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Frequently Asked Questions


Does it just reflect light on the back?

No. Our fireplace works completely differently than all other fireplaces on the market. Other fireplaces create their flames using mechanical technology. The reality is that a mechanical effect will never be able to truly recreate the organic look of fire the way we can. A mechanical system operates by using an inexpensive Chinese motor to rotate a spindle with some chrome mirrored tabs that reflect light through a flame-like silhouette onto a screen behind the log set. What you’re seeing is a blur of yellow and red and orange which kind of looks like fire but not really. These look super fake but are cheap to produce. That’s why you see them everywhere. Our fireplace creates the fire effect in a completely different way.

Over the course of five years, we’ve invented and patented our proprietary holographic projection technology. That means we start with the real video of actual fire and holographically project that onto a real physical log set to make it look like those logs are really burning. For instance, the physical log set that sits inside of the fireplace has some lights inside of it that flicker and pulsate to look like burning and smoldering embers. We then take an actual video of fire and project that onto a log set making it look like those logs are burning.

Because you’re looking at real video of a real fire, you get all of the subtle details like wispy smoke as it rolls up off of the logs, burning embers as they rise into the air and cool, and even the natural and organic movement of the flame is very true to life, not to mention a lot of variation in flame color throughout. There’s no other fireplace on the market that comes even close to the realism of a MagikFlame. I’m not going to say it’s indistinguishable from the real thing, but it’s pretty darn close!

We’re selling our fireplaces faster than we can build them, and most people love our product and rave about it. That’s a testament to our quality and our innovative technology. People actually wait in line to own a MagikFlame. It’s that good.

Do You Have Additional Questions?

We love talking fireplaces! Call us anytime at 800-558-8098 or chat with us on the web site. We can also be emailed at [email protected]. Usually phone calls and chat widget requests get the quickest replies.

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