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Frequently Asked Questions


Will it look strange if I put it on a big wall?

No. It will not look strange if you put it on a big wall. For instance, some of our larger mantels like the Trinity and the Athena are perfect for large walls, since the insert is elevated up off of the ground by several inches, and makes the mantle look grander on a large wall.

The realistic flames are the star of the show. Also, the Trinity and Athena mantels are wider and deeper than our other mantles, further adding to the grand appearance. Many people find our larger mantels are a fantastic fit for large homes with a lot of wall space.

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We love talking fireplaces! Call us anytime at 615-844-3330 or chat with us on the web site. We can also be emailed at [email protected]. Usually phone calls and chat widget requests get the quickest replies.
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