The MagikFlame Fireplace is beautifully built with solid materials and exquisitely designed with many options in which to enjoy! MagikFlame is much more powerful and robust than the average electric fireplace in that it comes with least 30 flame options and natural log burning sounds, and other sounds of nature. The warming function makes the family room nice and cozy, and we especially love that we can control settings using the MagikFlame iPhone app. The box frame was fairly easy to assemble and didn’t take much time, but because its functionality is dependent on Bluetooth, it’s extremely important to follow instructions to the T. In case you unknowingly miss a step, their Customer Service and support is the absolute BEST. Howard was awesome with troubleshooting and issue resolution, and he continued to followed up with me to ensure our Artemis was functioning properly, and that we fully understand user options. My family’s Christmas will be extra cozy and special this year enjoying our MagikFlame Fireplace! Highly recommend.