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How To: Starting My Electric Fireplace


Owning an electric fireplace can offer many benefits to homeowners who want to invest in a quality product that makes their homes more comfortable in harsh weather conditions. Although many people know how to use a wood fireplace, operating an electric fireplace can be a learning curve. Once you decide you purchase the feature, you may want to know the steps you need to take to learn how to start your electric fireplace. 

In this post, you will learn:

  • How to Start My Electric Fireplace
  • Ways to Install Your New Fireplace
  • Selecting the Right Fireplace for Your Needs
  • Maintaining the Electric Fireplace
  • Why You Should Consider an Electric Fireplace
  • Finding the Best Place for Your Electric Fireplace

How to Start My Electric Fireplace?

One of the main advantages that come with owning an electric fireplace is how easy it is to start and operate. You don’t have to be handy or mechanically inclined to figure out how it works, which can allow everyone in the household to turn it on and off as they prefer.

Start by plugging the device into the wall in a 120-volt electrical outlet. Don’t use an extension cord to prevent it from becoming a fire hazard because of all the power surging through the cords. Electric fireplaces have a simple control panel that allows you to choose which button you want to press. The on/off button is easy to find and will immediately ignite the faux flame effects.

It’s also important to switch the heat on and also adjust the thermostat dial to a temperature that is above the temperature in the room to ensure the electric fireplace effectively heats the living space. Review the controls in advance to determine which ones control the heating element and those that control the flame effects.

Each model has a different set of controls, making it necessary to read the owner’s manual to ensure you understand which buttons control the different features. The temperature of the fireplace may be placed on the control knob for added convenience. You don’t have to worry about the gas flow or encountering issues with the thermocouple because of the device’s reliance on electricity to operate.

If you only want to use the flames on the fireplace, the fireplace will still need to be plugged into an outlet. Both the power button and flame effect switch will need to be turned on to operate. You’ll then need to adjust the flame dial to control how bright the flames are as they illuminate. You can decide how bright you want the flames to be when creating a warm glow in the room. Turning the dial to the right can make the flames brighter, whereas turning it to the left dims the flames. This makes it an easier process instead of dealing with an igniter or a pilot light.

Depending on the model you purchase, you may be able to operate the flames without the built-in heat source. Some models may require the flames to be left on at all times as the unit is plugged into the wall. You don’t have to worry about using a standing pilot light or gas valve you’d find in gas fireplaces.

Turning off the fireplace is just as easy as turning off the heat setting and the main wall switch. You’ll also want to shut off the main wall switch on the wall socket. Completely remove the electrical cord from the outlet when the fireplace isn’t in use to avoid issues and reduce your energy consumption.

Ways to Install Your New Fireplace

Knowing the right steps to take with installing your wall-mounted electric fireplace can allow you to get it hooked up correctly and begin using it in minutes. Compared to a gas fireplace or wood-burning fireplace, you don’t need to hire a professional to build a vent or chimney in your building to release smoke. Electric fireplaces don’t release any smoke, which means you don’t need proper venting to operate the feature. The lack of propane used also doesn’t require installing a gas line or gas valve.

If you choose to buy an electric fireplace insert, place the feature in the cavity of your wall. You may need to hire an electrician to perform hardwiring to get it set up. Most electric fireplaces are easy to set up without any hassle by inserting the electrical cord into an outlet.

If you have an existing masonry fireplace that you’re converting into an electric feature, you can place the insert directly into the firebox for a secure and seamless fit. The front of the insert should be flush with the surround of the fireplace. Connect the electrical cord to an outlet inside the fireplace or on the outside of the surround. The DIY project is easy to do yourself without any experience required. You may also need to hire a professional to install a new outlet if there isn’t already one in place.

Selecting the Right Fireplace for Your Needs

It can often feel overwhelming when you start the process of looking for a new fireplace to purchase for your home. You may have too many options available and aren’t sure where to start. Knowing a few tips and guidelines to follow can make it easier to know how to navigate the process to find the best fit for your needs.

Start by considering the type of electric fireplace you want to own. Ask yourself how much space you have available and if you want the feature to protrude or be built into the wall. This depends on the specific look you want to create with the product.

The brand is another factor to keep in mind, which will determine the quality of the product you purchase. Although you may want to cut corners, it’s important to invest in an electric fireplace that has solid and durable parts to ensure it lasts longer. The top brands in the industry include MagikFlame, Dimplex, and Touchstone. Read reviews to learn what brand customers are loyal to and research the models available by reading a buying guide.

Spend time on the manufacturer’s website to learn more about the company and its background, which will offer insight into how it got started. On the MagikFlame website, you can get info on how the founder Howard Birnbaum invented holographic technology to use to create the look of real flames on electric fireplaces by reading the MagikFlame story. After failing to find a realistic fireplace in the industry, he chose to create his own electric fireplace that he’d feel proud to show off in his home.

Today, the Magikflame electric fireplace is extremely competitive in the industry and comes with a built-in heater, crackling log sounds, and 30 different realistic flames to make it easy to believe you have a wood-burning fire in the building.

The website is also a great place to learn how MagikFlame is built. Customers are often happy to discover the company manufactures all of its products in Nashville, Tennessee. A qualified team that is skilled in craftsmanship assembles the parts with advanced software and technology. The tools and equipment used ensure all the parts fit together perfectly.

Continue reading reviews to make your selection and feel confident in what you select. Magikflame reviews are posted directly on the company’s website, as well as on sites like Amazon. This is where you can view a photo idea gallery to see photos customers post of the feature on display in their residences.

You can also think about the different features that you want to come with the product, which includes a remote control or a fireplace mantel. Consider how you plan to use it in the future and how it can enhance the quality of your living room or office.

It’s also important to look at the effects created by the fireplace. The gas logs should look realistic with intricate details to resemble traditional fireplaces. You should be happy with how the faux flames look to ensure you create the illusion that you invested in a traditional fireplace.

If you want to learn more about each company, consider contacting them directly to learn about payment plans and financing. They can also offer assistance with troubleshooting minor issues you may encounter after purchasing the product.

Maintaining the Electric Fireplace

Maintaining the fireplace is a lot simpler and easier to do than any other type of fireplace available on the market. It’s the perfect option for residents who are looking for something that doesn’t require a lot of upkeep to maintain its operation and avoid potential issues.

Electric fireplaces don’t require frequent cleaning because they don’t produce any ashes since real wood isn’t used. You can maintain their functionality by occasionally cleaning the fireplace with a dry cloth or vacuum. Before performing this task, cut off the power supply. Take a few minutes to allow the components to cool down to avoid touching anything that is still hot.

Find the access panel on the front or back of the product and remove each screw to gain access to the interior of the fireplace. Use a lint-free cloth, which will make it easy to wipe everything down. Try not to use any harsh chemicals, which are abrasive and can remove the finish and paint on the internal components in the fireplace.

It’s also necessary to avoid blocking the vents to ensure there’s proper airflow as the fireplace is in use.

Inspecting the electrical components should also be included on your checklist. Take a look at the electronic ignition and blower to ensure everything is in good shape and functioning correctly. You don’t have to deal with a troublesome thermocouple, which can shorten the lifespan of gas fireplaces when they begin to have issues.

Cleaning both sides of the glass will also restore the look of your fireplace to ensure the LED lights and flames on the screen are still visible and look realistic. Allow the moisture to dry before securing the access panel back onto the feature.

The fireplace should last an average of 20 years before it begins to encounter issues if you provide proper maintenance.

Why You Should Consider an Electric Fireplace?

There are many reasons consumers often consider purchasing an electric fireplace to use in their homes. The product is considered to be more advanced than other types of fireplaces and has a high level of appeal because of its convenient design. The feature isn’t overly complicated and doesn’t require a lot of work. You don’t have to haul heavy wood logs into the home to get a fire started. It’s also not necessary to stoke the fire to keep it going just to stay warm. The lack of ventilation needed for the flames also means you don’t have to leave a window cracked and allow cold air into the building.

Electric fireplaces are also safer to operate for anyone with allergies or health issues. The particles the smoke releases into the air can lead to respiratory issues in some individuals. There’s also the risk of exposing yourself to carbon monoxide, which can put your life at risk.

The lack of propane or natural gas used also makes this option more eco-friendly for those who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint. The product relies on water mist, LED lights, or a screen to create the look of flames. You don’t have to increase your impact on the environment or contribute to pollution with the amount of smoke produced by traditional fireplaces.

The cost of using an electric fireplace is also a lot lower than other options available. Compared to a gas fireplace that has a gas valve, it costs more than half the cost to operate. You can use it more frequently without worrying about how much higher your energy bill will be. Fireplaces with electricity only cost up to eight cents per hour, depending on if you only use the flame effect or the flame effect and the heater at the same time.

The warmth emitted from the feature can also supplement the main heating source in the building. It immediately starts to heat the room minutes after you turn it on via the control panel. The zoned heating also allows you to only heat the room it’s used in to avoid using unnecessary energy in other spaces that are unoccupied. This can allow you to save hundreds of dollars to heat your home each year. The built-in thermostat can even allow you to adjust the temperature, depending on how warm you want the room to feel.

There are many ways you can customize your new fireplace. There are several flame effects to choose from, depending on the look that you want. Most fireplaces have a variety of color shades to select to create a specific type of ambiance in the room. The flame gallery posted on the company’s website or in the manual can allow you to decide the size of the flames and the different color shades you favor.

Many people also enjoy that this type of fireplace can be used year-round. You don’t just have to wait until the winter months to begin using the product. The heating element can be switched on and off at any time to avoid making the interior setting warmer during the spring and summer seasons. You can use the fireplace for the flames and the beautiful look it creates, which can work as a conversation piece when you have guests over.

Finding the Best Place for Your Electric Fireplace

Not only do you need to learn how to start your electric fireplace, but it’s also important to find the best place to install it on your property. An electric fireplace is portable, which makes it convenient to move around when you aren’t sure of the best spot to place it. If you want to change the layout of your living space, it’s easy to pick up and relocate compared to a built-in fireplace.

Consider placing the fireplace across from the entryway of the living room to ensure it’s the first thing your guests see as they walk into the room. This will make it hard to miss and will cause it to be the centerpiece of your setting.

It’s also necessary to place it within a few feet of an electrical outlet to make it easy to plug in at any time. Some people attempt to use an extension cord, but this can increase the risk of electrical issues because of the number of volts it contains.

The fireplace needs to be in a room that is used frequently by the residents to ensure you get more use out of it, especially if you’re relying on it for heat. If you only want to use it for decorative purposes, consider installing it in an entryway if it doesn’t block an area where there’s a lot of traffic.

Once you find the right spot and install the fireplace, you can then immediately turn it on with a switch of a button without messing with a pilot light or ignitor. The product is now ready to be used and is still easy to move to another location if you change your mind about its placement in the future.

Once you learn how to start my electric fireplace, it can offer you more confidence in operating the feature on a consistent basis. You can understand how it works and the mechanisms to ensure it has a smooth operation and is convenient to use long-term.

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