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Which Electric Fireplaces Give Off The Most Heat?

which electric firepalces give off heat

Before making the purchase decision for an electric fireplace, it is important to know which electric fireplace gives the most heat. This might be an important factor to consider whenever you are buying an electric fireplace for your home. It will determine, among other things, the ease of use for your fireplace and how comfortable your home is going to get. If you are buying a real fireplace for the long haul or the winter season, you will need to know how much heat it can produce and whether it will be enough to cater to your needs. 

In this post, you will learn:

Electric Fireplaces

Anyone looking for a means of keeping their living space warm but things that a gas or wood-burning fireplace would be impractical should consider having an electric alternative. This is better suited to any room and will not need a vent or a chimney to operate. Due to their operations’ nature, they do not produce fumes or soot and are known to be much safer with a more realistic flickering flame. They are also more affordable and preferred over the traditional kinds of fireplaces.

While still on which electric fireplace gives the most heat, the following are some of the features you should think about when looking for an electric fireplace. They are general features that will help you to make a better choice as you select an electric fireplace for your home.

Heat Production

Even with most electric fireplaces today being for looks alone, the majority generate warmth the same way a space heater does. They are equipped with a thermostat to enable them to maintain a steady temperature in the room. Others feature a basic setting such as low, medium, and high. In general, all electric fireplaces offer the illusion of flickering flames, but the heat options are in three types, as we will see.

Fan-Type Electric

Most of the electric fireplaces available on the market nowadays are fan-type models that produce heat by blowing air over a series of hot coils. The hot air is directed out through the vents that can be either at the unit’s bottom or sides. The fan-type fireplaces are known to produce heat for rooms that are up to 450 sq. ft in size.


Instead of heating the air, this infrared electric fireplace heats the objects in the room. Infrared heat is heated light and warms everything it shines on. It is effective with good heat output and can comfortably heat rooms to 1000 sq. ft. One must be in direct lines of the light rays to be able to feel the warmth.


Electric convection fireplaces let the air circulate naturally. Cool air gets in through a vent close to the unit’s bottom, flowing upwards across the heating element then out through an upper venting inlet into the room. Some of the convection fireplaces are available with a fan that helps direct the airflow and conveniently heat rooms to 600 square feet. Electric convection fireplaces that do not have a fan equipped heat a smaller area near the fireplace itself and are most ideal for rooms that do not have drafts.

The Fire Illusion

Owing to the advances in LED light technology, combined with the use of tiny rolling mirrors, it is possible to create the illusion of real flame in today’s electric fireplaces. But things do not stop here as the fireplace has more functionality. Some of the units allow you to select the flame’s color, such as gold for holiday decor and green for a spring look. Sometimes you might even choose a purple or pink flame that matches your décor or sets it to a specific mood.

Installation and Design

One of the reasons or factors to think about when choosing an electric fireplace is easy installation. An electric fireplace that is easy to install should be plugged into a wall outlet. The important thing to note here is that you can only connect the electric fireplace producing supplemental heat to one dedicated outlet to perform without interruptions. Most modern electric fireplace models require very little else when it comes to installation.

  • Wall-mounted fireplaces look like typical flat-screen televisions and are installed using a bracket.
  • Recessed units are almost similar to the wall-mounted electric fireplace but are designed to fit into a wall cavity. This ensures that the surface is flush with the wall, and most of the structure of the electrical fireplace is hidden from sight. The unit’s installation process usually involves cutting into and reframing the wall studs to make space for the unit. Design-wise, this is an excellent fireplace that will match with the rest of your home decoration and is very effective and convenient.
  • Freestanding mantle fireplaces look like the traditional large electric fireplaces, and their look includes mantels and hearths, which are made from a variety of materials. The materials might include fiberboards, hardwood, plywood, and even slate or ceramic. These fireplaces can be positioned along the wall to make them seem as if they have been built into place. They are also available in corner fireplace configurations that will easily fit into the corner of a room.
  • Electric fireplace stove provides a  real wood-burning cookstove’s rustic appearance and will neatly fit into anywhere they are placed in the room.


Having known the different types of electric fireplaces that are available, you will be interested in the other additional features that are available.

  • Remote Controls working on Dimplex technology
  • Programmable timers that turn the existing fireplace on and off.
  • Touch screen controls for easier interaction and giving commands to the fireplace
  • Dimplex night light features that emit the softest glow.
  • Convenient Bluetooth speakers that play the sound of a crackling fire or your favorite music.

Now, let us make a comparison of all the available electric fireplaces and which ones are best suited for your living space as an option for bringing warmth.

Magikflame Trinity Electric Fireplace

This is one of the best electric fireplaces that is part of the Magikflame story and is perfect for traditional luxury homes. It brings an improved level of sophistication to the living room or any living space and has appeared in many Magikflame reviews. The Trinity fireplace mantel package features a 28-inch electric fireplace insert. This includes 30 of the best realistic 3D flame types, crackling log sounds as well and a built-in heater.

It is available in a pure white option and is not mixed with any other colors. It is a clear example of how magikflame is built. It also features attractive fluted side posts and intricately carved triangular corbels with a bull-nose edge adorning on the right and left sides. It is also one of the most realistic electric fireplaces. At a wattage of 1500 watts, the wall-mounted fireplace can provide heat for a space of 1000 sq. ft. and weighs 200 pounds.

Touchstone 80001-Onyx Electric Fireplace Insert

This amazing fireplace requires a power supply of 220 volts. Touchstone 80001 has a thermostat included, which you can switch to a low and high setting, and an LED that flickers red. It has a power cord of 6 ft. and a noise level that is reasonably below 35 decibels. It is an elegant yet modern way to dress up any wall in your home and has an outside that is reasonably cool to the touch and perfectly safe for a home with pets or kids. You can choose from the many flames and lighting options, and the fireplace has crystals in addition to the realistic burning logs. When combined with the lifelike dancing flames and five different settings from the flame gallery, ensure that you can adjust the fire’s brightness and glow. When you need to maintain the appearance, you turn off the heat but leave the fire on.

The fireplace can be an ideal way to dress up a huge wall you have in your home, and it would look amazing in rooms and bedrooms. It also has a built-in timer that shuts off the fireplace automatically when you leave it. This timer can also let you set the duration between 30 minutes and eight hours. It is also easy to operate and can be installed by two people owing to its lightweight design. It is available in multiple colors and can heat rooms to 400 sq. ft.

TURBRO Suburbs TS20 Electric Fireplace Heater

There are many reasons why this electric fireplace heater is the best freestanding option available in the market. One of the reasons for this is the amazing ease of assembly where all you have to do is attach the four legs and plug it in. It is a classic space heater and electric fireplace with an adjustable thermostat, which allows you to easily control how warm you need your space to be and ranges between 68 and 95 degrees. It also features a beautiful 3-sided glass door that gives you the feeling that you are in front of a real fire.

The duraflame electric fireplace has an amazing design that will look great in your home, workplace, or office. Its LED color allows for a red and orange flame color to give you the best electric fireplaces and the most realistic experience. For safety reasons, the electric fireplace has an overheat auto-off function, and the outside surface does not get hot, which protects people who might touch it from burning. It is available on Amazon with a wall-mounted electric fireplace option and has a panoramic glass door.

Ameriwood Home Brooklyn Electric Fireplace TV Console

This is regarded as the best TV console electric fireplace available on Amazon and works with a power supply of 120 volts. It is also the best TV console electric fireplace to have in your home and lets you choose from a handful of attractive colors. It can also provide a ton of storage space and a great way to make your TV Stand attractive and living room more comfortable.

The fireplace is available in different colors, with each color coming at different price points. You get to choose between black, espresso, natural, and rustic grey. The TV console is also capable of supporting weights and can hold up to 70 pounds, and fits a TV stand that is up to 50 inches in width. Two huge top shelves with cord holes at the back make it easy to install an entertainment center such as a gaming system alongside the fireplace. It is an excellent fireplace TV Stand and can hold a photo idea gallery or other decoration.

There is a beautiful glass cabinet door on each side of the fireplace. On the inside of each of these doors are adjustable shelves that give you even more space, and realistic flames and firewood give you an impression of sitting right in front of an actual fire. The fireplace is also capable of providing heat to an area of up to 400 sq. ft.

Southern Enterprises Calvert Carved Electric Fireplace

This calvert carved electric fireplace space heater can produce and distribute radiant heat in a quick, quiet, and efficient manner for up to 400 sq. ft. It also comes with a remote control that you can use separately to adjust the thermostat, timer, log insert, and realistic flames to bring about a warm and cozy ambiance. The fireplace features an Ivory finish that is combined with stylish floral trim for a soft traditional style. The classic silhouette adds style to your living room or dining room. Energy-efficient and safe, the 1500-watt, 120-volt energy-saving space heater is an automated electric fireplace that is safe to use and has a protective glass that is always cool to the touch. It also features a child-safety lock on the remote control and weighs 85 pounds. It is 44.5 inches wide, 14 inches deep, and 40.25 inches high in terms of dimensions. Once the fireplace has been powered off, the logs and the flames will slowly turn down, giving you that fading visual effect.

E-Flame USA Tahoe LED Portable Freestanding Electric Fireplace Stove

In terms of design, the fireplace features a realistic wood-burning effect in addition to dancing flames. It is lightweight and always feels cool to touch and can easily be moved from one room to another. It is a fashionable zone heating solution for any space and is perfect for your basement, guest room, garage, office, apartment, or motorhome. It is safe for all types of floors.

The electric fireplace features a quiet, fan-forced heater, which has an easy-to-adjust setting for the even distribution of heat. You get to enjoy the warm glow of flames with no heat, and it has automatic shut-off features that automatically shut off the fireplace to prevent overheating. The unit does not produce smoke or odor of any kind and is safe for kids, pets, and the elderly.

Your firebox can be dressed up to reflect your style and all the exterior faces stay cool, which is an amazing way to showcase seasonal décor. The Tahoe also features a charming mesh door. The unit can also reduce your electric bill by utilizing more than 90% less energy than gas. It is easy to start and quickly heats up. The two firebox heat setting options ensure that you don’t pay a high cost to heat your home.

It is quick and easy to assemble, with wattage adjustability between 750 and 1500 watts. It will easily get you comfortable in minutes and is very convenient for different kinds of heating needs.

XtremepowerUS Allure Linear Smokeless Wall Mount Electric Fireplace 50-inch Wide

With an all-year-round ambiance, the holographic electric flame effect of this electric fireplace can be operated with or without heat, which can work to improve the appearance on warm days. The zoned heating provides warmth for up to 400 sq. ft. and only takes 5 minutes to warm the room. It is ideal for use in winter as a means of heating and decoration for the other seasons. It also has realistic flame effects and three different color modes that you can control as you like. The slim installation heater allows for a recessed installation, whereas the unit will plug into the standard 120 v outlet. It has been designed for in-wall installation and is ideal for recessed mounting in some ways.

The electric fireplace design is intended to smoothly merge or blend with the rest of the wall decoration and should not protrude outside. It features a black frame for a sleek, modern look while adding a cozy touch to a bedroom, office, or living room. The most realistic electric flames can be set to any of the available colors and create the perfect ambiance for any room, no matter the season.

The electric fireplace is ETL, UL, and CSA-approved for safety and comfort and has auto-heat kill safety features that enable you to avoid superheating. The infrared quartz heating is good for maintaining the natural humidity within the air without necessarily making the room feel too dry.

A remote control enables users to use it when changing the color, trying out different functions, or setting up the timer. Use the controller to create the effect you want to have on the fireplace. You get to operate the fireplace within short distances and don’t need to touch the controls on the fireplace itself. The package that arrives for installation features a package of crystal, which is useful for creating the fireplace’s visual flame effect, as well as a manual for the steps to be followed during the setup.

PuraFlame Alice 50 Inches Recessed Electric Fireplace, Wall Mounted

The electric fireplace only allows for an in-wall recessed installation and cannot be changed to freestanding or hung on the wall. It is the perfect fit for a 2 x 6″ wall and comes with two different electrical connections, a plug-in, and a hard-wiring option. The electric fireplace also features a very bright and realistic flame effect and has two different options for the ember bed; a log set or crystal stones. In total, four different flame settings cater to your required ambiance and can be operated with optional heat for seasonal ambiance.

The heat outlet at the middle top lets out the warm air with inlets beside it. It also features two heat settings and produces a reasonable amount of heat. However, it cannot be the main source of heat and a thermostat controls the room temperature to match the user’s preferences. It also has a countdown timer that will automatically turn off the fireplace for any duration between 30 minutes and 9 hours.

The electrical fireplace also features a modern home décor that brings comfort and relaxation to your home. It is ideal for the living room, entertainment center, or anywhere else you would want to have it installed. The touchscreen buttons enable a unique user experience and become dim when not interacting for some seconds.

The manufacturer of this particular fireplace brand has been in operation for more than 15 years and is keen on good design and realistic flame effect products. They are also good at their services and are loved by builders, designers, and trend-conscious consumers. The product provides a modern look to any entertainment center and living room. It features hand-painted loose logs, which are intended to provide you with that authentic fire feeling. The design is also clean with a temperature display on the remote, and the package comes with spare parts such as the log design to include in your setup.

DONYER POWER 14” Mini Electric Fireplace Tabletop Portable Heater

This is a small fireplace with parameters that make it fit into limited spaces. It has a net weight of 12 lbs. It operates on 120 volts of power, a wattage of 1500W, and a 200 square feet heating range. The fireplace lets you select from three different modes. The first has an imitation of the real thing with the flames that jump up and is decorative and power-saving without the heating effect. The second mode is a 750W low-heating mode. The last option is a 1500W high-heating mode.

Clogging or blocking the air outlets are improper operations that will drastically increase the internal components’ temperature. If this happens, the automatic overheating protection is activated, and your fireplace gets shut off. This small fireplace produces an optimized appearance that integrates good heating and appearance. It is elegant enough for comforting your friends in the living room and charming enough to be used for studying in the study room.

Reasons for Choosing an Electric Fireplace

Having looked at which electric fireplaces give off the most heat, let us discuss in brief some of the reasons for choosing an electric fireplace as opposed to a  gas fireplace or wood fireplace.

To start with, it is a cost-efficient means of heating your home. Payment plans and financing for the fireplaces are reasonably comfortable. This will depend on the BTU available for each fireplace. Traditional fireplaces have been known to lose up to half of the heat they produce through the chimney. In comparison, electric fireplaces give you 100% of the heat they produce. This means that you will save money you would have spent on wood and coal. People have been known to spend hundreds of dollars on these fuel types for the winter heating in their homes. The electric fireplaces are known to heat up much quicker and save you time in addition to the costs.

Another reason for choosing electric fireplaces over traditional wood fireplaces is their lack of smoke and fumes. While some people will enjoy the smell of a campfire, there are situations where you don’t want the smell to take over your entire home. Traditional fireplaces also involve a lot of smoke and ash dust, which can get your home dirty and is bad for your lungs. Fortunately, electric fireplaces will not produce any fumes or smoke and are harmless.

One of the best features of an electric fireplace is in being mess-free. You only need to clean up the packaging that came with the fireplace upon installation, and there is nothing that can be dragged around your home from the fireplace. This makes it a clean and effective heating solution for your home and it tends to occupy much less space.

An electric fireplace does not require you to stock up on firewood, and this saves you space while ensuring that your home stays clean. Firewood prices have been known to go very high during the winter, and it will be more cost-effective to use an electric fireplace.

The electric fireplaces also have more safety features than traditional fireplaces, which is why they are a better choice for many people. There is no risk associated with real fuel, which keeps you and your loved ones from horrible accidents. There are greater chances of you getting burnt when operating a fire in a traditional fireplace than in an electric fireplace.

These are important reasons for choosing an electric fireplace compared to other heating options available for the seasons. You will improve your home appearance, and you will find yourself spending less on fuels that you’d typically have to stock up on when using traditional heating methods. They should act as a guide to help you choose the best fireplaces for the space that you have available in your living space or apartment. The electrical fireplaces also have a better warranty that covers the product for longer durations and saves you the hassle of replacements.

Safety Tips

Even with the high heat produced by electric fireplaces, there are some associated perils that you should note to avoid accidents and other damages from taking place at your home. With these safety tips, you will be able to live more comfortably with the electric fireplace of your choice and get to follow the rules that will ensure that you are safe.

The electric fireplace that you choose should be plugged into an electrical outlet. This is because extension cords should be avoided when using electric fireplaces as they often create a fire hazard. You can avoid them by moving the fireplace closer to the outlet or getting an electrician to create a socket that is much closer to the fireplace. Another safety consideration for the outlets is to unplug the fireplace when it is not being used. This is especially important when you have small kids in your home that could turn on the fire if it is plugged in.

Ensure that the fireplace cord is always in good condition and not exposed in any way. If you notice any exposed wires, call in an electrician to come and repair the fireplace. Avoid putting the fireplace in odd places such as the bathroom as it becomes a huge safety hazard and might get into contact with water. You should also avoid placing beverages or vases on the fireplaces as they are likely to tip over and bring about an electrical fire.

A majority of fireplaces are always cool on the outside no matter how hot the inside gets. However, this is not the case for all fireplaces, and you should avoid getting too close to the exterior of a fireplace that does not have this feature to avoid getting burned. If you have kids or pets, place a fireguard around the exterior of the fireplace.

Ventilation should be streamlined and not blocked in any way, and you should avoid drying laundry on the electric fireplaces as they can block the vent, causing an overheating of the system. You should also not leave the fireplace unattended for a long period, as this might cause safety hazards.


If you are still unsure about which electric fireplace gives the most heat, provided you have followed the safety precautions provided, your electric fireplace will serve you better and heat larger areas. It will also be able to keep your home occupants comfortable for extended durations, and you will get to enjoy the features that are available in these products.

Traditional White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
Stand-Alone Electric Fireplace Insert with Sound and Heater
Modern White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
European Style White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
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