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Do Gas Fireplaces Need Electricity

People are in love with electric fireplaces, especially those that feature a remote control. Many households have switched from gas fireplaces to electric fireplace inserts.

Do you know why people love getting traditional fireplaces with electric ignition systems? It’s due to the energy efficiency and feature similarity!

A natural gas fireplace uses a non-renewable energy source. Plus, fuel-powered fireplaces aren’t so efficient. But they maintain an aesthetic appeal in modern society. So, people try to find traditional fireplaces that function on electricity. However, do gas fireplaces need electricity? Not necessarily, but it depends on your preference.

Does a gas fireplace need electricity? Will my gas fireplace work without electricity? Can you light a gas fireplace without electricity?

Many homeowners and interior decorators ask those questions. If you’re one of them, this post is for you. Read on and find out if your gas fireplace requires electricity and how you can convert it.

Will a Gas Fireplace Work without Electricity?

Yes, a gas fireplace would work without electricity. Hence, the name! Remember that although you may opt to convert it into an electric fireplace insert, it will still perform the primary function. That is, it will heat your living room or any other room in which it’s located using gas as fuel instead of electricity.

Electric Fireplace and Kids

Power outages have become a common nuisance. But a power outage rarely affects any modern natural gas fireplaces. Homeowners usually come across gas fireplaces with intermittent pilot ignition gas valve systems.

Furthermore, such systems come with a battery-powered backup pilot light system. If you’re using the standing pilot light system, you must turn on the pilot light by hand. After that, you can use your gas fireplace without electricity. It’s very helpful during power outages and when it’s freezing outside.

How to Use a Gas Fireplace without Electricity

An electrode starts when you start a gas fireplace using the intermittent pilot ignition system. That will light up the pilot gas resulting in the pilot flame that further leads to the main burner gas to provide the main flame. But, in a power outage, using natural gas to run your fireplace seems more convenient.

So, can you run a gas fireplace without electricity? Yes. But, how to run an electrical for the gas fireplace insert? Standing pilot ignition systems can launch on their own in case of a power outage.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Turn the gas valve on that’s near the gas meter.
  2. Locate the pilot light that you can find using a torch under the mainframe in an electric fireplace unit.
  3. Move the dial to the “ignite” and not “off” position.
  4. Press the knob to ignite the pilot light.
  5. Keep holding the knob until the flames start on the log sets, i.e., for about 10 seconds.
  6. Take a 10-second break and try again because it can take a few tries.
  7. Once the flame catches on the logs set, you can turn on the fireplace as you do.

Will My Gas Fireplace Work if the Electricity Goes Out?

Yes, your gas fireplace will work in the event of a power shortage. You should know that gas fireplaces (modern) offer many functioning modes.

You can switch to the electric unit with a remote control. You can also turn on the pilot light through manual control to flame the logs inside if the electricity goes out.

Do Ventless Gas Fireplaces Need Electricity?

Many homeowners wish to add more décor and interior style to their house. They often choose a ventless fireplace to do that. However many homeowners don’t know if a ventless fireplace runs without electricity. Well, a ventless fireplace will need some form of electricity.

In your existing fireplace (i.e., ventless fireplace), you can even check that it requires an electricity supply through at least a standard electrical outlet. But, these also have battery-powered compartments to keep producing heat in the case of a power outage.

How to Convert a Gas Fireplace to Electric

Replacing your existing fireplace with an electric fireplace insert may sound expensive, but it’s worth the perks that come with it. You will require various tools switch to an electric fireplace insert. Tools like joint pliers and pipe wrenches will help you move the fireplace.

Although it may be expensive considering the manufacturer, model, and make that you opt for, it will increase energy efficiency and introduce you to new benefits. We will get to the benefits later.

There aren’t many requirements to replace an existing fireplace with an electric unit (electric fireplace). For instance, measure the dimensions of the wall cavity where your traditional fireplace is. Then, find an electric fireplace unit with the same dimensions so it would fit.

You must remove the existing fireplace first. After that, you have to remove the gas line. Only then can you fit the electric unit inside. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Completely disconnect the gas line and seal it using a safety cap. Opt for qualified services if you don’t have experience handling gas lines.
  2. Install a dedicated line to the new fireplace’s electric panel to run the heater. Ensure the dedicated line you use to form the electric connection is compatible with 1500 watts setting.
  3. Don’t assume that the shape, size, and style of the electric fireplace don’t matter. Those factors matter a lot! Due to the lack of residual heat and electric connections, you will only come across a limited style variety. Some fireplace designs support mantles. So, you can install a TV right above it!

Who Can Convert a Gas Fireplace to Electric?

Electric fireplace installation costs are around $600-$1000. If you can pay for that, you can convert your gas fireplace to an electric fireplace.

This includes the cost of manual labor, professional expertise, and materials if necessary.

Often, gas fireplaces don’t heat the house consistently. This creates hot and cold rooms in the entire house.

But, an electric fireplace insert can solve that problem.

Should I Convert My Gas Fireplace to Electric?

Converting your gas fireplace to an electric fireplace unit isn’t difficult. Plus, it brings some of the following benefits to your lifestyle:

  • Easy to heat a specific part of the house through zone heating features
  • Electric fireplaces are energy-efficient
  • Electricity is cheaper than gas
  • Chance to get custom designs and unique style variations in fireplaces


Fake fireplaces for bedrooms are energy-efficient and don’t incur heavy installation expenses. But to keep the installation cost-effective, seek the help of professionals.

You can replace your existing gas fireplaces with electric fireplace units. At MagikFlame, you will find a unique variety of electric fireplaces. Compared to gas fireplaces, an electric fireplace can heat your whole house evenly.

With electricity, natural gas consumption will decrease. So, you won’t get high utility bills.

Yet, you can resort to manual ignition and gas with the help of professionals at MagikFlame.

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