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Are There Electric Fireplaces That Match a White Entertainment Center?

White Electric Fireplaces Entertainment Center

If you have a beautiful, modern entertainment center in your living room, and you are trying to figure out which type of modern electric fireplace will go well with it, then you are reading the right article. A piece of furniture like an off-white or bright white entertainment center goes very well with a mid-century modern home decor aesthetic. Whether the white finish is high gloss or matte, it is important to match it with a good fireplace.

Of course, it won’t be surprising if you have a lot of questions when choosing an electric fireplace for your living room. Is an electrical fireplace the right way to go? Should I have an entire entertainment wall with a fireplace built into it? What brand should I get to go with my entertainment center or TV console? If I haven’t bought a TV stand yet, should I go with a TV stand that has an electric fireplace as a one-piece entertainment center? What kind of features should my modern TV stand have? How do I choose a fireplace that goes well with the rest of my living room furniture?

In this article, we are going to explore the answers to all of these questions so that you can figure out what options there are and which choices you should lean toward.

Here Are The Things That You’re Going To Learn By Reading This Post:

  • Why Should Somebody Choose To Get an Electric Fireplace To Go With Their Entertainment Center Instead of One of the More Traditional Fireplace Options That Are Available? – Although you probably already know why so many regions around the United States don’t even allow you to build a new traditional fireplace with your home, this first section will help anyone who may still be a bit on the fence. We will cover the multitude of issues that fireplaces that are used to burn wood or even burn gas have. We are also going to shine a light on many of the reasons people see choosing an electric fireplace as a no-brainer.
  • What Kind of Electrical Fireplace Types Are There and Which Go Well With a White Entertainment Center? – Just like cookware or other useful things in your home, electrical fireplaces come in a very wide variety of models that fit properly into different scenarios and situations. For this section of the post, we will focus on the more common types of electrical fireplaces and why they may or may not be a good match to go with your standalone media console or larger built-in media stand.
  • What Features Should I Be On The Lookout For When Choosing a TV Stand or Electric Fireplaces To Go With a White Entertainment Center or TV Stand? – Whether your TV console or entertainment unit has shelving like open shelves, glass doors, or plenty of deep cubby space for your cable box or gaming consoles, it is important to know what features your electrical fireplace has so that it fits the console table that you have. In this part, we will focus on what kind of TV stand to get if you don’t have one yet, and what kind of electric fireplaces will go well with them.
  • What Brands of Electrical Fireplace Brands Will Go Well With an Entertainment Center or TV Stand? – Don’t quickly whip out your credit card or gift cards and buy the first budget fireplace you see on sale. Generic fireplaces tend to have a variety of problems. Instead, make sure to read this section of the post that will help you understand exactly what brands of fireplaces you should be looking at and why. If you go buy a fireplace without reading this section, you are likely to be incredibly disappointed with your purchase.
  • Why Is MagikFlame One of the Best Fireplace Options and Which MagikFlame Models Are Best To Go With An Entertainment Center or TV Stand That Is White? – When it comes to a top electrical fireplace to go with your one-piece entertainment center, MagikFlame is the easy choice to go with. This section will talk about everything that is so great about MagikFlame fireplaces and which of their models can greatly complement your white TV entertainment console.

Why Should Somebody Choose To Get an Electric Fireplace To Go With Their Entertainment Center Instead of One of the More Traditional Fireplace Options That Are Available?

Gas fireplaces still come with the worry of dangerous carbon monoxide fumes.

To properly understand the immense problems with traditional fireplaces, you need to know exactly what kind of fireplaces are out there. Here are the common wood types:

  • Open Hearth – The most common type of fireplace that you can possibly think of will be these open hearth-style wood fireplaces. These are fireplaces with large openings to build the fire. As the fire burns, smoke is ventilated by rising through the flue and out of the chimney of your home. These may or may not have a mantel and the hearth floor itself can be flush with the floor or it can be a raised hearth. Traditionally, many generations ago, these were used for cooking in the hearth and not just for heating your home in cold winter. These fireplaces have the most exposed flames indoors and are the least efficient when they are producing heat.
  • Enclosed – Slightly more modern than the traditional open hearth wood fireplaces is this enclosed version. Everything else is exactly the same except for these fireplaces being blocked from exposure to the open room. Instead, there are some doors that are usually made out of glass where you can see the fire inside. Vents are used to let the heat radiate into the room. Because of their enclosed design, these will usually burn wood a little more efficiently than an open-heart design.
  • Insert – If someone has an open hearth style wood fireplace and they want it to be an enclosed style wood fireplace, they would use one of these types of inserts that allow you to turn it into an enclosed version. These inserts slide directly into the opening of an open-hearth fireplace. These are very similar to electric fireplace inserts, except they still burn wood, making them not nearly as efficient.
  • Wood Stove – You might find a wood stove in a cabin, hunting lodge, or a home with a strong farmhouse decorating style. These can be easy to burn yourself on because they basically are just large metal stoves with a door in front. You open the door, place wood inside of the wood stove, and burn it inside. As it burns, heat radiates from all sides and the top of the stove. The top can be used for cooking. There is often just a small venting pipe for ventilation. These units can’t usually be used directly against a wall like a standard fireplace due to the heat radiation. Instead, they have to be slightly away from the wall, if not the center of the room entirely.
  • Fire Pit – While you would never use these indoors at all, these are outdoor fireplaces that are used more as a novelty if you want to spend time outside in colder months or even cold nights in the warmer months. These are nothing more than circular units to burn wood in and they must be completely exposed to the sky. You don’t want to use these too close to the home and never under any kind of patio covering.

Unfortunately, with all of their nostalgic atmosphere, wood fireplaces suffer from an abundance of issues that make them less than ideal for use in a modern home:

dangerous part of a fireplace
The most dangerous part of a fireplace is actually the inside of the flue and chimney.

House Fire Chance – Burning wood indoors will obviously increase the risk of a house fire. Having crackling flames exposed to your room can lead to an ember hitting something flammable and starting a fire where you don’t want one. Even with a protective screen, a log that is burning can fall off of the grate and roll into the room in a freak accident. However, the most dangerous part of a fireplace is actually the inside of the flue and chimney. Throughout the year as you use your fireplace, tons of soot will build up on the inner walls of the chimney and flue. This soot, once it is built up enough, can actually catch fire from the flames in your fireplace. This leads to your entire chimney on fire, which then will quickly spread and engulf the rest of the house.

Gas fireplaces still come with the worry of dangerous carbon monoxide fumes.

Breathing Hazard – Burning wood produces a lot of smoke. Although the purpose of the chimney is to make sure this smoke leaves your home instead of sticking around inside of the room, this just doesn’t work completely. No matter what, some smoke will begin to fill your home and this can be a serious hazard for your breathing. On top of this, as wood burns, the process isn’t a complete burn, and carbon monoxide is released in the process. Again, this usually ventilates through the chimney, but some of it still enters the home. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious issue and it can be fatal.

Heavy Maintenance
There is so much work that goes into keeping a fireplace clean.
  • Heavy Maintenance – There is such a hassle just to use a wood fireplace to heat your home. Let’s go through the process. First, before you do anything, you have to clean all of the ash out of the fireplace from the day before. Then, you have to split logs if they aren’t already split. Then you have to build the fire. Finally, after lighting the fire, you have to watch it for safety and stoke the flames as the fire dies down. You also have to clean out the chimney a few times per year, but instead of doing it yourself, you have to hire a professional to come and do it for you.
  • Bad Smell – The smell of smoke will always linger in your home when you are using it. The smell will get into your furniture and your curtains. It will also get into the clothes that you are wearing and even your hair. No matter how much you get used to the smell, it is still there and your guests will notice. When you leave to go somewhere else, you will smell like a fireplace and you may not even be aware of it, but everyone else will notice.
Nasty Stains
MagikFlame saves you hours of cleaning time because it is so low maintenance.
  • Nasty Stains – Wall stains from the smoke are inevitable with wood-burning fireplaces. The wall directly above the fireplace will turn dark after years of use. If you have white walls in your home, they will eventually be yellow. It can also stain light-colored carpets, drapes, and furniture.
Costly Heating
Buy it, chop it, and store it–with a MagikFlame, you would already be enjoying the fire.
  • Costly Heating – Burning wood is wildly inefficient. Most of the heat escapes through the chimney, so you have to burn a ton of wood to keep your home warm.
Plan for a lot of storage during the winter months.
  • Storage – You need adequate storage space for the large amount of wood that you are going to need.
TV Damage
Not all warranties will cover damage caused by a gas or wood-burning fireplace.
  • TV Damage – You can’t mount a TV above a wood fireplace. The smoke will destroy the internal electronics.

Gas fireplaces aren’t much better. There are two types:

  • Vented
  • Ventless

Both have their issues.

  • Exposed Flames – Flame exposure still means fire hazard.
  • Breathing Hazard – No smoke present but still carbon monoxide.
  • Flame Weakness – Notoriously weak flames that hardly flicker like a real fireplace.
  • Flame Color – Either weirdly colored orange or yellow flame color, or for ventless, a neon blue color.
  • Gassy Stench – The gassy smell will linger the same way a smoky smell lingers with wood fireplaces.
  • Difficult Installation – Installing gas lines can be expensive and time-consuming.

On the other hand, electrical fireplaces have all of these wonderful benefits that you can look forward to:

  • They aren’t a fire hazard.
  • They don’t produce harmful emissions.
  • They have simple functionality and are easy to use.
  • They include a remote control.
  • The installation is simple because you just set them down and plug them in.
  • You can mount flat screen TVs up above them.
  • High-quality ones have realistic fire effect simulation.

What Kind of Electrical Fireplace Types Are There and Which Go Well With a White Entertainment Center?

Because different people have different needs based on a wide variety of factors, there are several types of electrical fireplaces to meet these different needs. Some of these types will go well with your TV stand, and some of them will not. It’s important that you know the difference between these different types so you can pick the best one for your needs. Here are the common models:

  • Fireplace Mantle Flat Wall Unit – People who want an electrical fireplace that most resembles a normal open hearth fireplace will get one of these units. They are built to go against the flat part of a wall, installed on the floor. These come as a combo: the main fireplace and the fireplace surround mantel. This is so multiple mantel types can be sold with each fireplace. While they come together, they are usually unattached and you need to combine them when installing them. These will go well with an entertainment center if you have enough space for it. Even if you have less space, you can find these units in more compact versions as well.
  • Corner Fireplace – Sometimes you want a fireplace that sits perfectly in the corner instead of the flat of a wall. That’s what these corner units are made for. They are just like the standard unit but fit more compactly in the corner. These units are great if you need to save some space to make room for a larger entertainment center.
  • Fireplace TV Stand – These are units that are an entertainment center and fireplace as one piece. If you already have an entertainment center, you can ignore this completely. For people considering one of these, remember that they usually need to sacrifice some quality of the fireplace by making it smaller to make room for shelves, cabinets, and other features.
  • Fireplace Corner TV Stand – These are just like the TV stand above except they are built to be in the corner of a room. The same problem where you need to sacrifice the quality of the fireplace to make space for shelves and other things still applies here. The problem tends to be even worse in these units due to the limited size and shapes you have to work with.
  • Wall Mount Fireplace – These are units that go against the flat of a wall but can be mounted up on the wall for an interesting look that is a bit more modern. It is also common to install these into a wall recession. By installing it deep into a wall so the fireplace sits flush, you can save even more space. Keep in mind that these are primarily just for homeowners due to the work that needs to be done to the wall. Renters should stick with models that are installed sitting on the floor.
  • Freestanding Fireplace – One of these portable units is exactly the same as any space heater you might find except that it tries to simulate the look of a fireplace. One of the issues here is that because they are limited in size and weight, they lose out on the ability to heat well when they need to make room for the visuals. If you want a good fireplace, just get one of the classic units that we have listed above. Stay away from these portable units that try to do too much in such a small device.
  • Electric fireplace Insert – These inserts convert traditional fireplaces into electric ones by being installed directly into them. You can also get one of these if you want to go with a mantel style that is different from the ones offered by the company that makes the fireplace you want. Additionally, these are good if you choose to build your own entertainment wall and want a mantel style electric fireplace that is built directly into a portion of it.
  • Electric Stove – These are electric units that are made to mimic a rural wood stove. While they may work with a farmhouse country style, they will clash with any kind of modern style, especially paired with an entertainment center.

What Features Should I Be On The Lookout For When Choosing a TV Stand or Electric Fireplaces To Go With a White Entertainment Center or TV Stand?

When choosing a TV stand, you need to be careful to choose the features that look great, are useful, and fit your overall design aesthetic. This can be things like hanging a floating entertainment center, making sure it has plenty of open shelves like bookcases, storage space like storage drawers or cabinets with glass doors, and more. If you have a larger TV like a 60-inch TV or larger, you also need a TV wall console that can fit larger flat-screen TVs up onto them. Do you want something that looks more like a storage cabinet, armoires, or sideboard? Do you want a TV stand with a sound bar built into it? Do you have a lot of devices like a cable box or DVD player and you need a good wire management or cable management system? Don’t neglect cable management if you have several devices to install. Will you have bookcases built on either side of the wall unit or are adjustable shelves in the unit enough for storage space? If storage is important to you and you need plenty of space for movies, games, or more, keep in mind that you will need a bigger unit.

Just like your TV stand, the electric fireplace that you chose for the bedroom is equally important if you want it to go with a modern, white television stand. When choosing an electrical fireplace, there are a few things to make sure you are considering carefully:

  • What kind of material is it made out of?
  • What is the overall color of the unit?
  • What does the fire effect technology inside look like?

When you are choosing the material, you want to make sure you get a material that will last a long time and won’t chip or have issues after only a year or two. It is better to go with something made from solid wood. Particle boards and even MDF tend to not last as long as something built out of solid pieces of wood. Keep in mind what type of wood you want to use too. While a rustic reclaimed look, like the unit reusing a sliding barn door, might look interesting for more of a farmhouse style, for a modern style, you are better off with something made of oak or another strong wood.

For color, if you are trying to match this with a white TV stand, you want something with a white finish as well. Although it can be a bit tempting to go with something darker like espresso, it can absolutely stand out way too much. You want the pieces in your living space to blend together as a group, instead of one drawing too much attention from the rest.

For the fireplace itself, it is vital that you go with a high-end fireplace that looks like the real thing. Stay away from units that just use basic color LED lights or LED lights that spin on a mechanical device. Go with something realistic like a holographic flame effect fireplace. If you get a fireplace with cheap visual effects, it will clash with your nice modern TV stand and look incredibly tacky.

What Brands of Electrical Fireplace Brands Will Go Well With an Entertainment Center or TV Stand?

TVs look amazing mounted above a MagikFlame.

Don’t buy generic brands. They break. They don’t warm a room as much as they should. Their flame effects look terrible. Instead, stick to better brands that you won’t regret purchasing. There are some decent brands out there like Duraflame, Highboy, Touchstone, Dimplex, and more. While some of their flame effects are decent, none of them look as realistic as they should.

When considering a brand of electric fireplace to match your white TV entertainment center, choose any of the beautiful white fireplace models that MagikFlame has to offer and enjoy a powerful heating device with top-of-the-line realistic flame visuals.

Why Is MagikFlame One of the Best Fireplace Options and Which MagikFlame Models Are Best To Go With An Entertainment Center or TV Stand That Is White?

Matching a white TV stand or entertainment center with a MagikFlame electrical fireplace is an easy decision to make. Here are all of the reasons that you will not regret getting a MagikFlame for your home:

  • The Flame Visuals Are The Best on the Market – It’s true that MagikFlame customers love MagikFlame fireplaces for the outstanding realistic 3D flames. All MagikFlame units use Holoflame technology. This means that 3D flames that flicker are projected onto logs that are present in the firebox of these units. There are 30 different flame styles that you can easily swap between so that the mood of your room is set by the flames that you choose.
  • The Flames Come With Crackling Log Sounds – Having flames move around without actually hearing any crackling of the logs is pointless. That is why MagikFlame fireplaces include audio of crackling logs to further enhance the experience. There is no reason not to be fully immersed when enjoying the comfort of your home with a MagikFlame fireplace.
  • The Heater Inside Is Powerful and Will Save You Money – The technology that is used to warm your home is a 5,200 BTU infrared convection heating device. As air is pulled into the MagikFlame, an infrared quartz heating coil quickly warms the air and it is cycled back into the room. Because of this infrared quartz technology, rooms can be warmed very fast and it uses the minimal amount of electricity that is needed to do so. These heaters can warm an area of around 1,000 square feet. For some people with homes a little larger than that, you can easily install a second fireplace in a different part of the home and only use a fireplace when that part of the home is occupied. This strategy is called zone heating and it can save you even more money by only keeping a portion of the home warm instead of the entire home warm when many of the rooms don’t have anybody in them.
  • The Smartphone App Makes It Effortless To Control – You really can’t go wrong with using this smartphone app instead of a standard remote. This can be installed on your smartphone or your tablet if you prefer. From the app, you can turn your MagikFlame on or off, set the thermostat as you see fit, and cycle through flame and audio effect choices.

If you are specifically matching a white entertainment center with a MagikFlame, you are in luck because most MagikFlame fireplaces are beautiful, white units. The only real differences are specific styles of details, the size of the unit depending on the space you have, and whether you want a standard unit or a corner unit. Of course, if you are building a customer wall as your entertainment center, you can also incorporate one of MagikFlame’s inserts directly into your design as well.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is for general informational purposes only. While we strive to ensure accuracy, there may be errors, omissions, or discrepancies. The author and publisher make no warranties about the accuracy, reliability, or suitability of the information contained herein.

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