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How Contemporary Are Electric Fireplaces?

contemporary fireplace

Modern times call for modern amenities. Homes need upgrades to modern equipment. Traditional homes used to heat themselves during the winter using wood fireplaces. These were known to be very hectic to use and required that one stored a lot of fuel in advance. They were also clumsy. The amount of carbon monoxide they released into the atmosphere was catastrophic. However, advances in technology have made it possible to reduce the carbon footprint on the environment, in some cases, even eliminating it. Electric fireplaces are the most modern home makeover that we have ever witnessed. They make our homes more comfortable and manageable while getting rid of traditional wooden fireplaces’ devastating effects. They are straightforward to use and have been designed for the modern home. They complement the look and feel of any home owing to their incredible modern fireplace design. Electric fireplaces are contemporary for many reasons. They are the most current advances in home heating that we currently have. Thanks to technology, they have been improved and upgraded to a level where using them becomes an effortless adventure.

In this post, you will learn:

  • How Electric Fireplaces Are Contemporary
  • Improvements of Electric Fireplaces over Traditional Fireplaces
  • Decorative Effect of Electric Fireplaces on Modern Homes
  • Modern Fireplace Features
  • MagikFlame Electric Fireplaces

How Electric Fireplaces are Contemporary?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary’s online version, contemporary means simultaneous or marked by the present period’s characteristics. In our time, we are making efforts to move from harming the environment to preserving it. Many international organizations are hard at work to minimize their impact on the environment. They are doing this by reducing their carbon footprint and resorting to energy alternatives that do not release harmful and toxic waste into the environment.

The current global vision is to have clean energy and energy-efficient manufacturing by the year 2030. Many efforts are being made to resort to electricity as a form of energy. Windmills and solar power installations make the transition more feasible.

Manufacturing industries that rely on coal and trees for their energy production are now turning to electricity. They are all making these efforts to ensure that our world is livable and reduce the diseases caused by living in a dirty environment. Heating homes are now upgraded to electric fireplaces. These are the hallmarks of our progress thus far. They are evidence of a fully conscious society and dedicated to moving away from non-renewable sources to sustainable energy sources.

Electric fireplaces use the same electricity used to power the other appliances in your home. They do not have unique energy needs and will use the same home electricity supply to function. They are designed to plug into your energy grid. Whenever one is installing them, a dedicated outlet is required. The reason for using a reliable electricity outlet is to ensure that the electric fireplace gets enough electrical power to keep it running.

Other advances have been taking place in our world that are being reflected in the modern electric fireplaces. For instance, the Internet of Things is slowly but surely taking over the Internet. The IoT is made up of sensors and connected systems that are aware of each other. For the electric fireplace, there are temperature sensors that are helpful in safely running these appliances.

The temperature sensor can keep the electric fireplace safe and operating within safety standards. Automation of systems has gradually gained traction. Many modern systems are now fully automated. Appliances are being programmed and automated to connect with other devices wirelessly and over the internet. Encryption technology ensures that there is a secure operation of these appliances over remote networks.

For modern electric fireplaces, one can control and monitor them as they would with any other Internet of Things device. A mobile app that connects to the fireplace remotely enables the homeowner to keep track of their home temperature even when they are away. It allows them to turn down the heat when it is too high or even set the timer to shut off the fireplace when they are expected to be away for a longer duration.

The mobile app can connect to the electric fireplace over a Wi-Fi network and obtain all the valuable data and statistics required to keep the fireplace running efficiently. All these features are in line with modern technology standards and prove that electric fireplaces are contemporary.

Automation of systems in the modern world and connection to other systems is the prevalent trend. It has shaped the course of many lives. Home management is now getting more accessible. The efficiency that is created by electric fireplaces makes it possible to keep your home comfortable all the time. For instance, the sensors embedded in your electric fireplace will alert you when the desired temperature has been achieved.

The notification can appear on your mobile device or as a beep on the fireplace itself. It goes to show that connected devices are the technology trend. Fireplaces are not falling behind. More technology is being integrated into fireplaces to ensure that they work and perform according to modern standards.

The look and feel of the electric fireplace also make it a contemporary home appliance. For instance, the flames that appear on the fireplace are not real and will not produce ash of any kind. They are safe appliances to use and have realistic fire effects that reflect their contemporary standard. Homeowners will quickly change the visual effect that they want to appear on their fireplace from the convenience of their remote controller or their mobile application.

Modern technology has made these effects possible, which does not make use of any moving parts. The contemporary technology applied for creating flame effects on the electric fireplaces is a solid-state technology that creates visual effects by changing electrical states and not moving mechanical parts. As such, the electric fireplace can provide you with services for a much greater duration. The longevity of the appliances only goes to prove they are contemporary home appliances.

Sound effects and natural sounds were not possible in previous kinds of gas fireplaces, but that is now made possible by the electric fireplace. You can create a visual and auditory ambiance that you would like to achieve in your living room using the settings. You can also turn up the volume and take it down when you want.

contemporary fireplace

Improvements of Electric Fireplaces over Traditional Fireplaces

Traditional fireplaces were stressful and cumbersome to use. They required a lot of time and attention to be given to keep them running simply. It regularly needed cleaning. The maintenance costs for these fireplaces were astronomical. For instance, wood-burning fireplaces are used to produce a lot of ash. Their heat production and distribution were not practical or economical. A lot of energy was often lost as a result. They were inefficient installations that took up a lot of time to maintain and operate. A homeowner would always be required to have a store of firewood ready to restock their fireplace. If the stock runs out in the middle of the winter, then the rest of the cold season would be unbearable.

Modern electric fireplaces do not require as much attention as traditional fireplaces. They are designed to be simple enough to run and operate. The costs associated with them are significantly less than you can expect to spend on a wood fireplace. A wood-burning stove will also produce a lot of harmful by-products as a result of the combustion. When released into the atmosphere, these by-products contribute to global warming. It is a reason many people and organizations are moving from these kinds of fuels. Traditional fuels used to run the fireplaces were very harmful to the environment, which the electric fireplaces seek to address.

By using electricity only, the fireplace gets to stay on and continuously keeps the home warm. In effect, the fireplaces disappear into the rest of the home décor. It does not call for much attention, and care is scarce for the fireplace. It is a massive improvement over the traditional wood fireplace that required replacing the wood once it depleted and cleaned the ash from the fireplace. Maintenance is demanding and hectic for any home appliance—the less care needed, the better. The fire pit design of traditional fireplaces required regular maintenance, which meant that a lot of time went into the fireplace compared to enjoying its warmth and heat in the living space.

In terms of ease of use, the traditional fireplace was unwieldy, and handling it was very awkward. The fuel requirements were massive and would take a lot of time and money to stock up. Not only were wood fireplaces hectic to use, but they were also expensive to manage. Whenever someone was away from home for a long time, they too would not get any attention. As such, they would often run into a state of disrepair which would cost a lot more. Wood fireplaces were not the only fireplaces that required expensive fuels to keep running and producing heat for the home.

An ethanol fireplace is a traditional fireplace that requires fuel in a gas supply or a propane tank. They are also more costly than electric fireplaces in maintaining and running them can cost you a lot in energy bills. A bioethanol plant can cost you significantly more to install and keep safe. They also pose a safety hazard for your home as leaks can often lead to explosions and property destruction. Maintaining the gas fireplace was also stressful as it required professional handling and inspection. Someone without any prior experience running and maintaining these systems would often find the fireplace to be stressful to keep and maintain.

More and more people have replaced their gas fireplaces with modern electric fireplaces. The change has been partly due to the traditional fireplace’s stresses and the joys and upgrades of the electric fireplaces. The improvement has proven the benefits of the contemporary electric fireplaces and is why modern homes have switched out the old fireplaces for new ones. An outdoor fireplace cannot be exposed to weather elements and still function, which means wood-burning fireplaces cannot work outside the home.

One of the significant improvements that electric fireplaces have over their older counterparts is that it does not require maintenance. They provide the homeowner with the peace of mind they deserve and constantly get rid of the need to look at the sided fireplace. Fuel is no longer a reason to be worried. The cost of running these fireplaces is significantly reduced.

You only need to have an electrical outlet in your dining room to begin taking advantage of the more outstanding features that come with your modern electric fireplaces. Controlling the fireplace is very simple as they have handy and valuable accessories that accompany them. The remote controller and the mobile application enable you to easily modify the settings and the audio-visual effects emanating from the fireplace from the comfort of where you are seated.

Traditional fireplaces used to take up much of your time in caring for them and keeping them running. The modern electric fireplaces will save you a whole bunch of time whenever you are using them. You won’t need to be glued to the fireplace for it to continue operating as usual. As such, you are saved from spending time on the fireplace, which allows you to be productive in the other activities you intend to pursue. It also saves you the stress and worries of taking care of a fireplace and having more time to relax and stay comfortable.

A direct vent gas fireplace does not effectively and economically distribute the heat that it produces. The straightforward direct vent design is often uncomfortable and expensive to run and maintain. The electric fireplace’s ventless design makes them significantly better and more effective compared to their traditional counterparts.

With the time savings of electric fireplaces, living a comfortable, modern life is now possible for all homeowners. Getting rid of the stresses associated with maintaining and taking care of a conventional wood or gas fireplace also impacts health. Homes are now more comfortable and safer to live in thanks to electric fireplaces that do not require much maintenance and are safe to use around pets and kids.

Electricity is a renewable energy source with modern power stations employing massive windmills and solar panel farms to produce clean energy. Using clean energy means that electric fireplaces are contemporary and recommended for the modern age. Anyone who is environmentally aware will be able to impact when they use electric fireplaces that do not harm the environment and are suitable for their health.

Decorative Effect of Electric Fireplaces on Modern Homes

When it comes to space consumption, traditional fireplaces are known to make use of a lot of space. They are inconvenient to live with and will take up a lot of space in your home. They leave you with very little space to live in, which is not a good solution for any home. When you leave with many people, they will feel squeezed in by a heating feature that takes up much of their space. They will also feel very uncomfortable. Besides, the overall look and feel of a home with a wood-burning fireplace will be inconvenient and very unattractive.

The soot produced by these fireplaces makes the painting on your walls peel off, which calls for more maintenance and regular upgrades to your home. The heat produced by the wood fireplaces is also unmanageable and can impact the rest of your home. There is no way to regulate the heat produced by the traditional fireplace. The objects and items close to the fireplace will be greatly affected by their appearance and attractiveness.

In contrast, electric fireplaces do not take up much space in your home. As such, they will barely get noticed and will not eat up the floor space of your home. You can have the fireplace wall-mounted using a bracket. It will conveniently place it out of the way. During the installation, you can carve out a portion of the wall and create a recessed arrangement that gets into the wall instead of protruding outwards. Such a DIY installation is space-conscious and a reflection of the contemporary nature of the electric fireplaces. Using up space effectively also makes it possible to hide the modern fireplace and the rest of the home decoration. You can make the fireplace look like a television set embedded into the wall with displays of flames and burning logs.

The insert fireplace enhances your home’s look and feel by making it look as if there are actual flames. These flames are helpful because they make the electric fireplaces’ function and purpose instantly recognized. Anyone looking at the fireplace will not confuse it with some other appliance. They will be able to know that there is a source of heat in the home. They make your living room appear more appealing and are a massive upgrade to what your home looks like.

Their minimalist approach makes them the focal point of the home in many ways. They disappear entirely from the observer’s eye. It makes them serve their function effectively. By simply disappearing into the rest of the home decoration, the electric fireplaces can provide heat in all the home areas. Simultaneously, it does not produce a lot of noise or black, foggy smoke that upsets the balance and attractiveness of homes that have wood-burning fireplaces.

In your master bedroom, the freestanding electric fireplaces can make it look like a continuous heat source. They enhance your comfortable place feel and make sure that you sleep in comfort during the cold seasons such as winter. A stone fireplace, for instance, will easily blend in with a stone house. A marble fireplace makes your home feel coastal. You can have the fireplace surround placed in between bookshelves to create a contemporary look and feel reflecting the house scholar. Various design elements of the electric fireplaces can be taken advantage of, ensuring that your home looks welcoming.

You can create an eye-catching visual effect by placing your electric fireplaces in your home’s unique position. Selecting a central place makes the contemporary fireplace the house’s focal point and ensures that your home has the right balance of colors and light. You can also use a fireplace with mantel to remove the fireplace’s focus and distribute it to other items and objects placed on the mantel. Medals and awards can be placed on the fireplace mantel to make your home’s theme appear balanced and in line with the effect that you need to achieve. Your home decor can be modified in flexible ways whenever you are installing electric fireplaces. The result is something that friends, family members, and visitors will look at in awe.

Coziness is easy to achieve when you have electric fireplaces in a viewing area and positioned somewhere to distribute heat to all the home areas. The room design and styling are neatly and comfortably complemented by the fireplace, which only produces heat and not any other by-products. The electric fireplaces are significantly safer and provide the homeowner with design freedom to place the fireplace. Any fireplace design ideas you have for your contemporary home are possible and will not take long to turn into a reality. They owe this to the ease of use and installation of the electric fireplaces, which have been designed to make your home more comfortable.

Using clean lines to balance out your electric fireplace’s appearance with the rest of the home is also a design trick that has been used for modern homes. They are practical and ensure a balance between the look of the contemporary fireplace and the appearance of the rest of the house. An interior designer in San Francisco, Los Angeles, or New York can easily balance the fireplace’s appearance with the rest of the living space. Using the services of an interior designer is recommended when you need to achieve a perfect look.

A cleanly balanced and sparingly detailed home will give you a contemporary look and feel not many can achieve. Getting their services ensures that you get all the details correct and only have to install the features once. A good designer will also recommend suitable spots in your living space where you can install the electric fireplaces. Additionally, they do not have to visit you to do the consultation as there are video calls on the internet to complete the arrangements.

Modern Fireplace Features

Modern fireplaces are easy to install. The entire setup can be done by yourself as a DIY exercise. You do not have to invite an electrician to come and do the work for you. All the instructions are available in the accompanying user manual. You will find the fireplace easy to use. When you intend to mount it on the wall, there is an accompanying wall bracket for the job. Any contemporary fireplace also possesses control mechanisms to maintain a comfortable temperature while regulating the fireplace’s heat.

Automation features are also in-built into the electric fireplaces, such as remote controls, a thermostat, and a temperature sensor that detects when the heat levels are too high. The sensors allow for the electric fireplaces to regulate themselves and keep themselves in check. When it has been running for too long, the stainless steel heating elements tend to overheat. The fireplace itself manages this. An automated safety feature ensures that the fireplace turns off for a while until the temperature has reduced to safer levels. Connectivity to Wi-Fi is an inbuilt feature for modern fireplaces that are controlled using a mobile application.

Once you have bought and installed the electric fireplaces, you can download an accompanying mobile application from the app store. The mobile app lets you log into the fireplace using the credentials that you supply. These credentials will be a way for you to gain safe, secure, and encrypted access to your fireplace even when you are far away from your home. As long as you have an internet connection and an accompanying mobile application, you will easily log into your device and see how it operates. For instance, you will be able to turn it up or down, depending on the current temperature. In some other cases, you can even turn off the fireplace if you intend to be away from home for a longer duration.

Modern fireplaces have an easy touchscreen panel that is used for controlling the appliance. The board is accessible from the fireplace’s front and blends into the surroundings when it is not used. The panel can be used when you do not have a mobile device or a remote control nearby and provides the same features as you get on the mobile application.

Automation features are standard in modern fireplaces. Due to their contemporary nature, they do not require a lot of manual operation. Working with them is a breeze. You do not need to interact with the fireplace itself much. As such, you can conveniently place the fireplace in a place where kids and pets cannot be reached and still get to modify its settings with ease.

MagikFlame Electric Fireplaces

MagikFlame has been the leading manufacturer of modern electric fireplaces and has technology that far exceeds the competition. Their features are proven to work with all modern technologies. Installing them into your contemporary home will be unique. The engineering that has gone into the design of these fireplaces is a class above the rest of the world. It also has unique features that you cannot find in other fireplaces.

The quality of fireplaces from MagikFlame is also a caliber above what you can expect to get from the market. For instance, the flame effects are not created by any moving parts. Using solid-state technology to produce the flames makes it possible to keep the fireplace running for a longer time without breaking down. Other fireplaces close to their caliber use cogwheels to create the flame effect. These moving parts are known to break down very quickly. As such, you will only be able to enjoy the flame effect from them for a limited time before they also break down and stop waving the flame.

Controls on the fireplaces from MagikFlame are easy to use. You can efficiently operate the fireplace from the comfort of your bed or seat. The accompanying remote lets you access all the features and settings on the fireplace. You can also use the mobile app available on the Apple app store. With the mobile application, you can easily pair up your particular fireplace and control it even when you are away from home. The mobile app is straightforward to use and has been a safe and secure addition to the modern fireplace.

If you are looking for a contemporary fireplace, the MagikFlame story is an incredible place to start. Here, you will be introduced to all the intricacies and features of modern fireplaces. You will also get to learn about the fireplace and how MagikFlame is built. MagikFlame reviews are more than enough to show you the much that the producer put into their designs. Design elements in the MagikFlame design process ensure that the fireplace’s size and structure fit well with the rest of your home interior design and contemporary fireplace.

A MagikFlame electric fireplace buying guide can be an excellent place to begin your search for the perfect match for your home. Many options and designs are available. You can always choose a suitable fit for your home. You also get to upgrade your home and drastically improve its appearance and comfort. Contemporary families are deserving of a modern linear fireplace. With MagikFlame, your dream is achieved. You will find these fireplaces to be the last piece of your home interior design puzzle.

A touch above the rest, MagikFlame does not cut corners when it engineers its products. All the electric fireplaces and gas fireplaces from the brand also come with several years of warranty. They prove that MagikFlame is a brand deserving of the attention it gets and the best producer of modern fireplaces for contemporary homes. You can check out the MagikFlame website for more information about their brand and the unique technology that goes into creating a home heating experience that is unlike what the competition provides.

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