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Hot to The Touch? How Hot Do Electric Fireplaces Get

Electric Fireplaces - Where can I buy a fireplace

If you choose to convert your existing fireplace into an electric fireplace or purchase a fireplace insert to use in your home, it’s important to understand how it operates. Not only is it important to understand its operation, but you also want to get an idea of how safe it is to use. You may be wondering, “How hot do electric fireplaces get?” 

How Hot Do Electric Fireplaces Get?

Many people can have concerns about the temperatures electric fireplaces reach, especially if they have kids or pets who roam around the home. It can also be difficult to place furniture items or decor pieces too close to the feature if it gets too hot on the glass doors or panel.
This type of fireplace typically has 4,000 to 5,000 BTUs for more warmth than a space heater. Fortunately, the glass panel on the front of the feature doesn’t get too hot because the flames aren’t real inside the firebox. The heating element that produces the heat releases warm air without causing damage to surrounding materials or items.
The heat is warm enough to supplement the main heating system in the building to increase the level of comfort in the building without increasing your energy bill compared to a gas fireplace. The supplemental heat also stays in the room where the fireplace is installed and won’t enter other rooms in the building. The zoned heating prevents unused rooms of the home from being heated to minimize your energy usage.
Those who select a fireplace with 110 volts can expect to get as much heat as they would from a hairdryer as the product is in use. Consumers who seek more heat for larger spaces can opt for a fireplace with 220 volts.
Although many people own a real fireplace, a lot of the heat is lost through the chimney as the wood burns due to the draft effect that is created. The cost of purchasing wood in an attempt to heat the home can add up to hundreds of dollars annually. You also have to factor in the cost of chimney cleanings to reduce the risk of a fire. The low-maintenance design of an electric fireplace means it doesn’t require frequent cleanings of the firebox or venting when it’s installed. It can even be used to convert an existing wood-burning fireplace into an energy-efficient product without spending money on permits or construction. You can shut the flue since it’ll no longer be needed.
Electric fireplaces are also convenient because you can adjust the heat settings and thermostat to create the perfect climate in the room.

Are Electric Fireplaces Safe to Use?

Not only is it important to know how hot do electric fireplaces get, but it’s also necessary to determine their level of safety for added peace of mind. Electric fireplaces are considered to be one of the safest fireplaces in the industry because they don’t require a fuel source to operate. When using an electric fireplace, you don’t have to worry about embers flying out of the firebox and into your living room. The lack of a fuel source means nothing ever burns while still allowing you to ensure the look of a real fire because of the advanced technology.
There’s also no risk of chimney fires that can occur compared to a fireplace that burns wood. Creosote doesn’t build up in the chimney over time, which means there’s less risk of an accident occurring as the feature is in use.
Although electric fireplaces are safe and reliable, it’s important to avoid using an extension cord to prevent a fire. Due to the wattage of the product, it can cause too much power to surge through the wires.

How to Install an Electric Fireplace?

The installation process of an electric fireplace depends on the type of fireplace you choose to purchase. Electric fireplaces are much easier and simpler to install compared to other types of fireplaces in the industry. Compared to a gas fireplace, you don’t have to hassle gas lines or vents to avoid damage to your home.
You can opt for placing the electric fireplace in an existing structure in your home. You can enjoy the energy-efficient design of the product without getting rid of the beautiful masonry or design of your surround and fireplace.
If you purchase an electric fireplace that doesn’t require any hardwiring, it can be quick and easy to start using it once you unbox the product. You can simply plug the cord into an electrical outlet and start using it in minutes. You don’t have to spend money on an electrician or a contractor or schedule a good time for them to install the fixture. You can immediately start putting the parts together yourself with minimal and simple tools that you likely already own. Some fireplaces only require using a screwdriver and are easy DIY projects.

How to Decorate Your Electric Fireplace?

For many people, decorating their new fireplace is one of the best parts of purchasing the feature. You can style it in a custom way that allows it to blend in with the surroundings and show off your style in the home. The decor items that complement the fireplace can draw more attention to the fireplace insert and prevent it from going unseen.
If you opt for installing a fireplace insert into a cavity in the wall, consider mounting a fireplace mantel or shelf directly above it to create a traditional fireplace look. Mantles are available in a variety of materials to ensure you can select a style that allows you to execute a specific look in the home. The mantle can provide you with a place to display your favorite objects or items. It can also serve as a place to hang stockings during the Christmas season or add a banner when you’re celebrating a holiday or special occasion.
The placement of the fireplace also contributes to the overall style and design. If you have the space, place it on the wall opposite of the entrance of the room to ensure it’s the first item you see as you enter the space. Avoid placing it too close to other furniture items like accent chairs or lamps, which can cause the area to look cluttered. A fireplace is dramatic enough to stand alone in the room without needing too many accessories or complementary features nearby.
Focus on some items you can use to decorate the bottom of the fireplace. There are accessories that can dress up the base of the feature and offer a good amount of balance with the mantle. Poufs, woven baskets, and small potted plants are all ideal options that can look beautiful next to the fire.

Different Types of Electric Fireplaces

There are many different types of fireplaces to consider using when you’re shopping around for the best model to buy. Some of the products include thermostats while others are built with basic settings.

One of the most common types of fireplaces to consider is a fireplace with a fan with air that blows over hot coils and is released through the vents. This type of fireplace is most effective in rooms up to 450 square feet.

Infrared electric fireplaces are another option and are unique because they heat the different objects in the room rather than the air. The heated light increases the temperature of whatever it shines its light on in the setting and can allow you to reduce the thermostat in the building. You can consider installing an infrared fireplace in a room with 1,000 square feet. Convection fireplaces are also available and are designed to allow the air in the room to circulate as it suctions cold air in the room and heats it before it releases it back into the space. You can rely on this type of fireplace if you have a living room or bedroom (take a look at these natural-looking electric fireplaces for bedrooms) with approximately 600 square feet.

There are also different styles of electric fireplaces to ensure the feature accommodates the specific type of home that you live in throughout the year. Freestanding fireplaces look similar to traditional fireplaces and come with hearths and mantels to make the feature look built-in. They’re available in slate, MDF wood, solid wood, and plywood materials. Some of the models even have unique shapes to fit in the corner of the room to save more space. Viewing a photo idea gallery can provide you with inspiration on what will look best in your personal space.

If you want a rustic design, opt for a stovetop fireplace that is easy to place anywhere in the room where you need more heat. Recessed units are another consideration and can be built into the wall cavity, which can increase the market value of the property. The surface is flush with the wall and creates a sleek and upscale look in the building. Wall-mounted electric fireplaces are also an option and are easy to install with brackets and are made to look like a wall-mounted TV. This option is ideal for those who want a modern look that doesn’t take up a lot of space.

You can also consider the different types of features available in the industry to ensure you can select which model is accommodating and will be convenient to use. Some of the most in-demand features to find on fireplaces include remote controls, programmable timers, nightlight features, Bluetooth speakers, and touch-screen controls.

Consider how much space you have available for the feature to ensure it is cohesive with the rest of the room’s furniture and features. You can also consider the home’s style and design to ensure you select a fireplace that complements the property. If you rent, you can opt for a fireplace that is portable and has a plug-in design without any hardwiring needed. Homeowners can select a built-in electric insert if they plan to use the feature for many years to come and have the freedom to modify the building. A wall-mounted electric fireplace is another option if you want something that is semi-permanent.

You can even select an electric fireplace heater that is also a TV stand for a product that serves more than one purpose.

You can also consider the brand when you’re looking for the best electric fireplace, which includes looking into Dimplex, Duraflame, and Real Flame. MagikFlame is a top contender in the industry and has payment plans and financing to accommodate all types of budgets. The MagikFlame story involves the founder, Howard Birnbaum, using his special effects skills from the film industry to create a screen in the fireplace.

You can browse the company’s website to view the MagikFlame reviews and even explore the MagikFlame electric fireplace buying guide. The website is also a great place to learn how MagikFlame is built. Amazon is another great place to view some of the top fireplaces available from the brand, whether you want a wall-mounted fireplace or a fireplace stove for your heat source. Here, you can also read FAQs and learn about how much heat output comes with each model.

how does an electric fireplace put out heat

Benefits of Electric Fireplaces

There are many advantages that come with owning an electric fireplace when you want to increase the level of comfort and overall quality of your interior setting. Electric fireplaces can allow you to save more money to heat your home and create a cozy ambiance. The low energy usage costs an average of three to eight cents per hour to run, which means you can leave it on all day without worrying about a spike in your electric bill.

Electric fireplaces are also more compact than traditional wood-burning fireplaces and can accommodate smaller bedrooms or offices. You can even move the feature to another room in the building when you want to change your room’s layout. If you plan to move to another house in the future, you can take the fireplace with you for continued use.

Electric fireplaces are also extremely stylish and decorative to enhance the interior design of your setting. You can browse through contemporary designs to add a feature that updates your home and works well during a remodel project. The variety of styles can allow you to be specific with what you select to ensure it is something you enjoy viewing each day.

Allergy sufferers or those with respiratory issues often opt for an electric fireplace because the feature doesn’t affect the indoor air quality in the building. Compared to a gas or wood fireplace, combustible materials, and emissions aren’t released into the air. You don’t have to breathe in the contaminants and maintain fresh and clean air in the setting while protecting your family members’ health. There’s no risk of exposure to carbon monoxide, which means you don’t have to install multiple detectors near the fireplace.

The simple operation and design of the product also contribute to its appeal. Many consumers enjoy the convenience it offers when they want to enjoy a fire without any work involved. You don’t have to load wood logs into the firebox or clean out any ashes to get started. With a switch of a button or by using a remote control, you can start enjoying the immediate effects of the fireplace and turn it off when you’re ready to leave the room. You also don’t have to use fireplace tools to stoke the wood logs to keep the fire going. You can set it and forget it when you plan to read a book on the couch or watch television without tending to the flames. The light bulbs are also easy to replace every two years.

In recent years, electric fireplaces have become more advanced and show off ultra-realistic flames that can trick your guests into thinking you’ve invested in a real wood-burning fireplace. Brands like MagikFlame have introduced patented holographic technology with LED lights to the industry, which has transformed the appearance of the flame effects. The flames are on a screen behind the wood logs and include different details like burning embers and smoke. You can also choose from different colors of flickering flames from the flame gallery to create a custom look that reflects your personal style or a holiday you’re celebrating.

The beautiful design of the realistic flames of a wall-mounted electric fireplace can be enjoyed in any season instead of just the colder months of the year. You can have the option of turning off the electric heater on the fireplace and taking advantage of the beautiful flame effects in the spring and summer seasons. This will offer a decorative feature and touch to the room when you’re enjoying an indoor date with your spouse or are hosting a party and want to impress your guests.

You can also enjoy using the fireplace at any time of the day or night. Although the city may place restrictions on when residents can burn wood in their fireplace, you can turn on the electric fireplace insert as much as you want without getting fined.

By asking, “How hot do electric fireplaces get?” you can have peace of mind using the feature in your home with other people or pets around. Gaining an understanding of other features of the product will also allow you to get more use out of it and enhance the quality of your living space.

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