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The Benefits of an Outdoor Electric Fireplace

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Electric fireplaces are extremely versatile and deliver a significant amount of warmth when you want to stay warm in your home or office. Fortunately, some models can even be used outdoor if you want a place to lounge outside and entertain your guests in cold temperatures. 

The Benefits of an Outdoor Fireplace

One of the main benefits of installing an outdoor electric fireplace is the warmth it delivers, similar to a fire pit. Many outdoor settings can be too cold and chilly to spend time in the fall and winter seasons, especially at night. With an outdoor fireplace, you can have the warmth you need to keep the chill away without heading indoors.

The aesthetic appeal of the outdoor fireplace is another benefit and will enhance the visual appeal of your setting and will look more attractive than a fire pit. Outdoor fireplaces often feature stone surrounds and materials to blend in with the setting and have a high level of visual appeal. You can even add a jacuzzi or stainless steel BBQ nearby to enhance the versatility of the space.

Outdoor fireplaces also work well for keeping bugs away in the summer season when you’re prone to getting bit by different types of critters. The heat the unit emits will prevent bugs from getting too close to avoid swatting at different insects while spending time outside.

The fireplace will also allow you to have a spot where you can entertain your guests when you want to host parties when you need something for outdoor use. You don’t have to feel cooped up indoors but can enjoy the beautiful views of the outdoors while watching the flickering flames come to life in the fireplace. Place a few outdoor chairs around the fireplace and a table to make it a functional setting where your guests can lounge. Consider placing a stack of blankets nearby and serve popcorn and wine.

The cozy ambiance is another reason consumers enjoy their outdoor fireplace for their outdoor living space. The warm glow of the faux flames creates a soothing and peaceful setting that allows you to feel at ease year-round. You can enjoy stargazing overhead and enjoying the fresh air in a peaceful environment. Adding a few candles nearby will also contribute to the beautiful setting and will set the tone. It will also serve as the perfect place to have a romantic dinner outdoors, whether you’re having a date or want to celebrate your anniversary with your spouse.

Your new fireplace will even add more value to your home. The fixture will allow you to have a return on investment and can make the property easier to sell once buyers discover there’s an outdoor living space available in the backyard. It’s one of the latest trends in home design and can make the house stand out on the real estate market when you’re looking to find a buyer quickly. Whether you’re building a new home or are planning a remodel, you can work with your architect or home builder to build the surround after selecting the electric insert you want to purchase.

Some electric fireplaces have a wall mounting design to place on a stucco wall, while others can be built into a surround. The inserts are slim enough to fit on a tabletop, making them easy to transport and move around during the installation process.

Different Types of Electric Fireplaces to Select

There is an endless number of electric fireplaces available in the industry because they continue to become more advanced and versatile. You can have more options to ensure you select something that is precise with what you envision owning. They offer a higher level of accommodation and can enhance the level of comfort in different settings.

Many consumers favor freestanding electric fireplaces because of their overall look and design. They look like a real fireplace that burns wood but runs off of electricity. This type of fireplace comes complete with a mantel and surround, making it look built-in.

A freestanding electric fireplace is one of the most well-known and popular types of fireplaces available because they look similar to a real fireplace that burns wood or uses propane. They’re built with a surround and fireplace mantel to make them look like they’re constructed into the wall. The features will add character to the room and create a visually appealing element that works as the focal point.

You can also consider investing in insert electric fireplace, which can be placed in a wall and will sit flush on the wall. This means it won’t take up any extra space and will also create a sleek and upscale look when you want something that is eye-catching. You can also place the insert into an existing fireplace with a masonry surround. You can convert the wood burning fireplace into a more energy-efficient option that doesn’t require burning wood each time you want to enjoy a fire.

You can even select a fireplace TV console that serves more than one purpose. The furniture piece can look decorative while also heating your interior setting. The faux flames in the fireplace will be visible right below your television and allow you to get a great view of the TV. Many people with limited space select a fireplace TV stand because it means they can have fewer furniture items in the room while still enjoying the benefits of an electric fireplace.

Many different styles of electric fireplace TV consoles are available to complement your home decor and interior design. You can select a console with a barn door if you want a rustic style in your house. Others have glass doors and shelves for a modern and upscale appearance. The finish on the console should complement the look and color of other furniture pieces in the living room.

You can even opt for electric stoves, which are small and compact and sold by brands like MagikFlame and Touchstone. This makes it ideal for installing in a kitchen or entryway where you have less space. This style of fireplace is vintage and makes it look more like a rare antique.

It’s important to remember that the technology varies with each electric fireplace, even though it doesn’t use wood or gas. The technology options for creating modern flames include:

  • Mist
  • Holographic technology
  • LED lights


There are a few electric fireplace brands like Dimplex that use water to create their flame effect in each wall mount electric fireplace. The technology includes tinting the water mist orange to make the flames look authentic. You’ll need to fill the water tank with water to keep the flames going.

Benefits of Outdoor Fireplace

Holographic Technology

Only one brand in the industry uses holographic technology, which was invented by Howard Birnbaum and is an important part of the Magikflame story. Holographic technology features a screen that displays footage of a real wood burning fireplace, which makes it the most realistic image of the flames compared to any other type of technology. The flame effects include embers on the log set and even smoke billowing up. Birnbaum used his background in special effects in the film industry to perfect the technology and patented it, making MagikFlame the only manufacturer to use holographic technology. Compared to technology in Dimplex or Touchstone fireplaces, it has modern flames with an infrared heater for a realistic effect.

Benefits Outdoor Fireplace
Food Warmers at the table with Alcohol Fuel Gel Wax in Asian Hot Pot

Gel Fuel

Gel fuel is another innovative technology that many brands use and is a safer option than a gas fireplace because it doesn’t include any embers or smoke that can lead to fires. You’ll need to purchase cans of fuel to create the faux flames. One can of fuel will burn up to four hours. A lot of light will burn out of the firebox and will create a cozy glow to illuminate your living space. Keep in mind that the gel cans need to continue to be purchased throughout the year as you continue to use the electric fireplace. This type of technology doesn’t emit a lot of heat and is more ideal for decorative purposes when you want to show it off.

LED Lights

One of the most common types of technology used in electric fireplaces are LED lights, which you can find in Amantii, Touchstone, and Sideline fireplaces. These lights create a unique effect and create a 3D flame appearance. LED lights are known to last longer than halogen bulbs and are more advanced. They only need to be replaced after 11 years instead of two years. They still have a long lifespan even if you use the fireplace several hours each day. LED lights are also used in combination with rotating mirrors to make it look like a realistic flame is used with the LED flame.

The Top Features to Consider

Although there are many types of electric fireplaces to purchase, it’s easier to narrow down your options by considering a few main factors. Every fireplace is different and comes with unique features and if the faux fire looks like a real flame. Knowing a few factors to consider will make it easier to decide which model will meet your long-term needs.

Whether you choose to shop online or at a home improvement store, the factors to consider when shopping around include:

  • Brand
  • Features
  • Reviews
  • Price
  • Technology
  • Dimensions
  • Operation


The brand of electric fireplace you select will determine how long it lasts and if it suffers from issues over time. It’s important to research a few of the top manufacturers in the industry, which include Duraflame, Sideline, Dimplex, Amantii, and MagikFlame. Check out the history of each brand, which is typically posted on each manufacturer’s website.

Visit each brand’s website to discover when they were founded and the different types of fireplaces they carry. You can learn how MagikFlame is built and where the brand manufacturers its insert. MagikFlame assembles its inserts in the U.S. compared to Vietnam or China like other brands. This allows the fireplaces to be more reliable, and also makes it easier to find the necessary replacement parts if repairs are ever needed in the future. The website is also a great place to browse the Best electric fireplace buying guide.


There are a few main features that come with each wall mounted electric fireplace, which determines how much accommodation they offer to residents in the home. You can look for a product that features a touchscreen panel, or even an app that you can download on your phone or tablet, turning your device into a remote control. You can operate the device from another room on the phone or on the couch without getting up each time you want to adjust the settings. The touchscreens are also backlit to make it illuminate in dark settings. They also feature advanced graphics for ease of use.

Different colors of flames may also be available through brands like Amantii Tru-View SKU 2939-TRU-VIEW-XL and Dimplex models. You can also adjust the multicolor flame and brightness of the faux fire with Amantii and MagikFlame products after plugging them into a 120 volt electrical outlet. You can conveniently set the adjustable flame with the included remote control.

An automatic shutoff feature should also be included to make it safer to operate. This will help you avoid leaving it running overnight. Some fireplaces even allow you to have no heat but still enjoy the flickering flame look.


Reading reviews is the best way to get an idea of the best electric fireplaces on the market. You can get an honest review from other customers who have experience using the product and will say if they recommend it or not. The customer’s perspective is often even more important than the description because it allows you to get a unique look at the pros and cons of each fireplace.

You can check out reviews on the brand’s website for added convenience. MagikFlame reviews are posted on each product and are easy to access. Many customers even include photos or videos of the fireplace to get a better view of it. Amazon is another place where many reviews of top brands and models are available.


The cost of your electric fireplace is one of the most important features that will determine if it’s affordable for your budget. You may want to order something that has a low price, but this can mean owning something that is unreliable and breaks down a lot. Spending a little more on a quality brand and product will allow it to last longer and can be less of a headache to maintain.

You can still shop around for something that has a competitive price and isn’t priced too high. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Manufacturers select the price of each fireplace model based on the quality of materials used, as well as the skill level of their team. When they spend more to hire qualified professionals to assemble each product, it hikes up the price of the fireplace instead of using unskilled workers. Overhead costs are also factored into the final price.

The location of where the product is manufactured also determines how much it’ll cost consumers to purchase. Fireplaces manufactured in the U.S. are likely to cost more but can save you more in the long run because they won’t suffer from repairs compared to fireplaces produced in China and Taiwan. You can have peace of mind knowing the product will last an average of 20 years, even with frequent use of it.

It’s also necessary to buy an electric fireplace from a brand that offers a warranty. The manufacturer should stand behind the quality of their product with a warranty that covers the first year that you own it. The warranty will protect your investment and will allow you to get free repairs or replacements that may be needed. You can also opt for purchasing an extended warranty if you want more coverage and avoid worrying about budgeting for any repairs in the coming years.

It’s also necessary to check the return policy before placing your order. Most companies will offer a 30-day return policy.


Look into how much warmth is delivered from each fireplace with its infrared heater. The BTU it comes with will determine the size of room it heats. Calculate the square feet in your room and multiply the number by 20 to determine how many BTU you need from your electric fireplace heater. They also come with a built-in thermostat to adjust how much heat you want it to emit. The warmth should be more than you’d get from a space heater and supplement your central heating system without using any wood or propane.

Once you learn the benefits of an outdoor electric fireplace, it can allow you to feel confident in investing in a new product to enhance the quality of your outdoor setting. You can get more use out of your backyard and have more space to entertain when inviting family members and friends over to your home.

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