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What to Expect With Fire Pit Glass And Electric Alternates?

Fire Pit Glass

Fire elements such as fireplaces can bring a lot of joy and a sense of warmth into a home. However, you can also bring that same feeling to your backyard landscaping with an outdoor fireplace. This can be an outdoor gas fire pit filled with fire glass or a lava rock arrangement, infrared patio heaters, or even a beautiful electric fireplace.

Just like tough home decor choices and difficult interior design decisions can be hard without help from an interior designer, decisions of what kind of fireplace and features you should put in your backyard can be hard as well. Luckily, whether you have a new home and have a wonderful architect helping you out, you are already in the building phase with a home builder, or you simply want to do a fun remodel of your backyard, we are here to help you out.

In the article you are about to read, we are going to cover whether an outdoor fire pit is the best choice, what fire glass is, and why outdoor fire glass is a fire feature that might be more work than it is worth. We will cover new products, high-quality options, and more.

The Following Topics Are Going To Be Explored In This Article:

What Is a Fire Pit?

A fire pit can vary from a pit dug in the ground to an elaborate gas-burning structure of stone, brick, and metal.

A fire pit is a piece you install in your backyard as a fire element that produces heat and looks interesting. There are many different styles of fire pits to choose from, and some people even choose to build their own with a kit and other elements they add to it.

What Are Some Different Fire Pit Styles?

What Are Some Different Fire Pit Styles
Fire pits come in many styles.

Fire pits come in many styles. You can get a fire pit table that is square with a bed for rocks or other elements. You can get a circular fire pit or fire bowl. With a circular fire pit fireplace, people can sit around it in a circle, enjoy the heat, have a conversation, or even roast marshmallows.

What Kind of Gas Is Used In a Fire Pit?

Typically, you would use natural gas or propane. A propane fire pit typically burns cleaner and is more fuel-efficient than natural gas. Regardless of the gas type, they will usually have stainless steel burners that the flames come out of.

What Is Fire Pit Glass and Why Is Fire Glass Sometimes Placed Within a Fire Pit?

What Is Fire Pit Glass and Why Is Fire Glass Sometimes Placed
Fire pit glass is resistant to the heat of the flames.

Just like a gas fireplace might sometimes use gas logs to have an interesting place for flames to come from, a fire pit uses something called reflective tempered fire glass. Reflective tempered fire glass is an outdoor fire glass that is resistant to the heat of the flames, and the light of the fire adds a glowing color from the reflective glass to the bed of the pit.
Reflective fire glass is really good if you have an area with very little color and you want to bring more light and color to it. Of course, the reflective fire glass is only really doing its job when the flames are on and the light is shining off of the reflective fire glass.
How much fire glass is needed is dependent on the size of the fireplace glass and how much fireplace glass the pit you have can hold.

Are There Different Fire Glass Types You Can Put in a Fire Pit?

Fire glass comes in many different types and glass sizes. While something like a lava rock arrangement will have a natural, dark look to it, fire glass spins that around and allows for bright colors to light up your outdoor area.
These tempered glass units can come in many different colors. You can get glass pieces that are aqua, cobalt blue reflective, blue fire glass, Caribbean blue, pacific blue, gold reflective, and many more exotic fire glass types. Exotic fire glass can even come in blends such as American fireglass or bahama blend, or instead of something like American fireglass, you can make your own blend by ordering several colors of reflective tempered fire glass and mixing it yourself.
Fire glass beads can also be recycled fire glass for people that are especially environmentally concerned.

What Are Some of the Problems Associated With Using Fire Pit Glass in a Fire Pit and Is Fire Pit Glass Even Worth It?

Using Fire Pit Glass
Firepits are not as much fun during the snowy months.

One of the main problems with reflective fire pit glass is that reflective fire pit glass needs to be washed and maintained regularly. The flames of the fire will start to discolor the glass and you will end up with ugly rocks instead of shining and colorful glass. On top of the flames causing discoloration, rain and other weather issues will make your rocks look dirty really fast as well.
Unfortunately, people want to install a fire pit table with glass in it, but they just don’t understand how much work it actually is to keep it looking as good as when you first installed it. For this reason, people often regret the purchase and wish they went with a more low-maintenance solution that has equally as beautiful visual effects.

Are There Good Alternative Patio Heaters To a Fire Pit That Uses Fire Glass or Fire Pit Glass rocks?

If you are looking for fire pit alternatives, you can’t go wrong with electric fireplaces and heating devices. While there are devices such as infrared tower heaters, these are usually only needed if you have large parties with a lot of people and they tend to be a bit of an eye-sore. There are also small units that are basically space heaters that can fit on a table, but these are also ugly, take up important table space, and don’t usually heat very well.
If you want an outdoor heating solution that is beautiful to look at and relatively good at heating, you should look into an electric fireplace.

How Well Does an Electric Fireplace Work in an Enclosed Space Like an Enclosed Patio or Under a Patio Covering?

Electric fireplaces actually thrive in enclosed spaces like under large tent coverings, canopies, or inside of enclosed patios. The heat that is trapped under these coverings means the fireplace isn’t going to have to work nearly as hard to warm the surrounding area, which will save you money on your heating bill.
Electric fireplaces are completely safe if you want to place one on a wood deck. With a gas flame option, you really need to have them over stone walkways or something else that is fire resistant as they can be very dangerous over wood decks or anywhere near the house and other flammable objects.

What Are Some Different Types of Electric Fireplaces?

What Are Some Different Types of Electric Fireplaces
MagikFlame is the best choice compared to other types of fireplaces.

If you want to get a fireplace that is electric, you need to know the details of the different types. Remember that some might be better for indoors, while others can be used reasonably well both indoors and outdoors:

●      Mantel Package For Flat Wall – These standard electric fireplaces are the ones you are likely to see most often and that is because they are the electric fireplace that most resembles one that burns wood. These combo packages are installed up against a flat wall so that it looks as though it is attached to a chimney on the other side of the wall.

●      Corner Fireplace – When it comes to saving space, you really can’t go wrong with a solid corner fireplace. These are built to fit into the corner of a room or a patio, but the fireplace inside functions just the same as a flat wall package. These are also great if you just have an area where it makes more sense for the corner to be the focus rather than a plain wall.

●      TV Stand Fireplace – Unless you have a covered patio area and plan on keeping a TV outside, you will most likely want to only use these for indoor use. These are TV stands with fireplaces built-in. They can help save some space in the area it is located since it combines two different things, but keep in mind that the fireplaces in these don’t usually work as well as the standalone electric fireplaces.

●      Corner TV Stand Fireplace – A corner TV stand fireplace is exactly the same as a regular TV stand fireplace. The only major difference is that the shape is for a corner rather than for it to be placed along a flat wall. Of course, these have the same issues as the TV stand fireplace above, but these issues are even more common because of limited space. If you really want a TV stand with a fireplace inside of it that fits inside of a corner, you should really just purchase a standard corner fireplace and ignore the additional TV stand shelves and whatnot. A standard corner fireplace will usually work much better, looks better, and you can still put a TV on top of it.

●      Wall Mounted Fireplace – Wall-mounted fireplaces can be hung up on the wall. This is achieved by using special wall mount brackets. They can also be built into recessed walls for a fun embedded look. A wall-mount fireplace can look great built into the wall of an outdoor covered area, with a nearby outdoor dining area, outdoor grill, or even an outdoor kitchen.

●      Fireplace Insert – Do you have a wood-style fireplace in your home already but it is going to waste because you don’t want to use it? Well, you are in luck. With a fireplace insert such as this, you can convert that old open-hearth fireplace into one that is totally electric, so the fireplace housing isn’t going to waste.

●      Freestanding Fireplace Heater – Portable heaters already have issues with not being able to warm home very well and can usually only warm very small enclosed spaces. Unfortunately, this is even worse when fireplace visual effects are forced into the same portable heaters. There simply isn’t enough room inside of the device to do both jobs properly. Because of this, you are likely best off just avoiding these portable fireplaces and sticking with full-sized electric fireplace options.

●      Fireplace StoveAn electric fireplace stove is just a simple electric fireplace that is made to look like the wood stoves you might find in rural homes or log cabins. These often look really out of place if you want to install them into a home, and unlike a real wood stove, you can’t cook on top of the most of the time.

Are All Electric Fireplaces Rated For Outdoor Use?

Unfortunately, not all electric fireplaces are good for outdoor use. While most can be used in completely enclosed patio space, you will want to check with the manufacturer if it is rated to work outdoors. Usually, you will want some kind of covering to protect it from the elements, but many higher-end brands and models of electric fireplaces can be used outdoors with some great results.

When It Comes To Indoor Use, Why Is an Electric Fireplace Better?

Why Is an Electric Fireplace Better
MagikFlame is the best choice for luxury and gorgeous interior design.

Electric fireplaces are superior to wood or gas fireplaces for these reasons:

●      Fire risk isn’t increased because there are no flames.

●      Electric fireplaces don’t produce smoke or carbon monoxide.

●      There are no lingering smells or wall staining due to smoke.

●      Using electric fireplaces is incredibly easy.

●      Electric fireplaces are very easy to install, you just need a nearby standard electrical outlet.

●      You can put them in any room of your house with ease.

●      They are TV safe if you want to hang a TV above one.

●      Infrared quartz heating makes them extremely heat and energy-efficient.

●      You can set up zone heating for large homes.

●      Electric fireplaces have a remote control.

●      The realistic flame effect of quality electric fireplaces gives the same ambiance as traditional fireplaces.

Which Electric Fireplace Brand Has Some of the Most Ultra-realistic Fire Effects?

Which Electric Fireplace Brand Has Some of the Most Ultra-realistic
MagikFlame’s HoloFlame technology makes logs look like they are wrapped in fire.

MagikFlame fireplaces are known for having incredible visual effects, high-end build quality, reliable performance, and just being all-around beautiful fireplaces to have in or around your home. With every single MagikFlame model, here is what you are going to get:

●      Holographic 3D Flame Projection – 30 different flickering flame styles can be cycled through so that you can set the mood to your liking with these super realistic fire effects that are projected onto physical log sets.

●      Crackling Log Sounds – The flames are improved with the addition of crackling log sounds that help make you feel like you are sitting right in front of the real thing. Relaxing nature sounds are also available at the push of a button.

●      5,200 BTU Heater Infrared heating inside of each MagikFlame electric fireplace ensures that your home is nice and cozy while your heating bill stays nice and low. Each fireplace can warm up to 1,000 square feet, enough for most homes. A second fireplace can be purchased for larger homes to set up a zone heating strategy.

●      Smartphone App Remote Control – You don’t need a boring remote because MagikFlame has a remote control app that can be installed on your tablet or smartphone. This app is very easy and intuitive, allowing you to control the fireplace from around your house.

Compact White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
Traditional White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
Stand-Alone Electric Fireplace Insert with Sound and Heater
Modern White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
European Style White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
Corner White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
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