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Is It Possible To Change A Gas Fireplace To Electric?

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Gas fireplaces are a common way of keeping the home temperature regulated in many homes. They have been traditionally used over the cold season, such as winter, to keep out the cold and ensure a comfortable stay for everyone inside. They use gas, which can be connected from the supplies or in the form of cylinders. A gas fireplace operates in a manner that heats the room gradually and is preferred for huge homesteads. It has a high heating capacity and can cover a more significant area in sq. ft.

In contrast, electric fireplaces are known to make use of electricity but cannot heat a higher area than the gas fireplace. They are designed to occupy less space and are equipped with LCDs to show a dancing flame. They also have many other visual effects, such as many burning logs that create a fireplace illusion. 

In terms of heat production, they can heat small and medium-sized rooms and be efficient at keeping homes running with ease. They also possess automation features such as safety shut-downs and automated schedules. They save you energy by automatically turning the fireplace on and off as you wish.

This MagikFlame electric fireplace buying guide will delve into the MagikFlame story with more details of how MagikFlame is built. It will highlight some Dimplex technology application areas and how you can replace your existing fireplace with an electric unit. It will also save you the hassle of looking for electric fireplace alternatives. 

While on the MagikFlame story, getting a new electric fireplace into place will be easy. You will learn to eliminate the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning in your home and the importance of a safe heat source. Homeowners will learn about the traditional fireplace or wood-burning fireplace and how different they are from free gas fireplaces through the MagikFlame story. Basing references from actual MagikFlame reviews and the MagikFlame story, you get to know how you can use the electrical outlet to determine the fireplace location and how electric logs create a burning, visual effect. 

In this post, you will learn:

  • Can you change a gas fireplace to electric?
  • Benefits of an electric fireplace versus a gas model and how MagikFlame is built
  • Why it is better to purchase an electric fireplace instead of converting a gas Fireplace

Can you Change a Gas Fireplace to Electric

If you have been using a gas fireplace in your home, and you are curious about how MagikFlame is built, you might be looking for ways to change from gas to electric. The use of electric inserts can be ideal for such a scenario and can fit into any fireplace. For this to happen, the insert’s dimensions need to be the same as those of the fireplace’s cavity. Replacing the gas fireplace with the electric fireplace insert requires that you remove the gas fireplace unit, seal off the gas line and insert the electric unit.

While doing this, keep in mind that natural gas is hazardous as it is combustible. Ensure that a professional handles this entire process end-to-end for you. 

Always remember to turn off the gas valve to your home before starting to avoid accidents. Start by removing the trim around your fireplace, then disconnect the gas line from the wall and fireplace. Pull out the gas fireplace after moving it from side to side to loosen it.

Using a safety cape, consider sealing the gas line and ensure that it is a tight fit. This is typically done to eliminate the potential for house fires and any gas leaks. Once you have sealed the pipe and around the cap threads, turn the gas back on to inspect any leaks. A mixture of water and soap can be sprayed around the cap for better visual observation as the bubbles indicate leaking gases. If this is the case, reseal the pipe until it does not leak gases any longer. 

Most MagikFlame reviews suggest that if your previous gas fireplace had a vent, seal it off to avoid warm air from escaping. You can manage this by installing a chimney cap that ensures an air-tight seal. You can also make it vent-free from the bottom using plywood or a metal sheet that is cut to measure. Remember, electric inserts are known to use much more electricity than other everyday electrical household items. As such, ensure that there is an outlet that is meant for the insert. Any overloading can cause the power to trip, and you should also avoid using extension cords for the connection.

Having uninstalled the old fireplace and the gas insert, you now set to install the new electric insert. This should be simple enough as the artificial log inserts slide into place with ease. It should be able to fit inside the cavity you have created without a need for log set modifications. You can also read the owner’s manual for more instructions and model-specific steps on how MagikFlame is built.

Please turn on the electric insert and play around with its settings. Regularly check to ensure that all the functionalities that are included work well. Report any defects to the manufacturer for the warranty to take effect. If everything is working as expected, you can return the trim to its place, and you are all done. Try to find out more on the MagikFlame electric fireplace buying guide and MagikFlame reviews before going to convert your gas fireplace to an electric one.

gas fireplace

Reasons for Converting a Gas Fireplace to an Electric Fireplace

Even if gas fireplaces are easy to control, they will cost you a lot more than gas units. They are also a significant fire hazard and cause blood-freezing moments when you walk in and smell a gas leak. The electric inserts are energy-efficient and have lower installation costs as compared to gas fireplaces. They are available in all shapes and sizes with different features such as flame effects, safety shut-off switches, and remote control access.

If you notice the gas bills and maintenance costs getting too high and out of your means, then an upgrade is imminent. The upgrade will reduce the costs that you will be incurring for heating your home, and you will reduce the risk of fire hazards in your home. You also get to pay lower insurance premiums with such an upgrade, which means your bills are lowered.

Benefits of an electric fireplace versus a gas model

In the MagikFlame electric fireplace buying guide and MagikFlame reviews, it explains that the electric fireplace is known to be less expensive and has an easy installation process. It is also cheaper to run with lower maintenance costs, and safety risks are very minimal. It also increases the resale value of your home. However, the electric fireplace does not produce any real flames and does not provide as much heat as the gas fireplace. You also take longer to feel the heating effect of this fireplace, and it covers a lower area.

In contrast, the gas fireplace costs more to operate, is much more expensive to buy, and costs more to install. The glass doors can also get hot enough to burn and presents a safety hazard to the home occupants. The potential for a gas leak from this type of fireplace is also much higher, which means that the home’s resale value is reduced. Despite these disadvantages, the gas fireplaces produce realistic flames and quickly heats a room. It can also reduce the use of a furnace and is friendlier on the environment with its healing properties. The gas fireplace’s warmth spreads out throughout the house and ensures that the occupants are comfortable and cozy.

Both kinds of fireplace produce steady warmth for the occupants of the family room and ambiance for the room, but their appearance and functionality are different. In terms of energy efficiency, the gas fireplaces spend between 7000 and 16000 BTUs and are known to be 70% to 90% efficient in energy to heat conversion. 

Annually, the cost can average $60 to run. For the electric fireplaces, the output is usually based on the electric current with an average of 120-volt outlets giving out a little over 5000 BTUs, which are enough to warm an area of 500 sq. ft. It also features a thermostat for energy regulation. All their energy gets converted to heat and might cost you an average of $25 annually to run.

In terms of installation, a wood-burning fireplace or a traditional wood, a wood stove is more challenging to install than both the gas and electricity counterparts. A gas fireplace requires a gas-line running in the area, as well as a small vent. If you do not have a gas-line in the area, you should incorporate a propane tank into the installation budget. This will make the project more costly, and the tank will also take up space. 

Electric fireplaces have a plug and play design and are also portable. They can also be wall-mounted with a little modification of the wall area. A gas fireplace will require a professional every time it is installed, while you can install the electric fireplace on your own provided there is an electrical outlet available. However, they are a real fireplace with real flames similar to those of a wood fire within a firebox.

Gas fireplaces are more expensive to install as they require a professional to be hired for the job and require exceptional plumbing, venting, and a firebox. In contrast, electric fireplaces are much cheaper to install and only require an outlet to work. The gas fireplaces will also require year-round maintenance, composed of an inspection and a cleaning stage with the valves getting checked for any leaks. In comparison, the electric fireplaces do not need this regular maintenance as they do not require vents or combust gas logs for their operation.

The MagikFlame electric fireplace buying guide explains that the gas fireplaces are known to get hot very quickly and have a glass door that is hot enough to burn when touched. A gas leak can also occur when it hasn’t been maintained and can bring about health problems. The gas fireplace produces more heat, but a significant portion is lost through the vent and the chimney. 

Additionally, the heat covers a larger area, which is an advantage over the electric fireplaces. Safety concerns for the electric fireplaces are much fewer, and most feature an automatic shut-off feature that takes effect if the unit is overheated and prevents fire incidents.

Why it is better to Purchase an Electric Fireplace instead of converting a gas Fireplace

If you’re still wondering how you can change a gas fireplace to electric, as we have seen, the conversion process is rather tricky and leaves many loose ends, which present a safety hazard for the home. As such, it is far better, safer, and more affordable to purchase an electric fireplace instead of converting the gas fireplace. This will eliminate the need to seal off the gas or cut off the gas supply in any way. It will also ensure that you live in a safe home, and you eliminate the costs of replacing the gas fireplace, which will always require that a professional be contracted for safety reasons.

When you purchase an electric fireplace, you get to choose the spot in your living room where you will install it. This will mean that you do not interfere with the gas fireplace’s operation or interrupt it in any way. You will not be required to touch the gas fireplace for any reason. The gas fireplace installation will already have vents and other intricate features to work with, and sealing off these features will be quite a challenge and expensive. You will be required to call in a professional to do the sealing and proper safety checks before the replacement. If you opt to buy the electric fireplace, you won’t have to call in a professional, and you will have reduced the costs you will incur.

The electric fireplace also works by dissipating the warmth right into the room without any heat getting lost through the vent or chimney. They also provide you greater control over the heat output and are easier to work with. They are also considered much safer as the door does not get white-hot, and the LCD does not cause any physical harm when touched. Even with the gas fireplace producing real flames, these flames are considered a safety hazard as they produce a lot of heat, which has to be gotten rid of using the chimney and the vent.

Avoid colossal maintenance costs and running costs by buying an electric fireplace. Installing the electric fireplace means that you will no longer require the services of the gas fireplace. The gas fireplace that is currently installed can be decommissioned, and it will stop being a bother to you. The upgrade is also considered much more affordable and will save you significantly in the long run. With the electric fireplace, you will operate a video gallery and a photo idea gallery with a pilot light for the best effects.

Even though cost-efficiency is important, safety is a more significant concern. This factors into deciding on replacing a gas fireplace for an electric one or merely installing a new electric fireplace. This way, you don’t interfere with the gas fireplace in any way, and you take it out of service as the electric fireplace takes over. The environment is an important deciding factor when selecting fireplaces for your home. Electric fireplaces are the only kind of fireplace that does not release any pollutants into the atmosphere and are perfect for a video gallery and a photo idea gallery. They are also cool for touching and are safe for homes with pets and children.

The gas fireplace has more complicated controls not only for a photo idea gallery or video gallery but needs a flue and is not as efficient as the electric fireplace, which you can operate using a remote control. The electric fireplace also comes with better safety features than what the gas fireplace is capable of providing. You are better off with the former option for heating your home and staying safe at the same time. Automatic safety features make the electric fireplace less stressful to work with, great for a video gallery or a photo idea gallery, and you will no longer have to worry about substantial heating bills.

There is also more freedom when installing the electric fireplace as the electrical outlet can be anywhere provided the cable can reach it. The wires are also easy to conceal into the wall and will not play a prominent role in the fireplace installation’s appearance. The electric fireplace will also take up less space at your home, and this presents a level of efficiency that is impossible to achieve with the gas fireplace. You do not require much professional assistance for installing the electric fireplace, a photo idea gallery, or a video gallery. The replacement is not a reasonable option as it will cost you much more. It might also leave you exposed to safety risks such as the pipes not being sealed off properly.

The replacement can still work when you need to get rid of the gas fireplace but will take you longer. There are many more procedures involved in the upgrade progress. The gas fireplace will need to undergo many checks before it can be certified to be safe and no longer a concern for the homeowner. However, a fresh installation of the electric fireplace with a damper is recommended. It also does not interfere with any existing fireplace installation and leaves your home’s structure as it was.


A gas fireplace might cost more to run but produces more energy in terms of BTU. An electric fireplace, in comparison, is vent-free and does not have any effect on the environment. These are known to cost less to run. However, while still on whether you can change a gas fireplace to electric, replacing the gas fireplace with an electric fireplace is a costly venture that is not recommended for the many health and safety threats it poses. It is advisable to install the electric fireplace separately and in a position where it will have a distributed effect on the entire home. Make sure to follow the MagikFlame electric fireplace buying guide when trying to change your gas fireplace to electric

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