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Fireplace Features: Do All Electric Fireplace Stoves Have an Auto Turn Off?


Safety features are important for all electrical equipment and appliances. They prevent overheating and keep the entire home safe. They are useful in avoiding fire catastrophes that are often caused by fireplaces that do not have safety features fitted into them. Whenever you are looking for an electric fireplace stove to install in your home, be keen on the selection available and the safety features that are available in them. With this in mind, you will be able to safeguard your home and your property. Electrical fire damages have been known to cause billions in property damage and the loss of lives and injuries. It would be best if you avoided them at all costs, and with an auto-off feature implemented in all new fireplaces, we get to avoid such disasters.

The safety of a home is the first and foremost thing to consider whenever working with electrical equipment. This is because you are the occupant of the home, and if anything happens, you will be the one to pay for the damage, and any incidence of a fire hazard could cost you greatly. Additionally, a safer home gives you peace of mind. You do not have to worry about the home bursting into flames instantaneously whenever the electrical appliances you have in your home overheat. Electrical faults are easy to detect, and the only way you can avoid them is by turning off the appliance before it develops the problem further. The auto turn-off feature also leaves you with something that can be salvaged even after the fire and preserves your appliances for a longer life of service.

If you are familiar with the MagikFlame story or have read some MagikFlame reviews, then you probably know about the importance of an embedded safety feature. According to how MagikFlame is built, shut-off features are very important. This should be something to think about even as you look into the MagikFlame perfect electric fireplace buying guide. It will guide your purchase process and enable you to get the best payment plans and financing for a product that has safety factors adhered to. You can also read through the MagikFlame FAQ for more detailed information. 

In this post, you will learn:

  • What is an Electric Fireplace Stove
  • Comparison of Electric Fireplace Stoves and other Types of Electric Fireplaces
  • Popular Fireplace Stove Brands
  • Do all Electric Fireplace Stoves have Auto Turn Off?

What is an Electric Fireplace Stove?

Carbon monoxide emissions are a great concern for many homeowners, and more people are moving away from traditional fuel types such as charcoal and wood. They are now turning to electric fireplace stoves for their many features.

The heating capacity is one of the main strengths of the best electric fireplace stoves and something you should always check whenever you are buying an appliance to install in your home. The fireplace stove’s heating capacity determines the kind of performance that you can expect from the fireplace stoves. The rating is usually indicated in BTU, with a higher rating showing the better.

With the performance out of the way, the heating area that the fireplace can potentially heat is something that you can keep in mind. It tells you about the supported area, with some models supporting 1,000 square feet while other models easily cover 2,000 square feet. The amount of current drawn by the fireplace is something to inform you more about the fireplace’s performance. Some models are usually rated at 8 amps, while others are rated at 12 amps. Different models might give the measurements in watts instead of amps and you should watch out for this.

Major Electric Fireplace Stove Brands

These are some of the best fireplace stoves available on the market, together with their best features. It also includes some of the reasons you should opt for them compared to other alternatives in the market. They have been carefully selected from the pool of already available choices in the Amazon market and other marketplaces. Here, you get to examine each of them separately.

Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove with Remote Control

The 5,200 BTU sound and heater can give your home supplemental zone heating, which can extend for up to 1,000 square feet. This will easily save you money. The patent-pending 3D flame effect technology features almost a real flame that dances on the logs and behind them. They are easily adjustable, and you can modify various settings about them, including color, brightness, and speed. Using infrared quartz heat, the natural humidity in the air is maintained. This gets you comfortable heat without the rooms drying out. Overheat protection has already been built into the heater and a shut-off feature prevents overheating.

With a digital thermostat, you get to determine the room temperature that you want. Infrared stove heaters are capable of heating large areas. A glowing ember bed combined with the dancing flames makes your décor look even more effective. You can easily create a stylish atmosphere without having to turn on the heat.

Zone heating is another feature of fireplace stoves that saves you money. Heated air in a blower in different zones and sections can have an off switch, usually an automatic shut-off switch. This also means that you can dial back on the temperature when you do not use it.

Life Smart Quartz Infrared Electric Fireplace Stoves Heater with Remote Control

An elegant baroque-like design with fireplace flames that are visible in 3D makes your scene complete. You can adjust the flames’ brightness level and get to have decorative furniture that also doubles up as a space heater. This design also makes the fireplace stove heater one of the main choices for many people for the value that it provides to its users.

An integrated infrared quartz heater raises the energy efficiency of the electric fireplace insert to 99%. You can also make adjustments for the temperature from 50 degrees to 90 degrees. The quiet operation is important for making the surroundings more comfortable and will not affect your sleep or work. There are more settings available such as the adjustable heating modes of high and low. Choose the proper temperature for your needs, and the heater will work to maintain the desired temperature for your room.

This also features a 12-hour programmable timer, and it is all made available with remote controls so you can operate the infrared heater from a distance.

Safety protection is quite important for many fireplace stoves, and this space heater comes with tip-over and overheating protection included. It does not require a flue as there are no emissions that need it. This means that it will automatically shut off when there is a temperature of more than 176 degrees Fahrenheit and whenever the tipper has accidentally tipped over. Usually, the power extension cord that comes with the firebox is rated safe for up to 221 degrees Fahrenheit, and you do not have to worry about safety and health concerns. You also get to efficiently avoid burning or other fire and safety incidents happening in your home. The fireplace stove is safe for your family and children.

The fireplace look is suitable for heating and home decoration with a heating area of about 1022 square feet. This means that the size fits the living room for providing heat and your room is made to look more beautiful. The appliance is not heavy and can therefore be moved with ease. The fireplace stoves are ideal for use in the living room, kitchen, room, and office while still being a nice choice for your family.

Dimplex Traditional Electric Stove

This is the best green alternative to traditional fireplaces and wood-burning fireplaces. It is way safer and easier to use than gas fireplaces and does not have any harmful emissions. It is completely efficient and produces 90% less carbon dioxide than the average direct-vent gas fireplace. The included fan-forced heater is designed to ensure that your room is kept comfortable and warm. You are also able to reduce the central furnace temperature while cutting down on your heating costs. The stove is known to be economical to operate and has convenient controls such as a remote control for ease of use.

The Dimplex flame technology creates the illusion of a true fire blended with technology, craftsmanship, and artistry. This adds comfort and charm to any room. It also ensures that you can live comfortably with your home heating systems operating at full efficiency. It is also safe for young children and quite cool to the touch meaning that you will not need to be worried about the fireplace getting too warm or hot for comfort.

Airchoice Electric Fireplace Heater with Remote

These fireplace stoves feature a lovely atmosphere of realistic 3D flame effects. The 3D technology is applied to create a Christmas-like cozy atmosphere. You can also easily adjust the brightness of the flame through the use of a remote control or via the control panel. This is the perfect choice whenever you are in search of fireplace stoves to get warmth. It can easily create a lovely atmosphere without any issues. The fireplace heater has adopted energy-saving infrared heating element technology capable of arming up a room in 3 seconds. The heating mode can also be adjusted from 1000W to 1500W from the 120-volt energy source. This enables you to get the most comfortable temperature. As soon as you power off the appliance, the fan will keep working for three more minutes to emit the heat inside and reduce energy waste.

The portable heater features a simple control panel that is very easy to operate. This lets you control the timer setting, temperature setting, thermostat, and the brightness of the flame using the control panel. You can also use the remote and enjoy controlling the fireplace without regularly getting up to adjust the heater’s parameters. Overheat protection is included with the fireplace and an electronic lock ensures that it is operating safely. Once the heater’s internal components have reached a certain temperature, the heater will automatically shut off. The locks are in place to ensure that children are unable to tamper or play with the appliance. No operation can be performed once the lock has been effected. The indoor electric fireplace features a programmable thermostat and a digital screen, which lets you adjust the temperature.

The fireplace stove also features four wheels at the bottom, making it portable enough to be moved from one room to another. It will not need you to purchase separate heaters for different rooms, and this heater will be ideal for all the rooms.

Comfort Smart Freestanding Fireplace Electric Stove White

A charming design is one of the features that stand out about this electric stove. It features a traditional look with an operable door and three glass panels that provide an optimized view of the dancing flame effect. With the use of energy-efficient LED lights, the fireplace can recreate the appearance of a gently burning fire with great accuracy. Molded logs and the ember bed glow create an astounding visual ambiance effect and have decorative functionality. The brightness and height of the flame are adjustable and allow you to take a look that best suits your preferences.

For those days when you need to add warmth to your room, be sure to engage the high/low setting infrared heater for additional heat. This supplemental heating is capable of reaching areas up to 1500 sq. ft. It is one of the greatest ways to take the chill out of your room in the morning and when you are coming in from outside. It features a handheld remote for better interaction and control of the fireplace regardless of where you are in the room.

These are some of the typical models of fireplace stoves that are on the Amazon market, as well as some of their best features. They have been designed to be easy to use, and their efficiency rings out whenever you think about fireplaces. They are easy to use and feature additional controls that do away with the need to move about over the place to make changes and adjustments to the room’s heat. Instead, you get to do all this from the comfort of your handheld remote, which eliminates the tedious work.

Wood-burning fireplaces are not a viable option for heating a home. They are tedious, involve a lot of work and maintenance as well as being unsafe. They can burn someone when they are in operation and are best replaced with safer, more efficient fireplace stoves. When making the purchase decisions, you should be keen on certain factors, such as the heating capacity of the electric fireplace stove you are purchasing. The rating is usually given in BTU, and a higher rating means better performance. The fireplace’s heating area is also a determining factor in the final decision of the fireplace to opt for when you are doing your research. The fireplace stoves should be capable of distributing heat output to a large area. This is very important whenever you are using the stove in a large house.

The amp rating is also an important factor to consider when selecting a fireplace stove. The form factor and the design should factor prominently into the fireplace stove you choose for your home. This is meant to ensure that your fireplace can fit where it is needed without developing any issues.

Durability and reliability are some other important factors that one should always keep in mind as one looks for fireplace stoves. You will want your unit to last you for a long time, and you should always inspect the build quality of your fireplace stove to ensure that you get something reliable and durable. Some of the best models of fireplace stoves are the models made out of steel and cast iron and will very easily last you for much longer.

Warranty duration for your fireplace stoves is also important, and you should check it carefully to ensure that you have an idea of what duration of service you should expect from the product referring to your warranty. The fireplace stoves keep your surroundings warm during the winter. With amazing looks and aesthetics, they are an amazing addition to your living room and as a fireplace; they upgrade the home’s usefulness in many ways.

Comparison of Electric Fireplace Stoves and other Types of Electric Fireplaces

The fireplace stoves are considerably very different from other types of electric fireplaces. It is designed for compact operations. This means that it possesses features that are considerably different from what you will find in other electric fireplaces. As compared to typical electric fireplaces, fireplace stoves are way more advanced. It has features that make it the ideal choice for heating your room. For instance, you get to enjoy 3D realistic best fireplace flame while on the other typical electric fireplaces, you would only have been able to enjoy 2D flames. The flame effects are the most important factor and feature that sets apart fireplace stoves from typical electric fireplaces. You will easily tell the difference simply by looking at the kind of visual appearance and effect you can get from the fireplace.

In terms of design, the fireplace stoves have a unique build from the other types of electric fireplaces. This is because the fireplace stoves’ design leans more towards 3-dimensional objects and features such as the log set, while the electric fireplaces are more concerned about creating the best 2-dimensional visual effect for their audience. Someone close to the fireplace stoves will be able to observe a heating effect upgrade that is vastly different from what they have learned to expect from the electric fireplace. This also means that fireplace stoves are more portable and can be easily moved around compared to the typical electric fireplace that has to be fixed or installed somewhere before it can begin to be used.

The weight can be another factor that separates fireplace stoves from electric fireplaces. You might notice that the fireplace stoves are a bit heavier than typical electric fireplaces. It possesses many more features, and as you move it around, you will notice that it does tend to be heavy. Typical models of electric fireplaces such as Ameriwood are light enough to be fitted into the wall or recessed wall mounted electric fireplace. In contrast, the fireplace stoves do not need to be fixed to any wall. It requires an electrical cord plug-in into an outlet and creates the ambiance effect that the homeowner desires. With this in place, the rest of the operation of the fireplace stove is pretty easy.

One doesn’t have to worry about safety issues whenever they are interacting with the fireplace stoves. Both models can have remote controls and control panels for interactions and changing the heat settings. Mobile app options are also available, with Wi-Fi acting as a means of communication. As we have already seen in the descriptions provided above, the fireplace stoves feature more safety features. The design of the fireplace stoves has been intended to be safer and easier to use than the typical electric fireplaces.

As a user, you get to determine the safety parameters that you want for your particular unit. You will easily enforce these parameters through the safety settings. The settings allow you to pre-configure the electric fireplace stoves for the kind of safety standards you want. You determine the temperature at which the auto shut-off features kick into effect and how long the fireplace should be operational. This way, it does not get to keep running even when you are not around and when you are away from home. As such, you get to save huge on energy costs, and in a way, you will be making a positive impact on the environment.

Fireplace stoves are considerably different from electric fireplaces because they have more advanced features and are known to be much easier to use. The interaction is simplified, and no one will find the interface to be any difficult to interact with. As such, using the fireplace stove is simple enough. The user has the freedom to determine various flame settings. This includes the brightness of the flames and other useful details that set the fireplace stoves apart from the electric fireplace. Knowing the difference is very important and factors into your purchase decisions whenever you are looking to purchase a unit that you can use in your home.

In terms of heat production, electric fireplace stoves are known to provide heat for a larger surface area than electric fireplaces. This means that the electric fireplace stoves’ energy efficiency is much better, and you will not have to worry about losing any of the heat. The fireplace stove design means that it uses energy very well, and it gives your home an appearance upgrade in many ways. You can keep your home heat and temperature levels well-regulated. As this goes, you will not have a reason to complain about there not being sufficient heat in your home. The heat is dissipated easily and effectively from the electric fireplace stoves as compared to the electric fireplace.

Decor factors into the look and feel of any home and make the electric fireplace stoves the room’s focal point. With adjustable flames that vary in appearance, the fireplace stove can significantly upgrade the appeal of your room. This is all in addition to the heat that they already provide, and they will be a sure way of making sure that your home looks and feels appealing. They are an attractive option for upgrading your home and will be sure to upgrade your home’s appearance when you have installed them to match the rest of your home décor.

Do all Electric Fireplace Stoves have Auto Turn Off?

We finally circle back to our main question: Do all Electric Fireplace Stoves Have Auto Turn Off? As we have already seen from the many descriptions and brands of electric fireplace stoves, most of the fireplace stoves have an auto-turn-off feature built into them. This feature is meant to keep the fireplace running efficiently, and it will be able to give you an upgrade in performance that is very much unlike what you can get from any other electric fireplace.

The auto turn-off feature is a safety feature that has been designed and integrated into electric fireplace stoves for several reasons. First, it ensures that leaving the fireplace running does not cause concern or something to be constantly worried about. Instead, it can turn off the fireplace on your behalf. When the parameters that trigger the set of actions to turn off the fireplace are reached, it automatically begins the shutdown sequence. These procedures are all programmed into the firmware of the electric fireplace stoves, and this does not get deleted even after rebooting the appliance.

The firmware is powerful and has advanced memory that ensures that the user’s settings are never forgotten. None of the settings that the user has specified is ever deleted. The electric fireplace stoves get to keep an updated snapshot of the settings. This is useful to keep the safety intact, and the fireplace gets to work efficiently without running into problems. Maintenance checks and operations are known to be very costly for typical fireplaces. This is no different for electric fireplace stoves. Anyone who needs to spend less money on the operations of their choice of fireplace should also be ready to invest in something that will not cost them much to maintain.

The electric fireplace stoves brand that we have covered in this post are low-maintenance. The automated safety feature means that they can take care of themselves most of the time. The only maintenance runs needed are the occasional bulb checks, which only several times in a few years. The rest of the time, one doesn’t even need to look at the fireplace as it is still in proper, pristine, and operable condition. You should never ignore a safety feature. 

According to government authorities on fireplace safety, it is important that all electric fireplace stoves have an auto turn-off feature.

Automatic safety features ensure that the homeowner does not always check the settings for any anomalies. As long as they have already established their safety limits, the rest is left to the electric fireplace stoves’ automated safety. The electric fireplace stoves will provide their users with this safety feature in a simplified manner when their settings have been calibrated to match the standards and expectations of the homeowners. This means having the minimum and maximum allowed temperature that the fireplace can safely operate in and durations reasonable for keeping the fireplace running. Timer features are important additions to the auto turn-off features for many fireplaces and ensure that the fireplace is kept in top operational condition at all times. A timer ensures that whenever the schedule is set, it is strictly followed and adhered to, which makes it possible to have a fireplace that will be of service to you.

The timer ensures that whenever the electric fireplace stoves have been in operation for a long time, they get to be safely turned off and left to cool and maintain themselves. This prevents the fireplace’s incidences from getting damaged by the long continuous running, which has a wear and tear effect on its longevity. The thermostat is another critical safety feature that comes with electric fireplace stoves. Whenever you adjust it to a given temperature setting, the fireplace will not go beyond these parameters. As such, you will be the one in control of when the fireplace will get hot and when it should stay reasonably cool. In some instances, you can even turn off the heat completely and leave the flame and visual effects entertaining the family and friends who are in the home.

The safety feature’s automation also reduces the amount of maintenance that has to be performed on the electric fireplace stoves. Handling the fireplace stoves requires that someone is careful and keen on the fireplace’s status and condition. If the fireplace has been able to keep itself safe by turning down the temperature when the heat is too high and turning it back up again after some of the very hot components have cooled to reasonable levels, it lasts longer. This means that it gets to deliver services to the homeowners and families for longer, and no one will be required to keep taking care of the fireplace.

The lack of maintenance makes the fireplace stoves practically effortless to use. For any application area of your home, you will find them to be the ideal solution in addition to being a cost-effective means of heating your home. They have automated the safety feature, and you don’t need to worry about safety. The only things you might be required to pay attention to are the objects and items in the vicinity of the electric fireplace stoves. Flammable objects and combustible materials should always stay out of reach of the fireplace as they are likely to burst into flames when they have been exposed to the heat from the fireplace. Always take note of this even as you install the fireplace stoves in your residence.

Our question is, do all electric fireplace stoves have auto turn-off? It can have an answer from the maintenance that you would need for a fireplace without the feature. Anyone keen on safety should always go for electric fireplace stoves that have integrated a safety feature embedded in the appliance itself. This will save them time and money on costly repairs, upgrades, maintenance, and insurance premiums for fire protection.

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