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What Are The Benefits of a Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace?

Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

A wall-mounted fireplace is a unique heating solution for any home. It brings with it many benefits and upgrades to your home you would never have deemed possible. With a wall-mounted electric fireplace, you upgrade your home’s appearance in ways that make it feel and look modern.

A wall-mounted electric fireplace is also the best way to give your home a modern design. If you want to achieve a minimalist or contemporary look for your home, then getting a linear electric fireplace will serve your needs quite well.

Installing a wall-mounted electric fireplace in your home is a great idea instead of a gas fireplace. It is also a massive upgrade over wood-burning fireplaces, traditional fireplaces, and gas fireplaces. There are plenty of wall-mount electric fireplace ideas that are intended to upgrade your home decor. Knowing the benefits that you will enjoy once you install the wall-mounted electric fireplace, you will be more likely to take on this idea.

All you need is the positive aspects of the wall-mounted option and how it is expected to change your home’s feel. Once you know the benefits you stand to gain, the rest of the transformation and upgrade process will be simple and straightforward. You will not have to worry about investing and the kind of assistance you need for the installation.

Additionally, knowing the benefits has proven to encourage people to follow more wall-mounted fireplace ideas they have been pondering. When you know what you stand to gain by doing something, you will be more likely to push on with it.

For your home decoration and heating needs, a wall-mounted electric fireplace can be quite the solution. Read on to find the inspiration you need and more wall-mount electric fireplace ideas before making that vital upgrade.

In this post, you will learn:

  • What is a Wall Mounted Electrical Fireplace?
  • Reasons People Opt for a Wall-Mounted Electrical Fireplace
  • Benefits of Wall-mounted Electric Fireplaces
  • Situations, where you need a Wall Mounted Electrical Fireplace
  • MagikFlame Electric Fireplaces

What is a Wall-Mounted Electrical Fireplace?

There are different kinds of fireplaces available on various markets such as Amazon, Amantii, Sideline Touchstone, Napoleon, Dimplex, and MagikFlame. The fireplaces are all designed differently depending on where you will use them.

For instance, a Dimplex fireplace designed to be moved around a lot will be pretty different from a fireplace intended for a permanent installation at the house’s location. The freestanding sideline fireplace on the floor is also different from a flush mount or recessed electric fireplace.

Based on these differences, it is essential to know what electric fireplaces are. To start with, the fireplace is mounted on a wall. It hugs the wall very tightly and is usually installed by fixing it to the wall.

The wall-mounted electric fireplaces do not take up any of the floor space. Wall-mounted electric fireplaces do not touch the floor at all. Instead, it is elevated above the floor, which means there is reasonable space between it and the floor.

The wall-mounted electric fireplaces would look and feel like a massive flat-screen television that has been fixed to the wall. It is usually hung to the wall by first installing a bracket that holds it to the wall.

The bracket is spaced out to ensure that all the sides and corners of the fireplace are balanced. Additionally, the bracket is screwed into the wall, and fixing it this way means that the fireplace has a solid and firm place to hold on to. Any wall-mount fireplace ideas should be able to take advantage of this fact.

The fireplace can be attached to the wall in any room of your home. However, there are certain exceptions, such as your bathrooms, where you cannot think of having wall-mount fireplace ideas for your electric fireplaces. The other rooms can have electric fireplaces that supply warmth to the entire room. You only need simple wall-mount fireplace ideas for your electric fireplaces to keep a whole room warm. The fireplace is capable of supporting the whole room comfortable and welcoming to visitors and family.

In many homes, the wall mount fireplace ideas keep the electric fireplaces installed in the room that people spend most of their time in. Typically, this is the living room or the dining room where your wall-mount fireplace ideas come to life. Plenty of living room ideas involve wall-mounted fireplaces that are known to use less space.

Placing the fireplace centrally in such a location makes it possible to have a focal point of attraction in your living room. It also adds to the ambiance of the living room and spruces up the interior design. Any home can have a wall-mounted fireplace installed as long as the wall is strong enough to support the vertically installed fireplace.

Wall-mounted electric fireplace supply is great for considerably larger spaces due to their fireplace design. For instance, it can distribute heat to a larger surface area in sq. ft owing to its elevated installation. The fireplace’s high position means that the heat and warm air currents produced can flow throughout the entire room.

Having a wall-mounted fireplace means that the air coming out of the fireplace is clean and warm for the occupants to breathe. Fireplace design features ensure that the air’s humidity is not dried out and the home occupants have a comfortable, breathable, and safe atmosphere.

There is a massive difference between wall-mounted electric fireplaces and other kinds of wall-mounted fireplace ideas. For instance, the fireplaces that take up floor space cannot be considered to be wall-mounted. For a fireplace to be wall-mounted, it has to take up a large surface area on the wall.

It also has to be designed so that it can make use of only the wall space. The ideal wall-mounted fireplace should not be touching the floor in any manner. It should also be space-conscious and designed to fit into all kinds of spaces that you might have at your home.

Reasons People Opt for a Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace

Style matters and most people looking to spruce up their homes’ appearance opt for the best electric fireplace. They appreciate those wall-mounted electric fireplaces will seem to disappear into the decoration details of the home. It does not stand out from the rest of the wall but still serves its purpose well.

Being fashionable makes people want to have wall-mounted fireplaces in their homes. They appreciate that the fireplace’s wall-mounted nature means that the elegant displays on them will seem to merge with the rest of the wall. Making a fashion statement at your home and providing comfort at the same time is possible with a wall-mounted fireplace.

Most apartments in which people live are very space-conscious. A lot of the floor space is used for creating and implementing design ideas, meaning that anything that creeps into space is immediately eliminated. It is also why most people do not prefer having fireplaces that will eat up their floor space. Floor space in many homes is costly and a reason many choose to install wall-mounted electric fireplaces.

The wall-mounted electric fireplaces are designed to stay out of the way without eating into the available space. The homeowner will genuinely appreciate having a lot of space to work and design ideas when they have a fireplace that does not trip them up as they walk. Safety is another important reason for people choosing to install wall-mounted electric fireplaces in their homes.

Whenever there are fireplaces close to the floor, children playing and pets moving around will be likely to get in touch with the stainless steel heating element. In these cases, the children are likely to get injured, and getting scalded by an electric fireplace insert that is close to the floor can be costly. The unexpected medical expenses are not something good or welcome, and the more reason to have the fireplace installed high up where children and pets cannot reach it.

Typical fireplaces require a lot of additional installation, such as protective stainless steel barriers around them. Usually, the stone fireplace or brick fireplace that needs the fireplace surround to be built around them tends to remain close to the floor. The stone fireplace barriers are installed to ensure that there is no interaction and that the fireplaces stay safe and secure for anyone who might interact with them. With the option to mount the fireplace on the wall where it will be out of reach, more people are upgrading their homes in this way. A source of heat that is out of reach will also mean peace of mind for the homeowner and interior designer.

No longer does the parent constantly worry about their kids and pets’ safety whenever they are close to the fireplace. Additionally, you will better organize the home with a wall-mounted fireplace. Wall-mounted electric fireplaces will ensure that the rest of the house appears well-managed and more organized.

There is no clutter on the floor to confuse people and cause chaos or nightmares. Appearances are also enhanced whenever a wall-mounted electric fireplace is installed in a home. For most homeowners and architects, it is the best way to make a fashion statement and give their homes a modern upgrade.

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces were not possible in the past as the technology required for their installation had not yet been invented. With new technology, installing wall-mounted electric fireplaces as a simple DIY fireplace exercise has become possible.

Additionally, the setup procedure is simple and can be done by one person. It is another reason many people prefer the wall-mounted fireplace compared to any other available alternatives in the market. A single fire-and-forget installation ensures that your home is warm and comfortable for the rest of the winter, and the cold season will not be able to bug you in any way.

When you make a comparison between a wall-mounted electric fireplace insert and an ordinary portable fireplace, you will notice that the wall-mounted option has a better heating capacity. It becomes a permanent feature of your home once installed means that you will not have to be worried about the heat for your home. As long as the area you need to stay warm is covered by the fireplace’s BTUs output, the rest is simple enough with the fireplace insert.

Whenever you are faced with the option between wall-mounted electric fireplaces and the other different types of fireplaces available out there, you might be tempted to pick the others over the wall-mounted option.

Other fireplaces have attractive features that might look as convincing as what the wall-mounted electric fireplaces bring to your home. However, the wall-mounted fireplace has a greater convenience level, and its operational efficiency is way better than what you can get with other kinds of fireplaces.

Adding style to your home using a wall-mounted fireplace should complement what is already in existence. It should not contrast with the other features that you already have at your home. For instance, the color scheme should not change much when you have installed the wall-mounted fireplace.

For this reason, you must choose a fireplace that matches the rest of your room decor. Achieving the modern look in any home is possible when you have a lightweight yet powerful fireplace installation hugging the wall and appearing as if it is not held to any place.

The visual impression made by the wall-mounted electric fireplaces is why most people choose this option for heating their homes. It matches with the rest of the home interior and creates a welcoming and comfortable theme.

With the option to control the fireplace’s lighting levels, you can keep your home softly lit by the fireplace throughout the cold winters. It also contributed to better mods of the home occupants during the chilly months and was a reason to choose a wall-mounted fireplace over any other option.

Benefits of Wall-mounted Electric fireplaces

Appearances matter and contribute to the theme and impression that your home can make to visitors and occupants alike. A wall-mounted electric fireplace has an imposing appearance effect on the entire home.

For instance, it appears as if the heat emanates from the wall, which is an awe-inspiring effect. Anyone who stays inside the house will be able to notice the warmth and comfort that is brought by the electric fireplace. The fact that it is wall-mounted also makes the fireplace one massive upgrade to your home.

Your home’s look and feel are greatly enhanced by the presence of a wall-mounted electric fireplace. The modern flames flickering and waving around on your wall will seem like you have a real fire or have planted flaming flowers right into your wall. The soft glow that comes from the fireplace also has a soothing effect on the home occupants.

The soothing feeling that people will get whenever they see the flame effect on your wall will also contribute to their overall comfort whenever they are in your home. The look also inspires confidence and reflects the modern nature of your home. If you intend to achieve that minimalist or contemporary look in your home using the linear wall-mounted electric fireplace, you will find it very easy to achieve.

The color of the fireplace that you choose, for instance, should match up with the rest of the look of your home. The fireplace tone should be able to balance well with the other colors in your modern living room with an electric fireplace. As such, the wall-mounted fireplace can fit neatly into your home décor without standing out or attracting too much attention.

The fact that the fireplace is mounted on the wall also means that it simply stays out of sight and does not take up much of your effort to notice it. It ensures visual comfort for the people inside the living room and creates the effect that there is more space in your home than people can perceive.

In terms of heat production and distribution to the rest of your home, a wall-mounted electric fireplace can work more efficiently than other means of heating your home. The electric fireplace’s high location makes it possible to distribute warm air to a more significant portion of the room. There are no barriers in its way, and as such, it will be able to work to its maximum capacity.

You get to realize the total value of your money by opting for a wall-mounted electric fireplace. Appearances also matter. The electric fireplace reveals that you can easily hide the extension cords and cables that connect it to the electrical outlet.

The cables can be hidden in the rest of the wall decoration and not take up much of people’s attention. It is also an important safety feature that ensures that children and pets do not tug on the cables, causing accidents.

A safer installation is a massive benefit that people can benefit from the wall-mounted electric fireplace. Being wall-mounted means that you will safely secure it to the wall, and it cannot cause harm to anyone in the home. As people move around, they might bump into items that are on the floor without being aware.

By keeping the wall-mounted electric fireplaces out of reach, the living room can stay safer and more spacious for its occupants. The occupants will realize massive space savings when they install the fireplace on the wall instead of giving up floor space for a fireplace. A fireplace mantel and fireplace TV provide additional space for storage and act as an entertainment center.

A fireplace that is installed on the wall will only use up a little space in the home, but at the same time, it will have a stylish effect while providing heat for the home. Your home deserves plenty of space, and when you have a wall-mounted fireplace and a fireplace mantel, you get to enjoy plenty of space. Being conscious about space also contributes to the overall feel of the home. A contemporary look is achievable when you have a wall-mounted fireplace since space is used more economically in this way.

Any home builder looking to integrate an electric fireplace into their new home, home improvement, and makeover or remodel project will appreciate the MagikFlame line of fireplaces owing to their many features.

An electric fireplace that hangs on the wall is the safest ventless installation you can have in your home. It does not intrude into people’s lives and activities but quietly stays out of their attention. The people in the house will have an easier, safer time when they have a modern electric fireplace to keep them warm.

Being wall-mounted means that the fireplace heater will have a reliable energy source and a single outlet to provide electricity to the fireplace. As such, the ventless fireplace will be working from a dedicated line and will not affect the rest of the home’s electrical supply. A fireplace review should show you this benefit from the perspective that has had experience with the fireplace.

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces also benefit you by complementing the appearance of the home. For instance, you can have a TV wall above it to spruce up your home’s appearance with TV stands next to the fireplace. The fireplace with a TV above acts as the focal point of the house, and even in the warm seasons, it can have a real flame without having to produce any heat. A TV wall-mounted fireplace also boosts the appearance by shifting attention when there is no exciting TV content.

Not interacting directly with the fireplace is another benefit you get to enjoy once you have installed the fireplace heater somewhere children cannot easily reach it. Once installed, you will not interact with the fireplace directly. But instead, you will use other alternatives such as remote controls and mobile apps. These are adequate controls and keep you in total charge over all the fireplace aspects, including the adjustable thermostat.

Situations Where You Need Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplaces

If you have space constraints at your home, then you will need adjustable wall-mounted electric fireplaces. Being wall-mounted, you will be able to create more space in your home. You will also require a wall-hanging electric fireplace whenever you are working with children and pets moving around the home a lot.

Whenever the pet or child encounters a fireplace close to the floor, they will be more likely to play with it. As most fireplaces are not completely tamper-proof, they might pop open and cause harmful damage to the pets and children in your home.

As a safety measure for the sake of your pets and children, you need to have wall-mounted electric fireplaces. The fireplace will keep your home comfortable, and you will not have to worry about them getting hurt. It also gives you peace of mind as you will no longer need to be constantly worried about your kids and pets getting hurt when you have a fireplace that is within their reach.

In case you are living in an apartment where the floor space has all been used up, you need a heating alternative that will not require touching the floor in any way. Wall-mounted electric fireplaces can give you even more space to do your things and go about your life by way of brackets.

It conveniently stays out of the way throughout its operation, and you will not have to give it a second thought once you have installed it. The convenience of using a wall-mounted fireplace is impressive and makes sure that your home is comfortable.

With wall-hanging electric fireplaces, there is also very minimal maintenance required of your fireplace. You do not have to pay much attention to the fireplace, and with this in mind, you will find that you have more time on your hands to do other things.

You will no longer have to clean the dust on the fireplace as the floor’s distance means very minimal dust accumulation on the fireplace. Your fireplace will tend to stay clean for longer, and this almost entirely does away with the need for cleaning routines or maintenance runs on your fireplace.

If you are looking to upgrade your home in terms of appearance, wall-mounted electric fireplaces are one of the best options. Its sleek appearance means that it can fit well with the rest of the decorations that you have on your wall. You will also not have to be worried about the fireplace’s safety as it has been secured to the wall by the use of solid and sturdy brackets. That upgrade means that your home will look and feel more comfortable without sacrificing floor space for the same kind of effect.

MagikFlame Electric Fireplaces

Getting your wall-mounted electric fireplaces from the industry leader has its benefits and advantages. In a way, you will be getting the very best in the field in terms of energy efficiency, longevity, and the kind of technology that has been embedded into the fireplace.

For a very long time, MagikFlame has been the leading designer, engineer, and manufacturer of electric fireplaces for use in homes and businesses. Thus, they are the very best, and many people prefer their fireplaces over many different market choices.

In terms of technology, MagikFlame has not cut corners. They ensure that they use the most advanced technology that is available in the field for their products. As such, they can provide you with impressive features that will blow your mind. Additionally, the use of advanced technology means that their fireplaces have better efficiency and are more effective at their function.

For instance, they can conserve energy by regulating the amount of energy used for the fireplace’s various functions. Carefully regulating the fireplace’s energy means that it can run safely and not get damaged in any way. Power surges will not affect a MagikFlame fireplace, thanks to the technology that has been integrated into it.

Still, on technology, did you know that MagikFlame is the only fireplace available in the world today that employs solid-state technology for its real flame effects? Solid-state technology is the same technology used for your flash drives and the hard drives on your computers.

A hard drive that has been made out of solid-state technology is capable of faster reads and writes with the accuracy of the data being retained to a larger degree. With the use of a technology that changes states to determine the result, MagikFlame fireplaces can produce better flame effects that appear more realistic and convincing.

By placing the flame behind the glowing objects like the logs and the embers, MagikFlame has achieved a more realistic burning effect in their fireplaces. The use of solid-state flame technology means that there are no moving parts used to create the flames.

As such, the producer’s appliances can last for much longer, which is a true reflection of the advancements that are being made by technology. For instance, modern hard drives do not use read-write heads in their operations. They, therefore, last longer and store more significant amounts of data. The same is true for the MagikFlame flame technology and the fact that it can serve you for many years to come.

By focusing on technology, MagikFlame has achieved a heating solution for your home that can keep you comfortable for much longer. The technology has also made it possible to have wall-mounted electric fireplaces that significantly lower amounts of energy without reducing the heat output.

When you read through several MagikFlame reviews on Amazon, you will notice that the advanced features trend in most of them. Most users love that these fireplaces are easy to install no matter where you need to have the fireplace in your home.

They also appreciate the fact that the technology that has been embedded into their products is the very latest and will allow them to have effective and reliable heating solutions that will last them for much longer. It is one way to get accurate information from people who have had first-hand experience with the fireplace. The evidence of the eating is in the pudding, and people familiar with MagikFlame products can attest that they have the best quality.

There are more than 30 different flame types to choose from in the MagikFlame fireplaces, and you can always set the brightness of the flames to something that matches up to your home décor. With the flames, you can easily create for yourself an appearance and atmosphere for your home.

Light, soft lighting is possible, and you will not be required to make any changes to achieve a fantastic visual effect. If you have been following the MagikFlame story, it is not the first time they have beaten the rest of the competition by producing advanced features before them.

You can also hear crackling logs from the fireplace, which adds to the glowing logs, embers, and dancing flames. You can choose from the different themes provided from the comfort of your remote control for sound effects.

You can choose to have the sound seem like it is coming from a tropical rainforest or the beach. Additionally, you have the freedom to control the fireplace from the comfort of your remote control or via the use of a mobile application.

The MagikFlame mobile app is available for Apple devices. It connects to the fireplace through the local network and can control the fireplace over Wi-Fi. You can also be in a very remote place and decide to use the mobile app to log into your fireplace at home to see how hot it is. The use of real-time data means that you have complete control over the fireplace and its capabilities are all at your disposal.

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