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Top 10 Home Renovations To Tackle This Winter

8 Home Renovations To Tackle This Winter

During the wintertime, most people spend a significant time indoors to stay warm and cozy when the temperatures drop. Many people have extra time on their hands, which can make it a great time of year to perform winter home improvement projects to remodel the setting. In this post, you will learn the top home renovations to tackle this winter season to improve the quality of your space and makeover your property for more year-round use.

  1. The Laundry Room

The laundry room is often neglected when it comes to decorating and designing the space compared to other rooms in the home. However, most people spend a lot of time in the room as they wash and dry clothes throughout the week, making it necessary to have a functional environment that is accommodating. Consider installing well-placed hooks for hanging items, as well as countertops where you have a place to fold the laundry.

Installing new floors can also create a more appealing setting that is more updated and modern. Adding open shelves can offer easy access to different types of detergent bottles and is a fast and easy way to add more storage.

If you have enough space available, you can also consider installing a sink where you can soak stains or hand wash delicate garments. Farmhouse sinks are a popular option and are eye-catching if you select a sink with a copper finish. Stainless steel sinks are easy to maintain because they have a wear-resistant finish and don’t peel, stain, or crack.

You can also consider installing an ironing board that folds up onto the wall to make room for ironing the garments for more functionality in the room. Drying racks that extend out of the wall are also convenient and can fold back when they’re not in use.

  1. The Backsplash

The backsplash that is installed in your bathroom or kitchen is one of the main features that influence the design and style of the space. The materials can introduce new colors into the room and create an updated style with more visual appeal. The project is easy to do yourself with enough planning and research, making it a great weekend renovation project in your winter home.

The winter project requires purchasing the necessary tools and equipment before getting started. You can then cut the tiles, apply the mastic, install the tiles, and add the grout.

  1. Replace The Flooring

One of the best winter home renovations to perform is replacing the flooring in the home, which is necessary if professional cleaning doesn’t restore the look or quality of your carpet. You may want something more hardwearing like wood floors or vinyl flooring. Working with a contractor can allow you to discover which shoe moldings and padding the professional recommends.

New floors can transform the look of your living space with your winter home renovations while attracting more homebuyers once it’s time to sell the property. Replacing carpet with hardwood or vinyl floors can also be ideal for allergy-sufferers during the spring and summer months.

  1. A Room Addition

One of the best winter home renovations for homeowners is to add more square footage with a room addition on the property. It’s the perfect time to create more space you can utilize in the winter to avoid suffering from cabin fever and have more uses for your space.

Adding a new room can increase the value of your home and can make it easier to sell once you decide to list it on the real estate market in the future while working with a realtor. Additions can be built in all types of shapes and sizes and require extending both the foundation and roof. You can also plan a second story while working with a builder or architect.

Some people also choose to put a room over the garage when they don’t want to worry about digging foundations or frozen ground in the winter, which is useful for a bonus room or extra living space. The addition will require vapor barriers, fireproof drywall, and a new roof. Fortunately, there’s a lot more contractor availability at the end of the year.

  1. Light Fixtures

One of the top winter home renovations is installing new light fixtures, which will update the interior of your setting and allow it to look new again. The type of pendants and chandeliers you install will allow you to set the tone in the building and create a classy environment. This winter project will have a huge impact when it comes to adding new materials and designs.

Consider adding metallic fixtures that look upscale and chic if you want a regal design. You can also opt for retro lights, which pair well with mid-century modern furniture. Those who have a farmhouse style in the home can opt for chandeliers, which offer a bit of glam that is still slightly rustic.

The lights can also illuminate dim areas in the home during the winter season and can create a more visible and cheerful setting to navigate. You won’t have to worry about spending your time in a dark and dreary environment, but can make it feel more uplifting with new fixtures that offer more visual interest.

  1. A New Fireplace

If you want to stay warm during the winter months without increasing the temperature on your thermostat, opt for installing a new fireplace. If you don’t want to hassle transporting firewood into the home each day, an electric fireplace is a convenient option that adds character to the room.

One of the main benefits of installing a best electric fireplace is you don’t have to worry about getting permit approvals because they don’t require a chimney or flue. It’s easy to install and can look similar to a real wood-burning fireplace. Many people also enjoy the low-maintenance design for added convenience during the winter months.

There are also many styles of fireplaces to choose from to ensure the feature complements the design and style of the room. You can view the Magikflame flame gallery to review the different technologies and features available. The Magikflame video demo gallery is another resource to use to get a look at the LED technology, which creates the illusion of realistic flames. The built-in 5,200 BTU heater also offers warmth in the room when you’re trying to stay warm in cold weather conditions each winter. Consumers also enjoy Magikflame fireplaces because they include 30 ultra-realistic flames and realistic crackling log sounds.

Electric fireplaces are also convenient to use because they can protect your indoor air quality and prevent smoke detectors from going off as they heat the room. Unlike traditional fireplaces, they also don’t cause dry air in the building to ensure you maintain the moisture levels in the winter.

  1. A Bathroom Remodel

One of the top home improvement projects in the winter that can boost your property value is remodeling one of the main bathrooms in the home. Due to the amount of time, most residents spend in the space, it’s necessary to update the materials and fixtures to make it look modern and updated. Consider adding a fresh coat of paint with a neutral color shade that creates a light and airy setting, which will make it feel like a new bathroom.

You can also install a new countertop material and reface the cabinetry during the project. A new faucet will also give the room a facelift. Consider a black or gold fixture with clean lines and a minimal design, which will allow the item to become one of the main focal points. Installing a framed mirror and a pedestal tub will also improve the aesthetics without compromising the functionality of the setting.

Heated flooring is another feature to consider installing in the room in the winter to make it easy to stay warm while getting ready each day. Radiant floor heating is effortless and easy to run, making it easy to walk around barefoot. You can choose from electric or water-based systems for consistent, energy-efficient warmth. Many homeowners enjoy the 15 percent savings on their energy bill after installing the heating element, making it worth the investment.

  1. Replace Windows and Doors

The off-season is the best time to install new windows and doors because many companies have more availability. Upgrading to new windows and doors can reduce your energy usage on the property and also make it easier to maintain the temperature in the building.

Newer windows and doors are constructed with quality materials that insulate the building and can eliminate drafts. As one of the most common home renovations projects, adding new windows and doors can allow you to recoup your investment in two to 10 years because of the amount of savings you obtain with your energy bill.

New windows also prevent as many UV rays from filtering into the building, which can protect your furniture from fading over time. The new doors and windows also increase the level of security in the home and can reduce the amount of dust and allergens that enter the building each season. If you live near a busy highway or in a downtown area, the materials can also offer noise reduction to create a quieter and more peaceful setting.

Windows and doors can also be worth the investment because they immediately boost the curb appeal of your house and can allow the property to stand out in the neighborhood.

  1. Paint Interior Rooms

One of the best home remodeling projects in the winter is to paint interior rooms with fresh color shades to transform the space and change the style. Because of the low temperatures outdoors, it prevents the climate from affecting the paint as it’s applied. Opt for neutral color shades like white and light gray to create a light and airy setting, which will make each room feel larger and more spacious. Some contractors even offer color painting consultations to help you discover the best color shades for your personal space.

Wallpaper is also increasing in popularity because of the added detail it incorporates into different rooms. You can add wallpaper to an accent wall or a bedroom to set the style and add pops of colors in the space.

  1. Minor Kitchen Remodel

If you’re looking for remodeling ideas that boost the value of your home, opt for a minor kitchen remodel that costs between $10,000 to $15,000, according to HomeAdvisor. Minor kitchen remodels are ideal when you’re not looking to break down walls or change the layout of the space, but want to update the materials and fixtures that are installed.

Consider refacing the cabinets and updating them with a new paint color that is fresh and modern. Black or brass hardware will also pair well with the new color and give the cabinets a new look without requiring installing brand new cabinets. Shaker style cabinets are currently increasing in popularity because of the warmth and coziness they incorporate into kitchens.

It’s also important to install new countertops to transform the look of the room, whether you want a boho or industrial style. Although marble is a popular material because of its regal design, quartz is ideal because it’s available at a lower price point and is more durable. The material doesn’t stain easily and has a similar design to marble.

You can also install a new sink to complete the kitchen remodel. Farmhouse sinks are a popular option because of their apron front. They’re also known to be deeper and wider to ensure you can keep dirty dishes discrete or soak pans without leaving them out on the countertops.

Spending the colder months of the year performing DIY projects in your home can allow you to stay busy and enhance the quality of the space. You can enjoy spending more time indoors and get more use out of your residential property while staying warm and cozy.

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