We were looking for the most realistic, highest quality electric fireplace to put in the great room of our vacation home and found it. The MagikFlame Trinity Holograph Fireplace surpasses anything I’ve seen through the extensive research done on the internet and fireplace stores. It blows away the competition. A game changer on this product is the 30 different realistic flames and logs which can be increased in size from normal to large to extra large with different natural crackling sounds for each flame. The volume control allows you to adjust to the right sound for each flame. The fireplace mantel is high quality and the heater is powerful.It comes with a touch screen on the mantel that disappears when not in use and can also be run through your phones with a Bluetooth App. The unit even has natural sounds (rain, ocean waves, nature) that can be played while the flames are on.Two added bonuses: It’s made in the USA and the owner and/or staff pick up the phone when you call providing great tech support while you’re assembling it and anytime after it’s installed. I highly recommend going to their website, magikflame.com. Search around and you will be impressed. We rarely purchase anything without seeing it in person first but this product is that good.