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Can You Get Carbon Monoxide Poisoning From an Electric Fireplace?

Can You Get Carbon Monoxide Poisoning From

If you are used to a wood-burning stove, a gas fireplace or propane water heaters, you may be wondering, “Can you get carbon monoxide poisoning from an electric fireplace?” You probably already have carbon monoxide detectors that alert you to co-build up because you are aware of the safety risks of wood and gas heating appliances. If so, you will be relieved to find out that new electric fireplaces such as MagikFlame are completely safe for your family because they do not emit any carbon monoxide whatsoever.

Can You Get Carbon Monoxide Poisoning From Fireplace?

Do You Need a Chimney?

It almost seems counterintuitive, but electric fireplaces do not require a chimney or any air vents. That’s because they do not actually burn a fuel. That’s also the reason that the answer to, “Can you get carbon monoxide poisoning from an electric fireplace?” is an unequivocal “no.” CO, a silent killer, is a byproduct of combustion. Where there’s no combustion, you won’t get dangerous levels of carbon dioxide or run the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

You won’t get sticky black creosote buildup either, because creosote layers are by-products of incomplete combustion in wood-burning fireplaces. Your interior air quality will be healthy, free of smoke, ash and particulates. You can click your electric fireplace on whenever you wish without worrying about opening a damper or if the chimney flue is clear.

Wood stoves and other combustible heaters, most gas fireplaces and propane fireplaces all require some sort of ventilation to operate safely. Even if you have researched gas fireplaces that need no ventilation, you have found that you need a CO detector just to rule out the presence of unvented gas that puts your family in danger.

Unlike these types of space heaters, an electric fireplace can go anywhere in your home without the need to place it near a chimney or exterior wall for venting. You won’t need extra smoke detectors, either.

Advantages When You Get Appliances that Are Electric

  • Zero emissions – no danger of carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Clean – no creosote build up
  • Maintains fresh air – no smoke or particulates
  • Chimney-free
  • Environmentally friendly – no wood, propane or natural gas consumption
  • Safety – minimizes levels of co and resulting risks for heart disease and respiratory damage
  • Economical – energy-efficient LED technology
  • Versatile – place in any room

Electric Fireplace Savings

  • Requires no venting or expensive chimney work
  • Requires no heat shielding or hearth
  • Installs on any existing wall, so no renovation expense required
  • May lower your homeowner’s insurance premium due to safety features – check with your underwriters
  • Energy efficiency means lower utility bills
  • Minimal maintenance lowers or eliminates repair bills

The MagikFlame Story

MagikFlame is a family-owned company founded in 2015 by Howard Birnbaum. His original goal was to create a more realistic electric fireplace, both in appearance and sound, than what was currently available. Tapping into his experience with special effects, he came up with the MagikFlame solution.

Before MagikFlame electric fireplace inserts came to the electric space heater marketplace, manufacturers used various methods to mimic the dancing orange flames of a wood-burning fireplace. They started with gas log inserts similar to the firewood campers use.

One common way these manufacturers simulated flames was reflecting the light from LEDs with a rotating refractor within the unit. This replicated the look of real flames without the risk of life-threatening emissions. Another approach to creating the appearance of a cozy fire is the mist method, in which water vapor rising from the logs reflects LED light to simulate flames.

All electric fireplaces generate warmth from heating elements within the insert that have nothing to do with the simulated flames. This is a far safer heating system than a gas fireplace or wood-burning fireplace.

An internal infrared device radiates the heat throughout your living space. Top of the line models allow you to adjust the heat output too, so you can enjoy your appliance year-round.

This type of fireplace insert does not pose any health risks, nor does it produce any symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning such as shortness of breath, headaches or chest pain. An electric fireplace won’t compromise your indoor air, and it won’t put your family at risk of CO poisoning, brain damage or death.

However, the key to a premium product is a realistic-looking fire. That’s where MagikFlame blows the earlier technology right out of the water. Dissatisfied with the models sold in stores, Howard Birnbaum drew upon his special effects experience from working on such feature films as Harry Potter and The Matrix for a more realistic solution.

He knew that computer-generated images were often even more realistic than life itself, so he decided to stream actual video of real flames behind the logs of an electric fireplace. Once he perfected this technique, the next step was recruiting experienced craftspeople to fashion a finely wrought wood mantlepiece to frame his breakthrough appliance.

The result was the prototype of an electric fireplace good enough to place in his own home. With the addition of the sounds of a crackling wood fire, the MagikFlame prototype provided all the elements that make fireplaces popular with none of the health risks. As it often happens when a visionary like Birnbaum brings his dream to fruition, everybody who saw the new MagikFlame product wanted to know where to buy one of their own.

As early Amazon sales began increasing, the MagikFlame company stepped up to form its own distribution network with its website as ground zero. However, the creative mind is rarely idle, and Birnbaum’s is no exception. Inspired by a trip to Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion, he decided that he could raise the realism bar even higher with holographic technology.

MagikFlame 2.0 came into being. Its patented “HoloFlame” technology produces the most realistic electric fire available, putting it head and shoulders above any other electric space heater on the market. The newest MagikFlame combines the original flames video with holographic projection onto the actual logs within the firebox for a result so realistic it’s nearly impossible to distinguish from an actual fire.

The resulting sales have been astounding. Birnbaum and his MagikFlame team have successfully crafted a safe, best selling electric fireplace with all the sights and sounds of an actual fire but with none of the risks posed by wood or natural gas combustion. When you see MagikFlame 2.0, you might not be able to stop yourself from asking, “Can you get carbon monoxide poisoning from an electric fireplace?” because it looks so real.

How MagikFlame is Built

MagikFlame products are built in the U.S.A. With the help of computerized laser cutters, the measurements of each metal component of the firebox are accurate to 1/1,000 of an inch. This ensures a precision fit that fosters the highest degree of accuracy in form and function.

Pre-programmed fabricators bend each metal piece with computerized precision according to the blueprint for consistent quality and performance. Once formed, the MagikFlame crew applies an electrostatic powder coating to each piece for added strength and durability. After heat drying, the powder coating becomes a super-hard protective shell that enhances the look and the lifespan of each MagikFlame product.

At this critical juncture, our craftspeople take over and assemble the metal framework by hand. They make sure that each component fits perfectly and is securely fastened. It takes time and personnel to do this assembly by hand, but it is essential to a high-quality product.

The installation of our proprietary MagikFlame technology is the next part of the process, and we secure each microcontroller and circuit board by hand. The result is a high-tech, fine-tuned marvel of engineering that will provide years of warmth and comfort to homeowners with none of the worries of old-fashioned fireplaces.

Of course, the completion of assembly is not the end of the process. Each product must undergo rigorous 12-point testing that covers fit and functionality. Only those units that pass with flying colors make it to the next part of the manufacturing process.

Every piece of fine art should have a beautiful frame, and we believe each MagikFlame electric heater needs one too. That’s why we source high-quality, furniture-grade wood and employ expert woodworkers to create MagikFlame mantel surrounds.

With the help of precision cutting and tooling equipment, they produce mantels that fit in perfectly with your fine furnishings for the finishing touch on your upscale décor. Because we firmly believe that form should reflect function, only the highest quality mantel surrounds will do for MagikFlame products.

MagikFlame Electric Fireplace Buying Guide

  • White mantel surrounds
  • Espresso mantel surrounds
  • Cherry wood mantel surrounds

We offer lots of options in wall mantel packages to make sure that you get the look you are searching for in a fireplace. Each mantel fits against an interior wall of your home, and the electric insert fits inside.

You don’t need venting or a chimney, so you have the freedom to choose just where you want your unit to go. The package includes everything you need to start enjoying worry-free, realistic fires with that rich crackling sound of wood sap. You can easily install a Magikflame fireplace yourself.

Although our electric fireplace inserts are available in three different sizes, each one features 5,200 BTU heater and your choice of 30 realistic flame variations. Each unit will efficiently heat up to 1,000 square feet of living space. Each model provides the heat, appearance and sounds of a crackling fire. Some include a phone app, too.

Here is a list of MagikFlame models currently available:

Large: 55” wide by 48” tall

  • Trinity – Sophisticated white surround with fluted side columns, graceful corbels and a fluted top
  • Athena – Alpine white surround with fluted side columns and decorative hand-carved accents

Medium: 52” wide by 43” tall

Compact: 45” wide by 42” tall

MagikFlame Reviews

MagikFlame has received a warm welcome from those who crave the comforts of a fireplace without the health and safety risks. Reviewers who purchased their MagikFlame model directly from the website as well as third-party purchasers give highest marks to the quality of the construction and the responsiveness of customer service.

One reviewer on Amazon recounts his experience with the company as extremely helpful and personalized. He states that he received “unmatched customer service,” and is very pleased with the quality and ambiance of the MagikFlame product. Another purchaser says her new MagikFlame is “worth every penny,” and it is “incredibly realistic.”

Reviews posted on continue in this exceptionally positive vein. They offer high praise for the design, engineering and quality of their purchases. Many comment particularly on how much they enjoy the different setting each MagikFlame offers for varying the ambiance and appearance of the fire.

Customers also love the fact that the company stands behind its products. It provides a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee for all its products, and each Magikflame fireplace comes with a one-year warranty.

Payment Plans and Financing

We make it easier for you and your family to get started on your MagikFlame journey with financing options through our partnership with Bread. You can apply right on our purchase page, and you will get a financing decision almost immediately. Your credit score won’t be affected.

With the right financing from MagikFlame and Bread, you can sit back in front of a crackling fireplace for monthly payments as low as $136.12. We offer no-payment terms for 6, 12, and 24-month periods with no interest if you qualify.

Installation and Maintenance of Your MagikFlame

Your MagikFlame package is all-inclusive and requires only minimal assembly for installation. It is specifically designed for easy installation, but if you need to have wiring installed for your unit, your best approach is to hire a professional to take care of that step. If the spot you have chosen for your fireplace needs to be renovated prior to installation, make sure the job is complete before you get started.

Your package comes with manufacturer’s instructions, so be sure to follow the step-by-step installation guide. Two people can install a MagikFlame within a few hours. The tools you need include:

  • Level
  • Screwdrivers
  • Measuring tape
  • Hammer
  • Ladder (if needed)

Choose a wall in your room that is a focal point. Your MagikFlame fireplace and mantel surround will make a stunning statement that enhances any room in your home. Ideally, it should be in a location that is free of dust and debris, direct sunlight and harsh overhead lights. Place it within reach of an electrical outlet if you are not having the unit hard-wired.

1. Unbox your MagikFlame package.

2. Place the mantel surround against the wall.

3. Plug in the unit.

4. Plug in power cord for the log set.

5. Install the glass with the two screws provided.

6. Turn it on and enjoy.

Unlike wood-burning stoves, which require regular cleaning, your MagikFlame is virtually maintenance-free. From time to time, you may notice dust buildup on the outside and interior of the unit.

Be sure to turn the fireplace off and allow it to cool down before doing any cleaning. Dust the interior with a soft, slightly damp cloth. Clean the unit with the same kind of cloth, using glass cleaner if needed to get rid of dust spots or water streaking. Dust the outside of the fireplace and mantel surround regularly to help maintain its beauty.


Experience the MagikFlame Difference

To find out more about the new MagikFlame fireplace, and settle the question “Can you get carbon monoxide poisoning from an electric fireplace” once and for all, give us a call. We feel confident you will agree that this new clean, safe and amazing technology is ideal for your home and the health of your family. It is also a great way to upgrade your interior décor while adding warmth and comfort. Get in touch with us today.

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Can You Get Carbon Monoxide Poisoning From an Electric Fireplace?