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Electric Fireplaces: What’s Inside a Fake Fireplace Heater?

Electric Fireplaces: What's Inside a Fake Fireplace Heater? - MagikFlame

Are you sitting on the fence, wondering if electric fireplaces are the fireplaces you should have within your residence? If you have never owned one before, it isn’t surprising to be a little cautious. This article is going to help by demystifying electric fireplaces for you. We’ll cover how the heater works, what’s inside of it, and so many more fascinating questions involving electric fireplaces. Let’s dive in.

In This Article, Discover The Answer To These Important Questions About Electric Fireplace, Fake Fireplace Heater Options, and More:

fake fireplace heater
Is There Really a Huge Problem Using Wood Fireplaces With a Real Fire In Your Living Room?

Unfortunately, wood fireplaces are no longer a viable option for most people. They are completely against regulations in several big regions around the US if you were considering building one of these onto your home. And, they are against regulations for a good reason. Wood fireplaces are a very common cause of catastrophic house fires. They also produce toxic emissions that you’ll end up breathing, regardless of having a good chimney.
Beyond this, they are really just a huge pain to use and take care of. Building fires easily becomes a kind of second job around the house. You’re also responsible for cleaning it regularly and hiring people to clean the chimney.

Isn't a Gas Fireplace Better Than Wood Ones
Isn’t a Gas Fireplace Better Than Wood Ones or Do They Drastically Suffer From Issues As Well?

Gas is a little better when it comes to safety. You can usually install them without problems with regional regulations for the most part. Of course, they do still display several safety problems of their own with exposed flames and carbon monoxide poisoning.
Additionally, these kinds of fireplaces really do a poor job of looking and feeling like wood fireplaces. For some people, that may not really be a problem. However, for many people, they are looking for something that resembles realism and has a classic fireplace experience.

Why Are So Many Smart Homeowners Choosing To Go With a Faux Fireplace
Why Are So Many Smart Homeowners Choosing To Go With a Faux Fireplace Like an Electric Fireplace That Houses a Fake Fireplace Heater?

Electric fireplaces have become the answer to many people’s heating problems. For people who take the time to choose modern electric fireplaces from top companies and invest in high-quality models, they will have an experience just like traditional wood log fireplaces, without the downsides involved with them.
Electric fireplaces can be installed in properties you own, ones that you rent, houses and apartments alike. They can be located in any room, not just your main room, and they are super easy to install.

Can a Fake Fireplace Heater Even Warm Enough Square Feet For a Home or Will It Only Heat Small Spaces?

Quality electric fireplaces use heating coils made from infrared quartz. This is the secret that makes them such a great option for a home. With these infrared coils, once you turn the fireplace on, it warms up very quickly. Air is pulled in, the coils instantly warm that air, and then the air is blown right back out. This consistent cycle of air is why they work so well. You can feel warm air coming from them just after they are turned on. Large areas of 1,000 square feet can be warmed incredibly fast. The best part, infrared quartz electric fireplace is very cost-effective and uses a very small energy amount which can help with heating bill prices.

Are You Required To Hire a Contractor or a Home Builder To Come Install Your Electric Fireplace or Can Most People Handle This Kind of Install Themselves?

Do you have a space ready for your electric fireplace? Do you have a standard type of electrical outlet that is 120 volts? That is all you need. For most models, at this point, all you need to do is set it down on the floor, push it into place, and plug your device right into the wall. After that, it is ready to use.
Now, there are some specific models that might require a little more effort for the installation, but even that is something your average person can handle compared to installing wood fireplaces and alternatively gas fireplaces.

To Install Electric Fireplaces, Is It Easy For a Simple Remodel, or Do You Have To Hire an Architect To Redesign Part of Your Home As If You Were Building a New Home?

Just like we stated in the last part, it is very easy to install. For this reason, you’re not going to need anyone to redesign a section of your home to fit them. Only in some circumstances where you want to build it into wall recessions will you need to do a little bit of planning beforehand. Even something like that is simple and you don’t need to be consulting with architects or anything similar.

Can You Get an Electric Fireplace To Fit Your Personal Home Decor Style Or Will an Interior Designer Need To Come In and Completely Redo The Interior Design of The Home?

You’re free to hire interior designers whenever you want, but it really isn’t necessary for something like this. Because of the diverse choices of models and mantels involving electric fireplaces, you should have no problem finding one in the style that will match the current style you have already decorated your home with. If you are already happy with the design and decorating decisions in your home, then find a fireplace that will complement it rather than changing your decor to fit your fireplace.

Can You Get an Electric Fireplace Heater
Can You Get an Electric Fireplace Heater That Is Freestanding and Is a Freestanding Electric Fireplace Better Than a Portable Space Heater That Can Be Put On a Tabletop?

Technically, most varieties of electric fireplaces for a living room are able to be referred to as free-standing. However, if you are talking about ones that sit in the middle of a room like space heaters, then you need to choose to avoid them. They are not at all good at warming a home unless it is a really small room. Additionally, fire visuals are usually non-existent or very bad. You’re always better off finding proper types of electric fireplaces from trusted manufacturers.

Do Electric Fireplaces Come With Some Type of Remote Control So People Can Change Flame Settings, Thermostat Heat Settings, and Other Features?

Controlling electric fireplaces is very easy because almost all of them come with a remote. Of course, with higher-end manufacturers, you might actually get an app so that you can control your fireplace right from your phone. These apps are also useful if you have many aspects of your home, like lights, music, and TV, set up to work with a tablet device. The apps are usually preferable to standard remotes because remotes take up space on the side table, they need batteries changed, can easily get lost, and they can be an eyesore.

Does an Electric Fireplace From The Higher End of The Market
Does an Electric Fireplace From The Higher End of The Market Have a Better Flame Effect That Looks Like a Real Flame?

Yes, if you get fireplaces from the higher end of the electric fireplace market, you’re more likely to get 3D effects. There are a few companies that make fireplaces with 3D effects. Of course, the clear winner for the 3D effects of the flames is Holoflame technology. Holoflame technology is exclusively found in MagikFlame electric fireplaces.

Is an Electric Fireplace Insert Only For Converting a Traditional Fireplace or Can You Use It To Customize Your Own Fireplace Mantel or Buy a Mantel From Wayfair or Amazon?

While using an insert is the best way to convert open hearth fireplaces into electric ones, they are much more versatile than just that. They can be used if you want your fireplace to be embedded into a wall recession. They are also a great unit to get if you really want a fireplace from a manufacturer but you aren’t too keen on their mantel choices. Using an insert, you can then either build your own mantel from scratch, or by a third-party one online.

Are Safety Features Included With an Electric Fireplace Like Overheat Protection With Automatic Shutoff In Case a Blower Is Blocked?

Yes, most electric fireplaces come with a lot of different safety features. Blowers getting blocked and causing overheating sets off a sensor that shuts the fireplaces down and provides an error code. With the owner’s manual, it is easy to see what the error code means and quickly fix it. For blocked blowers, this is usually just moving whatever you accidentally placed in front of them that was stopping heat from being pushed into your home.

Do The Best Electric Fireplaces Have a 3D Flame In The Firebox To Capture a Real Fireplace’s Ambiance Or Is an Electric Fireplace With A 2D Multi-Color LED Flame Capable of Producing a Realistic Flame?

You should really avoid any kind of 2D effects if you care about realism for your fireplace experience. 2D effects always look fake, and some of the multicolor flames have very strange, neon rainbow colors that will completely break any kind of immersion with these fireplaces.

Are Dimplex Fireplaces or Duraflame Fireplaces Good Like The Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace?

These fireplaces and some other popular brands are decent, but they are far from the best on the market. If you are looking for a great fireplace that is reliable, effective, and will look amazing for many years to come, you should only buy from MagikFlame.

Can Electric Fireplaces Be Used For Supplemental Heat, Especially For Homes That Are Extremely Large?

Large homes can be expensive to heat. However, with two or more electric fireplaces, depending on the size of the home, you can actually help your heating cost with zone heating. Just put fireplaces in different sections of the home. Only turn one on if that section is occupied. Any doors between these sections should be kept closed. This allows the fireplaces to warm a smaller area, saving you a headache the next time you look at your heating bill.

Can You Get a Stove Heater Like an Electric Fireplace Stove That Looks Like a Wood Stove or Wood-Burning Stove?

Yes, there are many different models and types you can choose from, and some electric fireplaces absolutely look like rustic wood stoves. Keep in mind that these can look strange in most modern homes, though. Unless you are absolutely sure about having a fireplace that looks like one, you might want to think about getting a white fireplace mantel and decorating it in a rustic, modern farmhouse style. This will still have that great country vibe while not looking cheap or old-fashioned.

Is It a Hard DIY Home Improvement Project To Install a Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace In a Clean Recessed Wall or Should You Call Professionals To Install Your Wall Mount Electric Fireplace Due To The Hassle?

This depends on how comfortable you are working with your hands. It isn’t too complex, but it is a bit more involved than just placing a unit on the floor up against a wall in your home. If you are thinking about doing wall mounted inside of a wall recession, just go onto YouTube and search for videos where people are doing an install. You can see professionals giving step-by-step instructions, and even videos of amateurs installing one for the first time. This will give you a decent idea if you need a professional’s help or not.

Can You Get Electric Fireplaces In Materials Like Stainless Steel, Faux Stone, Espresso Wood, and More?

Electric fireplaces come in a wide variety of materials, textures, colors, styles, and types. Just about any style you can think of will be covered. If you have a specific material in mind, do a search and you’ll likely find it. However, it is always best to find a fireplace from a good manufacturer. If the mantel selection isn’t right, go with a third-party mantel to use with the better fireplace.

How Much Do Fireplace Logs Behind a Glass Door Help With The Realism of Electric Fireplaces In General?

Features like a log set for your fireplace or an ember bed really help add quite a lot to the immersion of electric fireplaces. This is a great feature that is included in top-tier brands, especially when combined with 3D fire visual effects projected onto the wood. Unfortunately, some low-end brands use logs too, so you need to make sure the fireplace you choose has 3D-style flames.

Is It Worth Getting a Fireplace TV Stand To Help Save Space Or Do They Present Problems With The Quality of The Fireplace Inside of It?

These kinds of units are good in theory, but some problems may arise. The issue here is that combining so much into one unit means there are size issues with the actual fireplace. The heater could be weaker than it should be. The fire effects can lack the technology you want. Of course, brand and model matter, but this is a common problem for TV stand fireplaces.
Instead of a fireplace designed to fit inside of a TV stand, you should consider getting a normal mantel package electric fireplace and mounting a TV on the wall above the mantel. Not only is this completely safe, but you’ll have a nicer fireplace with a better heater and better fire effects.

Which Electric Fireplace Brand Do People Get
Which Electric Fireplace Brand Do People Get Because They Want One That Is High Quality and Looks The Most Realistic?

MagikFlame has tons of gorgeous high-quality models like the MagikFlame Athena. Whether you get the Athena, another mantel package, a corner unit, or even the fireplace insert, you’ll get these features:

●       Ultra-realistic Fire Effects in 3D Using Holoflame

●       Crackling Log Sounds For Better Atmosphere

●       5,200 BTU Coil Infrared Heater That’s Very Efficient

●       Smartphone App For Complete Control

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