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How Safe Are Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces?

Wall Mounted Electic

Are Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces Safe

It has been a common misconception that wall mounted electric fireplaces are dangerous for homes. This has been a rumor for a long time, and in this post, we look into why this is not true and why the wall mount electric fireplaces are safe. If you already know how to turn on an electric fireplace insert without a remote, then you will easily connect the rest of the safety concepts. The wall-mounted option is the best freestanding solution for tight spaces and saves considerable space in the living room.

In this post, you will learn:

  • Wall mount electric fireplace
  • Features of the electric fireplace and are wall-mounted electric fireplaces safe?
  • Advantages of wall mount electric fireplace
  • Electrical fireplace safety tips
  • A selection guide to choosing an electric fireplace
  • Installation of the wall mount fireplace

Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

If you are still undecided about an electric fireplace for homeowners, would you believe that they are the safest option and the most energy-efficient? They are a versatile, secure, and green home heating option covering a few sq ft that you can have for your residence.

A wall-mounted electric fireplace can make your living room more appealing and comfortable during winter and is known to be energy-efficient, and require only a few sq ft for installation. It will not pile up your seasonal bills, and in a way, you will be making a positive impact on the environment, which will be sure to thank you for making your life easier and healthier. As opposed to gas line-powered fireplaces, the modern types of fireplaces have been designed for maximum efficiency and follow the current environmental protection standards, ensuring that your living space is appealing and comfortable.

Advantages of a Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

  1. It is a practical solution and can add supplemental heat to any room without the hassle of an actual fire. They have an output that can quickly warm a large sq. ft area.
  2. It is a reliable heat output or heat source and can double up as an entertainment center.
  3. They are not a fire hazard, and the flame settings make them changeable and programmable to display varying flames.
  4. They are aesthetically pleasing and add appeal to the room. They are designed in various colors that will complement your home décor. The flame effect makes things even better and transforms the home on nights. LED lights and a variable light setting create a natural wintery ambiance for your family gatherings.
  5. With a wall-mounted electric fireplace, you can save space, and most of the floor space is left open when you mount it directly on the wall. The rest of the room is left free for safety and adds to the entire home’s comfort.
  6. The wall-mounted electric fireplaces are also simple to install. They do not require any chimney or flue and are also low maintenance. You can get it installed by yourself, proving the effectiveness and ease of using the wall-mounted fireplace.
  7. It is cost-effective and costs little to operate compared to traditional large electric fireplaces. They also have a smaller environmental footprint, which is better for the environment.
  8. They do not produce fumes, sparks, or dangerous emissions and are clean and odor-free. This makes them conducive for any home and is known to be a very safe zone heating option. They also do not release carbon monoxide, which is accorded with a wood fireplace and traditional wood for wood-burning.
  9. You can save on oil and gas line costs that you could have incurred with a traditional fireplace.

Safety Features of the Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces are designed around functionality and ease of use with features similar to the typical electric fireplace stove. They are known to have fantastic safety features such as:

  • Flames never get hot: The fireplaces don’t produce real fire and are designed with a heating element with a display panel for showing the flames. As a result, you can mount these fireplaces on any wall quickly and efficiently. The heating element never gets as hot as a hairdryer, which means the fireplace is safe and has lower risks.
  • Safe interaction screens: The protective screen is relatively safe, and you will not burn yourself by touching it. The screen remains at low temperatures even when the fireplace heat has been turned on. It is designed to prevent the risks of burning, and this is quite useful for small areas with kids and pets. However, always read the safety warnings before starting the fireplace to remain on the safe side.
  • Timers: You can set a shut-off feature in the electric fireplace anywhere between half an hour to nine hours. This ensures that your fireplace does not overheat and cause damage when left on for too long. It would help if you did not leave the electric fireplaces overnight to save you money and energy.
  • Emergency shut-off switches: Most electric fireplaces are equipped with automatic shut-off features designed to prevent excessive heating and fire risk. These are also known as electric fireplace safety breakers.

Despite these safety features, some situations require you to shut off the fireplace, such as:

  • When using an extension cord that can trip up people as they pass in the room.
  • If you smell a weird smell from the fireplace
  • If you are a sleepwalker or have someone in your family who is.

It would be best to teach your children about electric fireplace safety to avoid risks and hazards. A fire screen can be used as a deterrent for the kids. Using a wall-mounted fireplace is a useful measure for the kids, and as the fireplace gets mounted four to five feet above the floor, it will be out of the toddler’s reach.

Electrical Fireplace Safety Tips

The following safety tips will ensure that you achieve total safety for your wall-mounted electric fireplace.

  • Ensure that all combustible materials are kept at least three feet away from the electric fireplace. This is meant to reduce fire risk because the materials get too hot and ignite into flames. Combustible materials include wood, paper, clothing, curtains, furniture, and beddings.
  • Do not touch the hot surfaces when the fireplace is in operation, as this can cause physical damage and burns on the skin. These include the heating element that gets hot while in use and the vents’ edges meant to get rid of the hot air.
  • Ensure that all the vents are open and none is blocked to ensure safe, fresh air intake and hot air discharge. It allows for the venting of hot and fresh air for the efficient operation of the fireplace.
  • Whenever the electric fireplace is not in use, ensure that you unplug it. This will ensure that you save on electricity bills and the fireplace does not get too hot.
  • If you accidentally drop the unit or notice any signs of damage, avoid the electric fireplace. Ensure you take it to technicians for repair and ensure it is in good shape before plugging it in.
  • Avoid using the electric fireplace outdoors as it will be exposed to the elements. Ensure that the fireplace is installed in a place that does not leak water, which is dangerous for the fireplace.
  • Do not use the electric fireplaces in areas such as the bathroom or kitchen. These are odd places and might be full of other appliances that cannot operate effectively with the heat factor of the fireplace.
  • Do not place drinks and other fluids on the fireplace.
  • Do not use your fireplace close to paints, gasoline, or flammable liquids.
  • Ensure that all cords are kept out of the way to avoid tripping hazards. Try to attach the cord to the wall’s edges to maximize space efficiency and ensure that it operates safely.
  • Only hold the firebox when lifting the fireplace and not the glass, which is fragile and easily broken.
  • When taking the package apart once it has arrived, be careful with the components to avoid breaking or damaging any features.
  • Avoid making modifications to the fireplace and only get professionals’ services when you need to change something. This ensures safe operations of the fireplace, and an electrician will be better equipped to activate the features you seek to add to your setup.
  • You should routinely inspect the extension cord for damage and use a grounded plug. The inspections are known to prevent accidents and disasters way ahead of time and examine the fireplace state.
  • The safety glass should be closed to prevent pets and children from touching hot surfaces. The protection is meant to keep the rest of the fireplace operating without interfering and should never be removed from the fireplace’s front.
  • Always follow the instructions that accompany the owner’s manual to avoid skipping any of the steps while installing and get to operate it as it has been designed.
  • Ensure filters are not blocked and are always kept clear to ensure a regular and unrestricted exchange of air in the fireplace and the heating element gets a steady supply of fresh air. This makes it more effective in heating the home, and it does not overheat.

A Selection Guide for Electric Fireplaces

Whenever you select a wall-mounted electric fireplace that will suit your home, several considerations should be kept in mind.

  1. Size: This is a touchstone selection factor, and your wall mounted electric fireplace needs to fit the available space. If you have a small space, you may be forced to replace it.
  2. Heating capacity: Take the time to compare wattage (in volt) and BTU, which express the electric fireplace’s heat production capacity. This will be important for your selection as it factors into how your home will feel when you eventually install it. It also determines the bills coming in monthly due to the wattage.
  3. Style and finish: Looks are not to be forgotten as a touchstone requirement when buying a wall-mounted fireplace. It should be smart enough to match up the rest of your home interior decoration and finish. Choose the fireplace with colors that complement existing colors and make the unit almost disappear into the wall. You can work wonders with the correct selection of a color scheme for your electric fireplace.
  4. Real flame presentation: You want to create a nice look in your home that brings about an ambiance with realistic flame effects, glowing embers, etc. These features are a must, and you should always enquire about them before settling on a wall-mounted fireplace to take home. A fire-only mode enables you to get the blazing feeling without the heat and helps set the mood for your home.
  5. Additional conveniences: The fun of the fireplace is in the settings and operational freedom it offers. Does it have several heat settings? Can a thermostat control it? Does it have an accompanying remote control? These are essential questions that will guide your selection process and ensure that you do not miss out on the fireplace’s additional features.

The Installation Process

The installation of a wall-mounted fireplace is more complicated than models that are not mounted on the wall. It vaguely resembles installing a wall mounted TV stand and involves the use of a bracket. You can confidently do it all on your own and don’t need to consult an electrician. However, employing a few tools will help you complete the setup quickly. The installation process will depend on the model, but they are all similar in the mechanisms involved.

  • First, open your package and lay out all the parts on the floor. Arrange them carefully to see what has been included in your box and obtain the owner’s manual.
  • Consult the manual to confirm that all the pieces are present and that none of the listed items that came with the package is missing.
  • Choose a portion of the wall where you will install the fireplace and use a pencil and tape measure to mark it out. Ensure that you have a straight horizontal line to mark where the brackets will be secured, and draw a line to act as a guide.
  • Place the mounting bracket against the wall with the hooks pointed up.
  • Move it to your desired location on the horizontal line and mark where you will be installing the screws to attach it to the wall.
  • Use an appropriate tool to attach the bracket to the wall using the screws. An electric screwdriver can be perfect for this task as it is easy to hold in one hand and takes less time to fix the screws into place.
  • Hang your heating appliance on the mounting bracket. Ensure the slots at the back of the fireplace align with the bracket’s hooks and have clicked into place.
  • Pull down slightly to engage the hook fully and ensure maximum support for the fireplace on the wall.
  • Secure the bracket to the appliance using two bolts and ensure it is firmly in place.
  • If your package included clear and white stones, place them at the edge of the LED display for the best visual effects.
  • Install the glass front to act as protection for the fireplace. Screw it in at the top and the bottom to hold it in place.
  • Attach the extension cord to the electrical outlet.

With these simple steps, you will have installed the wall mounted fireplace on your wall. Once you are done following the steps, please turn it on and see for yourself how it works. Also, try the remote if it comes as part of the package and ensures that everything is expected. Switch the heat setting and make other modifications to see the full capabilities of your fireplace. For instance, you can modify the flame setting to achieve a different ambiance in the room and different flame effects. The process is simple and can be done on your own.

If you run into any complications while installing the wall mounted electric fireplace, consult the manual that accompanies the package and confirm every step for a safe installation that will hold on tightly to the wall and not shake in any way. A safe installation is one of the crucial factors contributing to the wall-mounted electric fireplace’s safety, and you should always follow the steps for installation.

So, are wall mounted electric fireplaces safe? They are, and Dimplex technology ensures that they operate at maximum efficiency while saving on energy costs. With an excellent Magikflame electric fireplace buying guide, you will be able to select the best electric fireplace and be part of the Magikflame story. Also, watch out for seasonal specials and promotions on markets such as Amazon or Amazon physical stores and get the best electric fireplace insert to accompany your decoration.

The electric fireplaces are designed for recessed mountings in the wall and maximize space usage. As opposed to a gas fireplace, the electric fireplace heater should be recessed with plenty of allowance or clearance. You also get to explore how Magikflame is built as you carry out the installation by yourself and get a space heater to your recessed wall. Doing the installation on your means that you decide where to locate it on your wall. It also enables you to place the wall mount close to a power source or an electrical outlet to power the recessed fireplace.

Magikflame Fireplaces

Magikflame electric fireplaces are available with nice payment plans and financing as a wall-mounted, freestanding unit that comes complete with installation steps for getting it in place. They have advanced technological features such as safety features and timers, which can turn them off on a set schedule. They are designed to be easy to use and have varied settings to customize the fireplace’s appearance depending on the time and season. The flames are not real fire and will not burn someone that touches the screen. Only the heating element produces heat hidden within the fireplace and cannot cause harm to anyone. This should clarify the question, “are wall mounted electric fireplaces safe?”, Yes, they are.

Magikflame fireplaces are also energy efficient and include vents that ensure that temperature is regulated. The vents also bring in the fresh air and get rid of the hot air, thus efficiently keeping the fireplace heating element. The flames are varied in color and ambiance, bringing the magic of heating your home to a new level. You are always in charge of an easily accessible control panel and, in some cases, mobile apps you can use from the comfort of your device.

Still, wondering if wall mounted electric fireplaces are safe? Safety features are not ignored, and the electric fireplaces feature overheating protection, which automatically shuts down the fireplace whenever it exceeds pre-set parameters for safety and a warranty in case of damage. This is important and keeps you safe. In case you are still wondering if wall mounted electric fireplaces are safe, The timer feature ensures that the fireplace does not stay on for too long. The fireplace automatically shuts down once the set time has expired and stops spending your electricity. With this guide, you will ensure a safe installation of a wall-mounted electric fireplace and a smooth installation.

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How Safe Are Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces?