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How Much Do Fireplace Built Ins Cost?

Electric Fireplace With Mantel

One of the best features of your home is a fireplace. Many people enjoy fireplaces because they quickly heat the room and look extravagant. People often add fireplace built-ins when they want to draw more attention to the feature.

How much do fireplace built-ins cost?

Built-in cabinetry is a classic addition to any type of home that can increase your storage space. You can add it around the fireplace to enhance your home décor and make it the centerpiece of the setting. It can become one of the main focal points in the room and allow you to have a spot for displaying decorative items. You can store various items on the bookcases to make them look appealing.

When you’re planning to remodel your room, you may want to add built-ins while working with an interior designer. This is a great project to talk about with your home builder. You may also be working with a builder or architect to build and design a new home. When creating your budget, knowing the fireplace’s built-in cost is essential to plan for the total cost.

The best fireplace built-in cost depends on the contractor you’re working with to perform the work and where you live. The size of the wall where you’re building the feature also influences the cost of the fireplace built-ins. The average cost ranges from $2,500 to $6,800, according to It can also be $300 to $1,200 per linear foot, according to

The type of wood materials used is a factor that will determine the price of the built-in shelving and cabinet doors, like oak, maple, and high-grade plywood are common materials. MDF and poplar materials are available at a lower cost for lower budgets. Softer woods like MDF tend to dent easier than solid wood. Choose the same wood you use on your kitchen cabinets for a cohesive look. The baseboard molding on the built-in should also blend well with the home’s baseboards.

Storage, shelving units, and selected custom options are also factored into the overall price. Features like slow-close hinges, open cubbies, and even piano-hinge storage can be chosen. The hardware with the pulls and hinges that are included is another factor. Your built-in can even feature high-quality countertops under the bookshelves and shelving. The countertop will enhance the drama of the feature and make it look upscale.

Shaker cabinets are one of the most popular features to find on built-ins and can contribute to the interior design. Custom cabinets are specific to the design and layout of your room for your blankets and board games. You can also add built-in bookcases or crown molding to enhance your family room look. All these features add more to the pricing of your built-in project but can be worth it when you need a quality electric fireplace wall unit. They can makeover your interior setting and become the main focal point.

The average cost of a built-in entertainment center can be more cost-effective if you do all the work yourself. The DIY project will require some carpentry and woodworking skills to ensure you construct a solidly built-in unit. You can even choose to add an electric fireplace to a formal dining room where an electric fireplace is present.

If you want to attempt the DIY home improvement task, you’ll need to use the right tools and equipment. You’ll also need access to a cabinet maker and obtain cabinet-grade plywood. Measure each linear foot in advance to get an idea of the project’s cost.

Is carbon monoxide poisoning risk with an electric fireplace?

Carbon Monoxide Infographic

When you own a wood-burning or gas fireplace, there’s always the risk of carbon monoxide exposure. The gas is difficult to detect because it is invisible and odorless but highly flammable. There is no need to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning with an electric fireplace in your home. Real fire is never used. You don’t need to install any carbon monoxide detectors to create a safe setting. The air quality in the house will also continue to be clean and fresh. Electric fireplaces don’t burn wood logs, which means particles and pollutants don’t enter the room.

One of the main reasons there is often a high risk of carbon monoxide poisoning is that residents forget to open the vent or flue when they burn a fire. This causes more than 400 deaths every year, according to

Electric fireplaces are known as a safer option because they still have realistic flames without any fire or gas in use. Mist, rotating mirrors, LED lights, and even a screen are used in different models to make it look like a real fireplace. The fan-forced heating system and infrared quartz heating system still allow it to produce heat.

Chimney fires never occur with electric fireplaces because they don’t produce creosote. The lack of real flames means you don’t have to clean out the chimney to avoid potential fires. This can make the fireplace easier to maintain.

The added safety features also contribute to the safe design. They shut off when they operate too long to avoid overheating issues and come with built-in timers. You can set the timer to ensure the product turns off if you forget to do it manually. The glass doors never get hot to the touch, so you don’t have to worry about burns. Your kids and pets can roam around the room without getting injured by the materials.

What is required when installing an electric fireplace?

Installing an electric fireplace is an easy DIY project that doesn’t require installing vents or chimneys. The lack of smoke produced doesn’t require modifying the building, which works well if you’re renting your home. You also don’t need to pay a contractor to install a gas line compared to a gas fireplace. Installing a fireplace only takes a few minutes if it has a plug-in design. Everything is easy to assemble and put together out of the box by using a screwdriver. You don’t need to use any special equipment or professional tools. If you plan to add a realistic fireplace insert into a wall cavity, this doesn’t require much hard wiring and can be completed in minutes.

Fireplace Built

Are electric fireplaces energy-efficient?

Electric fireplaces are also energy-efficient, contributing to their popularity in recent years. They won’t cause your electric bill to spike, making them affordable for all types of people to own. You can expect to pay one to eight cents an hour. The heating element influences energy usage as the faux flames are on display. You’ll only spend a few pennies per hour on operating the unit, even on the max setting. Gas fireplaces cost an average of 40 cents per hour to use, which can add up quickly. During the warmer months, you’ll spend more on staying warm with a gas fireplace than with an electric fireplace.

Fireplace Built Ins

Why electric fireplaces are more versatile?

Electric fireplaces are more versatile than wood or gas fireplaces, making them ideal to use more often. They offer a high level of convenience, so you may be more inclined to use them frequently. You won’t have to spend time or energy chopping down wood and loading it into the firebox. They’re easy to turn on by flipping a switch or pushing a button on the remote control. Many fireplaces even feature backlit touchscreens to make them easier to operate when you need to adjust the flame brightness settings. You also don’t have to clean it out because the lack of wood in the firebox doesn’t cause ashes to accumulate.

The portable design means you don’t have to commit to placing the fireplace in a specific spot. You can move them anywhere in the home or into another house in the coming years. This means you don’t have to leave it behind when you relocate. You can continue to use it as your lifestyle changes.

Advanced technology is one of the main reasons people enjoy electric fireplaces. They look just like a real fireplace to ensure you can create a beautiful look in the home. MagikFlame is known for offering the most advanced technology and uses a screen behind the wood logs. The screen displays real footage of a fire burning and is realistic because of the burning embers and smoke details. The holographic technology was invented by the founder and is now patented. The MagikFlame story has made the brand stand out amongst other companies and increased its popularity.

During the spring or summer season, you can use only the flame effects when you don’t necessarily need to heat the home. You can still enjoy the beautiful flames on the screen and keep the heating element turned off. Many different flame effects are also available. You can adjust the brightness of the flames and even their color. Yellow or orange aren’t the only flame colors, they can be changed to blue, purple, and even pink. You can have more control over the look you create and the cozy ambiance you make in the home for any occasion. A few models even allow you to change the size of the flames.

The fireplace’s beautiful glow changes the room’s ambiance to ensure you feel relaxed and at ease. It can allow you to relax more at the end of a long day or create a romantic environment while spending time with your spouse. It also looks festive during the holiday season.

How to find the right electric fireplace for your setting?

You may not know where to start when finding an electric fireplace for your bedroom. The number of brands and models available means you have a wide selection to choose from and can be particular about what you want to buy.

Think about where you plan to install it. If you want to place an electric fireplace in the living room, you’ll need to consider the size to ensure it has a proper scale on a specific wall. The size you select should also be influenced by the solid wood built-in you’re planning on constructing. If you want to install it in an entryway, you can benefit from a wall-mounted fireplace that doesn’t take up any floor space. An electric fireplace insert is an excellent option if you want to invest in a product that will boost your home’s market value.

Consider how much you want to spend on the feature. Your budget should also account for bookshelves or bookcases you wish to install to enhance the look of the feature. It can be tempting to purchase the cheapest fireplace you find online, but this can prevent it from being reliable. You’ll find yourself spending more on repairs. It can become a headache if it breaks down frequently. Consider choosing a brand that stands behind the quality of its products. The fireplace you select should include a warranty or guarantee. Ensure the company covers any repairs or replacements needed in the first year. This will protect your pocketbook. Look into the payment plans and financing provided as options for your budget.

Reading Dimplex and MagikFlame reviews will allow you to view different pics of each fireplace. Visiting each manufacturer’s website will also show you how they are built or the technology used. Once you discover the built-in fireplace cost, it can give you an idea of if it’s worth incorporating into your home or office. It can enhance the natural beauty of your home and immediately boost your its value.

Top reasons to own an electric fireplace

You may be wondering what an electric fireplace can offer that a wood or gas fireplace can’t. There are several reasons it can be the best purchase for your home or office. Advanced design and operation are the main ones. Many people enjoy how quickly it heats the room moments after it’s turned. There is no need to crack a window open to get enough ventilation.

There are many styles and designs of electric fireplaces. You can choose a stainless steel electric insert, which looks sleek and upscale. A freestanding fireplace with crown molding will look elegant and classy. TV stands with built-in electric fireplaces appeal to homeowners because they’re beautiful and save space.

Staying warm with electric fireplaces

You don’t have to compromise comfort while staying warm with an electric fireplace. The product delivers a significant amount of heat. It generates enough heat that you can shut off your HVAC system and still stay cozy. This can reduce your electric costs and offer more savings during the fall and winter seasons.

Electric fireplaces are unique in how they heat homes. This is because of the zone heating they deliver. They only heat the main room they’re in. They also don’t dry out the air.

The BTU of each electric fireplace determines how much space it can heat. Calculate the number of square feet in the area by 20 to estimate how many BTUs will be necessary.

The Morpheus electric fireplace from MagikFlame works well for smaller rooms or floors. This is an excellent option for a sitting room or study.

The MagikFlame Athena Large White electric fireplace mantel and surround look striking. The Athena creates a built-in appearance. The 5,200 BTU heater features innovative technology. Your guests will assume it’s burning real wood because of its crackling sound effects.

The MagikFlame Artemis electric fireplace is another beautiful option. It’s built with a 5,200 BTU heater and allows you to adjust the temperature. This makes it easy to use on slightly chilly days or in the dead of winter.

You won’t find the same type of heating technology among other brands available. You’ll only get 4,600 BTUs with the Ameriwood Home Lamont Mantel Fireplace. This can require turning your HVAC system on at times to increase the temperature in the room.

Although the PuraFlame Western Electric Fireplace Insert delivers infrared heat and maintains humidity levels, it doesn’t offer as much heat. However, it has three flame effects, and the 750-watt fan heater is adjustable.

You also need to consider how much insulation is present in the home before selecting a suitable model. Older homes tend to have less insulation compared to newer buildings. The size of the room you’re wanting to heat is another factor. If the room is small, you can choose a model with 4,600 BTUs. However, you won’t have the option of moving it to a larger room and getting the same amount of heat. Open-floor spaces benefit from an electric fireplace with 8,900 BTUs.

Traditional White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
Stand-Alone Electric Fireplace Insert with Sound and Heater
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European Style White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
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