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The Difference Between Bromic Heaters and an Electric Fireplace

Bromic Heaters and an Electric Fireplace

Heating an outdoor area comes with many different options. While many brands tend to focus on one type of heating device, some focus on multiple types. There are some brands that have both gas and electric versions, but are these companies really that great?

In the article that will follow, we are going to explore one of the brands of outdoor heaters that makes both gas and electric units for outdoor heating. We will compare these with electric fireplaces, when you might want to go with an electric fireplace, and which electric fireplace is best for you. By educating yourself on these essential heating units, you can be the architect of your own solutions to heat your outdoor, indoor, and patio spaces. Let’s get into it.

What Is Bromic?

Bromic is a company that makes several different types of heaters. They are a US-based company out of Irvine, California.

Does Bromic Make Gas Heaters?

Yes, Bromic makes several, premium and high-quality types of heaters that use gas. Some are portable versions, while others are more permanent solutions.

Should You Use Propane or Natural Gas as The Fuel Type For an Outdoor Gas Heater?

Propane is slightly cleaner burning and efficient, but you do have to change out the tanks as needed. Natural gas, while slightly less efficient and clean burning, has the benefit of being able to be connected to the gas lines of your house so it has a constant source of gas. Which type of gas you want really comes down to your specific preferences in the end. Keep in mind that portable solutions are almost always propane.

Does Bromic Make Electric Heaters?

Absolutely, they have several different types of electric heaters. Their Smart-Heat systems which are electric are some of their most popular products.

Which Bromic Heating Option is Better Between The Tungsten Smart-Heat and Platinum Smart-Heat Systems?

Both of these electric systems are best sellers when it comes to an outdoor patio heater, but they do have their differences. The Bromic Platinum Smart-Heat is a bit more of a subtle design with a low clearance profile to it and comes with a recess kit so it can be built into a wall. The Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat has more of an industrial design to it. Both are decent heating solutions for outdoor heating, but it really comes down to the aesthetic that you want.
Keep in mind not to confuse the Tungsten Smart-Heat Electric with the Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable. The Bromic Tungsten Portable is actually a gas heating system, not an electric one. The Smart-Heat Gas systems need open air or ventilation to help with mild emissions that come from the portable propane unit, while the electric versions can be used in completely enclosed areas. The electric is a dual element design.

Are There Bromic Heaters That Are Fire Pits?

Unfortunately, Bromic doesn’t currently offer any kind of fire pit options at this time. If you are specifically looking for a fire pit for your outdoor area, you will need to try a different company altogether. Keep in mind that a fire pit isn’t very safe on a wooden deck, or a patio. Make sure to go with the type of heater that is both safe and practical for the area you are trying to warm.

Can Bromic Heaters Be Used As Outdoor Heaters or a Patio Heater?

Actually, Bromic heating devices are specifically for outdoor areas and patios. As a leader in the outdoor heater space, they are considered elite. Please keep in mind that currently, Bromic doesn’t make any heaters that are intended for indoor use.

What Are Some Other Features of Bromic Outdoor Heaters?

The features a Bromic unit will have heavily depend on the type and model that you go with. Some units might have a dimmer, reflector, or certain safety features. Materials used in construction will also differ between models. While some models use things like stainless steel, others may use plastic covers as part of their design.

Is Bromic a Good Choice For an Enclosed Patio Heater or Should You Only Used Bromic Heaters for Open Air Outdoor Living Spaces?

If it is a gas system, you should absolutely avoid using it in any enclosed spaces. Those should only be used in the open air, or a space with plenty of ventilation. Their electric options can be used for enclosed spaces, however, they may not be the best option. This will be discussed more later in the article.

Do You Need High BTU Heat Output From a Commercial Patio Heating Device In Regards To Indoor Areas or Patios That Are Enclosed?

For open-air areas, having a lot of heat coming out of your device is important. Especially if you live in a part of the country with very cold winters. For indoor areas or enclosed spaces, you actually don’t need nearly as high of a heat output. This is because enclosed spaces retain the heat much better. Having a device that puts out an incredibly high amount of BTUs can actually make it much less efficient when used in enclosed spaces. It also has the tendency of drying out the air, or overheating the area. A good amount of BTUs for an enclosed area is around the 5,000-5,200 BTU amount.

What Is The Main Difference Between an Infrared Patio Heater and a High-Quality Electric Fireplace?

Electric outdoor heaters usually produce way more heat than is necessary for enclosed or indoor spaces. This makes them less efficient when it comes to keeping the heating bill low. Electric fireplaces tend to look much more aesthetically. They often come with beautiful mantels, have wonderful flame effects, and are made to enhance the home decor of a space.
It doesn’t matter if you are doing a remodel or working on a new home, if you have a more enclosed patio or an indoor space, an electric fireplace is almost always a better choice over a heater that is designed purely for outdoor use.

Why Use an Electric Patio Heater Like an Electric Fireplace For Indoor Areas and Patios Instead of Wood or Gas Fireplaces as a Patio Heater?

Electric fireplaces are great, but some people might still be on the fence and think a traditional wood or gas fireplace is a good choice. Unfortunately, there are tons of issues with both. First, here are the typical types of wood fireplaces:

●      Open Hearth
●      Enclosed
●      Enclosed Insert
●      Wood Stove
●      Natural Gas Fire Pit

Although wood fireplaces have a rich history and fun sense of nostalgia, they come with a long list of problems to worry about:

●      Fire Safety – Unfortunately, wood fireplaces drastically increase the chance of a catastrophic house fire in your home.

●      Harmful Emissions – The emissions that come out of wood fireplaces like smoke and carbon monoxide can be deadly.

●      Hassle To Use – Wood fireplaces take a lot of cleaning and maintenance to the point that they feel like a second job.

●      Heat Loss Problem – It is inevitable that tons of heat end up escaping out of the chimney.

●      Smell – Wood fireplaces produce a strong smoky odor that will fill your home and linger for several days.

●      Stains – Over the years, all of that smoke will stain your walls and yellow them, especially if they are white.

●      TV Damage – It’s unfortunate, but you can’t mount a TV above wood fireplaces unless you want it to stop working permanently.

●      Wood Storage – You need tons of storage space for all those logs.

●      Expensive To Build – It costs a lot to build a new wood fireplace onto a home.

Gas fireplaces tend to be a better option than wood. Here are the main two types:

●      Direct Vented
●      Ventless Gas Fireplace

While gas fireplace have their advantages over wood fireplaces, they also have tons of disadvantages of their own. Here are the problems people with gas fireplaces will face:

●      Flame Is Exposed – Although they are a little safer, the exposed flame still makes them a fire hazard.

●      Carbon Monoxide – Even though they have light emissions compared to wood fireplaces, they still produce carbon monoxide.

●      Ugly Flame Color – From dull natural colors, to bright neon blue, gas fireplaces have ugly flame colors.

●      Weak Flame – The flame of a gas fireplace tends to be weak and has a problem flickering.

●      Costly Installation – You will need to hire a professional to install a gas fireplace for you.
Bromic Heaters

Are There a Lot of Benefits That Come With Using Electric Fireplaces For Indoor Use or on a Patio That Is More Enclosed?

Now that you understand the problems faced with gas and wood fireplaces, why are electric fireplaces so great? The truth is, they have none of the downsides of wood and gas fireplaces, with plenty of additional advantages as well. Here is why people tend to choose electric fireplaces over wood and electric:

●      No Added Fire Risk – Electric fireplaces don’t increase the chance of a fire like wood and gas fireplaces.

●      No Harmful Emissions – These fireplaces don’t produce carbon monoxide or smoke emissions.

●      No Staining or Smells – Without smoke production, you don’t have to worry about smells or stains.

●      Using it is Easy – Electric fireplaces are much easier to use over wood and gas.

●      Easy Installing – To install an electric fireplace, pick a spot and plug the device in.

●      Any Room – You can easily install an electric fireplace in any room or on your patio.

●      TV Safe – Luckily, you can mound your TV over an electric fireplace without fear of damage.

●      Heat Efficiency – All that heat remains and keeps you warm since there is no ventilation to lose heat out of.

●      Supplemental Zone Heating – With multiple fireplaces in zones around your home, you can efficiently heat even the largest of homes.

●      Remote Control – You can easily control your fireplace from anywhere in your home.

●      Flame Effect Ambiance – If you have a fireplace with high-quality flame effects, you will find it has the same incredible atmosphere and ambiance as a traditional wood fireplace.

Which Type of Electric Fireplace Is Best For Indoor Use or on a Patio That Is Mostly Enclosed?

Whether you are using an electric fireplace indoors, or for an enclosed patio, not all types of electric fireplaces are the same. Here are the main types of electric fireplaces and which type you might want:

●      Electric Fireplace Mantel Package – These fireplaces are the ones that look the most like a traditional open hearth type of fireplace. They are always a solid choice to go with.

●      Fireplace in Corner – If you are limited in space, or want a fun corner focus to a room or patio space, these corner electric fireplace units are just as reliable as flat wall units, but with a corner design.

●      TV Stand Fireplace – This help save space by combining TV stands with electric fireplaces. Unfortunately, the fireplace inside tends to be slightly less reliable.

●      Corner TV Stand Fireplace – One of these units is just a corner-shaped version of the TV stand fireplace. These suffer from the same issues. Buy with caution.

●      Wall Mount Fireplace – You can mount these up on a wall, or even imbed electric fireplaces that hang on a wall into a recessed wall. These are nice if you prefer a much more modern, sleek look to your home.

●      Electric Insert – To convert wood and gas fireplaces to electric, use one of these electric fireplace inserts.

●      Electric Heater Fireplace – These small units tend to perform poorly. Avoid these if you are serious about your purchase.

●      Electric Stove – For rural-style aesthetics, these electric fireplaces are made to look like wood stoves.

Is There a Brand of Reliable Electric Fireplaces That Has Incredibly Realistic Flame Effects?

MagikFlame is the perfect balance of quality, reliable performance, beautiful aesthetic design, and realistic 3D fire effects. Any interior designer will tell you that a beautiful electric fireplace can be the perfect interior design focal point to a room in your home, or even on your partially or fully enclosed patio space. Here are all of the features that come with every single MagikFlame model:

●      Ultra Realistic 3D Fire Effects – The realistic fire effects are due to the Holoflame technology used in MagikFlame fireplaces. 3D holograms are projected onto physical log sets that sit inside of the MagikFlame fireplaces. There are 30 different styles of flames that you can select between depending on the mood you feel like setting. Each flame style moves, flickers, and sparks embers like a traditional wood fireplace.

●      Crackling Log Sounds – To add to the impressive visuals that MagikFlame fireplaces have, they also produce crackling log sounds. These sounds help increase the atmosphere and push the realism of the fireplace. On top of the crackling log sounds, there are also some nature sounds you can choose to turn on.

●      5,200 BTU Heater – The infrared heater inside of MagikFlame fireplaces can produce enough heat distribution to warm an area of up to 1,000 square feet. This amount of heat is enough for most homes. With larger homes, you can easily warm them with a zone heating setup using multiple fireplaces.

●      Smartphone App – You can ditch the old boring remote because MagikFlame fireplaces can be controlled with their app for your smartphone or tablet. The app allows you to control every aspect of the fireplace, from the temperature to the visual and audio effects.

Traditional White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
Stand-Alone Electric Fireplace Insert with Sound and Heater
Modern White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
European Style White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
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