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Top 5 Electric Fireplaces for a 55 Inch TV Stand

55 Inch TV Stand

Anytime anyone wants to improve the look of their home, there are plenty of factors to consider. Whether you are a person that has recently purchased a new home, are working with an architect to design you a home, or the home builder is already in the process of building your home, it is never too late to start making choices about your entertainment setup. Likewise, if you already have a home and you are looking to remodel one or more rooms, there is no need for you to consult with any sort of interior designer in order to make home decor decisions and fulfill your interior design needs. The truth is, most of the choices can be made by you alone, and with the help of this article, we can help point you in the right direction when it comes to a TV stand and an exciting new electric fireplace.

If you happen to be someone that loves movies and TV, you probably have a TV with large screen size. So, you may need a 50 inch TV stand, 55 inches TV stand, 60 inches, or even a 70 inch TV stand that can handle the size of a flat-screen TV. Of course, a TV stand will take up space within your home, and what if you also want to add one of the different types of electric fireplaces that are out there? One way that you can do this is to get a fireplace that already installed on a TV stand. However, what brand should you get? What TV stand features should you have included? Do you get something that is solid wood? Do you get one on wheels that can swivel? Do you need something with a large tabletop for the LCD TV? Do you need one with a lot of storage space like a double storage cabinet?

In the article below, we are going to go ahead and help you with many of these questions and much more.

In This Post, You Are Going To Have These Questions Answered:

  • Why Are Electric Fireplaces Used Instead of Wood or Gas Fireplaces? – If you are someone who doesn’t really understand how far electric fireplaces have come over the years, then it is extremely important that you read this primer. Here, we will explain all of the pitfalls that come with wood and gas fireplaces, and all of the great qualities that make electric fireplaces the premium choice for homeowners everywhere.
  • What Are The Different Varieties of Electric Fireplaces For a Living Room? – While this article is mostly going to focus on a TV stand with a fireplace built into it or one that has space to put electric fireplaces inside of it, it is still important for you to understand all of the different types and variations of electric fireplaces that are available on the market today. This section will let you know which ones you might want to consider for your home, and which you are usually better off just avoiding.
  • Is There a 55 Inch TV Stand or Entertainment Center That You Can Place TVs Up On With a Fireplace Below It? – In this part of the article, we’ll talk a little bit about getting a fireplace built into a TV stand, and how large these can actually be? We’ll also discuss some of the reasons that someone might want to purchase this for their home.
  • What Are Some Features To Be Aware of When Purchasing a 55 Inch TV Stand, Entertainment Center, or Media Stand To Put TVs Up On? – There are a ton of features when it comes to a TV stand with a fireplace in it. Before purchasing, it is important to understand what TV stand features are available so that you can decide exactly what type of TV stand, TV console, or console table with a fireplace is right for you.
  • What Are Good Brands of a TV stand or Media Console for a 55 inch TV or 60 inch TV? – Up to this point, the article mostly focused on the styles and features of a TV stand or console table with a fireplace within it. This part of the article will give you some brand suggestions if you think a TV stand fireplace is right for you. We will discuss brands like Walker Edison and other brands.
  • Is a 55 Inch TV Stand or TV Cabinet To Put TVs Up On With a Fireplace Inside The Best Solution or Is There a Better Option? – While some people like how a TV stand can be combined with a fireplace, it also has its downsides that you need to think about. In this section, we are going to explore some other options that might be better for you than using a TV media table or television stand with a fireplace built into it.
  • If I Were To One of The Standard Electric Fireplaces Instead of a Wood TV Stand or Other Type of TV Stand with a Fireplace Within It, What Brand of Fireplace Should I Go With? – For people that believe standard real electric fireplaces would be better for their home rather than ones that are built into a TV stand, this section explains all about the best brand of fireplace that you should consider getting for your home.

Here are the top five electric fireplaces that you should mount your TV above it

Trinity: Sleek and timeless. Perfect for apartments, condos, and small homes

(1) Trinity: The Trinity fireplace by MagikFlame is a large, beautiful fireplace that goes against a flat wall. The minimal clean shapes and lines of the mantel fit many different home decorating styles and this fireplace is sure to be a wonderful beacon of warmth in your home.

Morpheus: A traditional design. For smaller living spaces, like high-rise apartments.

(2) Morpheus: If you prefer something a bit smaller than the Trinity because you are more limited on space, you can go with the Morpheus. The Morpheus has all the same features as any other MagikFlame fireplace, but the smaller mantel and housing allow you to fit more into a smaller room with its compact design.

Churchill: Sleek and timeless. Perfect for apartments,condos, and small homes

(3) Churchill: The Churchill fireplace by MagikFlame is built to fit perfectly into the corner of the room. This corner fireplace functions the same as other MagikFlame fireplaces, but the corner design can help save space if needed. It also is great if you have a room that is more of an asymmetrical design and you want to bring some focus to the corner of the room rather than a flat wall. Of course, up to a certain size, you can also put a TV on top of these corner fireplaces.

Athena: A traditional design. Perfect for a traditional or rustic home.

(4) Athena: If you love the grand size of the Trinity, but your home has a more ornate and luxurious design style, you should check out the Athena. The Athena has beautiful crown molding and beautiful ornate designs carved into the mantel.

28″ Insert: Most versatile fireplace. Surround and mantel can be custom-designed.

(5) Insert: If you are looking for a high-quality electric fireplace insert to go inside of a TV stand or you want to build your own mantel fireplace, you can’t go wrong with the MagikFlame fireplace. While it is an insert that doesn’t include any kind of mantel or external housing, the fireplace itself boasts all of the same features as every other single MagikFlame fireplace model.

Why Are Electric Fireplaces Used Instead of Wood or Gas Fireplaces?

Some people love the idea of a fireplace in their home but they are on the fence about exactly what type they should get. While wood fireplaces and gas fireplaces both seem like good options, it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Here are the problems with fireplaces that burn wood:

  • Fire safety is definitely something you need to pay attention to. Wood-burning fireplaces are one of the most common reasons for house fires.
  • Wood fireplaces produce a lot of smoke and carbon monoxide that can be dangerous to your health. Even though most go out of the chimney, some always enter your home.
  • They are a serious hassle to use when you consider all of the work that has to go into wood fireplaces and how you need to constantly watch it for safety.
  • Due to the chimney, a lot of the heat that a wood fireplace produces ends up not even being used to warm the room and instead escapes with the smoke.
  • All that smoke is bound to cause a bad smoky smell to linger everywhere within your home. The smell can get into the fibers of your carpet and furniture.
  • Another major downside of all of that smoke is how both the walls and any lighter-colored furniture in your home are eventually going to yellow over time.
  • You absolutely cannot mount a TV over the mantel of a wood fireplace unless you want it to stop working due to the rising smoke and heat.
  • All of that wood is going to need vast amounts of storage space somewhere around the outside of your home.
  • If you were to try to build a new wood fireplace, the construction is a huge undertaking and is going to cost a lot of money before it is finished.

For cleaner burning and less trouble, gas fireplaces definitely seem like an improvement over wood fireplaces, but they still have some negative qualities that most first time purchasers just aren’t aware of until it is too late:

  • The flame of gas fireplaces is still completely exposed to your home and anytime you have an exposed flame you have an increased risk of a fire.
  • Burning gas can still produce carbon monoxide due to an incomplete burn and this can still begin to fill your home and eventually cause carbon monoxide poisoning that can be fatal.
  • Gas fireplace flames are very ugly in color. From flames that burn a neon blue, to ones that try to look natural but don’t quite manage, it is almost always a disappointment.
  • Another problem with gas fireplace flames is how weak their flames look. They hardly flicker or resemble a roaring wood fireplace at all.
  • Gas fireplaces are another costly installation. Professionals have to install expensive gas lines, the fireplace itself, and in some cases, a ventilation system.

Luckily, electric fireplaces have come a long way over the years. Here is everything you can absolutely expect to benefit from if pick electric fireplaces over wood or gas ones:

  • Since no burning or flames are used in electric fireplaces, you really don’t have to worry about any kind of added risk of a fire.
  • Only warm air comes out of electric fireplaces. There aren’t any harmful emissions like smoke or carbon monoxide.
  • With the lack of smoke, you also aren’t going to have to concern yourself with the bad smells or the walls of your home becoming stained.
  • Using electric fireplaces is simple. You turn it on, select your temperature, and enjoy it.
  • You can easily install electric fireplaces yourself without needing to hire an expensive professional. You just pick the best spot and plug the fireplace in.
  • You are able to install one of these fireplaces in any room of your home since they don’t need ventilation and you only need an outlet nearby.
  • You can safely mount your TV above the mantel of electric fireplaces without the worry that it will be damaged like a traditional fireplace.
  • These fireplaces are very efficient due to their infrared heaters and the fact that heat isn’t lost through the ventilation.
  • You can set up supplemental zone heating with multiple fireplaces for very large homes and this will allow you to save more on your heating bill.
  • Most electric fireplaces come with some sort of remote control device so that you can easily control it without even getting out of your seat.
  • You can accurately capture the ambiance of a real fireplace if you invest in quality electric fireplaces that use realistic holographic flames.
realistic holographic flames
MagikFlame is the best choice for luxury and gorgeous interior design.

What Are The Different Varieties of Electric Fireplaces For a Living Room?

There are many types of electric fireplaces that can be used depending on exactly what you need it for and the layout of the room. Of course, not all types are equal, and some should be avoided completely. Here are the different kinds of electric fireplaces:

  • Flat Wall Fireplace Mantel Package – One of these fireplaces is the type that looks the most like your more traditional open-heart fireplaces. They are installed on the ground against a flat wall.

  • Corner Fireplace – Although they work the exact same way, these corner fireplaces are designed to fit into the corner of a room and can often be used to save more space.

  • TV Stand Fireplace – These are the stands that we will be talking about a lot in this article.

  • Corner TV Stand Fireplace – These are TV stand fireplaces that are simply shaped for use in the corner.

  • Wall Mount Fireplace – These are fireplaces that you can hang up on the wall with mounting brackets. They are frequently installed into the recessed walls so that the fireplace is embedded in the wall.

  • Fireplace Insert – If you have a traditional fireplace, you can convert it into an electric one with these inserts.

  • Freestanding Fireplace Heater – These are portable space heaters with flame effects. They often work poorly and should be avoided.

  • Electric Stove – These are electric fireplaces made to resemble a wood stove you’d find in a log home. These are rarely used in modern homes.

Is There a 55-Inch TV Stand With a Fireplace Below It?

TV Stand With a Fireplace Below
MagikFlame plus a TV will make you never want to leave home

Yes, there are absolutely TV stand options for a bigger TV size where you can have a fireplace built into the bottom of it. It is vital you are sure to get one for the right size of your flat-panel TV or you risk your TV damaging the stand or easily getting knocked off. You should make sure that the tabletop extends to or past the sides of the TV, rather than the TV sticking out past the sides of the stand.

What Are Some Features To Be Aware of When Purchasing a 55-Inch TV Stand, Entertainment Center, or Media Stand To Put TVs Up On?

When looking for TV stands with fireplaces in them, there are several things you should think about. Style, material, and the features it includes are some of these things you need to consider before purchasing. You want a style that fits your home and doesn’t clash with your existing design style. You also want quality material that will last for a long time. Also, because of the fireplace that is inside of it, space for additional features is limited so you want to make sure you are getting the features that are perfect for your needs and preferences.

When it involves style, what kind of style do you have going on in your home? Do you want a modern TV stand with clean lines and shapes that is more minimalist? Do you have a darker wood aesthetic where an espresso color would look good? Do you want a barn door TV stand that looks like it was made out of a sliding barn door or a rustic farmhouse TV stand for a modern farmhouse look? Do you want something more mid-century modern or retro? Whatever style you choose, make sure it matches the style you already have present in your room or the style you plan to go with when you are done remodeling.

Material choice is also extremely important. It is recommended that you go with something that is solid wood. Generally, you should avoid cheaper materials like MDF or particleboard. These don’t last nearly as long. They chip easily and the laminate that is on the outside has the tendency to curl at the corners and peel off after a very short time. If you spend a little more and get something with real wood, you will usually have something that will look better and last much longer.

The other big thing you need to think about is just what kind of additional features you would like to go with for your TV stand. Do you need plenty of storage space? You can get one with a good-sized storage cabinet. This will let you easily hide your media collection. Of course, you need to consider what cabinet doors you would like. Maybe you want glass doors so that your media storage is visible but still protected from dust? You can get the tempered glass to ensure it is less likely to break.

Of course, instead of cabinets, or in addition to them, you can make sure you have plenty of shelving in the form of open shelves. You can get adjustable shelves to make it easier to fit things like your cable box, gaming consoles, or even collectibles that you want on display. In addition to this, do you want standard wood shelving or do you want a glass shelf? Regardless if you get cabinets or shelves, you want to make sure you have plenty of cutouts in the back for wire management. While proper cable management can be a pain to sort out, cable management will ensure that you can easily sway your devices later if needed, all while keeping things more clean and organized.

for larger TVs, you can also consider a stand that actually has a TV mount in the back of it so that you can easily swivel your TV instead of leaving it only pointed in one direction or having to lift and slide the TV if you want to change the angle. These mounts can even be height adjustable.

One last thing you need to keep in mind is the fireplace that is built into it. You may want to verify that the heating element is powerful enough to warm the home, and it should be infrared quartz heating to keep the electric bill low since infrared heating is more efficient. Also, you want to focus on fireplaces that have better flame effects. Poor flame effects can be very disappointing and will be a waste of money if you don’t get something that you actually like and use regularly.

What Are Good Brands of a TV stand or Media Console for a 55 inch TV or 60 inch TV?

There are a variety of good brands you can go with. Walker Edison and Ameriwood have some that already have electric fireplaces built into it, or you might obtain something like Furinno and put your own fireplace insert into it. Of course, whether you go with a brand like Walker Edison, you choose one of the other brands mentioned, or something else, it is important for you to remember that these different brands tend to focus on particular styles and features. That means, while you should buy from a trusted brand instead of getting a generic brand, you want to make sure that the brand you are picking has the style and features that you want, or else you might be better off going with another brand.

Is a 55 Inch TV Stand a Better Option?

Is There a Better Option
Update your interior instantly with a MagikFlame fireplace and TV.

Unfortunately, there are some serious issues you can have with TV stands with fireplaces built into them. Whiles these can be great for saving space because you are essentially combining two furniture items into one, that combination also means you are limiting space within the TV stand itself.

The first main issue with cramming so much into a small space is that you are left with less space for all of the features that you want. You will have much less space for shelves and cabinets.

The second main issue is that with many stands with fireplaces inside of them, a common problem is the fireplace itself isn’t as good as it should be. This is mainly due to the issue of limited space, so the fireplace is smaller. By making the fireplace smaller, you are limiting how good the heater itself can be inside of it. This means the fireplace in these TV stands may not be able to properly warm your home, especially homes with large open rooms. If it can’t keep it warm, it will be working as hard as it can anyway, costing you a lot of money on your electric bill even though the desired temperature was never quite reached. Additionally, this also leaves much less space for realistic flame effects. You are left with simple choices like LED lights for flames or something similar. Unfortunately, if you truly care about realism within your fireplace, you need to get something that has great fire effects, like holographic 3D projection. This would be something like the Holoflame technology that is in MagikFlame fireplaces.

While there are some serious downsides to a TV stand with a fireplace in it, there is actually a much better solution. If you have a large TV and you want a high-quality fireplace, simply get a standard, high-end fireplace from a trusted brand like MagikFlame. Once you’ve installed it against the wall, you can mount your large TV over a mantel because it’s luckily totally safe to mount TVs over electric fireplaces. Not only does this look amazing, but it brings the two main focuses of your room to the same vertical focal point. Whether you are watching the TV or enjoying your fireplace, your furniture is still pointed at the right location within the room.

While some people might see this as a problem because they are used to storing their media collection, the truth is, most people stream everything these days anyway. Also, most modern TV sets have streaming apps pre-installed, so you don’t even have to use external devices. This means you can have an incredibly clean setup, without all of the random devices and wires taking up space and causing clutter.

Not only will this look a lot better, but it saves even more space because both the fireplace and the TV are right up against the wall instead of sticking out in the room where you might need that space for walking around.

best choice compared
MagikFlame is the best choice compared to other types of fireplaces.

If I Were To One of The Standard Electric Fireplaces Instead of a Wood TV Stand or Other Type of TV Stand with a Fireplace Within It, What Brand of Fireplace Should I Go With?

If you were going to go the route of getting one of the standard electric fireplaces and mounting your TV above it, then you need to grab a MagikFlame fireplace. MagikFlame fireplaces are commonly seen as the most realistic fireplaces on the market. Here is everything that you can expect no matter what MagikFlame model you may want to go with:

  • 3D Holographic Flames That Look Real – If you are looking for realistic flames that truly make you think you are looking like a real wood fireplace, Holoflame found in MagikFlame fireplaces is what you are looking to find. Realistic, 3D projected flames are displayed over a physical log set and ember bed. These flames move around and flicker just like a real fire. Most guests who come to your home will likely not even notice that your fireplace is electric until you tell them it is. MagikFlame comes with 30 different styles of dancing flames you are able to select between so that you can set the perfect mood.
  • Crackling Log Sounds – In addition to the amazing visuals inside of the fireplace, MagikFlame fireplaces also have the enhancement of incredible audio. As you see the flames flicker around the inside of the fireplace, you will also hear crackling log sounds to further immerse you into the entire experience. If you want it to be even more relaxing, you can choose to play some optional nature sounds as well.
  • 5,200 BTU Heater – MagikFlame fireplaces all come with an infrared heater inside of it that is as efficient as it is powerful. This heater pushes out 5,200 BTUs of warmth to keep your home nice and warm. Each MagikFlame fireplace can effortlessly make a space of 1,000 square feet cozy, which is more than enough for most of your typical apartments, many types of condos, and small to medium-sized houses. Of course, if you are someone that has an extra-large house, you may wonder what solution you should go with. If you have a large house, you should set up zone heating with a second or third MagikFlame in different parts of your home. This zone heating setup will allow you to save a lot more money off of your electric bill because you will only be heating parts of your home when people are in that area of the house.
  • Smartphone Control – There is nothing more annoying than yet another remote you have to add to the pile in your home. With MagikFlame fireplaces, you can actually use their intuitive app to control your MagikFlame fireplace from anywhere within your house. MagikFlame’s app can be installed on smartphones and tablets. It has large, easy to see graphical buttons. You may toggle the fireplace on and off, choose a temperature that is perfect for you, change the options for the flames and audio, and more.

Here is even more information if you would like to learn more about MagikFlame fireplaces:

  • MagikFlame Story: Following the MagikFlame story can introduce you to the wonderful world of how MagikFlame technology stemmed from special effects work with huge Hollywood movies.
  • MagikFlame Reviews: You can hear directly from customers and see exactly what they have to say with these honest testimonials from MagikFlame customers.
  • Magikflame Best Electric Fireplace (Buying Guide 2021): If you are interested in electric fireplaces in general and want to learn more about their different options and how they work, this buying guide is perfect for you.
  • How MagikFlame Is Built: After learning how these fireplaces are built, you will understand both the excellent craftsmanship and love that goes into these amazing fireplaces.
  • Payment Plans and Financing: It has never been easier to get a MagikFlame fireplace with these super helpful financing plans.
  • MagikFlame Warranty: Because of their fantastic warranty, you can get a MagikFlame fireplace and trust in its reliability and quality.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is for general informational purposes only. While we strive to ensure accuracy, there may be errors, omissions, or discrepancies. The author and publisher make no warranties about the accuracy, reliability, or suitability of the information contained herein.

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Traditional White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
Stand-Alone Electric Fireplace Insert with Sound and Heater
Modern White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
European Style White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
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