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Can I Turn On My Electric Fireplaces Without A Remote?

can i turn on my electric fireplaces without a remote

An electric fireplace is a heater designed using electrical components to emulate the warmth and look of traditional coal, wood, or gas-burning fireplaces. These are typically safe and simple to operate, and once you have installed them, you connect them into an electrical outlet and turn them on. You also don’t require a professional to have it installed, and it can be installed anywhere in the home, be it the kitchen or the bathroom.

The fireplace is used for the ambiance that it creates, as well as heating a room. They can also be operated on a flame-only setting and typically use up 1.4 to 1.6 kW of electricity, heating a 400 sq. ft. room with throw rugs for added comfort. They also vary in heat efficiency based on their design, and this is a factor you should be aware of when you are shopping for electric fireplaces.

In this post, we will cover various operational aspects of the electric fireplaces such as:

  • Steps for installation
  • Tips for maintenance and servicing
  • How to operate the fireplace with and without a remote-control
  • Using mobile apps with the fireplace
  • Features of the fireplace
  • Benefits of the Fireplace

Electric Fireplace Features

One of the electric fireplace’s main features is the different realistic flames that it produces when in operation. These flames have been designed to bring about a surreal effect to any room and enhance its look and feel. The flames are varied in their color, and the design depends on the kind of fireplace you have installed at your place.

You can also benefit from the fire sounds, and the crackling log effects included with the electric fireplaces and are intended to make it feel more comforting. These effects have been designed to let the occupants of the house feel a lot more comfortable while using the fireplace. They also indicate when the fireplace is operational and contribute to the fireplace’s overall theme.

A backlit LED touchscreen makes the manual control of the electrical fireplace simple and straightforward. This means that you can turn up the fireplace settings using this screen and modify many other aspects of using the installation. It is used to control the fireplace manually and has simple buttons and controls to accomplish your goals.

The electric fireplaces are commonly accompanied by a smart iOS application that controls the hearth from the comfort of the user. The application connects to the fireplace and can be used to adjust the settings for the hearth and monitor its current configuration. Key statistics about the fireplace operations are visible from the application and serve to enhance the electric fireplace usage.

Benefits of an Electrical fireplace

Some of the common benefits that you will instantly notice from the electric fireplace include:

  1. Absence of fumes: Once the fireplace has been connected and turned on, the light brings about a flames’ realistic appearance. The fireplace does not use combustibles and is considered safe for use in your home. There are no real flames, and you do not need to be worried about smoke filling your home. This provides you with the look and feels of a real fire without inhaling potentially toxic fumes.
  2. Low maintenance: Using wood and real fire creates ashes and fumes, which leave a huge trail of soot and residue in your chimney. This will call for regular cleaning of the chimney with a blower and is costly. However, this is not the same for electric fireplaces as no fumes or smoke is produced. Maintenance requirements vary as compared to typical fireplaces, and it is effortless to run.
  3. Low Operational Costs: The initial cost of the electric fireplace is a mere fraction of the total operational costs. When you have it installed, you will not have to create a budget for chimney cleaning or purchasing firewood. This makes the cost efficiency of this setup even more attractive.
  4. Energy efficiency: During seasons such as winter, energy bills might increase if you constantly use your home’s heating system. You can heat the room with an electric fireplace without any significant increase in your electric bill using a dedicated circuit. This is known as supplemental heating and workmanship that provides a way of saving money while keeping your home comfortable. The electric fireplaces use less electricity and save you money on energy bills.
  5. Longevity: The fireplaces last a very long time and are less prone to problems such as rust and corrosion. Even after using them for many years, they still look and operate like they are still brand new.
  6. Simple installation: During the setup process, you don’t need to tear down walls or carry out extensive remodeling to have them installed. Typically, all you need to do is plug the device in and leave it against the wall. The installation is straightforward and depends on the style of portable fireplace that you choose. Some can be left standing on the floor, while others can be hung on the wall and save you on floor space. The only huge consideration when performing the installation is where to plug in the fireplace.
  7. With plenty of options and designs, there is an electric fireplace to suit everyone’s style. Someone might be looking for something that gives them additional storage space, while others might want a more traditional-looking mantel. Regardless of your needs, it is almost a guarantee that you will find a fireplace that will fit your home’s style and tastes.
  8. Safety: Most people are concerned about their fireplace’s safety as they are known to get very hot and dangerous for children. Others also emit toxic fumes, and when you switch to electric fireplaces, you no longer have to worry about all this. Some even have an automatic shutoff option so that you don’t have to worry when you are no longer at home. They are also cool to the touch and do not hurt children if they get very close.
  9. Enjoy nature indoors: When you cannot get out very often, the fireplaces are the best way to enjoy a bit of nature from inside your home. They are a perfect choice for busy people, and people that do not go outdoors often will love the atmosphere that is created by the electric fireplace.
  10. The best feature of the electric fireplace is that you can use it all year round and you can use it as you please no matter the weather outside.
  11. Remote-control for the fireplace is also an option and one of the benefits of using it at your home. It also allows for effective troubleshooting.

Setting up the fireplace

Electric fireplaces need some electrical wiring and structural modification when they are being set up. With a little carpentry and electrical knowledge, you can install the fireplace on your own. You will need some building materials for the installation. These include wall finish, screwdrivers, saw, lever, gloves, pliers, and a drill. All the electric fireplaces can be installed on combustible fireplaces with no need for fireproofing.

Some clearance is required when setting up the electric fireplace, such as keeping the front at least 3 feet away from combustible materials such as drapes, curtains, and beddings. You should also test the fireplace for its functioning before you begin the installation. Then, you should follow the following steps for the actual installation.

  • In your installation manual, check for the size of the wall opening. This is typically larger than the dimensions of the firebox and can use regular drywall.
  • The electric fireplaces also have an extension cord that you can plug into a standard electrical outlet, which you can install inside the opening. Other options involve the removal of the extension cord and hardwiring the fireplace. This typically requires a licensed electrician to help you with both tasks.
  • In the opening that has been prepared in your wall, insert the fireplace and level it.
  • Drive the mounting screws through the unit into the wall studs using the holes at both sides and the top.
  • The decorative log set or a fireplace insert gets installed in the fireplace once fixed into the wall. You can then switch on the fireplace insert any time after installation.
  • Finally, install the front glass panel, which gives your fireplace a finished look, and you are all done.

turn off my electric fireplace without a remote

Controlling Sound and Flame Effects

Some of the electric fireplaces provide crackling sound effects that make you feel seated next to the real thing. Not all fireplaces offer the sound effect, and you should be keen on this feature when you are shopping for one for your home. The sound effects can also be varied as typical fireplaces include more than five different sound effects. Additionally, the sound effects can be turned on or off whenever you don’t need them.

The flickering flames are another fantastic feature of the electric fireplace, which you can vary and control according to your tastes. You can easily adjust the intensity of the flames and brightness levels to match up with the aura you intend to achieve with your setup. The flame effect looks very similar to a real fire and makes your home look warm, bright, and comfortable.

What to look for in an Electric Fireplace

Before you purchase your electric fireplace, there are some things that you will need to keep in mind. One of them is the fact that there is usually no flame with the fireplace. You also do not need a vent or chimney but will require a nearby electrical supply socket in the wall. You also have the option to buy electric fireplaces that you can insert into the existing fireplace.

Additionally, ensure that the wattage of the electric fireplace heater is enough to comfortably heat the entire room, and be sure to look out for the electric fireplace’s warranty. The fireplaces also come with various options, such as a thermostat, remote-control, and LED lights. Electric fireplaces with infrared heaters are known to be capable of heating larger sized rooms and are the best option when you have a vast room to heat up.

You also need to know where you will be installing the fireplace, either on the floor or mounted on the wall. The style should match your tastes and blend in with the surrounding décor. Remember, you cannot use an electric fireplace during a power outage as it needs a regular, uninterrupted supply of electricity to function.

One can use the flame and the fireplace heat separately, and this functionality should be checked while making the purchase. The flame is used to beautify the fireplace and does not affect the heat production of the setup. Select a fireplace design that complements your home and a color scheme that matches up with the look of your home.

The ease of installation is another factor to consider when selecting the fireplace for your home. Standalone fireplaces do not need anything else apart from plugging in, and the installation should not be too complicated or difficult for you. You will need an electrical supply that is located close to the fireplace and if you do not have one, get a professional electrician to bring the power supply close to the fireplace. However, professional installations are known to increase the fireplace’s purchase cost, and you are better off with self-installation.

A manufacturer’s warranty is something that you need to check before buying the electric fireplace. A More Extended warranty is known to be better and protect your investment for much longer and prove the manufacturer’s belief in the longevity of their product.

Since typical electric fireplaces do not have a real flame, there is very little maintenance required for operation. However, you will need to clean the vents on the heater for the dust to ensure smooth operations and that the fireplace lasts for much longer. Also, remember to check for a warranty

It would help if you also considered payment plans and financing as you look for a fireplace, and the retailer should be able to provide one that matches your building codes, and its Amp rating is energy efficient.

Maintenance requires replacement parts and a control panel that gives you easy access to the on/off switch. The power button should be readily accessible to turn it off when you need to clean it, which prevents overheating. Observe the pilot light and the light bulbs that turn on as you take the fireplace to the on position. The 120-volt fireplace lasts longer with regular maintenance and a clean operational environment, and comes with a warranty

You can use the serial numbers to look for replacement parts for the 120-volt fireplace such as the gas valve and heating elements that need replacing.

Using a Remote-Control

Modern electric fireplace models and gas valves are available with remote-control, which operates all the functions built to the fireplace. In case this feature appeals to you, you should do some research about the unit and if it contains a remote. Additionally, be sure to check on the features that can be controlled using the remote.

Nothing is as good as the simplicity of an electric fireplace remote control. They come in different forms, such as the on/off remote controls, which are easy to install and use. Timer remotes provide you with the ability and freedom to set your fireplace for the duration, and you no longer need to manage it actively. Thermostat-remote controls allow you to control the flames’ intensity based on the temperature and are used to ensure you are comfortable.

There are also programmable remote controls set to predetermined parameters such as day of the week or time of the day. Wall-mounted controls allow you to control the setting on your fireplace, making use of a wall switch. Be sure to look at different kinds of remote controls whenever you make the purchase and select one that will best suit your needs and provides you the convenience you require for your home installation.

Operating the Fireplace without a Remote Control

You might probably be asking yourself this. Can I turn on my electric fireplace without a remote? Some models are available with a remote, while others do not have one. The remote controls are not functional when the fireplace hasn’t been plugged in, and in some cases, they can be lost, or their batteries might run out. As such, it is essential to know how to operate the fireplace without a remote control.

First, you must plug the electric fireplace into a nearby wall socket that must be switched on before operations. It is also recommended that you do not connect to surge protectors or an extension cable. Once plugged in, locate the fireplace’s controls that turn it on and use this to turn the fireplace and the flame on. Some of the controls are used to determine and set the electric fireplace’s heat setting, such as low heat and a high heat switch.

If there is a thermostat-dial on the fireplace, it should be set above current room temperature. Setting it below means that the heater will not turn on as it does not match surrounding temperatures. The thermostat is used to regulate and maintain the heat output to keep the room at the right temperature.

Flames can be controlled using the flame effect switch, which you must turn on if installed differently from the main power switch. You can use the flame dial to control the flame’s brightness, and you can use it to control how bright or dim the flames appear. Check the owner’s manual for instructions on how to use the flames on your specific fireplace model and how to vary them to match your taste.

Turning off the electric fireplace, you should start by turning off the high heat switch followed by the low heat switch. This is followed by turning off the main power switch, which should also turn off the flames.

Then, turn off the switch on the wall socket and remove the power cable. Always ensure that you switch off the fireplace before unplugging for safety reasons. Following the correct order when turning off the fireplace is important as it ensures that all the electrical components are protected from power surges and damage. This ensures longevity for the fireplace and more years of service owing to the proper care that you show for the fireplace.

Using a Smart Phone when Physical Remote is Lost

A remote application for your smartphone is the solution for when your physical remote is stolen or damaged. It is a new addition to home automation. It provides you with a means of controlling and monitoring the ambiance and heat that is provided by your fireplace whenever you are far away. You can now maintain the heat from your gas fireplace with the simple tap of a button on the app. The application uses the available Wi-Fi networks, whereas it can use the Bluetooth network to control it in some cases. Any mobile device such as an iPhone, iPad, or Android device can be used for the fireplace controls.

The application also allows for monitoring the gas fireplace from one smart device, and it is simple, compact, and reliable in addition to being simple to install. So long as you have internet access, you can control your electric fireplace from anywhere. Another benefit of using your smartphone is getting better insights and data to work with. All the statistics you will require to ensure that your appliances are in proper working order will be clearly visible from the application. You will also get to know when the fireplace is not in good condition and whenever there is a power outage.


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