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Will Any Mantel Fit With an Electric Fireplace?

Will Any Mantel Fit With Fireplace

When you own a fireplace, you likely want to show it off and make it look attractive in your home to ensure it is a beautiful feature to put on display. Not only do the elegant flames in the firebox create a gorgeous effect, but the mantel you place above it can draw more attention to the insert by drawing the eye downward. If you’re looking to install a mantel, you may be wondering if any type of mantel will fit as you start shopping around. 

In this post, you will learn:

  • Will Any Mantel Fit With an Electric Fireplace?
  • Additional Ways to Decorate Your Fireplace
  • How to Maintain Your Fireplace
  • Steps to Take to Select the Right Fireplace
  • How You Can Benefit From Electric Fireplaces
  • How and Where to Install Your Fireplace

Will Any Mantel Fit With an Electric Fireplace?

You may be ready to set up your new fireplace to put it on display and enjoy more warmth in your living space. Adding a fireplace mantel can be the final product you want to add to the style and design of the fixture. Not only is the shelf aesthetically pleasing, but it can provide you with a place for displaying your favorite items like your framed family photos and special mementos.

Most standard mantels will work well and can be secured to a flat wall. This can create the look of a traditional fireplace to make your guests think you own a real fireplace that burns wood. There are a variety of different types of materials available, which should complement the other furniture pieces in the room, as well as the style of the fireplace surround.

Most people would agree that a floating mantel will create a modern look and will contribute to the interior design and style of the room. Consider a mantel shelf that has driftwood if you want a beach theme that is light and airy. The imperfections in the wood will add extra character to the room and will make it become the focal point in the space.

A wood fireplace mantel is the most popular option and creates a classic and stylish design. The mantelpiece can be constructed out of solid wood to ensure it’s sturdy and strong enough to support a lot of weight without bending or bowing. The piece of wood can also have the same color of stain as other furniture items in the room to ensure it blends in well with the surroundings. Many mantels in the industry are also made out of MDF wood and are available at a lower price point than other types of materials.

If you want to create a farmhouse or rustic look, opt for a floating mantel with barn wood that looks old and worn. The wood grain will look beautiful and will allow the floating shelf to add a warm touch to the setting. Another option is Bjorn Woodworks, which sells handcrafted mantels by Nordic-inspired artisans. Alder wood is another popular material that is known to be used on different types of decorative furniture in residential properties. Poplar has a similar appearance to alder wood with its light color shade and is easy to work with if you’re constructing the fireplace mantel yourself.

If you’re looking for a quality brand to purchase a fireplace mantel shelf from, opt for a company like Pearl Mantels. The company’s Crestwood Mantel Shelf is a best seller that features quality craftsmanship and intricate details to create a contemporary design. The Shenandoah shelf is another fireplace mantel that is popular because of its unique grain and upscale design, allowing it to work well in different styles of homes. The Dog Berry Collections Rough Hewn Dark Chocolate Mantel works well for those who want something that is lightweight and easy to install with eight inches of depth. This makes it easy to add many decor items on the shelf without worrying about anything falling off.

The Pearl Mantels, Fontana Zachary Non Combustible Natural Wood fireplace mantel is another shelving option that you can find on Amazon. It comes with a hand-applied Fontana finish and is weather-resistant to ensure you can use it indoors or outdoors. Cast Stone fireplace mantels are also high-quality and are available in a variety of styles, whether you want something with an espresso finish or a lighter color shade.

Natural stone mantels are also an option for those who want something luxurious and chic to add to the interior setting. The floating shelf should be installed in the studs to ensure the wall can support the weight of the natural material. You can also install corbels for added support under the heavy material of the fireplace mantel to prevent it from slowly ripping out of the wall over time. The corbels will also add a decorative look and will prove to be both attractive and functional.

A living room with white cupboards is decorated for Christmas. In the middle is a fireplace console with electric bulbs, the lamps are stuck between logs. This creates the illusion of a fireplace fire.

Additional Ways to Decorate Your Fireplace

When you want to make your fireplace front and center in your living room, there are many ways to enhance its style and design with a few additions. Focus your attention on the base of the fireplace if you want it to look cozy and inviting. Opt for adding a wicker basket near the fireplace opening, which can be used for storing blankets, pillows, and even decorative wood logs. Adding a pouf or a small wood stool will also dress up the feature and allow it to blend in well with the surrounding furnishings.

You can also build a surround for the fireplace to make it look more bold and dramatic. A surround is an easy DIY project that doesn’t require a lot of materials or skills. It’s a one-piece frame that sits flat on the wall and can protect the surrounding materials in the room from the heat that is released from the fireplace. There are a few different materials to consider using, which include brick, concrete, and wood.

If you want a traditional look with a wood surround, you’ll need pocket screws, wood screws, plywood, and woodgrain trim. You can begin by constructing a frame with plywood boards. Add more stability to the base by covering it. Trim areas where excess material is present to make the surround appear more polished and high-quality. Add wood filler to the different nailhead holes that are present.

The areas where the joints meet need to be sanded down. Clean up all the sawdust with a vacuum cleaner. Apply a coat of primer to the materials before applying a coat of paint. Allow the paint to dry before adding finish, which will protect the color shade and will make it ready to use.

Adding laminate floorboards to the exterior of the surround can also create the look of shiplap on the fireplace. This will look attractive and trendy if you have a modern or farmhouse style in your home.

How to Maintain Your Fireplace?

Maintaining electric fireplaces is a lot easier and simpler compared to a wood-burning fireplace. You don’t have to sweep ashes out of the firebox or clean out soot from the chimneys in-between uses.

With electric fireplaces, a routine cleaning is needed every six to 12 months, depending on how often you use the fireplace. You can use a dry or damp cloth to wipe down the fireplace log and internal components to thoroughly remove all dirt. Using a lint-free rag will prevent any of the cloth from leaving any pieces behind. It’s also important to avoid using strong chemicals or cleaners that can remove the finish of the internal features.

Replacing the light bulbs should also be performed when any of the bulbs burn out as the flames are in use. Most of the bulbs in the fireplace will last an average of two years before they need to be replaced. Always use gloves when handling the glass bulbs because the oil on your skin can dim the brightness and affect how long the bulbs last.

Routine inspections should also be performed. Schedule an appointment with a qualified technician to ensure the parts are carefully inspected from top to bottom. Hiring an expert will allow you to discover any issues that may be developing and repair problems before they become more severe. The professional may also want to add lubricant to some of the parts to improve their operation and make everything work better.

Steps to Take to Select the Right Fireplace

Selecting the fireplace you want to purchase is an important decision that impacts how well your home is heated for many years to come. It’s important to do your homework to research the different options available.

Start by researching the different brands that are available in the industry, which include MagikFlame, Touchstone, and Puraflame. Each brand differs in how they manufacture their products and where their fireplaces are made. Brands like MagikFlame construct their fireplace inserts in the U.S., which allow them to last longer. This also makes it easier to find the parts you need when repairs are needed instead of trying to find them overseas.

Consider the amount of space you have available before heading to the checkout. Top electric fireplaces vary in their dimensions, depending on how much room you have to work with in your interior setting. Inserts are ideal to place in walls in any size of the room and don’t take up any floor space. This makes it easy to install them in entryways, a master bedroom, and even a dining room. If you plan to install the fireplace in a larger room, you can consider a freestanding electric fireplace that is larger and resembles a traditional fireplace.

Online reviews are also useful to hear from other customers who are already using the fireplaces. You can learn the benefits and drawbacks of each product, as well as how reliable it is each day. Many customers even post pictures or videos of the fireplaces on display in their homes to view more angles of the product from the customers’ perspectives. MagikFlame reviews are posted on the company’s website, as well as on websites like Amazon.

The Magikflame electric fireplace buying guide is a great resource when you’re looking into the different options available. All the products sold by the brand include a built-in 5,200 BTU heater, as well as 30 flames. The crackling log sounds also contribute to the experience of sitting by the fire and enjoying the realistic design of the fireplace.

The cost of each fireplace is another consideration when shopping around. The price is influenced by the quality of the materials and the innovative features that are included. How MagikFlame is built and how Dimplex fireplaces are constructed will ultimately determine the price tag, making it necessary to purchase something that has a competitive price tag. Avoid buying something with the lowest price tag, which can make you compromise with the quality of the product. Look into the payment plans and financing that are available through each brand to ensure you find something that works with your budget.

The technology used in each fireplace also needs to be taken into account. Some brands use LED lights, whereas others rely on a light water mist that is tinted orange to create realistic flame effects. The MagikFlame story offers insight into how unique the brand is in the industry and what makes them stand out. The founder invented patented holographic technology, which uses a screen that displays footage of real flames. He was unhappy with the electric fireplaces available in the industry and wanted something realistic to install in his home. His invention evolved into a booming company. The MagikFlame fireplaces even come with crackling log sounds to provide you with the ultimate experience without burning any wood.

How You Can Benefit From Electric Fireplaces?

There are many ways you can benefit from this type of fireplace to ensure it enhances the quality of your home throughout the year. To begin, you don’t always have to use the heating element to enjoy the elegant flame effects. This allows you to use the product any time of the year, even in warm weather. You can enhance the ambiance of the setting with the flames in use without increasing the temperature in the building.

The slim size also makes them easy to lift and move around. You don’t have to use a dolly or special equipment to transport an electric insert into another room of the home or even a moving van. Their compact size allows them to fit in the smallest condos and apartments for those who are limited on space. You can find more places to install it, even on smaller walls.

They also come at a lower price point than gas or wood-burning fireplaces. You also don’t have to spend more on the cost of propane, wood logs, and even fireplace tools.

The glass panel on the fireplace also doesn’t get hot to the touch as the unit is operating because the firebox doesn’t contain any real fire. You don’t have to worry about burning your skin on the feature or worrying about your pets or kids running around in the room and hurting themselves if they get too close.

You can also rest assured knowing your health is protected every time you want to enjoy having a fire. Some people who suffer from respiratory issues and allergies have difficulty breathing in the air as a wood-burning fireplace is in use. With fireplaces that use electricity, the air quality isn’t affected because there isn’t a fuel source or anything burning. You also don’t have to fear exposure to carbon monoxide poisoning if you forget to open the flue or vent each time. Overall, there’s less risk of accidents occurring, which makes it a safer feature to install.

The heat that is emitted from the fireplace is also more unique and accommodating than other types of fireplaces. You can take advantage of zone heating, which keeps the heat contained to the room where you’ve installed this type of fireplace. You don’t have to worry about the heat transferring to other rooms of the home, which can make it easy to waste too much energy in spaces where residents aren’t using. The heat also doesn’t dry out the air during the colder seasons.

Many residents also enjoy the quiet operation of electric fireplaces. The internal components don’t generate a lot of noise and are almost silent. This prevents the feature from disrupting the quiet and peaceful setting in your home, whether you’re reading a book or are watching television. You won’t become distracted by the fireplace to ensure you create a serene environment.

How and Where to Install Your Fireplace?

When you have a new fireplace to install in your home, where you install it will determine how well it distributes the heat. It will also determine how easy it is to spot when you walk into the room. Electric fireplaces should be within several feet of an electrical outlet to ensure they’re easy to plug in each time you want to enjoy the heat. They should also be a few feet from other furniture pieces in the room to prevent the space from looking too cluttered.

Some fireplaces are designed to fit in the corner of the room, which works well if you have a unique layout and don’t have as much space for the feature. You can also install it on the opposite wall of the entrance to make it the first feature you see when you enter the living room, bedroom, or home office.

One of the reasons it’s convenient to install a fireplace that uses electricity is because you don’t have to think about where you’ll install gas lines, vents, or a chimney. The product doesn’t produce any smoke or use natural gas, which makes it easier to place anywhere without altering the building.

When it’s time to install the fireplace, you don’t have to hardwire any of the electrical components or spend money using a certified electrician to set everything up. You just need an outlet to use to ensure it can begin operating. With some electric fireplace inserts, minor hardwiring is required, but this is easy to perform by a professional and can boost the value of your home once it’s installed into the wall. Inserts are also ideal because they sit flush in the wall and don’t take up any extra space.

By learning about the types of mantels that will fit your electric fireplace, it can allow you to select the best mantel surround for your interior setting. The feature will not only complement your fireplace but can enhance the visual appeal of the room once it’s installed.

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Will Any Mantel Fit With an Electric Fireplace?