Best Alternative to the Real thing. We had a dilemma with our current house. We built it but did not put a fireplace in during construction. After a year in the house we missed having one. The cost of permits and construction for a traditional fireplace was going to be a major investment. I searched and we looked for alternative electric fireplaces. Everything we saw and tested was not even close to the real thing. After seeing the advertisement for Magikflame we decide to order one. The cost of 3500 was nothing compared to what it would cost to build a traditional fireplace into an existing home. We crossed our fingers and hoped it would work. 6 Weeks later it arrived and was fairly straight forward to install. I was impressed with the Mantle an although it had a few bugs in it to get starting. (most of that was probably me not reading all the instructions) The fireplace looks great and has good heating. Around 5000 BTU’s. It looks great and the sounds are very nice. When you make any purchase the key for most of us is customer service. That is an area Magikflame excels in. They are quick to answer questions and help you remedy any concerns or issues you might be having and that is something that is hard to put a price on. Very pleased with the product and the company that stands behind this product.