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How Do Electric Fireplace Cabinets Compare?

fireplace cabinets

Having your electric fireplace built determines the result in terms of visual effects and the impact you are going to have on your home decor. Whenever you are looking to install a fireplace, you should always think about the various options. Typical electric fireplaces are the plug-in type, and you only need an electrical outlet to get the entire arrangement working. With the use of electric fireplace cabinets, you can neatly have your fireplace built to conceal your firebox out of sight. It also allows for you to be much better organized. You will even notice that using the cabinet blends in with the rest of your home interior decoration and creates a memorable presence.

In this post, you will learn:

  • Electric Fireplace Cabinets
  • Types of Electric Fireplace Cabinet
  • Comparison of Electric Fireplace Cabinet
  • Features to Look for in Electric Fireplace Cabinet
  • MagikFlame Electric Fireplaces

Electric Fireplace Cabinet

There are multiple installation options for an electric fireplace. You can have them mounted on the wall or slightly recessed to keep them out of sight. You can also install them inside a cabinet to create space for objects and items at the top. Your fireplace will appear much more appealing and even attractive when it is positioned right in the middle of a cabinet. The cabinet makes your fireplace look more spacious and is why many home decorators recommend it for your electric fireplaces.

One of the main benefits of using an electric fireplaces cabinet for your home is that it prevents your fireplace from looking or feeling too exposed. When you install the fireplace by itself, a lot remains to be filled, such as the areas surrounding the fireplace.

They leave gaps, and many questions and a DIY approach are needed to complete the look. The side of the fireplace that produces heat should also be well protected. When you use an electric fireplace cabinet, you get to improve the look and feel of your home. You also ensure that your fireplace is positioned and located in a more attractive location of your home.

If you are stuck on what color scheme or theme to adapt for your home once you have installed the fireplace, the cabinet can help with that. The cabinet comes in an unique color, and selecting a color that matches up with the rest of your home decoration is easy. You get to choose the color that fits your needs, and you will not need to be worried about your fireplace looking oddly out of place. The installation of the electric fireplaces in your home also needs to be aesthetically pleasing and artfully balanced.

The use of electric fireplaces achieves balance as you will have an easier time working on making the perfect visual effect. The LED flames centered in the cabinet will provide a result unlike any other family members or friends have ever seen. With the electric fireplaces glowing right at the center of the cabinet, you will realize that your home’s overall look and feel is upgraded and mightily improved.

Whenever you are installing the electric fireplaces at your home, there will be significant use of cords and extension cables. These will be used for supplying electricity to the fireplace. Using the cabinet to hold your fireplace means that many unnecessary lines will have been eliminated and neatly kept out of sight. There is always additional space on the inside of the cabinets and at the back.

The cabinet structure can be used to neatly hide away your cables and ensure that they do not pose a tripping hazard to the people moving around in the room. Your media center can have a cable box hiding all the cables from the fireplace and media console.

With an electric fireplace cabinet, you do not need to worry about other installation details. It can take care of all the installation requirements for electric fireplaces. You only need to place it correctly inside the cabinet, and the rest of the work will be made easy for you.

For instance, getting connected to the electrical outlet and ensuring that the cabling stays out of sight are handled by the cabinet. You will get to enjoy an aesthetically appealing home when you have a fireplace cabinet that matches or complements the home’s existing colors.

Your choice of cabinet color matters a lot and whenever you are installing a new fireplace in your home, take the time on the cabinet. The cabinet should match up with the rest of the house in terms of the color scheme you choose.

The color of the cabinet should not be in stark contrast with the rest of the home, as this can cause issues with the visual balance of the house. If you intend to achieve a contemporary look, the cabinet color should neatly blend in and balance with your home’s colors.

Types of Electric Fireplaces Cabinets

Wall mount electric fireplaces are installed directly to the wall. As such, they do not require any housing from the outside and will easily plug into a standard 120-volt household outlet. They also feature an intelligent heater, and the recessed finish will protrude outwards.

The protrusion is intended to get the vent to distribute heat to the rest of the home efficiently. A laminate and a stone fireplace might not be ideal for cabinets but can be designed to have much more space at the sides and powerful support at the top.

Built-in electric fireplaces are the closest alternative to electric fireplaces cabinets and resemble them in many ways. They provide homeowners with lower mounting options, which ensure seamless integration in your living area. They are an ideal option for new homes as well as for remodeling old spaces.

On the other hand, electric inserts give you an economical alternative to traditional wood and gas fireplaces. They are equipped with a small heater and will plug into a standard 120-volt outlet. They are also the perfect fit for a built-in cabinet.

You can have the infrared fireplace insert built-in to the electrical fireplace cabinet and not have to worry about its installation in your home. It will also allow you to position the fireplace in a location that makes it the focal point of your entire family.

Selecting the best electric fireplace cabinet is essential as it not only determines the appeal of your home but determines whether you achieve the look you have been looking for.

Appearances matter, and for your electrical fireplace cabinet, you should be able to portray a selection of colors that will blend in and even balance with your home. Your wall and floors should be able to match up with the fireplace cabinet in terms of color. There should be no striking difference between the colors to enable them to blend in well with one another.

There are freestanding electric-fireplace cabinets that will be able to stand on their own. These do not need to be attached to your home’s features and are known to be independent installations. A freestanding cabinet will typically use up more floor space than other types of fireplace cabinets. However, they are also more portable, and moving them from one position or room to another in your home is easy.

Wall-mounted fireplace cabinets are another option for fireplace installation at your home. With the wall-mounted option, the fireplace is recessed into the wall. A fireplace mantel is created where the cabinet is supposed to fit, and shelving can be made at the sides.

As opposed to the freestanding cabinets, the wall recessed cabinets will use up less of the floor space. They are ideal for rooms that do not have much floor space to spare and ensure that your home fixtures appear correct. You will find these to be quite useful for homes with limited space but are willing to make transitional modifications to the wall to accommodate their fireplaces.

Whenever one is installing a fireplace, it is vital to know the available cabinet type. It will ensure that you install the fireplace correctly. Additionally, you will be able to strike a balance in the color and decoration of the entire home when you take the time to choose the best fireplace cabinet.

Your electrical fireplace will have the best fireplace surround and housing that fits it well. With the cabinet, the distribution of heat is also better managed. There is a better balance when you have a cabinet that can allow for the dissipation of heat to the entire room. You also get to keep your fireplace looking beautiful and appealing when it is safely within the cabinet.

Comparison of Electric fireplaces Cabinets

The first candidate in our comparison is the LIFEPLUS Electric fireplaces with 3D Realistic Flame Effects. The cabinet is available on Amazon and has in-built overheating protection. It is ideal for use indoors, and it does not take up much space. Small spaces are warmed up within minutes.

The wood cabinet is quite elegant and can entertain friends and family in the living room. With a realistic flame being produced by the fireplace, you will easily keep the desired ambiance in your room.

Second is the TURBO Suburbs TS17 Compact Electric fireplaces Stove. The toasty fireplace provides you with relaxing warmth during the cold season. The flame control feature means that you don’t get to worry yourself about the smoke and mess of a real fire. You can, optionally, turn on the flame effect while leaving the heat off to create a mood.

The cabinet that encases this fireplace is safe to the touch and will not cause any harm to pets and kids that are playing close to the fireplace. Available on Amazon, the fireplace is one of the best choices of fireplace owing to its ease of use and overheating protection feature.

Another typical electric fireplace cabinet that is also available on Amazon is the Ameriwood Home Chicago Electric fireplaces TV Console. The fireplace combines the power of storage with that of a fireplace to ensure that you can support a huge and heavy flat-screen television on top of the fireplace. It is an ideal electric fireplace TV stand for any home and can easily hold flat-panel TVs.

The support is made possible by using MDF which has an espresso finish to create the stand itself.

An espresso finish helps to complement your home’s look and feel while providing you with more storage space for your home. A home builder will recommend caring for the cabinet with dusting and wiping, getting rid of most dirt. It can also double up as a bookcase and hold bookshelves at the sides.

Features to Look for in Electric fireplaces Cabinets

Whenever you are shopping for an electric fireplace cabinet, there are several features that you should look for. These features determine the usefulness and effectiveness of the fireplace cabinet in addition to the service you can expect to get out of it. When you have these features in mind, your selection process will be much easier. You will also be able to purchase a cabinet that does match with the rest of your home office décor and your tastes.

Colors are another essential determiner of whether you will select a fireplace cabinet or not. Depending on the color of the rest of your home, you should choose a color that will complement the colors that already exist. Colors that can match up with how the rest of your home looks and feel are critical, and they ensure that you achieve the correct visual effect.

A color selection that does not match with the rest of your home’s appearance will often cause trouble for you. The mismatch will be a massive discomfort, and people will feel that the cabinet is not meant for the space you have placed it in. Researching on the internet is essential. You can also consult with an interior design consultant or architect who will be better positioned to suggest the colors that you should select to match the rest of your interior home appearance.

Size is also an essential factor to consider whenever you are looking for an electric fireplace cabinet. The space you intend to fit your cabinet might be limited, and buying a too-large size will cause complications. You should select a size that will not use up your entire floor area, and when you have done this, there will be a striking balance and economical use of space in the home.

The cabinet should be large enough to fit your fireplace and not too large to use up all the available floor space. It would help if you were very cautious about using floor space whenever installing a cabinet at your home.

By making good use of space, you will be able to live comfortably with the cabinet. An essential aspect of most fireplace cabinets is that they can hold so many other items on top. They are strong enough to hold televisions at the top, medals, and other valuable items. They make it possible to fully decorate your home to complement the visual effects that are already being provided by the fireplace.

The fireplace’s dancing flames will be a huge addition to the home’s overall look and feel. From the center of the cabinet, this will look like a very realistic fireplace that burns wood to produce heat. It will provide a comfortable and welcoming ambiance to the entire home and make it look cozy for everyone.

fireplace cabinets

MagikFlame Electric Fireplaces

MagikFlame electrical fireplace are the best brand of fireplaces available on the market. They are the best engineers in the electrical fireplace field and use advanced technology in their manufacturing process. Plenty of research has gone into the design and conceptualization of their modernized fireplaces, making it possible to enjoy the warmth without the smell, smoke, or fumes.

Electric fireplaces do not burn anything while operating and are considered safer than traditional wood-burning fireplaces. Anyone following the MagikFlame story knows that they integrate the best kind of technology into their products.

The use of technology means that controlling these appliances is made much more accessible. The accuracy and ease of use that accompanies the fireplace also make it possible to enjoy a warm home using electricity. The impact on the environment is also very minimal, and this is in line with the rest of the world moving towards zero carbon emissions. For instance, the heating element has an attached sensor that detects when the temperature has gone beyond a specific limit.

The sensors and thermostat are also used to turn off the space heater when it has gotten too hot. The safety features that have been built into MagikFlame fireplaces only go to show how MagikFlame is built. The design and development process uses the industry’s best practices to ensure that you get the best quality. MagikFlame reviews are evidence of the craftsmanship that has gone into their construction. The flame effects are very realistic and are made possible by the use of advanced solid-state technology. The flames are all unique and are available in many different presets. You can change the flames from the comfort of your mobile app or the remote control that accompanies the fireplace.

With a good MagikFlame best fireplace buying guide, you will be able to get yourself all the best features you are looking for in a modern electrical fireplace. Your selection process will be straightforward, simple, and straightforward, and your payment plans and financing will be sorted.

You will also get electric fireplaces that match your room and can double up as an entertainment center. When matched up with a good-quality cabinet, your living room now appears complete. The MagikFlame electric fireplaces will be framed in a structure that completes the family room look and feels. The TV cabinet can also double up as a bookcase or shelving for other items in your home.

Cabinets are known to hold flat-screen TVs and flat-panel TVs. When the TVs are up on the cabinet, it completes your home’s theme. In some cases, the cabinet will serve as a coffee table, and the cabinet glass doors will protect pets and kids from getting hurt. The cabinet doors also keep the TVs up and the fireplace out of reach. They are the best way to keep your electric fireplaces safe and secure from the outside world. You will appreciate your entertainment center also being the source of warmth in your home.

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