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All About Electric Fireplace Logs with a Heater

All About Electric Fireplace Logs

Electric fireplace logs with heaters are advanced fireplaces for modern homes. Although the log device lacks realistic flames, the design replicates a real fireplace. The logs have an electric fireplace logs heater that represents the ember bed and logs to deliver a sense of a real wood-burning experience.

Electric heater logs for fireplaces are one type of electric heater. There are several designs and technologies available in electric fireplaces such as wall-mounted electric fireplaces and electric fireplace inserts. One thing that keeps electric fireplace logs different than other options is size. It has a smaller outer frame that easily fits in the fireplace. The best electric fireplace logs with heater are also difficult to find. Usually, a standalone product can be a solution, but usually, they are bundled into a larger firebox solution.

Additionally, the small size makes this fireplace heater more flexible than fireplace inserts. This allows you to easily install a log set in your home. Consider placing the heater inside an existing wood fireplace and plug the cable into a secure wall socket.

What Do You Need to Know About Electric Fireplace Logs?

Electric logs for fireplaces with heat use light effects to replicate real flames or wood-burning effects. Typically, lights in the glowing logs move like a real fireplace. Various models use supplementary heat such as an infrared heater and fan to produce heat.

Installing electric fireplace heater logs is simple. Usually, you would place the complete device into an existing wood fireplace and connect it to an adjacent wall outlet. Warm air is pushed into the room by an in-unit heater and fan, and an ambient LED light “flame” that could be projected onto the back of your fireplace or onto a back panel that is linked to the log set.

What is the Purpose of Log Sets in Electric Fireplaces?

You may wonder why people use log sets in electric fireplaces when there is no use for them. Well, log sets have a special role in electric fireplaces. They provide aesthetics and effects of realistic flame and rolling. People use these logs for décor and design.

With electric fireplace heater logs, you should receive a similar comfort and cozy effect as a traditional wood-burning fireplace. In turn, enjoy the log set effect without the dirt, mess, and health concerns.

How Do Electric Fireplace Logs Look Different Than a Real Fireplace?

Electric fireplace logs mimic the appearance of a wood-burning fire by using light effects, usually with glowing logs but occasionally with flame effects as well. Some designs will also use an infrared heater or fan to add extra heat.

Electric fireplaces of higher grade — which are normally more expensive—will typically appear more realistic than electric fireplaces of lower quality. They can deliver a larger, brighter, and more random flame display with a full grate of life-size hardwood-cast logs, for greater depth.

One of the goals of electric fireplace logs can be to resemble a specific genuine fireplace, like a wood-burning stove or a fireplace insert. The logs should be of sufficient quality to resemble a real fireplace. Look for various features to set the mood by toggling between warm hues or a flicker effect for enhanced firelight.

Is It Possible to Change an Electric Fireplace Log Insert?

When you don’t want to deal with the effort of starting or maintaining a fire, electric fireplace inserts are a convenient alternative that has advanced significantly in recent years. Fortunately, converting your conventional wood fireplace to an electric fireplace is simple.

Start your project by removing the present grate. Because this might be a nasty procedure, gloves should be worn. Use a brush to remove the ashes from the old firebox. Avoid using a vacuum cleaner unless your fireplace hasn’t been used for a long time because some hot embers might still be there.

To be sure you get the right unit, measure the opening, depth, and height of your fireplace. The insert’s size will determine how snug it fits. You can purchase a fireplace trim kit to fit more comfortably. Inserts are typically 50 pounds in weight, making them light, portable, and easier to place securely in the firebox without difficulty.

Access the builder’s box’s side panel to add a plug or pigtail and connect it to a power source. It can be plugged into any regular household outlet. The electrical outlet might be in the stonework next to the fireplace. The appliance you choose ought to come with attachment clips to make it easier to affix it to a newly framed-out fireplace.

To secure the log set, you can silicone it to the masonry fireplace’s floor. The masonry fireplace opening should be almost completely covered by it.

Consider hiring a licensed electrician to build a permanent outlet within the firebox so that it is simple to conceal and keep out of sight if you wish to make it a permanent installation. The unit’s power button will probably be on the side or top and is accessible with the included remote control.

The insert is ready to use as soon as you switch it on. Customize the flame to your personalized settings. It should take a few minutes to complete the installation process, so you can start using it right away.

What Types of Homes Do Electric Fireplace Logs Fit with Best?

Electric fireplace logs fit in any type of homes. This could include a single-family home, townhouse, condo, or apartment.

Choose a location for the electric fireplace insert (that includes the logs). Then, learn how to install one into an existing fireplace. The type of electric fireplace logs (with heat) should determine the location within the living space.

Whether you want an insert that fits inside the cavity of your wall or a standalone unit to exhibit, there are many different styles of electric fireplaces available. To decide what kind of fireplace you need, choose the right space, understand your dimensions, and viewing distance for a full experience. Usually, a 6-8 ft distance (view while sitting) from the log set helps.

The placement of electrical outlets throughout the space is another thing to think about. You might have access to up to three outlets, depending on the size of the room. Put the fireplace close to an electrical outlet to make it simple to plug it in without an extension cord. Although using an extension cord to place the fireplace in other rooms of the house may be more convenient, it can also result in electrical problems, fires, and overheating.

What Should Simulated Electric Logs for Fireplaces Look Like?

The flames dance like they would in a genuine wood fireplace, and the resin logs have burning embers that appear to be natural. Even wood knots may be seen dotted along the logs if you look closely.

Depending upon the electric fireplace logs heater, different flame settings can range from a gentle light to a bright, cozy fire. Create the ideal ambiance thanks to this fine control. They also can feature a timer feature that lets you conserve electricity.

The logs in some less expensive electric fireplaces might not be as neatly put together and look plasticky, and the lighting effects could not produce particularly realistic-looking flames or burning ember effects.

If you have the budget, you can purchase electric fireplace logs that seem quite authentic.

For the most authentic experience, some models can make use of a variety of the most recent technologies, such as ultrasonic flames or smoke effects. The drawback of these models is that they may not include a heater because they concentrate on creating the most lifelike flame displays.

For this discussion, we didn’t choose one of the more expensive versions – but the most common in the marketplace.

Electric Fireplace Inserts vs. Electric Heater Logs for Fireplace

Electric logs for fireplaces with heat are a budget-friendly option and don’t require a gas line. Also, you don’t need ventilation system since the heater doesn’t emit smoke and flames. These safety features make it an eco-friendly option.

Electric log sets have the lowest pricing point, with many big-box stores selling them for under $200. An electric fireplace insert is more expensive but will enable both enhanced aesthetics and functionality of your fireplace.

Fireplace inserts and log sets typically provide around 5,000 BTUs, which is sufficient additional heat to keep a 400-square-foot room warm (as a secondary heat source). They can be used year-round for atmosphere and ambiance instead of heat alone.

They’re wonderful for folks who want a little bit of the aesthetic [of a fireplace], but not all the heat.

Installation of an electric fireplace insert is still extremely simple, even though it might occasionally be a little more complicated than simply plugging in a wood set.

There isn’t much left to it after you install the surround and insert the appliance into your existing fireplace. A standard wall outlet can be used to power the installed unit, just like a log set, however many people prefer to have an electrician hardwire the insert into the electrical system from the back.

Do Electric Heater Logs for Fireplace Generate the Heat?

Electric fireplace heater logs emit heat in addition to beautiful flames, and you can typically choose whether to use the heater or not. When you plug in a log set, metal coils inside the unit heat up, and a fan circulates heated air throughout your living space. The logs are rarely warm to the touch since heat is only produced in the coils.

The flames should be realistic and have colors of yellow and orange, just like actual fire. Richly detailed logs and blazing ember beds are included with inserts, which can be quickly and easily fitted in any fireplace opening. The electrical cord that connects the units to any typical household socket is wired. A conventional light bulb and light that has been refracted in a three-dimensional pattern are what create the convincing flames.

Compared to other electric fireplace logs, you might find electric fireplace log models that aren’t able to emit heat since they are often smaller in size. Many models don’t necessarily have room for a heater.

If an electric fireplace log set can generate heat, it should have a heater. You can review the heater’s maximum heat output on the product box or website. One of two types of heaters could be used to generate the heat:

1. Fan Forced Heater

With the use of a blower and heating element, fan-forced heaters warm the area by forcing cooler air through the heater.

These fireplaces are noisy since they employ fans, but they often contribute to fireplace cost savings and are consequently more common in less expensive models.

2. Infrared Heaters

You’ll feel the heat radiating upon you from infrared heaters because they don’t have any moving parts and are therefore much quieter. Infrared heaters are used by our own electric fireplace wood set to generate heat.

Electric Fireplace Log Sets: Pros and Cons

Deciding between a traditional fireplace and electric heater logs for a fireplace can be difficult with diverse opinions on the internet. Here are some pros and cons of electric fireplace log heaters to help you make an informed decision:


  • Looks realistic
  • Easy installation
  • No mess
  • Budget-friendly option
  • Portable heater
  • Little maintenance
  • No harmful emissions
  • No harmful flames


  • No real sounds
  • No real smells
  • No real flames
  • Can look slightly tacky

Bottom Line

Electric fireplace logs with heaters are perfect solutions if you don’t want a mess created by traditional fireplaces. You can place the electric fireplace logs inside the existing fireplace space. Now plug the wire in the outlet and enjoy realistic flames. Moreover, the infrared heating components generate heat with safety features.

MagikFlame sells top-quality electric heater logs for fireplaces. We are a leading company in the electric fireplace market with innovative designs and technology options. We strive to produce eco-friendly fireplace solutions with ultra-realistic flame appearance.

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