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Advantages to a Wall Fireplace

Wall Fireplace

If you are looking for a fireplace but are short on space, a wall unit with fireplace could be an excellent option to consider. These fireplaces are easy to install, and the amount of space that they take up in your house is quite small compared to other types of products. Luckily, this MagikFlame best electric fireplace buying guide will tell you everything that you need to know to decide if a wall-mounted fireplace is right for you.

  • How a wall unit fireplace will be installed
  • The types of homes that they’re most compatible with
  • Where to put a wall unit with fireplace
  • How much it will cost you
  • The advantages of choosing a fireplace from MagikFlame
  • Why you should choose an electric fireplace over one that’s powered by propane, natural gas, wood, or wood pellets
  • How our simulated flames from our fireplace insert can look just like a real flame
  • Tips that can help you integrate the style of your new fireplace into your home
  • Information on the frames that MagikFlame products are made out of
  • How many BTUs the fireplace insert in our products can generate

What Types Of Fireplaces Are Available From MagikFlame?

We offer a large selection of wall-mounted, freestanding, and Dimplex fireplaces. Furthermore, there are products from our brand that can be mounted on a hearth. However, everything sold under the MagikFlame brand is fully electric. Here’s what you need to know about each of the types of fireplaces that we offer:

Why You Should Choose An Electric Fireplace For Your Home?

If you choose an electric fireplace, you will not have to clean lines or do anything else associated with maintaining gas or wood-powered product. You also will not have to worry about the hazards associated with these products, and there is no reason to compromise on style either.

That’s because you can choose just about any fireplace design for your home, and the flames created by the electric fireplace insert can be extremely realistic. If you choose MagikFlame, you can count on plenty of product availability, easy checkout and SKU lookup, and the ability to browse a showroom. Here’s what you need to know about the advantages of going with an electric fireplace for your home:

Electric Fireplaces Do Not Generate Carbon Monoxide

The fact that electric-powered fireplaces do not generate carbon monoxide is a major advantage over conventional fireplaces, which is because the gas can build up silently without residents of the home realizing it. This can result in toxic concentrations being breathed in by people in the household for an extended period of time, and this can lead to serious health effects and even death.

While fireplaces are only one potential source of carbon monoxide, conventional fireplaces are one of the most common sources of gas, especially if they are not properly vented. However, you will not need to worry about venting an electric-powered fireplace. That’s because they do not require any form of combustion, which means that there is no need for a flue or chimney.

How Much Money Can This Save You?

If you are looking for a way to save money on your fireplace, the fact that you will not have to install a chimney in a home that doesn’t already have one can prevent one of the largest expenses that are associated with the installation of a conventional fireplace. Installing a chimney and/or a proper venting system can cost you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars, and it will require extensive work from a contractor. However, most people don’t need to hire a contractor at all to install an electric-powered fireplace.

Electric Fireplaces Pose No Fire Risk

If you are looking for a fireplace but don’t want to worry about a chimney fire, then an electric fireplace could be right for you! That’s because you will not need to have a chimney, and no combustion is needed for an electric-powered fireplace to generate heat. In fact, they do not use any form of combustion. Instead, the heat is generated by electric coils that are covered by a grate.

Can They Be Placed Near Cabinetry?

As long as there are no drapery or cloth materials near the fireplace, you can put the wall unit anywhere in your home, including near cabinets. This allows you to get the room design that you’re looking for easily!

If You Have Pets, A Wall Unit With Electric Fireplace Is A Safer Alternative To A Traditional Fireplace

Fire can be a hazard to pets. Some cats and dogs have a way of getting a bit too close to the fireplace, which can be dangerous if there is a real fire. Fortunately, the fact that there are no flames in an electric fireplace can help to ensure that your four-legged friend doesn’t get hurt.

Can Pets Be Injured As A Result Of Making Contact With The Heated Coils?

While pets can be injured by the heated coils, the risk of this is greatly reduced by the fact that electric-powered fireplaces typically have a grate that covers the coils. This will ensure that pets do not make direct contact with the coils. Despite this, it’s important to make sure that your pets remain a significant distance away from the fireplace, which will prevent them from being injured.

What If You Have Children At Home?

A wall unit with a fireplace is safe for homeowners with children, which is because of the fact that the coils are covered. Furthermore, there is no combustion, and this means that the fireplace does not pose a risk to children in the home.

What Is A Wall Unit With Fireplace?

A wall unit is any fireplace that is mounted to the wall or is built into the wall. While this may sound like a complex setup process must be needed, this is actually not the case. In fact, these fireplaces are actually quite easy to set up, especially if you get your wall unit with a fireplace from MagikFlame.

In fact, it is almost always much easier to set up an electric-powered fireplace than one that burns wood, gas, or other combustible materials. This is one of the biggest advantages of choosing an electric-powered fireplace over one that requires combustion to take place.

How Much Money Can You Save By Not Having To Build A Hearth?

If you do not have a hearth set up in your home, creating one can be a significant expense. In fact, this can be one of the more substantial expenses associated with the installation of a conventional fireplace. That’s because you will need to place the bricks (or other heat-insulating materials) on the floor and on the wall behind the new fireplace, which will be a significant amount of square footage.

Another significant factor is the type of brick that you choose. However, any material that you use will create a significant expense, which can be easily avoided by choosing a product that does not require a fireplace mantel.

Will A Home Builder Recommend A Wall Unit With Fireplace For Your Entertainment Center?

n many cases, they will. In fact, an interior designer or contractor is very likely to recommend a wall unit with a fireplace if you have limited space in the media center of your new home. This will allow you to ensure that you have a media center that suits your needs, and it will also make your home much more comfortable for guests and residents.

What Types Of Room Decor Fit Well With A Fireplace Modern That’s Mounted To The Wall?

If you are looking for room decor to fit with a fireplace that’s mounted to the wall, there are a lot of options that you may want to consider. The fact that the product is mounted on the wall will give you the space that’s needed for larger decorations. In addition, there are many other options to consider, such as the following:

  • A bookcase
  • Shelving with built in space for DVDs
  • A couch or sofa with built in drink storage
  • Stylish cabinetry options
  • A tv stand that includes bookshelves
  • A tv stand that fits with a fireplace modern style
  • Stylish decorations for a fireplace wall
  • Adjustable shelves that are perfect for any room wall
  • A flat-screen tv that fits on a fireplace tv stand
  • A media wall with multiple television sets
  • A recessed tv mount that fits perfectly with your room wall
  • Bespoke furniture, products from Ashley, or other furniture products with exceptional carpentry
  • A recessed fixture with open shelves for your tv wall
  • Home office furniture that can be compatible with a tv wall
  • Low price design ideas that will look great
  • An entertainment wall unit
  • An entertainment wall unit that will complement the flame effect of your electric powered fireplace

Do These Fireplaces Fit Well With A Minimalist Design?

These products fit perfectly with a minimalist design. In fact, they take up only a small amount of space, which is a key element of minimalism. Therefore, you do not need to pair the fireplace with family room decorations if you don’t want to. This is purely optional and based on your own personal tastes.

What Types Of Furniture Do They Fit Well With?

You can have a fireplace that’s mounted to the wall along with any type of furniture. The limited amount of space that’s needed means that you will be able to choose larger furniture items from Ashley and other reputable brands. Therefore, you have a lot of options for room design when it comes to furniture. However, these are some of the most popular aspects of it:

  • Make sure that you have a sofa along with one or two love seats. This will ensure that everyone has plenty of seating space.
  • Place the furniture close enough to the fireplace for the heat that it puts out to be felt by people sitting in the room.

How Are They Mounted To The Wall?

There are different ways that these fireplaces can be attached to the wall. Some products are set into the wall, and these devices are referred to as Dimplex fireplaces. However, a wall unit with fireplaces can also be attached to the wall with mounting brackets. If there isn’t an indentation in the wall, this type of electric-powered fireplace will be significantly easier to set up.

That’s because you will not have to cut into the wall. If you do decide to install a Dimplex-style fireplace, you’ll need to make sure that you don’t cut into any wires or pipes. This will prevent expensive repairs that result from an improper installation of your new fireplace. However, many homeowners are not familiar with the proper procedures to prevent these errors, which means that it can be difficult for most people to install a fireplace that is set into an indentation on their own.

Therefore, you are likely to need a contractor to assist you, and this can create a significant expense in many cases. In fact, you may even have to pay many hundreds of dollars (or even thousands of dollars), which can make it harder to afford other decors for your family room. Luckily, if you are able to save on the expense associated with a contractor, you’ll be able to more effectively decorate your family room and still have money to put aside.

How Do You Maintain An Electric Fireplace That’s Mounted To The Wall?

The process of maintaining an electric-powered fireplace that’s mounted to the wall is much easier than any conventional fireplace. You will not need to clean the chimney or maintain the flue. That’s because neither of these will be needed for electric-powered fireplaces, which is due to the fact that they do not use any form of combustion.

Not only does this make all electric-powered fireplaces easier to maintain than other types of products, but it also helps to prevent fires and carbon monoxide buildup in your home. These are both significant hazards of conventional fireplaces, and you will not have to deal with either of them whether you choose an electric-powered fireplace that’s mounted to the wall, a freestanding one, or a Dimplex fireplace that is built into the wall itself.

What Types Of Homes Are Ideal For A Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace?

If you are in a small home, a small electric fireplace that is mounted to the wall or built into it may be ideal for you. This is because a fireplace that takes up floor space can reduce the amount of room that people have to move around in your living room or den, which can result in a cramped and uncomfortable setting for residents and guests.

Why Should You Choose A Wall Fireplace For Your Home?

One of the best ways to save space in your home is to eliminate furniture items and other objects that project too far from the walls. This can help to ensure that people are able to move around throughout the living space, and this applies to fireplaces as well. A freestanding fireplace will require a hearth if it is a conventional product, and this will take up a substantial amount of space. Here are a few of the many advantages of saving space in your home:

  • You’ll be able to find places for more furniture, which can make it easier to customize the style of your tv room or den.
  • Guests will find it easier to move around in your tv room or den, which can lead to a much more comfortable experience for them.
  • It will be possible to use more home decor, which is because there will be more space to set it up.
  • You’ll be able to have room for a larger TV, which can help you to create a better home entertainment area.

What Are The Advantages Of Choosing A MagikFlame Fireplace Over Products Made By Our Competitors?

If you’re looking for a high-quality electric-powered fireplace, then there are many reasons why you should consider MagikFlame. Not only are we a popular manufacturer, but we have also gotten exceptionally good reviews from our customers. Furthermore, how MagikFlame is built truly sets us apart. Here’s why you should choose us for your new fireplace that will be mounted to the wall:

The MagikFlame Story Truly Sets Us Apart

One thing that makes the MagikFlame story stand out compared to the competition is the fact that we have years of experience in the business. This ensures that our customer support team will be able to answer any questions that you have. Not only that, but it also means that we know how to design an exceptionally high-quality product.

Furthermore, we always use the best materials on the market, which also contributes greatly to the quality of what we offer our customers. In fact, we offer a wide range of options for wood and metal frame electric powered fireplaces, and this can make it easier to create a unique look for your home.

All of our customer service representatives understand the needs of homeowners who are looking for an electric-powered fireplace. This means that we can offer you advice on picking out a product that fits well with the style of your home. Not only that, but we have had customers who have had homes with a wide range of styles. Therefore, you can count on us to give you good ideas for your home.

Furthermore, you won’t have to call the architect if you are looking for ideas for how to remodel your home by installing a new fireplace from us. That’s because we offer a photo gallery, which can be a great place to get ideas for where to put your new fireplace. Not only that, but it can also give you ideas for home decor. For instance, many electric-powered fireplace owners use rugs and stylish furniture to complement their new electric fireplace.

Our Products Are Easy To Install And Control

All of our products come with an easy-to-follow instruction manual, which makes setup go exceptionally easily. Not only that, but you can give us a call at any time if you need assistance during the setup process. Here’s what you need to know about setting up a product from MagikFlame:

  • Our setup instructions are laid out in an organized, step-by-step fashion.
  • It’s easy to install the glass insert on all of our products, but the same cannot be said of many of our competitors.
  • You won’t have to struggle to put on the door panels like you would with some other electric-powered fireplaces. That’s because our door panels come already attached, and all you’ll need to do is put in the glass insert.
  • The glass insert is designed to slide into place, and you will not have to force anything in order to get it in.
  • All of our products are designed to be compatible with the electrical systems of most homes. If you do need an adapter, it will be easy to install use to get the voltage to a proper level of 120 volts.
  • It’s easy to install an automatic shut-off switch, which will ensure that your new fireplace shuts off when you go to sleep at night. This will keep you from using too much electricity, and it will also lower your fire risk.

It’s Possible To Easily Change The Settings On Our Products With A Remote Control

One thing that sets our products apart is the fact that we offer an easy-to-use remote. Not only can this allow you to change the flame settings on your fireplace from afar, but it can also allow you to adjust the temperature that you set it to. Furthermore, it’s possible to connect our products to the internet with an iOS app. As a result, you can control our fireplaces from anywhere that has an internet connection, which is pretty much anywhere nowadays.

If you have any difficulty setting up the app, you can give customer service a call, and we’ll be happy to assist you. We will be able to help you troubleshoot issues with downloading and using the app, and we can also give you tips that make it easier to connect your device to smart devices within your house. Here are a few examples of the devices that you can connect your fireplace to by using smart home technology:

  • Voice Assistants: If you connect your device to a voice assistant, you’ll be able to turn your fireplace on/off, change the heat settings, and alter the appearance of the flames.
  • Computers: It will be possible to control fireplaces that we offer with a computer from a long distance away, which will allow you to adjust the temperature of your living room or den while you are away. Not only that, but you will be able to put the fireplace on settings that you’ve found your pets enjoy while you’re away.
  • Multiple Smartphones: It’s possible to download the iOS app on multiple phones, and this will allow you to control the fireplace with a wide range of devices.

You Can Customize Them

If you are looking for a fireplace frame that can be customized, you are very likely to be satisfied with what we offer. That’s because you can choose from a wide range of frames and styles. Furthermore, it’s possible to modify your new electric-powered fireplace very easily simply by changing the stain or paint on it. This can allow you to create a customized style, which could be perfect for your home!

How Can You Customize Wall Mounted Fireplaces That We Offer To Fit Your Home?

The wall mount fireplaces that we offer can be customized in the same way as other products sold by MagikFlame, and it’s possible to choose from an extremely wide range of paints and stains for our copper, iron, and wooden products. Not only do we offer both metal and wooden options, but there are multiple types of wood that we offer for our fireplace frames.

Wood frame conventional fireplaces do not exist, which is because these products utilize combustion. However, due to the fact that electric-powered fireplaces do not have a flame, it is possible to create one with nearly any type of frame. While many of our competitors use composite materials for a frame, this is not true of any of the fireplaces sold by MagikFlame. All of our products use genuine wood.

What Decorative Style Are Our Products The Best Fit For?

All of our products are designed to be a fit with nearly any architectural style, and this applies to the versions of what we offer that are mounted to the wall and all other fireplaces that we offer. While you can find a MagikFlame fireplace to fit any style, electric-powered fireplaces are typically associated with a modern style. Though, it’s also possible to customize our products to fit with rustic style homes and other interior design motifs.

How Do Electric Powered Fireplaces That Are Mounted To The Wall Differ From Other Electric Fireplaces?

Electric-powered fireplaces that are designed to be mounted to the wall typically are the same as other products in terms of BTU output. However, they differ in terms of their design. Products that are mounted to the wall are generally built to be quite thin in their design, but this is not necessarily true of Dimplex fireplaces. If you choose a wall mount fireplace electric from MagikFlame, you can rest assured that it will be just as powerful as one that you can put on a hearth.

All Of Our Fireplaces Are Exceptionally Reliable

If you are looking for a reliable fireplace, then you can count on us to offer exactly what you need. Our fireplaces are considered to be among the most reliable on the market, and many of our customers say that they have lasted for years. Furthermore, they are designed to be used either very frequently, infrequently, or anything in between. So, you don’t need to worry about overusing a quality electric-powered fireplace that’s made by a MagikFlame.

If anything does go wrong, feel free to call our customer support staff at any time. You can count on us to answer the call right away when we’re open, and our team of staff has helped many fireplace owners get to the bottom of what’s wrong with it. Not only that, but we offer this support free of charge. We’ll even cover the full cost of repair or replacement if the malfunction occurs within the covered time frame.

MagikFlame Is Known For Offering Excellent Payment Plans And Financing

If you’re looking for an affordable electric-powered fireplace that you can pay for overtime, then MagikFlame has exactly what you need. You’ll be able to choose from 6, 12, and 24-month financing plans. Furthermore, our plans are different than what’s offered by the competition, which is because we do not charge interest! It would be hard to find another fireplace manufacturer that offers interest-free financing.

This can save you thousands of dollars over time. In fact, many homeowners will pay a significant amount of money in interest if they purchase an electric-powered fireplace with conventional financing. The cost of the fireplace itself can be several thousand dollars, and you could end up paying double the listed price as a result of interest.

We Offer An Exceptional Warranty

One thing that stands out about our products is the fact that they’re all covered by a highly comprehensive warranty. In fact, our warranty will cover just about anything that can happen to your new fireplace within the first year. However, most other manufacturers will only offer a brief period of coverage or none at all.

Furthermore, you will not have to pay extra for our warranty coverage. Unfortunately, you will need to pay extra upfront for warranty coverage if you choose many other electric-powered fireplace manufacturers. This contributes to the cost advantage of choosing a MagikFlame fireplace for your home.

If You Read MagikFlame Reviews, You’ll See Many Satisfied Customers

If you’re interested in looking at what our customers have said about our products, you can rest assured that it will be easy to find online. Not only will you be able to find reviews on our website, but there are third-party websites where you can find reviews of our brand as well.

All Of Our Products Are Exceptionally Powerful And Offer More Settings Than The Competition

MagikFlame fireplaces produce an incredible 5,200 BTUs of heat, which can allow you to warm up a sizable space. Furthermore, there are 30 different settings to choose from, which offer crackling log sounds. Not only is the appearance of the flame different depending on the setting you choose, but the sound will be different too.

If You’re Interested In Our Products, Browse Our Online Selection

Our customers are usually impressed with how easy it is to browse our online selection. Not only that, but it’s easy to ask us questions about anything that we offer. Our customer support staff will be more than happy to take your call or talk to you via online chat anytime. If you live near our showroom, you can talk to a representative face to face.

So, if you are interested in what we have to offer, browse our convenient and easy-to-browse online selection today.

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