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Choosing Tile Around Fireplace For A Modern Farmhouse Makeover

Modern Farmhouse

In this post you will learn:

  • Ways of choosing Fireplace tiles
  • how quickly you can create a Crate and Barrel-inspired tray with just a few pieces of hexagon tiles.
  • Fireplace Style options
  • How to choose tile colors

A fireplace is amongst the unique places that make a declaration in a home. The typical farmhouse fireplace was just the chimney block fireplace. However, there are now more unique ways to have modern fireplace makeover ideas. Nowadays, you can easily add natural elements, including marble tiles, natural stone, and cement tiles. There are more creative inventions, both natural and artificial means and colors. There are even more colors to choose from, making the fireplace more attractive. Architects can now create eye-catching artworks with perfect fireplaces. Amongst the leading patterns include hexagon, herringbone pattern, and herringbone tile. Also, trending is the use of large-format herringbone tiles and creating an oversized fireplace.

Fireplace Style Options For Choosing Tile Around Fireplace

Modern Styles

A modern fireplace makeover focuses on keeping things simple but still stylish. This includes applying design with both straight lines and patterns such as monochromatic. Contemporary style has used materials previously referred to as fragile such as the glass mosaic tile.

Currently, materials such as black granite and porcelain are being used to create an atmosphere of class and luxury. Marble ways to sparkle through your living room are quite timeless with a high note of glamour. If you are looking for a simple, classy style, then modern is certainly the way.

Rustic Styles

Rustic styles work well in farmhouse due to the warmth and cozy atmosphere they bring. Rustic styles include natural stone tile comprising pebbles and slates that add a natural touch to your home.

Choosing tile around fireplace can be challenging so follow these steps:

  1. Include defining what you like/don’t like

Some various styles and tiles are currently being applied. Some of these styles are quite similar; hence you must go an extra step in specific. Ensure your architect gets the right specification of your likes and dislikes.

  1. Visit some model homes and fireplace design centerpieces to get design ideas.

Although you may have some ideas in mind, there’s always the need to expand your knowledge: research new model homes and the current designs. A visit to some remodel homes may change your whole perspective.

  1. Look at colors and designs you like in clothes, nature, or Pinterest.

Colors add the final touch to any magical piece of work. It’s not about just getting an eye-catching appearance but meeting your nature and interior design desire.

  1. Ask friends whose style you love for recommendations for your tile around fireplace

Your friends will influence your taste and choice as you most probably like the same things. It would be best if you considered asking friends for recommendations.

Design Tips for Your Modern Farmhouse and Tile Around Fireplace


There are a variety of materials to choose from to customize your fireplace. Available fireplace tiles include porcelain, marble, ceramic, glass, and stainless steel. There are unlimited unique art pieces of tiles to choose from for either indoor or outdoor fireplace.


In choosing the preferred color, you may opt to go for a mix of colors or a specific match depending on your fireplace surround. You may opt to splash colors with a contrast with walks or have a match with the room’s palette.

Types of Fireplace tile

Woodsy Stone Veneer

Most farmhouses are already run down and at most times, the fireplace is an unsightly area. In such a surrounding, the best alternative is the tile installation of a stone veneer. Stone veneer is both heat resistant and heat controller. In a farmhouse, a stone veneer is used, especially when using wood. A stone fireplace veneer is not expensive to set up as it’s just a thin stone cover. You can use a stone veneer in an already damaged fireplace or firebox instead of demolishing it.

The firebox setup is easy and will only require the application of mortared stones to the wood cover. In case you buy a stone veneer, it may come with an already fully setup stone layer. You can also paint this stone cover setup as per one’s desire. Finding the right stone can turn your living room into a cozy environment. You can apply different stones that still look stylish. River rock stones are amongst the best recommendations for a cottage-like vibe, while a thin rock slate gives the modern touch. Wood can also work in this setup with a combination of industrial metal as a substitute for stone. The design is also convenient as it easily matches the extension of the ceiling as a fireplace stone area.

MagikFlame electric fireplace

The MagikFlame electric fireplace is being adopted both in farmhouses and city homes. This fireplace is an upgraded use of technology as it’s a holographic projection technology. The fireplace can be considered as a state of art technology upgrade with visual flames. It’s a nice recommendation for homeowners with kids playing around the fireplace. The fireplace is made with the application of sound and scent features. Using this fireplace, you can decide which smell to simulate (such as fresh-cut pine) in your living room.

Magikflame Electric Fireplace Buying Guide

  1. The insert is the most versatile option when choosing a Electric MagikFlame.
  2. You customize your fireplace with the surround and mantel of your choice.
  3. This can also be installed to replace a gas fireplace insert or traditional fireplace.

With the Insert, you can customize your experience (E.g., 30 Flames, Rising Embers, Ember Effects, Log Sounds, Nature Sounds)

Key selling points of MagikFlame include 30 ultra-realistic flames, a Built-In 5,200 BTU heater, and crackling log sounds.

Marble tile

Marble is a common material that has been used for interior decoration. It’s popular for its beauty and durability features. However, marble requires high maintenance, but it surely serves its purpose. Marble tiles easily become the focal point of any roll Lom its setup; hence it a nice idea for farmhouse fireplace upgrades. Marble’s selling point includes its heat resistance quality, thus making it beneficial in fireplaces. You can use marble tile all around the fireplace or simply at the fireplace mantle.

Types of Marble tiles

Crema Marfil Marble: Crema Marfil Marble is a classic light beige stone. It’s ideal for rooms that have darker elements as decor.

Dynasty Brown Marble: Dynasty Brown Marble is a rich brownstone that combines well with any fireplace or mantel surrounding.

Emperador Golden Marble: Emperador Golden Marble is famous for its unique color limited to a few stones. The stone is gold with light brown and dark complexion with white and beige veins. The goldish reflection makes the room the center of attention.

Rainforest Green Marble: Green Marble is a perfect choice for nature lovers. The stone has a green background with brown veins running throughout.

Blue Damasco Marble: Blue Damasco Marble is blueish gray with white and black veins running through.

There are many more marble tiles available.

Mosaic Tile

Mosaic tiles are usually applied on the fireplace surrounding but not inside. Mosaic is not a good material when too close to the fire. If you use the fireplace, you should avoid using mosaic on the fireplace interior of the floor in front. For the hearth, you can use materials such as porcelain. Although mosaic can survive for some time, the immense pressure of wood and fire irons knocks the tiles. However, mosaic offers a perfect finish on the fireplace surrounding.

Types of Mosaic Fireplace

Moroccan Fish Scales Mosaic Tile Fireplace Surround – These fireplace tile ideas are a perfect classic for the 8th century. The design is a mix of fire and water.

Old Copper Field Tile with Wood Burning Stove

The old-time stove fireplace tile ideas work magic around the fireplace. The ceramic time finish with a good burning stove is amongst the top-of-the-list fireplace suggestions. There’s the freedom to play around with the surroundings, including adding copper polish to your fireplace tile.

Art Deco Glam Mosaic Fireplace

Turn your family room into a family room like our friend Emily Meszkat did with this purple Moroccan Fish Scale fireplace. We adore the Art Deco styling with the mixed patterned tile, strong lines, and geometry. This ceramic tile for fireplace surround is the perfect example of why you shouldn’t shy away from color when you’re tiling a fireplace with Art Deco fireplace tiles!

Cozy Cabin Fireplace Inspiration

Mix cool and warm colors for a cozy cabin vibe with your fireplace. By mixing these two hues, you can create a snuggly space while maintaining a contemporary fireplace look. Keep it simple with Subway tile and tile design – this iconic shape is a winner for any project.

Carraras Marble Fireplace

Carrara-Marble’s design features white tile and gray shades. It is a famous Italian type of marble. Carrara’s white comprises a variety of finishes in tumbled, honed, and polished. Carrara is suitable in both commercial and residential houses; hence it’s flexible.

Natural and stone tile – Natural stones tile is the most popular in the world. The first characteristic is the fact that they each have different aesthetics. The freedom to choose from a variety expands the creativity line for architects, interior designers, and contractors towards any style they may desire.

Types of natural stone marble include Serpentine marble, Granite, Limestone, Travertine, Slate, Sandstone, Onyx, Shell Stone and Quartz.

Natural-stone features

  • Natural-stone is very durable as opposed to the other types of stone and it lasts longer.
  • This type of floor has a more radiant heating ability making It suitable for underfloor heating.
  • If you love being unique then natural-stone is the way to go. Ince it’s natural it has unique colors and tile patterns different from the others.
  • If you do not appreciate routine cleaning habits, then natural-stone is suitable as it is quite hygiene friendly. It does not hold on to dust, skin, or hair.
  • It has low maintenance as opposed to other stones as it only requires soft brush cleaning.

Cement tile

Cement tiles go way back in buildings such as palaces, temples, and castles. Cement tile is amongst the most environmentally friendly material and does not have any future repercussions. It is also quite cheap as it consists of the acquisition of tiles. Cement-tile is unique as you can design any pattern or color as you may want to. Cement-tile is also popular due to its durability range as it can outlast a lifespan retaining its original beauty. The use of cement-tile is recommended for the harsh environment due to its durability range. Cement tiled fireplaces are unique and come in various colors, patterns, and sizes; hence they are recommended for customized fireplaces for a home builder.

Glass Tiles

Glass has not been famous around the fireplace due to its fragile nature. Considering how heat levels may easily go beyond the normal range glass tiles wasn’t among the best recommendations. However, Glass is advantageous as it gives architects the freedom to develop creativity in choosing styles and colors. Glass is a rare fireplace type of tile since it’s not easy to do it yourself and will require professional help. However, it’s a beautiful consideration for your fireplace. Glass tile is limited only to the fireplace surrounding. Like fireplace fronts and the interior, anywhere close is not possible. Glass can easily break when exposed to high heat levels.

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles give room for creativity in designs since it’s made of clay. Ceramic easily fits into styles such as eclectic and decorative tiles mosaic. DIY love to use ceramic since it’s not technical and can easily be set up. This is a good consideration since you can do it by yourself. The ceramic only limit is that you cannot use it in a fireplace front or the interior section but only in close surroundings.

Porcelain tile

Porcelain tiles are popular around the fireplace as they easily accommodate high-temperature levels. Porcelain gives freedom of design and is quite popular as it can withstand heat. These tiles can work well either in the interior parts of the fireplace or the surrounding areas. Porcelain has a beautiful appearance and easily fits with extra-large slabs.

Porcelain’s biggest selling point is its durability as it can last longer and is not easily damaged by heat. They are highly recommended for fireplaces. Fireplaces are a good alternative to the normal heat-absorbing bricks. Although porcelain tiles can withstand heat, architects do not advise the tiles to be used in direct contact with heat. The best recommendation is to create a barrier between the porcelain tiles and fireplace interior of immediate contact.

Moroccan tile

Moroccan-tiles are increasingly becoming famous, especially the Moroccan-zellige tiles. The design is favorable, especially while working on the interior parts of fireplaces. Fireplaces have always given room to creativity, and designers have taken advantage of custom-made designs. Classic brick fireplace continues to be used worldwide, although people find more artistic styles for their fireplace. The Moroccan-time is famous for its zeolite artistry tiles. Fireplaces are not just any places in your living room as they inspire the room’s atmosphere. You can use tiles to attach modern style to a given space or break the uniformity.

Arabesque tile

Ancient will not fade away completely as it’s still beautiful and appealing. Since ancient times, Arabesque tile has been in use and is an excellent suggestion for people looking to preserve their cultural heritage. Arabesque is advantageous as it can easily fit into modern designs without hitches. Arabesque-tile can work across the fireplace surrounding, featuring fireplace wall, wall tile and backsplash. Time has a very elegant and unique intertwining line.

Tips For Choosing Your Arabesque-Tiles

The arabesque-tile is elegant and unique and may seem confusing choosing from various tile sizes, colors, and patterns. Arabesque-tiles can be used in the fireplace as well as the floor of the room. For these tiles, you can use various colors to beautify the entire room with no limitation.

For the kitchen areas, bright and spicy hues spicy up the style, while the living space is perfect for almond, soft gray, and icy blue. The bathroom can go well with sandy neutral tones, while the fireplace could apply a dark setting. A feminine arabesque-pattern is ideal for warming up your living space setting.

DIY Project

Home decor DIY is ideal for the personalization of how you want your room to feel and appear. These include areas such as kitchen backsplash or master bath. The fireplace leftover tiles can inspire creative decor ideas to reorganize your room with creativity and innovation. By using a tile cutter, you can easily trim your tule sheets to different patterns and sizes as you please. You can then use the strong glue to fix them on a tray. To finish the setup, you can apply grout in a considerable amount to fill the tiles across the tiles through the grout lines.

How to Quickly Create a Crate and Barrel-Inspired Tray with Just a Few Pieces of Hexagon Tiles

There’s more to do with leftover tiles to decorate the fireplace and your new home with personalized pieces. It’s the greenway to go in terms of redecorating your home or finishing your renovation. When you are done with your fireplace renovation, the leftovers could be ideal for some DIY project ideas.

  1. Create Customized Tile Coasters

This DIY project will require the use of any large leftover square tile. After choosing your tile, you must create a smooth finish by adding patches of velvet or cork backing. A crafting glue should help attach firmly to your tile.

  1. Decorate Your Tray

You can create a customized tray by using leftover tiles. You must locate your ideal tile and use a tile cutter to trim it to the ideal tile sheet size. Finally, you can use strong glue and grout to stick the times firmly on the tray. To fill up the small spaces, use grout.

How To Choose Tile Colors

The color of a room can as well be considered the life of the room. Choosing a color is not as simple as it may seem, with different colors setting different tones. The color of tiles also influences the tone and atmosphere of the room. Colors shouldn’t be so technical as there is always the option to play around in entryways, bathrooms, living-room and kitchens. However, choosing your tile colors means considering the patterns and shapes intended. There’s also the option of using natural colors and patterns. Before settling down on a specific color, it’s important to consider existing colors in the living-room area. You certainly do not want a clash of colors between your fireplace and living-room.

Here are a few tips that will help you pick the perfect color for home improvement:

Size of the Fireplace

Although it may not seem important at all, the size of a room or place intended for painting matters. When you choose light hues such as cream and pastel for tiles, they make the room feel larger. The fireplace is a small yet significant portion of the room and while choosing bright colors may make it seem too large.

Tile Type

Tiles come in different types and matte in terms of materials and their exposure rate to humidity. Dense types of tiles are usually scratch-resistant and are favorable for floors. Such includes porcelain. Glazed ceramic tiles, on the other hand, are stain resistant.

Color Wheel Combinations

When choosing tile colors, you should consider opposite pitches on the color wheel. You may consider selecting a different color from the floor tile. If you want a calm, cool environment, choosing colors close to each other on the color wheel could work.

Finally, do not forget about the texture of the tile. The texture of the tile you choose at your Home Depot will vary depending on the traffic you expect in the rooms. When choosing floor tile, mottled pattern is highly suggested. However, for fireplace tiles, you should consider tiles that do not easily attract dirt marks.

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