisfied you are using it long-term. Start by learning about the most competitive fireplace brands in the industry, which include MagikFlame, Classicflame, and Dimplex. Read online reviews on different websites to hear from other customers and learn about how they rate each model. Dimplex, Touchstone, and MagikFlame reviews are available on Amazon.

MagikFlame’s website also offers additional information when you’re doing your homework and are shopping around. This is where you can learn the MagikFlame story, which is centered around the founder who invented holographic technology to use in the brands’ fireplaces. He wanted a realistic fireplace without the use of real flames. Today, the brand is the only manufacturer in the industry to use the patented technology. You can view a complete electric fireplace buying guide on the manufacturer’s website to discover the different options available. You can also get insight into how MagikFlame is built to learn about the quality of the parts. Look for brands that sell American-made inserts to ensure the products last longer and repairs are easier to perform instead of purchasing fireplace inserts that are made overseas.

You’ll also need to consider your budget to find fireplaces that are affordable and competitively priced. Contacting each manufacturer will allow you to learn about payment plans and financing that are offered.

You also want to consider the type of fireplace that will be the most convenient to use in your interior setting. An electric fireplace stove is ideal in smaller settings where there’s less square footage and is more eco-friendly than a wood stove. It can also add a vintage or rustic look to the space but delivers a significant amount of heat to the room without any gas logs present. A freestanding electric fireplace is ideal in living rooms or large master bedrooms if you have extra room to spare. The surround and mantel on the product can make the product look like it’s built into the wall. Other people may prefer an insert, which is small, compact, and easy to mount onto a wall or place inside the wall.

Once you learn how to clean the inside glass of an electric fireplace with a damp or dry cloth, it can allow you to maintain your new product and get more use out of it in the coming years. It’ll continue to look new and can allow you to enjoy the beautiful flame effect in your home year-round.

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