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Which Lighting Best Showcases a White Electric Fireplace?

Lighiting White-Electric-Fireplace

Traditional fireplaces that burn wood as their fuel source can be dangerous in a variety of ways and it is for this reason that they are banned from being built in new houses within several regions around the United States. Of course, this doesn’t make a fireplace any less appealing. While some people have tried gas fireplaces as slightly cleaner and safer alternatives to traditional wood fireplaces, many people who get them are left underwhelmed and disappointed. Luckily, electric fireplaces have improved so much over the last couple of decades. We are far away from the cheap, spinning mechanical multi-color lights that used to be a poor attempt at a flickering flame. These days, you can get some decent multi-color LED flames or even higher-end 3D holographic with realistic flames projected onto an enhanced log display or log set. Holographic fire can look like a real flame on real wood. This means that you can still get the classic fireplace experience without all of the hassle and work that was involved with traditional fireplaces. On top of that, you can install electrical fireplaces in an apartment, condo, or any other kind of rental property. There is no need for ventilation and no installation procedure that will destroy your walls.

With a modern living room, you need an electric fireplace with a modern style. Considering modern interior design is about light, white colors, clean lines, and minimalistic details, a beautiful white electric fireplace will fit this home decor style the best.

Of course, there are many questions that might come up when going with a white electrical fireplace. What lighting will showcase it best? What brand should I get? What model? This guide is going to help answer all of your questions regarding white electric fireplaces, lighting, and more.

Lighting Showcases Electric fireplace

Is There a List of The Most Common Electric Fireplace Types and What Are The Advantages of Choosing Electric Fireplaces?

Having so many choices when it comes to electric fireplaces is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, there is a fireplace for every situation that you can think of. On the other hand, it can all be a bit too overwhelming when trying to figure out what will work best in your house. The following list will help you understand the most common types and when someone might want to use them:

  • Mantel Electric Fireplace and Mantel Package For Flat Walls – A electric fireplace with mantel combo sounds like a lot, but it is the normal type of electrical fireplace you will see that looks most like a traditional fireplace. The reason it comes in a package is due to manufacturers allow customers to choose different types of mantels, regardless of the fireplace. Usually, these will be labeled as different models. The fireplace will come in two pieces and they are installed together easily. So if you want a white mantel to match your bright white bookcase, that’s not a problem.

  • Corner Electric Style Fireplace Unit – There isn’t much functional difference between these fireplaces and the ones that sit flat against the wall. These are just shaped to fit into a corner. By putting an electric fireplace in the corner you save some space and allow more of a focus to the corner of a room for an asymmetrical aesthetic.

  • Electric Fireplace TV Stand Combo Unit – If you wanted a media console to put your TV on, but one that also has a fireplace built into the body of it, this is what you would get. These combo units save space by reducing the pieces of furniture in your home. They tend to have a bunch of additional features like shelves and cabinets for your media devices.

  • Corner Electric Fireplace Entertainment Center Unit – This is a TV stand combo like above, but they are shaped to fit into the corner of the room. These are basically the same as a standard corner unit, except they have extra features like shelves and cabinets.

  • Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace – A wall-mount electric fireplace is exactly what it sounds like. You can mount these units up off of the ground by using special mounting brackets that are securely connected to the studs behind the drywall. It is also common to install these into a recessed wall, however, you can do that with many of the fireplaces in this list.

  • Freestanding Electric Fireplace – A freestanding unit is just a space heater companies design to look like fireplaces. The visual effects on a freestanding electric fireplace usually aren’t as good as a normal electric fireplace, and the electric fireplace heater inside of it tends to be weaker.

  • Electric Fireplace Stove – For people going for a farmhouse or country aesthetic, they may want to go with one of these units that try to mimic an electric fireplace. However, even in a farmhouse style, a classic white fireplace can still look a lot better because these stove units tend to look very cheap and tacky.

  • Electric Fireplace Insert – If you have an existing fireplace, you would install one of these directly into the open firebox so that you can convert it into an electric-style fireplace. On top of installing it in a fireplace’s firebox, you could also use these to use with a third-party mantel or to build your own mantel from scratch.

Of course, if you are still on the fence on whether or not one of the previously listed electric fireplace types will even work for you, here is a big list of all of the benefits that fireplaces that run on electricity have to offer you:

  • Fire Safe – They don’t have a fire so there is no hazard like wood or gas fireplaces. Corner electric fireplaces are one of the most common causes of house fires, which is why they aren’t allowed in many new homes.

  • No Emissions – They don’t produce smoke or cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Wood fireplaces produce both. Even gas fireplaces still produce carbon monoxide.

  • Heat Efficient – Because of infrared heaters inside and the lack of ventilation, they work super efficiently which means less money you have to pay for heating.

  • No Bad Smells or Wall Stains – Since they don’t make smoke, you don’t have to worry about that smoky smell in your home or the stains that will inevitably find their way onto your home.

  • Won’t Destroy Your TV – Unlike mounting a TV above the mantle on a wood fireplace, it is totally safe to mount a TV above an electric fireplace or to set one on an electrical fireplace TV stand.

  • Remote Control or Touch Screen App – If you want to change the settings of your fireplace, you can easily do that without even getting up from your seat. It is as easy as changing TV channels.

  • Effortless Install – Electric fireplaces are simple plug-in devices and the hardest part about installation is just deciding where you want to put it.

  • Easy To Use – there is no work involved in using electric fireplaces like all of the work that goes into using a wood one.

  • Many Models and Styles – There is absolutely no shortage of styles to choose from or types depending on the specific situation in your home or the decorating style you already have.

  • Realistic Fireplace Ambiance – If you get a higher-end model from a trusted brand, you can have a fireplace that looks and feels like a real one.

What Styles of Electric Fireplaces Fit Well With a Modern Home Decor Style?

If you want a modern style, you will always be best off with going with a classic, white, minimal fireplace. Instead of focusing on flashy decorating, you want to focus on strong shapes and lines, premium materials, and better craftsmanship.

Another thing you can do with a white fireplace is to install it into a wall recession and up off of the ground. By installing it in the wall like this, you are making it more of a seamless part of the home itself, rather than something simply placed within the home.

What Type of Lighting Best Showcases a White Electric Fireplace?

For electric fireplaces that are white, lighting should focus on bringing out the details of the lines and shapes of the fireplace itself. By focusing your lighting on the edges and the angles like this, you allow the shadows to play with the dimensions, adding interesting depth to the minimalistic aesthetic.

To accomplish this, you need dynamic lighting, or lighting coming from more than one angle. You can do this with a tall floor lamp on either side of the fireplace, or maybe some wall sconce lamps on either side above the mantel. You can even use some dynamic ceiling spotlight lamps, focused at a downward, diagonal angle to drop a nice shadow off of the mantel. By having lights coming from different angles like this, you break the shadows into many layers that overlap and bring out even more interesting lines and shapes.

Keep in mind that the fireplace itself will be producing a soft, yellow glow. You can add to this by using soft white LED lights for a wider range of light colors. Just don’t go too crazy with bright white lights. They will drown out the beautiful glow of the fireplace and will make your living room look like a brightly lit corporate office.

If you want more help on lighting a white fireplace, look on Pinterest or Google images for inspiring fireplace lighting pictures.

What Brands of Electric Fireplaces Are Worth Installing In a Home?

There are quite a few electric fireplace brands you can find when you start looking. You can find brands like Dimplex, Duraflame, Touchstone, and many more. While many of these brands could be considered quite decent, one of the most important things that you need to look at is the technology that goes into the fire effects inside of them. Some will use LED fire or looped fire videos on a screen, others will try to do a 3D effect like the Dimplex Opti Myst that projects colored lighting onto moving streams of water vapor. While the fire effects can vary in reality, the ones that are the most realistic are the 3D holographic projection flames like MagikFlame has.

It is best to invest in a higher quality fireplace so that you actually save more in the long run, both in your electric bill savings and also not having to replace it anytime soon. Generic fireplaces and even some of the more well-known, but lower-cost brands, tend to have issues with using too much electricity, breaking down quickly, or just overall being disappointing when it comes to their fire effects. Stick with a quality brand that does a realistic-looking fire.

Which White Electric Fireplace Brand Is The Most Realistic When It Comes To The Flame Effect?

Without a doubt, MagikFlame has the most realistic fire effects of any electric fireplace you will find. However, that is not all that MagikFlame has to offer. Here is a list of their most popular features:

  • Ultra-Realistic Fireplace Visuals – By projecting the 3D flames that flicker onto a realistic-looking physical log, MagikFlame fireplaces will make you truly feel that you are staring at the real thing. It isn’t just one style of flame either. MagikFlame allows you to choose any of 30 different flames just by pushing a button.

  • Audio Effects to Complete The Experience – MagikFlame has no shortage of atmosphere with the crackling log sounds played in accompaniment to the already impressive visuals. It is these sounds that help add to the illusion and make you feel like you have a real fireplace at home. They also have nature sounds you can turn on for added relaxation.

  • 5,200 BTU Infrared Fireplace Heater – The powerful heater inside works efficiently so that you can see some serious savings on your heating bill. Once you set the programmable thermostat heat settings on your fireplace, it will automatically work to match that temperature on your heat settings and keep it there. Because you don’t need any venting, all of the heat it produces stays in the room, allowing the fireplace to work less and use less electricity. These fireplaces can keep a home of up to 1,000 square feet warm. If you have a room larger than 1,000 sq. ft., you can add a supplemental heat option by installing a secondary fireplace in another part of the home. Only turn a fireplace on when that part of the home is being used and you will see even more savings on your next heating bill.

  • Smartphone Fireplace Remote Control – Instead of a classic remote, you can use the smartphone app that allows you to control your room with ease from any room in the house. The simple design of the app allows you to toggle the fireplace on or off, change the temperature, or choose your flame and audio effects.

  • Many Beautiful White Fireplace Models – There is no shortage of beautiful white models to choose from. MagikFlame fireplaces come in different sizes, styles, and shapes so that you can get the white electric fireplace that you prefer. Some of their popular models are the Trinity, Artemis, and Corner Churchill.

Traditional White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
Stand-Alone Electric Fireplace Insert with Sound and Heater
Modern White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
European Style White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
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