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Are Electric Fireplaces Stands Safe For a TV?


Electric fireplace stands are a popular feature for anyone wanting to add a cozy ambiance to their living room or bedroom. The fireplaces contribute a significant amount of warm air in the room and can keep the chill away once the temperatures start to drop outside. Before investing in an electric fireplace, you may be wondering, “Are electric fireplace stands safe for a TV?” 

In this post, you will learn:

  • Are Electric Fireplace Stands Safe for TV?
  • How to Purchase the Best Electric Fireplace
  • Different Types of Electric Fireplaces Available
  • Installing Different Electric Fireplaces
  • Ways to Decorate and Customize Your Fireplace
  • Reasons Why Electric Fireplaces Are Popular
  • How to Build a Surround
  • Tips for Maintaining Your Fireplace

Are Electric Fireplace Stands Safe for TV?

It’s important to start by looking at the construction and build of electric fireplace stands when you’re wondering, “Are electric fireplace stands safe for TV?” Electric fireplace stands are built to be solid and can support a significant amount of weight to ensure you can place a heavy television on top. The feature can be used as an entertainment center and can be front and center in the room to make it stand out more. Both the TV and fireplace can become the focal point in the room to add more drama to the space.

The large surface on the media console makes it accommodate different sizes of TVs to ensure you can have a safe place for storing it. The entertainment stand is also large enough to accommodate a soundbar, DVD player, and cable box when you have additional accessories that you use while watching movies or listening to music. The stand will also offer extra storage space where you can keep your board games, blankets, and DVDs. The materials also don’t get hot as the fireplace is in use because real fire isn’t used. You don’t have to be concerned about any heat having contact with your television.

You can also secure the MDF TV stand to the wall behind it for added support and to prevent it from tipping over if you load it with items. This is an easy DIY project to perform in minutes for added peace of mind and safety, especially if you have pets or children in the home.

Corner TV stands from companies like Ameriwood are also ideal to use because they allow you to place the furniture in an unused area of the room. This is ideal for those who have smaller TVs that they need to place on top of the media console.

It’s also safe to mount flat-panel TVs above the electric fireplace tv stand because the heat doesn’t get too warm which it can cause damage to the electronic device as it’s in use. Choose a secure wall-mounted electric fireplace under the TV to keep the feature safe above the entertainment center.

It’s still important to follow a few safety guidelines to protect both the electric fireplace and flat-screen TV as you use both features in the home. Keep flammable materials at least three feet from the unit to reduce the risk of fires. Avoid blocking the air intake or vents to ensure there’s proper airflow as the fireplace is operating. You should also keep the heater off whenever the room is unoccupied. You can unplug it from the 120-volt electrical outlet when it’s not in use, which will also save more energy.

Not only is it important to ask, “Are electric fireplace stands safe for TV?” but you also need to know what other features it offers for added accommodation. The product can offer more accommodation and convenience if it has adjustable shelves to fit different sizes of items that you own. A stand with cabinet doors can also keep certain items concealed. You can even look for an electric fireplace TV stand with open shelves, which can allow you to display framed photos and decor pieces. The media center can be used as a place to put your favorite items with open shelves while also doubling as a reliable heating system.

are electric fireplace stands safe for tv

How to Purchase the Best Electric Fireplace

There are a few factors to consider when you’re looking for the best electric fireplace TV stand to purchase for your home. The size of the feature is important because it determines how well it fits in the room. Measure the main wall you plan to place it on to prevent it from overcrowding the space. Look at the dimensions before you make your purchase. It’s also important to consider how much it protrudes out to ensure it doesn’t block a high-traffic area.

You can also consider how well it will blend in with your surrounding decor by taking a look at its style and decorative elements. You may want a stand that has a dark espresso finish to ensure it pairs well with your side or coffee table in the living room. If you have a farmhouse style, choose a fireplace stand with white paint that is worn for a rustic touch. A weathered finish will add extra charm by applying a coat of chalk paint before scuffing it up with some sandpaper.

Many people make the mistake of overlooking the brand of the fireplace, which is necessary to ensure you invest in a quality product that proves to be reliable over time. There are dozens of brands to choose from, but they’re not all reputable, making it necessary to do your research in advance. The top brands in the industry to consider include Southern Enterprises, Touchstone, and MagikFlame. MagikFlame is considered to be the most unique because of its history and technology. 

The MagikFlame story started when Howard Birnbaum, an entrepreneur with a background in f/x special effects in the film industry, chose to build his own electric fireplace when he couldn’t find a model in the industry that looked realistic. During this process, he created holographic technology with LED lights, which is now patented and includes a screen that features realistic flames with burning embers and smoke. The fireplaces even come with heaters and crackling log sound effects for the ultimate experience when sitting by the fire.

Customers are often intrigued by how MagikFlame is built. The company manufactures every fireplace insert it sells in Nashville, Tennessee. The American-made products are known to have quality materials that can last longer than imported fireplaces. This also makes it easier to find the necessary parts if repairs are ever needed in the future.

Online reviews can also offer assistance when you want to find the best electric fireplace TV stand to buy. The reviews are available on sites like Amazon to help you find the top picks for your needs. This is where customers post pictures of their unit and discuss what they like or dislike about the fireplace. Amazon is a great place to find Southern Enterprises, Classic Flame, Ameriwood, and MagikFlame reviews in one place. You can access the buying guide and discover the different models available to consumers.

Consider how much heat you need from the fireplace, depending on where you plan to install it. The BTU determines how much the fireplace can heat the room and if any cold spots will be present. For a small office or bedroom, consider purchasing an electric fireplace with 5,000 to 6,500 BTU. Larger rooms will require 12,000 BTU. The square feet in the room should be multiplied by 20 to determine how many BTUs you’ll need.

Excellent customer service should also be a priority when you’re looking to buy a fireplace from a reputable brand in the industry. This will allow you to troubleshoot issues easily if you have access to a live agent during the day. They can also assist you with the checkout process and explain payment plans and financing available. The top manufacturers like Magikflame and Ameriwood offer a warranty with their products and will replace the product or perform any repairs in the first year if issues occur. You can also pay for an extended warranty if you want a few additional years of coverage.

Different Types of Electric Fireplaces Available

What’s great about purchasing an electric fireplace is that the options are endless, allowing you to have more of a selection and be more particular about what you want to own. Start by considering your needs when determining which type of fireplace will offer the most accommodation when you want something to use for many years to come.

Consider how much space you have in the room where you want to use the feature. If you have a large wall to fill in, you can opt for a freestanding fireplace that features a surround and a fireplace mantel. This will make the fireplace look built-in and can attract more attention because of its decorative appeal and larger size.

If you want the fireplace to sit flush with the wall, consider a built-in electric fireplace insert. This will create a sleek design that looks high-end and can boost the value of your home. If you own a masonry fireplace, you can opt for an electric fireplace insert to update the feature and make it modern. The fireplace insert will make it easy to continue enjoying the existing fireplace without requiring wood to be used. You can switch to using electricity to make the feature more efficient and avoid spending money on wood.

It’s also important to consider the different types of technology used in electric fireplaces. Each brand uses different techniques to create the look of realistic flames. Some brands use water or mist to create the illusion of real fire, and the mist is tinted orange.

Other fireplaces use a screen behind the faux logs to create the effects. Some products even use LED lights over the ember bed to create flame effects. The LED technology features a high level of illumination and creates a beautiful glow from the firebox. It also allows the flames to look like they’re spread across the faux wood log set instead of only on one part.

Depending on your budget, you can look for a fireplace entertainment center with solid wood parts, MDF wood, or particleboard. Both options can support all sizes of televisions without bending or bowing over time.

When you’re on the hunt for the best electric fireplace stand, you can also read reviews posted online and view a photo idea gallery with the pictures other customers post.

Installing Different Electric Fireplaces

When you plan to own an electric fireplace, you’ll need to plan for the installation process to ensure it’s hooked up correctly and ready to be used for the winter months ahead. Electric fireplaces have a different installation process than other types of fireplaces and are easier to connect for added convenience.

The plug-in design makes it convenient to connect in minutes without hiring an electrician. Many of the units don’t require any hardwiring, which can allow you to move it to another spot in the house without messing with any of the wires.

When you want to convert a wood-burning fireplace into an electric fireplace, you don’t need to perform any electrical work. The insert can slide right into the firebox and will be ready to use in minutes to ensure you can start getting warm after plugging the cord into a nearby electrical outlet.

Another benefit of the installation process is you don’t need to hire a professional contractor to install any vents, chimneys, or gas lines. The lack of fuel source needed for electric fireplaces means it doesn’t emit any smoke or require gas to operate. This means you don’t have to go through the city to obtain permits, making it easier to set up your new fireplace the same day that it arrives at your residence. Overall, this can allow you to save hundreds to thousands of dollars compared to building a traditional fireplace.

The only requirement for installing an electric fireplace is that it’s in proximity to an outlet in the room. The cord should be able to reach the outlet without using an extension cord, which can lead to electrical problems because of how much power runs through the cords.

Consider placing the feature in an area that is easy to see the moment you walk into the room. Avoid placing it on a wall that is hidden or harder to see, which can prevent the fireplace from becoming the centerpiece in the living space (an electric fireplace in the living room is a focal point). You should also place it a few feet away from other furniture pieces or features in the room to prevent the layout from looking too cramped or cluttered. One of the conveniences that come with this type of fireplace is that you can have the freedom to move it around to other spots in the room when you’re ready for a change. You don’t have to make a long-term commitment to its placement to ensure it continues to accommodate your space over time.

A fireplace media console is also easy to install because you just have to assemble the parts and plug it in before the flickering flames are on display. The piece of furniture is ideal for apartments or condos that don’t have as much space available and may not be able to accommodate a standard wood fireplace.

are electric fireplace stands safe for tv
A living room with white cupboards is decorated for Christmas. In the middle is a fireplace console with electric bulbs, the lamps are stuck between logs. This creates the illusion of a fireplace fire.

Ways to Decorate and Customize Your Fireplace

Whether you own an electric fireplace TV console or freestanding fireplace, there are many ways to customize it to make it your own. Customizing your fireplace insert or fireplace media console can make it complement your interior setting and pair well with the other furniture that’s on display.

There are several ways to decorate the fireplace and enhance its look to ensure it reflects your personal taste. Consider painting the fireplace and espresso mantel to make the feature pop and prevent it from blending in with the surrounding walls. Some of the best color shades include navy blue, hunter green, and black. If you want to create a farmhouse or rustic style with your fireplace, opt for painting the feature all-white. You can even add laminate wood floorboards to make it look like the fireplace has a real shiplap installed on the exterior. Consider painting the rest of the wall the same color as the fireplace and make it a decorative accent wall that offers more character to the room.

Take advantage of the mantel when you’re decorating because of the different items you can put on display. The mantel is an excellent spot for displaying a large work of art that you’ve invested in and is valuable. You can also use it for an oversized mirror you want to hang, which can make the room look large and also reflect more light. A mirror can also look decorative by placing a wreath over it in any season.

If you don’t have a mantel on the fireplace, the shelving can be installed at eye level or 12 inches above the opening of the fireplace. Also, consider the height of the ceilings before installing the feature to ensure it looks appropriate with its placement.

During the colder season, add garland to the mantel for a cozy touch that pairs well with Christmas stockings. Candlesticks, vases with flowers, and framed photos can also create a styled space that draws more attention to the feature.

Decorating your fireplace even includes customizing the look of the flame to make it unique and attractive. Most manufacturers like MagikFlame and Ameriwood offer a variety of color shades, which you can select based on the season or the color scheme of your room. You can visit each brand’s website to view their flame gallery and determine how many settings are available when adjusting the look of the flames with a remote control.

Mounting pretty plates above the mantel can also create a unique look that is upscale and complements homes with country or contemporary styles. Add the plates on either side of a mirror to prevent them from looking too bare. Adding tall branches and sprigs of greenery will also incorporate more color and will allow you to bring in the outdoors.

There are even a few items you can add to the base of the fireplace to create a cozier and more inviting feature that looks welcoming. Poufs are comfortable and offer more seating for your guests. A rug will also warm up the base of the fireplace and draw more attention to the insert. Your pets and kids will enjoy the warmth the textile offers on the floor. You can even place a small accent chair near the front of the fireplace or add a basket of blankets when incorporating the fireplace into the room.

Building side cabinets around the fireplace can also enhance the look of the feature and make it stand out more. The cabinets can also offer more versatility.

Reasons Why Electric Fireplaces Are Popular

There is a long list of reasons why electric fireplaces continue to be popular among consumers for those who are looking to heat their homes with a reliable product. One of the main reasons homeowners choose to purchase this type of fireplace is because of the amount of warmth it emits with the infrared heater. You don’t have to struggle to stay warm in the fall and winter seasons because the product starts to heat the space within minutes of turning it on each time. The heat output it produces also means you don’t have to rely on your central heating system as much, which can offer more savings throughout the year. You’ll have the option of turning down your heater and only heating the room that you’re spending time in instead of the entire house.

Not only does a lot of heat come out of the electric fireplace TV stand, but it delivers zone heating. You don’t have to waste energy heating unused rooms in the home to prevent the upstairs from getting too hot. You can even choose to shut the fireplace heater off during the warmer months of the year while still enjoying the realistic flame effect that is created. You can put the flames on display in a heatwave without increasing the temperature on the thermostat in the building with the infrared heater.

Electric fireplaces are considered to be more eco-friendly than any other type of fireplace in the industry. Their lack of fuel source means they don’t produce any emissions or smoke, which can harm the environment over time. You also won’t get fined by the city for having wood-burning fires more than you may be permitted. The lack of wood needed also means you don’t have to chop down any trees to enjoy a fire and can rely on the infrared heater instead.

Those who have health issues also opt for electric fireplaces because to avoid contaminating their indoor air quality. With a wood fireplace, the smoke can allow particles and contaminants to enter the building, which you end up breathing in while spending time in the home. You also put yourself at risk of carbon monoxide exposure, which can be deadly. Electric fireplaces allow your home to be protected and are much safer to operate. Additionally, the glass on the product doesn’t get hot as it runs to ensure no one is ever burned.

The low cost of using an electric fireplace is another reason to consider this feature. It only costs three to eight cents every hour to use, depending on if the heater is turned on with the faux flames. This means you can leave it on for several hours without worrying about spending a lot more on your electric bill. It’s also cheaper to install than any other type of fireplace.

Renters can also enjoy using an electric fireplace because of its small size and portability if they’re installing it in rooms with fewer square feet. The fireplaces are known for having a slimmer profile and can fit in a small room much easier than a traditional wood-burning fireplace. They’re easy for one person to lift and move around without any hassle. You can buy an electric fireplace and enjoy using it for the next 20 years, whether you move frequently or stay in the same residence.

Because of how advanced electric fireplaces have become in recent years, it means they look more like masonry fireplaces. You can trick your guests into thinking you spend a lot more on a wood-burning fireplace because of how realistic the flame effects look.

A high level of convenience also comes with the fireplace. You don’t have to spend time lifting wood logs and transporting them into the house every time you want to enjoy a fire. There are also no ashes that are produced, which prevents you from cleaning out the firebox to keep it running well. Electric fireplaces also don’t produce creosote, so annual chimney sweeps are unnecessary. If you choose to install it in an existing fireplace, you can shut the vent and flue that are already in place to keep out critters. This will also help you to maintain the temperature in the building better for added energy savings.

Many fireplaces even come with a remote control to ensure you can operate them from across the room without getting up out of your seat. The built-in temperature in the fireplace also offers the ability to adjust the thermostat with the remote control to ensure you get as much heat as you desire. You also don’t have to worry about as much heat loss. Traditional fireplaces lose an average of 80 percent of heat as the wood burns, and gas fireplaces lose 30 to 40 percent of heat as they’re in use. Fortunately, electric fireplaces use 100 percent of the heat they produce to ensure you can have an easier time maintaining the temperature in the building without any fluctuation. You also don’t have to leave a window open for proper ventilation to keep the fire going, which keeps all cold air out.

Tips for Maintaining Your Fireplace

The low-maintenance design of electric fireplaces also makes them have more appeal for those who don’t want to perform a lot of upkeep, especially during the winter months. They only require occasional cleaning to remove a build-up of dust that settles into the firebox. Start by removing the access panel, which may be on the front or back of your fireplace unit. Use a screwdriver to carefully remove the screws to access the internal components.

Consider using a dry or damp dust cloth that is lint-free to wipe down the different surfaces. A vacuum can also suction excess grime and reach small crevices where dirt is hiding. Harsh chemicals can cause damage to the different parts, so stick to wiping everything down with a cloth. In particular, the inlet and outlet need to be free of all dust to prevent blockages.

You can also clean the glass door or panel to remove streaks that are present. Wipe off all the moisture to prevent any water spots from forming. Hiring a professional to perform an inspection on the fireplace is also necessary from time to time to ensure everything can continue to operate correctly. The technician will check for any excess wear or damage that is present to diagnose issues.

Read the manual provided by the manufacturer to determine the specific instructions that are provided. Each model can vary with the maintenance it needs to continue operating well over time without any premature wear or damage. If you take the time to give it attention, it can last an average of 20 years before it needs to be replaced.

After asking “Are electric fireplace stands safe for TV?” you’ll quickly learn you can rely on the feature to be used as your main entertainment system. It can increase the functionality of the setting and allow you to feel right at home every time you put a fire on to heat the space.

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