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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I put a screen in front of the fireplace?

Yes. We use holographic projection technology, so there is no real fire in this fireplace. Instead, we use video of fire and holographically project those flames onto the logs making it look like they are burning. The flames look real, but there is no actual fire, making this fireplace very safe around children and pets.

However, we do project that video of fire onto a piece of glass and there is some risk of that glass being broken if your small children are playing roughly around the fireplace or by putting their hands inside the fireplace.

There is also a small amount of heat that’s emitted from underneath the logs that when the heater is running that can get warm to the touch, and should not be directly contacted by hand when running.

If you have small children in your home who are curious, we recommend using a traditional fireplace screen that could be placed inside the fireplace to keep your small children and pets out of the fireplace. This will also add to the realism, as a real traditional combustion fireplace will have a fireplace screen in front of it which will keep the burning embers from going into the room, therefore adding to the realism of this fireplace, and keeping it super safe around your children.

Do You Have Additional Questions?

We love talking fireplaces! Call us anytime at 615-844-3330 or chat with us on the web site. We can also be emailed at [email protected]. Usually phone calls and chat widget requests get the quickest replies.
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