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Which Entertainment Stands Fit an Electric Fireplace?

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If you are thinking about getting an electrical fireplace, but you are wondering if it will even fit inside a TV console entertainment stand, or media console, this guide is going to help you.

Despite electrical fireplaces having a lot of great benefits like being safe, and heat efficient, and you can install them in any room like your dining room or bedroom, they still take up space. Some people, knowing they want an electrical fireplace but having limited space, decide to see if they can put an electrical fireplace inside of their media console.

This article is going to talk about putting electric fireplaces into your media entertainment stand, other space-saving options, whether or not it is safe to even put TVs above an electrical fireplace, and which electrical fireplace brands you should go with.

What Are The Things That I Will Learn In This Article?

  • Is There a TV Stand or an Entertainment Stand That Will Fit an Electric Fireplace Inside? – In this first section, we will talk about whether or not an electrical fireplace will fit inside a standard wood TV stand. We will also talk about what you should consider before doing this.
  • Can You Get a TV Stand or an Entertainment Stand That Already Has an Electrical Fireplace Built Into It? – It is also possible to get media centers with electrical fireplaces already built into them. This will go into the pros and cons of getting an electrical white fireplace TV stand or media center to put your TVs upon them.
  • What Are All The Features I Should Look For In a TV Stand That Can Fit an Electrical Fireplace or Already Has One Built Into It? – There are so many different styles and features to consider when getting a TV entertainment stand with an electrical fireplace inside of it. This section will cover those different styles and features so that you get a living room furniture piece that is right for your living space.
  • Is It Safe To Put TVs Up Above An Electrical Fireplace That Is Built Into a TV Stand? – In this section, we will explore how safe it is to put your TVs up on a TV fireplace stand.
  • Can You Safely Mount Flat Screen TVs Up Above The Mantel of a Standard Electric Fireplace? – Some people choose to use a standard electrical fireplace with TVs up above them for added accessibility. This will talk about the safety of doing this and whether or not it is good for your TV.
  • Are There Certain Brands of TV Stand Fireplaces or Standard Electric Fireplaces That Are Worth Getting For My Living Room? – There are a lot of brands out there like Walker Edison and more. Before pulling your credit card out and buying the first entertainment center fireplace that you see, make sure to read this section carefully.
  • When It Comes To Electric Fireplaces, Which One Has The Most Realistic Flame Effects? – There are plenty of decent brands of electrical fireplaces out there, but only one truly has the most realistic flame effects. This section will talk about why MagikFlame fireplaces are easily the best choice for your home.
Is There a TV Stand or an Entertainment Stand That Will Fit an Electric Fireplace Inside?

Yes, you can get TV stands that can fit electric fireplaces. You will want to get a stand specifically made for one and make sure that the weight allowance and dimensions match the electrical fireplace you are getting. Most Entertainment stands will have compatible electric fireplaces listed on the manufacturer’s website.

Can You Get a TV Stand or an Entertainment Stand That Already Has an Electrical Fireplace Built Into It?

Yes, these also exist. This makes it a bit easier instead of buying them separately and making sure they fit. However, brand quality plays a big part, so be sure to do your research thoroughly.

What Are All The Features I Should Look For In a TV Stand That Can Fit an Electrical Fireplace or Already Has One Built Into It?

When it comes to getting a TV entertainment stand that can fit an electrical fireplace inside of it or one that already has an electric fireplace built directly into it, there are many different things that you should be aware of. Here are the main things to pay attention to when purchasing one of these for your home:
●      Style

Style is about the overall look of the piece and includes a combination of elements like shape, lines, materials, color, details, and more. Different styles will include modern designs like mid-century, mid-century modern, minimalist, and more. Rustic styles will include things like country and farmhouse. You can even have certain types of styles that overlap like modern farmhouse style. Regardless of what fireplace you end up going with, it is important to make sure that the overall style of your TV stand fireplace goes well with the rest of your home decor and interior design choices.

●      Material

The material that your fireplace or TV stand is important for its overall quality, reliability, and how nice it looks. You are usually best off getting something like solid wood than any kind of engineered wood like MDF or particleboard. Solid wood like oak will usually allow a heavier load as well, so you can put larger TVs like a 60-inch TV on it without any issues. Keep in mind that if you use a certain type of wood and finish for other items in your home like your coffee table, you will usually want to match this with the wood you get for your TV stand fireplace.

●      Color

Color has a lot to do with what wood and finish you choose, but it can also refer to the paint that is used for the fireplace. If you like darker furniture, you can go with something like a dark walnut or espresso. If you like lighter, more modern colors, you can’t beat a bright white solid oak fireplace mantel or TV stand. This color not only looks great with a clean, modern style but also goes well with transitional styles like a modern farmhouse.

●      Additional Features

There are a lot of features that come with fireplaces built into TV stands or TV Entertainment stands that have space to put in a fireplace. It is important to note that because of the space needed for the electrical fireplace, you aren’t going to have as much space dedicated to things like a storage cabinet for media storage. While there may be a small storage cabinet included, it may just be a single-door TV stand on one side, instead of a larger two-door TV stand unit with lots of additional storage space and shelving.

Keep in mind whether you want some standard open shelves for your cable box and DVD player, or you want adjustable shelves. With adjustable shelves, you can put things of varying sizes, much like regular bookcases. Instead of open shelves, you might want cabinet doors. These can be glass doors with glass shelves inside of them, or they can be rustic wood shelves with a styled sliding barn door. Make sure that the back of the unit has cutouts. You need cutouts for proper wire management, especially if you have a lot of media devices such as video game consoles.

Consider the features and space that you will need. You really only need some kind of TV stand if you need a lot of space for DVDs, video games, devices, and stuff like that. If you are one of the many people that have switched to streaming for most of your media, with streaming apps built directly into the TV, you don’t need all of that extra space. If this is the case, you may be better off with a standard fireplace mantel unit and mounting your TV above it on the wall. This will save you more space than getting a larger TV stand unit with an electrical fireplace built into it. You can even get a standard corner TV stand unit without all of the additional shelves and put your TV on top of it.

●      Heating Power

 Having a fireplace with sufficient heating power while still remaining energy efficient is vital. Most of the more premium electrical fireplaces that are out there will use infrared quartz heaters inside of them. This quickly heats the air of the room while using the least amount of electricity possible. Some cheaper electrical fireplaces will use other types of heaters inside of them that simply radiate heat from standard coils instead of infrared heating. This leads to the need for the device to warm up first, poor heat production, and poor use of electricity.

If you want a fireplace that can heat a home well while using very little electricity, it is important to go with a fireplace that uses infrared quartz inside of it.

●      Visual Effects

The visual effects of the fireplace inside of the TV stand can be very different depending on the brand that you buy and which model of that brand you buy. Very cheap electrical fireplaces will use things like a spinning cylinder with reflected lights on it. This will be in front of semi-transparent colored panels. Fireplaces like this should be avoided. They look very cheap and tacky.

There are some fireplaces that go a little bit in the right direction by using LED flames or playing a looped video of a real fireplace on an LCD screen. Unfortunately, while the flames of these can look decent, it still looks very 2D. Other companies have tried to push things further to go with 3D options of flames. One of these uses streams of water vapor with colored light projected onto it. The moving water vapor helps to look like random flickering flames. However, even this can look too fake.

If you want the most authentic look to the visual effects, you want something that uses 3D holograms like the Holoflame technology used in MagikFlame fireplaces.

Is It Safe To Put TVs Up Above An Electrical Fireplace That Is Built Into a TV Stand?

Yes, electric fireplaces built into a TV stand, or TV Entertainment stands that you choose to install electric fireplaces inside of, are safe for your TV. The heat that these fireplaces generate is blown out into the room instead of rising directly up toward the TV.
With TV Entertainment stands in mind, the only real thing you have to consider is if the build quality of it is strong enough to hold the weight of your TV. This is especially important for very large TVs that you might have. On top of the weight allowance, you need to make sure that the TV stand is large enough for the width of the TV. While the stand might be smaller, you don’t want the left and right edges to stick out from the top of the stand. They can easily be bumped and your TV can be knocked over, resulting in significant damage to your TV, or even cause you injury if it falls on you.

Can You Safely Mount Flat Screen TVs Up Above The Mantel of a Standard Electric Fireplace?

Yes, just like TV stands, it is perfectly safe to mount a TV on the wall above a standard electrical fireplace. In fact, this is actually a better space-saving option if you don’t have a lot of media devices or a media collection that you need the extra space for.
When mounting your TV above the electrical fireplace, make sure you are using proper wall mounts and securing it to the studs that are inside of the wall. If you just attach it to the drywall itself, it will not hold the TV’s weight and the TV will fall, causing a lot of damage to both the TV and the wall.
If you have a wall that isn’t traditional wood studs with drywall, but instead has something like brick, stone, or concrete, you will need to use mounting bolts with the mounting brackets so that it is secure. Keep in mind that these will be permanent holes that aren’t as easy to repair as the holes in drywall.

Are There Certain Brands of TV Stand Fireplaces or Standard Electric Fireplaces That Are Worth Getting For My Living Room?

Brands play a big part in the quality of an electrical fireplace. You should never buy cheap, generic brands of electrical fireplaces. If you do this, you will quickly be disappointed with its performance, and usually, with the way, it looks too.
The heating device inside of cheaper electric fireplaces is usually cheap standard coils that can’t get warm enough to properly heat a home and it usually drains electricity fairly quickly. Not only that, they tend to use low-quality parts and have poor built quality, so the fireplace stops working within just a short year or two after you have purchased it.
The flame effects in cheap electrical fireplaces are also very bad. They usually go with very cheap methods of flame generation, which means it just looks completely unsatisfying and lacks authenticity.
These generic TV stand fireplaces or standard electrical fireplaces are also made from bad material like particle board that starts to break and fall apart after only a year or two. If it uses laminate on it at all, the laminate can begin to peel and curl, especially in the corners as the glue breaks down.
To avoid all of these problems, you need to properly invest in a quality electrical fireplace. You want something made of real wood or another solid material, that looks great as a whole, has superb realistic flame effects, and has an infrared fireplace heater that is powerful and efficient. Not only will having a fireplace with a powerfully efficient heater save you so much money on your heating bill that it will basically pay for itself in the long run, but you will spend more with cheap electrical fireplaces when you have to replace them after a year or two. A quality, a deluxe-tier electrical fireplace can last five, ten, twenty, or more years if you buy the right brand.
While there are some decent brands of standard electrical fireplaces and electrical fireplaces entertainment centers like Ameriwood, Walker Edison, Highboy, and more, even among trusted brand names, some are better than others. If you care about having a realistic fireplace experience with a quality fireplace that will be reliable for many years, all while saving you money on your heating bill, there is no need to go with Walker Edison or one of these other brands. Instead, you should get a MagikFlame electrical fireplace.

When It Comes To Electric fireplaces, Which One Has The Most Realistic Flame Effects?

MagikFlame electric fireplaces are easily one of the best choices for your home. You can use one of their corner fireplace units like the Churchill as a corner TV media stand. You can place one of their inserts into an adequately sized entertainment center. You can even go with one of their beautiful mantel packages and mount your TV up above it to maximize your space with the perfect focal point. No matter which of the MagikFlame electric fireplaces you choose to go with, you can be happy that they all include these features and benefits:
●      3D Holographic Flickering Flame Effects – There aren’t any electrical fireplaces that can produce realistic flickering flames like a MagikFlame electrical fireplace. The technology that is used inside of each electrical fireplace is called Holoflame. Inside of the firebox of the MagikFlame electrical fireplace is a physical ember bed and a log set that rests on top of it. Having these physical elements adds a lot to the realism of the fireplace.

After you have turned on your MagikFlame electrical fireplace, holographically projected 3D flames will dance and flicker right on the log set. There are 30 different flames that you can select depending on the mood that you are in. Some have more flicker to the flames with more burning embers snapping off, some have lower flames for a more relaxed mood. Regardless, there is a flame style for any setting that you have in mind.

●      Crackling Log Sounds – If MagikFlame electric fireplaces only had stunning 3D realistic flames, that would be enough to make this the best electric fireplace for your home. However, MagikFlame electric fireplaces take the fireplace experience to a higher level by including audio enhancements in the form of crackling log sounds. These crackling log sounds give you the opportunity to hear each snap and pop of the burning wood, making it further feel like the real thing. On top of the realistic crackling log sounds, MagikFlame electric fireplaces also have the ability to play relaxing nature sounds that can be selected with the push of a button.

●      5,200 BTU Heater – When it comes to the ability to heat up your home and keep it toasty and warm, MagikFlame electric fireplaces have you covered. Inside of every single MagikFlame fireplace unit is a powerful heater with an infrared quartz heating coil. The way it works is that the cold air that is in the room is pulled into the MagikFlame fireplace for convection heating. As the cold air goes through the fireplace, the infrared quartz heating element will quickly heat the air up, before that air is then recirculated into the room to further warm the air around it.

This whole cycling process happens incredibly quickly. It is so fast, that once you turn on your MagikFlame small electric fireplace, you will usually notice warm air coming out of the blowers almost immediately. Because MagikFlame electric fireplaces don’t need any kind of ventilation like a standard fireplace, they are super-efficient with heat production. Any heat it generates stays in the room longer, allowing the fireplace to work much less and use much less electricity.

The heater can put out 5,200 BTUs of heat, enough to easily warm an area of 1,000 square feet. This is enough for most apartments, condos, and smaller houses. Of course, some people will have much larger homes with many rooms. If this is the case, they can get a second or even a third MagikFlame electrical fireplace and strategically place them around the home. This is called zone heating. Instead of trying to heat your entire home at once, you only heat the rooms that are being occupied.

You leave the fireplace off in areas of the home that aren’t being used. When leaving doors closed between these different zones, the fireplaces actually warm a much smaller area. This can end up saving you even more money on your heating bill than a smaller home with a single MagikFlame electric fireplace. While the cost of additional units may seem high at first, the additional savings make it an easy decision, and the savings will eventually make up for the cost of any additional units.

●      Smartphone App Control – Instead of a standard remote control, MagikFlame has made things even easier with an app for your smartphone or tablet. Remotes need a line of sight of the fireplace in order for them to work. With MagikFlame electric fireplaces allow you to control the fireplace from any room in your home. The app is easy to use, with large graphic buttons that are easy to see.

With the app, you can turn your fireplace on, turn it off, select your ideal temperature from the heat settings, change between the 30 flame effects, select your audio enhancements, and much more. Because the app lets you turn your fireplace on or off from any room of the house, means you can wake up in the morning and turn on your main room fireplace before you even get out of your warm bed. By the time you get up and walk into your main room, it will already be warm. Likewise, you can go to your master bedroom with an electric fireplace at night and then turn off your main room fireplace after you’re already comfortable in your bed.

MagikFlame electric fireplaces are built with high-quality parts and are built using the absolute best craftsmanship possible. This helps make these incredible fireplaces so reliable and last for so long. Their fireplaces come in a variety of luxurious models to fit any of your needs. All of their models come with an electrical fireplace that has all of the features listed above. Whether you get a larger standard unit, a smaller compact unit, a corner unit, or even a fireplace insert, you can expect the same quality flame effects, the crackling log sounds, the 5,200 BTU heater, and the smartphone app.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is for general informational purposes only. While we strive to ensure accuracy, there may be errors, omissions, or discrepancies. The author and publisher make no warranties about the accuracy, reliability, or suitability of the information contained herein.

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