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Fireplace Mantels


An electric fireplace mantel is the wooden surround that goes around the insert of your electric fireplace. Typically these fireplace mantels are built from wood, or sometimes metal, and will often look like a traditional built-in fireplace. You can also find fireplace mantels that are built from solid stone or even sometimes marble. These types of fireplace mantels can weigh hundreds of pounds. However most electric fireplace mantels are made from wood and are usually assembled by the customer using simple tools like just a screwdriver or maybe a hex wrench.

Fireplace Mantel Options

The MagikFlame electric fireplace has two standard mantel options. The first mantle style being a modern white finish. The great thing about the Artemis mantle or the white MagikFlame mantle is that it fits pretty much fits any modern Decor. It Blends right in with the rest of the Furnishings in a home that has light colors. Another great thing about a white electric fireplace mantel is that it can be easily painted to other colors such as gray or even black to match your Decor if that’s the color range you have going on in your living room.

Aged Fireplace Mantels

The Aphrodite electric fireplace mantle is made from wood but made to look like a simulated antique ivory. This is a much more traditional style mantel that has decorative scroll work throughout that really has an old world look. The aged look of the antique ivory makes it look like this is a mantle that’s been in your families possessions for quite some time. It really does have an old-world look.

How to Customize Your Electric Fireplace Mantels

We really encourage people to customize our  electric fireplace mantels to fit their Decor. If we don’t have the right color we’ve had customers actually paint our mantles before. The basic white of the Artemis is a great mantle to start painting with since the base coat is lite. You can paint it to actually look like wood, or even various Shades of Grey or even turquoise. Even though white electric fireplace mantel seem to be the most popular color.It doesn’t matter the options are endless if you customize the mantles and we highly encourage you  to paint an our electric fireplace mantle’s to get the look you’re going for.

We are Constantly Adding New Fireplace Mantels

We are currently working on several new electric fireplace mantel design that will be available in just a few months and will greatly expand the range of the wall mantel packages possible for the  HoloFlame electric fireplace. We found that using the right wall mantel to fit your Decor is very important and so we are expanding our line of fireplace mantels to fit homes of all styles and decors.

Choosing the Right Fireplace Mantel Package

Choosing the right mantle for your electric fireplace is very important because you want it to look like it’s a natural part of your home and that it belongs there. So we are constantly looking to expand the electric fireplace mantels we offer and are continuously adding new and fresh innovative ideas to the marketplace with the MagikFlame electric fireplace wall mantels.

Buy Electric Fireplace Wall Mantel Packages

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Fireplace Mantels